Tom Barrack arrested today
Is Trump friend, Billionaire. Was Inaugration chairman 2016-2017. But his arrest is about foreign policy crimes related to UAE United Arab Emirates (= Abu Dhabi & Dubai). He has ALSO crooked dealings in support of Saudi Arabia and the extortion of Qatar
The federal crimes Tom Barrack is involved with include AT LEAST 4 areas:

UAE crooked foreign policy
Inaugration financial crimes
Saudi Arabia crooked nuclear tech sale
Qatar extortion

Tom Barrack will be prosecuted for ALL of these. UAE is the FIRST of the trials against him
Tom Barrack has NO WAY OUT. He is a rich old white dude. He will not enjoy prison. Those 4 crimes get him decades of prison. He HAS to flip, to reduce his prison time

He will then have to confess to all his crimes - and TESTIFY AGAINST ALL OTHERS INVOLVED
Tom Barrack will bring at least the following people as collateral damage:

Jared Kushner (UAE, Saudi, Qatar)
Gen Flynn (same)
Manafort (same)
Erik Prince (same)
Weisselberg (Inaugration)
Ivanka (same)
Melania (same)

All of these lead to Trump getting decades more prison time.

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20 Jul
So yesterday the first Jan 6th sentence

got 8 months prison + 2 years probation. Has to serve full 8 mo (no early release on under 1 year federal). Can never own gun. Forever on terrorist watch lists, no-fly lists

Was first-time offender, nonviolent, didn't vandalize. Confessed
This sets up the standard for the next 500 criminals

MOST were not all those things: nonviolent, no vandalism, first time offender - who confessed

Take ANY of those items away, their time goes UP not down. There were 140 cops who were injured. MANY rioters were VIOLENT
Among 500 who entered Capitol, there were many who stole things, or broke things, or vandalized the place. They will get more time

Many have prior offenses. Some carried weapons to Capitol. Some had clear plans to cause harm (handcuffs, blueprints etc)
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Today as I was reminded of the Goya day. I suddenly made the TIMING leap. Only a few days after Goya, was the TAN SUIT day. We did not know at the time but figured out soon enough afterwards, the full relevance of Tan Suit day in the White House
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In any normal election, the losing candidate - on BOTH sides - steps aside:
Daddy Bush

It is how US politics works. You don't piss in your own party's pool to lose 2x
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