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It's interesting how often tone-policing is the first response to legitimate criticism. Am I angry at Bonnie Henry and the terrible impact she's had on Canada's Public Health response to the pandemic? You betcha. I genuinely try to use measured language when tweeting but...
Her decision to drop virtually all covid protections in British Columbia, thereby justifying other PH officials doing the same, is utterly indefensible. People are literally dying because she refuses to acknowledge she's wrong. #CovidIsntOver #covidisairborne #longcovidisreal...
Being polite isn't getting us anywhere. We need to speak the truth. Politicians and public health leaders have adopted ageist, ableist policies that are maiming & killing thousands, including many previously healthy, young people. None of us should be okay with that....
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Approximately 87% of teachers and educational specialists believe that school violence has increased since 2018, according to a recent NSTU membership survey. Similarly, 92% of those surveyed say they’ve witnessed violence first hand at school

#nspoli Image
55 per cent say they’ve been the victim of a violent act or threat while at work. Of the teachers surveyed, less than 1 per cent (only 17 respondents), believe that violence levels in schools are on the decline.
“All too often I receive phone calls and emails from teachers who are upset and concerned about a violent event they witnessed or experienced at school,” says NSTU President @ryanlutes.
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We are in the house.

@ChenderClaudia is submitting it and has acknowledged our presence in the legislature. #nspoli
@NovaScotiaESM is submitting a document called “combatting sexual harassment in the legislative assembly” by @EqualVoiceCA
And now @NovaScotiaESM is rising to table a bill prohibit nondisclosure agreements for political parties.
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@cupenovascotia School Support workers across Nova Scotia have voted 97.5% in favour of taking strike action if an agreement that lifts education workers out of poverty cannot be reached. #nsed #nslab #nspoli #CUPE #canlab @BeckyDruhan @suzyhfx @DannyNSFL…
2) “We are holding a province-wide Day of Action today, Feb. 28, to tell the @TimHoustonNS govt. that our members need to see a deal that will make a meaningful difference in their lives," @melansonchris, President, NS School Board Council of Unions
3) From 2012 to 2022, while inflation in Nova Scotia increased by 23.5%, wages in the sector rose only 14.5%, dragged down by years of legislated restraint under the previous @LiberalPartyNS government.

#WageFreezes #Bill148 #UnionBusting #NeoLiberals
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Op-ed: It’s time to address Nova Scotia’s teacher shortage by @ryanlutes


See thread:🧵 Image
Our public school system is under unprecedented strain. A perfect storm of population growth and a pandemic has exacerbated a teaching shortage that had been building for nearly a decade.
Similarly, the needs of students have become increasingly more complex, especially against the backdrop of rising inflation, which is having the greatest impact on already marginalized communities.
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As of Jan 21, an estimated 7547 Canadian children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
24% of those have been since protections were removed in individual provinces.

Individual provincial impacts are in this thread.
#canpoli #cdnpoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
As of Jan 28, an estimated 117 NB children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
57% of those have been since protections were removed.
#NewBrunswick #nbpoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
As of Jan 21, an estimated 107 NS children have lost a primary or secondary caregiver to Covid-19.
68% of those have been since protections were removed.
#NovaScotia #nspoli Infographic portraying the figure of a child holding the han
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My view this video by Chris Hayes
nails the issue. As an Acadian and Mi’kmaw person of Caraquet my family were subject to this same issue.…
My family suffered the deportation and even after land grant we had territories divided by Upper and Lower Canada and then by Provincial lines. They denied my people the vote too. View 54 minutes in this video:…
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Now I'm wondering if @TimHoustonNS got a heads up on this before he announced the housing shakeup?

@larochecbc @OAG_NS has found multiple instances where a senior official at former Metropolitan Reg. Housing Authority was in conflict of interest. #nspoli…
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@writenrun @TimHoustonNS @CH_ABeswick @NS_Justice @nspc I recently heard @CTVSteveMurphy tell @TVeinotteShow that Tim Houston is a lot more like Stephen McNeil than most people realize.

