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NSTU President Paul Wozney says teachers have been validated by today’s Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruling that Bill 75 was unconstitutional.

Read the decision:…


The decision states: “At best, Bill 75 was an over-zealous but misguided attempt at fiscal responsibility. At worst, Bill 75 was punitive or a vengeful attempt to gain unrelated, collateral benefit with other public sector unions at the expense of the NSTU...
"Whatever the motivation, by selectively dismantling Tentative Agreement 3, Bill 75 failed to fully respect the process of good faith collective bargaining and was terribly wrong.”
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1/4 Great interview with Dr. Strang on CBC tonight. Key messages: Covid isn't over. Get boosted if you aren't already! And always wear a quality mask in public spaces. Over the Easter weekend, keep gatherings small and consistant, test.../2
2/4...if you'll be seeing folks you know to be vulnerable & don't rely on tests to "prove" you're negative. If you have any symptoms (including gastro), stay away from other people and retest in 48 hours. If you're vulnerable yourself, avoid large indoor gatherings.../3
3/4 What impressed me was Strang made it clear he's recommended mask mandates be renewed in some settings but the final decision rests with the Premier & Cabinet. Apparently, there'll be some kind of announcement tomorrow. If you want to see masks...4
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NSians need to know that protesting disagreement of the extension of mandatory masking in schools by interfering in the safe & orderly operations of their local community school is reckless & misguided. #nspoli #nsed /1
Your child’s teachers & school staff have made ZERO decisions about public health orders in schools.

Government & Public Health have. Full stop. /2
If you disagree, vocalize that constructively by contacting your MLA & the Public Health office. They can & should listen to your RESPECTFULLY conveyed concerns. They control the decisions you contest, so take it up WITH them. /3
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@capebretonpost Typos in a headline are a BIG no-no. #CBPost Image
MEMO TO: @hfxgov councillors.

Can surplus land be sold for $1.00 to accommodate #AffordableHousing? Can permit fees, subdivision fees, and zone amendment fees be waived when affordable housing projects are in the making? #CBRM #HRM #Halifax @CBRMGov…
We are grateful to Coun. Gordon MacDonald @tobinroader for keeping affordable housing on council agenda. As has been pointed out around the council table, affordable housing is not a municipal responsibility.

Thankfully though this doesn’t mean it can’t be a municipal priority. Image
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I woke up this morning thinking about why @TimHoustonNS seems so determined to pretend the pandemic's over. It's complicated for sure, but here are a few thoughts to consider. 1/12
#nspoli #covid19NS #CovidIsNotOver @nsgov
2/12 First, always follow the money. Commercial real estate will be in serious trouble if employees are allowed to continue working from home. Which will continue to hurt building owners but also downtown businesses & municipal tax revenues.
3/12 Second, did I mention follow the money? Tourism is a big part of @TimHoustonNS's plans to attrach more rich CFAs to NS. Covid makes it harder for the industry to operate. And then there's that massive waste of taxpayer dollars, the Convention Center.
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Will ⁦@GeoffMacLellan⁩’s #affordablehousing task force do anything about #REIT’s?

REIT’s own or invest in income-producing real estate & distribute profits to their shareholders. Many are traded publicly on the stock market. #nspoli #Halifax…
2) @MichaelTGorman Nova Scotia's DM of housing said Wed. that non-profit housing will have to be "dramatically" expanded to address the province's housing crunch.

(Thus far both Geoff MacLellan and Tim Houston only seem interested in ‘market’ solutions.)…
3) One of the benefits of non-market housing is that the units remain affordable for the long term.

That's a key difference from many private developments that get govt. funding to include a handful of affordable units. #HRM @hfxgov @MikeSavageHFX @dubehalifax1 @HRMLovelace Image
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1/ In light of the @cbcfifth documentary promoting coercive & involuntary interventions for young people who use drugs, it's important to bring attention to our recent opposition to such measures in #NovaScotia 🧵

#CareNotCoercion #SupportNotStigma #nspoli
2/ Bill 9 (‘Protection of Children from Abusing Drugs Act’) is a private member’s Bill introduced in late 2021

