#Misogyny and #sexism in politics is real. As is the double standard faced by female candidates.

Take the case of Robyn Ingraham, the former Liberal Party candidate in the Nova Scotia constituency of Dartmouth South. 1/12
#nspoli #cdnpoli #nsvotes

Ms Ingraham was acclaimed to be the Liberal candidate in her community in the run-up to 2021 #nselxn41

However shortly after the election was called Ms. Ingraham dropped out under mysterious circumstances citing it was her "decision" to drop out 2/12

Liberal Premier Iain Rankin, who styles himself a progressive leader, performed his best Justin Trudeau impression saying he "she decided she was going to withdraw" and expressing sympathy.

We now know Rankin was lying about what actually happened 3/12
Earlier today, Ms Ingraham shared full details of how she was treated by Rankin & his clique of advisors

In her own words, she details a level of misogyny that - in the world outside of politics - would get you fired 4/12

The details Ingraham shares are stunning

She's co-owner of a barber shop forced to close due to lockdowns

To make ends meet, she turned to modelling on sites like "instagram, tumblr and OnlyFans"

Everything legal & far tamer, than what can easily be fond elsewhere online 5/12
Ingraham fully disclosed all of this to Liberals & was greenlighted to run. She was even set to campaign with Rankin on 1st day of campaign

But then Liberal reps called her back. Someone had seen her modelling photos & demanded to know if "she had ever had sex for money" 6/12
Rather than campaign with the Premier, Ingraham was bullied to resign & was told:

"the surfacing of my photos has made the 'higher ups' worried, and presumably uncomfortable"

She was further told she would have to lie and declare it was her decision to resign 7/12
It gets worse. Ingraham was provided with "a statement of lies" declaring that she was resigning due to her own past struggles with mental illness

Thats right, Liberals told a young woman to lie to protect a powerful man & further stigmatize her mental illness as an excuse 8/12
Ingraham has since shared a personal email she sent to Rankin detailing her treatment by Liberal Party powerbrokers. I encourage you to read it for yourself

"The misogynistic behavior from those above you is not tolerable. It's not my job to make old white men comfortable" 9/12
More from Ingraham:

"When I was told to step down, I was asked to blame mysef. I blamed my mental illness...I refused to blame it on the fact that I own a business or that it would be hard on my family or relationship to spare you"

Again all here. 10/12

Lets remember that Iain Rankin himself was approved to be Liberal candidate despite multiple convictions for driving under the influence -- and that, unlike Ingraham, Rankin and the Liberals continues to conceal details about his sordid past 11/12
Remember Rankin CONTINUES to evade accountability for his indiscretions

That's the story. Double standards. Sexism. The forcing of a young woman to lie to protect a powerful man. The stigmatizing of mental illness

It is a Canadian disgrace 12/12


• • •

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