In Alberta, our conservative premier has been in hiding from media and from accountability for over a month (at behest of O’Toole we think). Before that, he was on vacation and completely absent for 3 weeks or more. We’re in the 4th wave w almost nothing to stop it. 1/4
Our healthcare system is collapsing and all surgeries are cancelled except the most dire. Even cancer and transplant surgeries are cancelled indefinitely. Our UCP conservative gov IS NOT EVEN TRYING TO STOP THIS! 2/4
The AB conservatives are wilfully “letting the virus rip” and killing people including non-covid patients. They believe in the debunked Great Barrington Declaration, which was also Trump’s will. 3/4…
It’s a growing catastrophe in Alberta and we have ZERO leadership with a government that has pandered to the anti-vex, anti-mask people all along! AND O’TOOLE BACKS KENNEY’S APPROACH. Do not vote for the Conservatives! #Elxn44 #cdnpoli 4/4

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6 Sep
Dear Canadians: This was the Lib budget passed in July. It is the most progressive budget from any government in Canada in many decades. THESE are the kinds of progressive investments that allowing Conservatives to win will destroy. 1/5 #Elxn44 #cdnpoli…
Attacks on Trudeau will pile on in last election week. JWR’s vendetta book is coming and is already being heavily promoted by the Conservatives. It’s another smear campaign designed to destroy Trudeau’s campaign. That’s the sole purpose. /2
This is by design by corporate interests backing the Conservatives. They will be relentless and media will indulge this for clicks and to derail the Libs. There will be a massive effort to stop the Liberals’ progressive platform. Don’t let them win no matter what. /3
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5 Sep
ANY progress that improves the financial well-being of and gives a louder voice to workers, families, women, Indigenous, people of colour, LGBTQ+, etc. will be fought against - HARD by extremely powerful, global, autocratic wealth interests. 1/4
Trudeau has become the target because he dared to prioritize the needs of citizens with CERB, CEWS, $10/day childcare that increases labour participation of women and improves lives of families, pharmacare and he stands for public health care. 2/4
These progressive programs are a threat to the autocratic power of the wealthy oligarchs that are trying to dominate and destabilize democracies in their interests. They will do everything, use any means, to destroy progressive power. And they’re doing it in Canada. 3/4
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5 Sep
Common sense: As much as it may suck to some die-hard NDP supporters, the ONLY way to beat Conservatives and avoid the minority rule of Conservative ‘values’ is to unite the progressive vote under the Liberals in all ridings where the Liberals are stronger than NDP (most). 1/12
In ridings where NDP is strongest, Liberals must unite under NDP and vote for the NDP candidate. /2
It is imperative we put egos aside & stand together to defeat Conservative power. Such power is only won by manipulation, cheating, smear campaigns and sophisticated, globally funded micro targeting through social media and monopoly ownership of our media landscape + airwaves. /3
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4 Sep
Fellow Canadians: the corporate class owns almost all media, social media, pollsters and the Conservative party. It’s working hard to stop you from voting Liberal bc they can win and the wealthy do not want them to win. They want money. They want power. 1/5
They want privatization, they want relaxation of environmental regs so they can extract profits from coal, from producing carbon. They do not want $$ helping families for childcare or pharmacare bc there are more opportunities to extract bigger tax credits from Conservatives. /2
The corporate class want trickle down, to suck wealth out of all of us. They want workers desperate for low-paying jobs w substandard working conditions. They don’t want unions or collective citizens to challenge their power. They want us too tired to challenge exploitation. /3
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22 Aug
Health care - thread. 1/18
#Elxn44: our health care system is vulnerable as #COVID19 has exposed its limits and significantly so in some provinces due to decisions made or not made by provinces to reduce spread. #cdnpoli #healthcare
2. I am no expert but I have worked for 10 years in senior leadership in outsourcing in the public sector and I know how things work that the public does not see. There are reasons in privacy legislation the public is denied access to failures of outsourcing and escalating costs
3. First, the Canada Health Act sets the national policy. Execution and delivery is Provincial. Provincial political leaders will blame the CHA and feds for the weaknesses in health care to avoid scrutiny of their own competence and budgetary decisions with COVID.
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17 Oct 20
Dear. Canada,
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is part of our Constitution, is on the precipice of destruction as we know it. > #cdnpoli #abpoli #onpoli
For the first time since enactment of the 1984 Charter, Conservatives see a path to remake Canada in their image. There are enough conservative premiers in place right now that if CPC win the next election, they will have the votes to enshrine their power, remake judiciary.
The amending formula of Canada’s Constitution requires approval of 7 out of 10 provinces representing at least 50% of the population. With an election win of federal conservatives, they will have that.…
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