It grants parents & caregivers the power to obtain a Court order to forcibly remove youth who “abuse” drugs from the community & involuntarily detain & detox them.
3/ Many individuals and orgs, led by @CAPUDofficial & @touesy, came together to oppose & condemn the Bill.
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🧵Introducing : Darlene. This woman has organized @FreedomNova rallies since COVID19 restrictions began in 2020. From flat(earth) out denial of COVID19 being real to present day of supporting Putin's invasion of #UkraineUnderAttack #UkraineRussianWar #Antivaxxer #FluTruxKlan ImageImageImageImage
@FreedomNova She has also organized these rallies with a local evangelical homophobic pastor named Bill.
How do I assume he is homophobic? Let's just say I have my reasons. The Pier boys he grew up with despise him. He also signed a petition with another NS evangelical church to open their doors during a COVID19 outbreak. #pride #homophobia ImageImage
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Some big news today. March 21 all remaining Covid restrictions will be gone. We’re all tired. We are done with Covid, but is it done with us? #nspoli
Where is the evidence for the sudden shift where we essentially skip an entire phase? From the beginning of the pandemic it was clear that Public Health was sharing the table with the Premier, and was driving the key decisions.
Those health decisions were enacted (sometimes well and sometimes not so well) by government. This doesn’t feel that way. Is this a political decision, consistent with Conservative governments across the country, or one that is based science, and community care?
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In his opening remarks at today’s Natural Resources and Economic Development committee meeting, the CEO of NS Power stated “The most important element in our planning is the focus on care; for our employees, their families and communities. #nspoli
NS Power’s recently filed General Rate Application proposes a rate hike of 10% within 3 years for residential ratepayers. It also ensures the company’s rate of return – their profit – will improve.
While Mr. Gregg spoke at length about ensuring 'affordability' in the transition of off coal today, Mr. Gregg couldn't or wouldn't answer the question of affordability for whom.
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The #ConvoyForFreedom2022 decided to block Marine Atlantic's entrance with their convoy. Keep in mind this does not consist of any semi's. All I could see was the same #antivaxxers who have been covid denier's for the last year in local social media groups. /1

I decided I would drive over to see who was involved and why? @nsgov clearly released an injunction against any blockades or 'slow roll convoys'. Why would these guys just blatantly ignore that? So I put my 'trigger' mask on and headed down after a 20 min drive. /2

Some "Freedom Fighters" decided to walk up in support at the bridge. When I asked what they are supporting I was told "freedom for our children". I replied with "your children look pretty free to me". The person quickly turned and walked away. /3

#GoHomeFluTruxKlan #GoHomeConvoy ImageImage
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Starting my thread for today's #halifaxconvoy: activity is starting to pick up on the Zello channel "Halifax Convoy 2022". So far they've banned a user just for having "BLM" in their username.

#flutruxklan #FluTruxKlanGoHome #CoupTruxKlan
The convoy types on the Zello are monitoring Halifax traffic and police presence, and the availability of parking spaces around Peace and Friendship park.
The Zello #tonkatantrum mods seemed to have added a new moderator, and it looks as if it's failed PPC candidate Michelle Lindsay, in case anyone was wondering if that party is full to the roof with absolute loons.

#halifaxconvoy #FluTruxKlan #CoupTruxKlan
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Folks, it's time to talk about how to deal with bots on Twitter, strap in. 1/n

#nspoli #FluTruxKlan #FluTruxKlanGoHome #cdnpoli #ableg #onpoli #KarenKonvoy #tonkatantrum
The foreign-funded insurrection we are witnessing is backed by a lot of the same methods we see in the states - bot accounts being used to get hashtags trending and create the appearance of broad support. 2/n
Many of these accounts were either started in the last six months, or are old, abandoned accounts which were compromised in a password leak. In either case they tend to have few followers, and many have very few tweets that aren't replies. 3/n
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Tonight let's review the working-class heroes of the #FluTruxKlan! #nspoli

Is "Lexi" the plural of "Lexus"? Why not? Here's a pair of Lexi, freedoming their rights and rising up in unison with their comrades: white lexus in halifax "convoy"black lexus in halifax "convoy"
Their comrades of course being the drivers of these beemers!

#nspoli #FluTruxKlan #FluTruxKlanGoHome #TonkaTantrum black beemer in halifax "convoy" blue lexus in halifax "convoy"
Not to be outdone, how about a Land Rover and an Audi! How authentic! Absolute salt of the earth, these folks, calloused hands and hearts of gold.