In other words, they're both "my way or the highway" kinda' guys. #WhiteMalePrivilege
@writenrun @TimHoustonNS @CH_ABeswick @NS_Justice @nspc @CTVSteveMurphy @TVeinotteShow @skimber The new Tim Houston has morphed into the old Stephen McNeill: arrogant, angry, self-righteous. (paywalled) #nspoli #nspc…
@writenrun @TimHoustonNS @CH_ABeswick @NS_Justice @nspc @CTVSteveMurphy @TVeinotteShow @skimber Last week, @MLABarbAdams announced plans to build 600 new #LTC beds, doubling the number under development.

Good news, but… Is it playing politics to note that most of those beds will not open until 2025, the year the Tim Houston govt. is scheduled to seek a new mandate? Image
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In March 2022, Higgs said COVID was like the cold or the flu. Over the coming days I'll be combing through the @PoPNB_kindness RTI to find out what was known by GNB about long COVID by March 2022 that shows they knew COVID was not like a cold or flu.… Screenshot from article: 'Just like the flu'  Premier Blaine
From July 30, *2020* they already knew this from PHAC:…
I guess it took them until Nov 2022 to vet this info and decide long COVID was relevant to the public tho Screenshot from presentation PDF at the link: "The evidScreenshot from PHAC presentation at the link: "A reporScreenshot from PHAC presentation PDF at the link: "The
Again this is from July 2020 - looks like they well knew it wasn't a typical "respiratory" illness. Next slide from the link in previous tweet. "The evidence – cardiovascular/chronic disease implic"Puntmann et al. Outcomes of cardiovascular magnetic re"Adds to previous postmortem case reports describing di
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Electric utility regulation lessons from Nova Scotia #nspoli

When is a rate cap not a rate cap?
How do you skew a utility towards fossil fuel dependence?

With a Fuel Adjustment Mechanism (FAM) 🧵👇…
The background here is

Nova Scotia Power applied for a big rate increase

The gov't "capped the rate", but it isn't a real cap because fuel cost increases will increase rates under a Fuel Adjustment Mechanism (FAM)
Deep background is that Nova Scotia approved a FAM around 2007, allowing adjustment in rates based on fuel costs without a general rate application.

I was part of that process with @EcologyAction
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Before you lose power because it’s raining, and @nspowerinc creates some kind of excuse that really doesn’t make sense, and you wonder why @nsgov let’s this go on … read this 🧵(bare with me, it’s long but important). #nspoli 1/
A long, long time ago (1992!), @nspowerinc struck a deal with the provincial government, that researchers still say is the best deal in the world (🤯) between a government and a private utility company — NSP Privatization Act: 2/
What is so great about the deal? Behind the scenes, a lot, but here are some clearly written (terrifying) highlights: 1. @nspowerinc does not pay federal income taxes; rather the province pays it for them. So we pay our rates, and then our taxes help pay their taxes: 3/
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Zoom meeting with @StrangRobert and reporters about to begin. #NSpoli
I'll do my best to live tweet the Q&A. #NSpoli
First, opening remarks from @StrangRobert . NS has been going through a 7th wave, he says. All epidemiology indicators suggest the wave declining. Hospitalization is low in this wave, due to high vaccine rates. Cumulative mortality rate below national average, he says. #NSpoli
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My 1st symptoms of #COVID were 7 weeks ago tomorrow.

Yesterday I went for an #ECG b/c I'm having heart symptoms that weren't there before #COVID19.

I'm also having issues with my blood sugar which weren't there before #Covid_19

The technician said he's doing several ECG's ++
daily on people who are having heart complications due to #COVID19.

I'm on leave from my job. And now I'm in need of health care I wasn't before. I'm scared of what is happening inside my body and brain.

@TimHoustonNS got rid of all the means that protected the #NovaScotia ++
population. Our health care and workers are crumbling under the weight of it all.

Businesses are closing. Housing is a mess. The climate is in shambles.

What are we going to do?

#nspoli #covid19NS #CovidIsNotOver #COVID19 #COVID
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NSTU President Paul Wozney says teachers have been validated by today’s Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruling that Bill 75 was unconstitutional.

Read the decision:…


The decision states: “At best, Bill 75 was an over-zealous but misguided attempt at fiscal responsibility. At worst, Bill 75 was punitive or a vengeful attempt to gain unrelated, collateral benefit with other public sector unions at the expense of the NSTU...
"Whatever the motivation, by selectively dismantling Tentative Agreement 3, Bill 75 failed to fully respect the process of good faith collective bargaining and was terribly wrong.”
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NSians need to know that protesting disagreement of the extension of mandatory masking in schools by interfering in the safe & orderly operations of their local community school is reckless & misguided. #nspoli #nsed /1
Your child’s teachers & school staff have made ZERO decisions about public health orders in schools.