#nspoli #FluTruxKlan #FluTruxKlanGoHome #TonkaTantrum
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A few companies involved with the #novascotia #halifaxconvoy yesterday, you may or may-not want to do business with them in the future. #halifax #FluTrucksClan #omicronvoy #nspoli #cdnpoli
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Halifax Twitter came out today to counter the #convoyofhate. I love you all. #halifax #nspoli
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I'm on the ground in Halifax, observing the #FluTruxKlan temper tantrum. Already I've observed police arresting a lone counter-demonstrator, and was literally told by a cop to "join the group".
I'm monitoring their Zello channel (Halifax Convoy 2022) and appears the convoy is a bit fragmented: Image
They caused an accident on Quinpool, emergency vehicles struggled to get through: Image
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As a keen observer of Nova Scotia energy policy I reviewed the @nspowerinc rate application and I have thoughts

#nspoli 🧵👇

tl:dr - previous gov't needs to take responsibility for artificially capping investment & utility should be regulated on societal performance #nspoli
Electricity system planning is long-term.

Some accountability for this rate increase rests with former Liberal Premier Stephen McNeil who played politics to hide from rate increase responsibility, which pushed off investments
That led to caps on energy efficiency programs below cost-effective potential

Right now more insulated homes, lower bills, and fewer GHGs would really come in handy
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The air cleaner purchased by @nseducation for schools has a Clean Air Delivery Rate almost HALF of a common retail unit and may create secondary products by reacting with gas phase contaminants in a poorly ventilated room using photocatalytic oxidation #nspoli /1 Guardian Beyond Air F159E: ...
As seen in the photo, it's not running on its highest setting. For #ventilationequity in non-mechanically ventilated classrooms, should be a min 15 CFM per person, or 375 CADR for 25 people, AND at an acceptable noise level. How many per classroom? #DoTheMath! /2
Don't get me wrong, any filtration is better than nothing! But it's a mere band-aid over a gaping wound.
A DIY $120 #corsirosenthalbox will beat the air cleaners purchased by @nseducation AND can be used in STEM lessons! See /3 Screen capture of web site
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There are unquestionable downsides to kids returning to school.
There are unquestionable downsides to kids remaining at home.
There are passionate proponents and adversaries of both positions.
Wherever you stand, know that your reality may not reflect another family’s. #nspoli
There are families who have had to keep their child out of school for two years because of pre-existing conditions that would make catching COVID a potentially fatal event. That’s their reality. They are tired, and frustrated and scared.
There are families who have had their child out of school for extended lockdowns over the past two years who have suffered greatly as a result - perhaps academically, but more profoundly, have had their physical or mental health put at risk.
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On its face, this is welcome news. But you'll have to forgive families for being skeptical and wary. These new EPAs supports must come with an adequate investment in training and professional development. #nspoli (🧵obviously)
We also need full-time math and literacy intervention teachers - current resources don't come close to providing the help that is needed.
The focus right now has been on health care - and obviously that's important, but we need to remember how access to education is a key factor in physical and mental health - specifically for disabled people.
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About six years ago, a parent of an older Autistic person approached me, she said, “your advocacy is great, but don’t burn yourself out, it’s been decades of passing the torch”. Admittedly, I brushed it off, this time will be different. I was wrong. 🧵 #nspoli
Over three years has passed since the Students First report on Inclusive Education was introduced. At the time it was launched, there was great hope things would finally be different. Students requiring accommodations would be prioritized. We were wrong.
Instead of staying focused on seeing the implementation of the inclusive recommendations through, out of NOWHERE the government of the day shifted gears and invested millions in introducing pre primary to the P-12 system.
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In case you missed it, @TimHoustonNS and the Progressive Conservatives (@nspc) will form a majority in Nova Scotia.

I’ll break down all the results, including reaction from the leaders, throughout the morning from 6-10 on Global News Morning.

Here are the ridings that flipped from red to blue.

- Antigonish
- Guysborough-Tracadie
- Eastern Shore
- Chester-St. Margaret's
- Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank
- Lunenburg
- Lunenburg West
- Glace Bay-Dominion (Liberal finishing third)
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