Government & Public Health have. Full stop. /2
If you disagree, vocalize that constructively by contacting your MLA & the Public Health office. They can & should listen to your RESPECTFULLY conveyed concerns. They control the decisions you contest, so take it up WITH them. /3
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@capebretonpost Typos in a headline are a BIG no-no. #CBPost Image
MEMO TO: @hfxgov councillors.

Can surplus land be sold for $1.00 to accommodate #AffordableHousing? Can permit fees, subdivision fees, and zone amendment fees be waived when affordable housing projects are in the making? #CBRM #HRM #Halifax @CBRMGov…
We are grateful to Coun. Gordon MacDonald @tobinroader for keeping affordable housing on council agenda. As has been pointed out around the council table, affordable housing is not a municipal responsibility.

Thankfully though this doesn’t mean it can’t be a municipal priority. Image
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Will ⁦@GeoffMacLellan⁩’s #affordablehousing task force do anything about #REIT’s?

REIT’s own or invest in income-producing real estate & distribute profits to their shareholders. Many are traded publicly on the stock market. #nspoli #Halifax…
2) @MichaelTGorman Nova Scotia's DM of housing said Wed. that non-profit housing will have to be "dramatically" expanded to address the province's housing crunch.

(Thus far both Geoff MacLellan and Tim Houston only seem interested in ‘market’ solutions.)…
3) One of the benefits of non-market housing is that the units remain affordable for the long term.

That's a key difference from many private developments that get govt. funding to include a handful of affordable units. #HRM @hfxgov @MikeSavageHFX @dubehalifax1 @HRMLovelace Image
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🧵Introducing : Darlene. This woman has organized @FreedomNova rallies since COVID19 restrictions began in 2020. From flat(earth) out denial of COVID19 being real to present day of supporting Putin's invasion of #UkraineUnderAttack #UkraineRussianWar #Antivaxxer #FluTruxKlan ImageImageImageImage
@FreedomNova She has also organized these rallies with a local evangelical homophobic pastor named Bill.
How do I assume he is homophobic? Let's just say I have my reasons. The Pier boys he grew up with despise him. He also signed a petition with another NS evangelical church to open their doors during a COVID19 outbreak. #pride #homophobia ImageImage
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Some big news today. March 21 all remaining Covid restrictions will be gone. We’re all tired. We are done with Covid, but is it done with us? #nspoli
Where is the evidence for the sudden shift where we essentially skip an entire phase? From the beginning of the pandemic it was clear that Public Health was sharing the table with the Premier, and was driving the key decisions.
Those health decisions were enacted (sometimes well and sometimes not so well) by government. This doesn’t feel that way. Is this a political decision, consistent with Conservative governments across the country, or one that is based science, and community care?
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In his opening remarks at today’s Natural Resources and Economic Development committee meeting, the CEO of NS Power stated “The most important element in our planning is the focus on care; for our employees, their families and communities. #nspoli
NS Power’s recently filed General Rate Application proposes a rate hike of 10% within 3 years for residential ratepayers. It also ensures the company’s rate of return – their profit – will improve.
While Mr. Gregg spoke at length about ensuring 'affordability' in the transition of off coal today, Mr. Gregg couldn't or wouldn't answer the question of affordability for whom.
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The #ConvoyForFreedom2022 decided to block Marine Atlantic's entrance with their convoy. Keep in mind this does not consist of any semi's. All I could see was the same #antivaxxers who have been covid denier's for the last year in local social media groups. /1

I decided I would drive over to see who was involved and why? @nsgov clearly released an injunction against any blockades or 'slow roll convoys'. Why would these guys just blatantly ignore that? So I put my 'trigger' mask on and headed down after a 20 min drive. /2

Some "Freedom Fighters" decided to walk up in support at the bridge. When I asked what they are supporting I was told "freedom for our children". I replied with "your children look pretty free to me". The person quickly turned and walked away. /3

#GoHomeFluTruxKlan #GoHomeConvoy ImageImage
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