Dear. Canada,
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is part of our Constitution, is on the precipice of destruction as we know it. > #cdnpoli #abpoli #onpoli
For the first time since enactment of the 1984 Charter, Conservatives see a path to remake Canada in their image. There are enough conservative premiers in place right now that if CPC win the next election, they will have the votes to enshrine their power, remake judiciary.
The amending formula of Canada’s Constitution requires approval of 7 out of 10 provinces representing at least 50% of the population. With an election win of federal conservatives, they will have that.…
Conservatives in Canada are so desperate for federal power as it’s their one chance to change the Charter - the whole drive of Stephen Harper.

It’s been a wet dream of Conservatives to rewrite the Charter since Mulroney failed to deliver it.
Conservatives have never forgiven Pierre Trudeau for reaching consensus needed to bring home the Charter Conservatives failed to. Many Tories backed the Charter which divided Conservatives along social Conservative, anti-Quebec lines, eventually leading to the Reform Party.
Conservatives seek to attack the rights enshrined in the Charter to favour what it considers its founding Judeo-Christian religion to legitimize its favourite biblical patriarchal powers that call homosexuality a sin and women subservient. It will also attack bilingualism.
Make no mistake, the CPC and Consv premiers are in step on this. They are all using the same political playbook that foreshadows the kind of Canada they envision. There has been a shift away from their traditional Toryism inherited from Great Britain to American style liberalism.
There are “open borders” between the GOP, far right media and Canada’s conservatives. The Canadian playbook is modeled after US white Christo-social conservative liberalism.
Our current Conservatives will stop at nothing and will use any means to an end to win the next election. This is why they’ve embarked on the extremely divisive politics and intense smear campaigns and disinformation.
Stephen Harper had goals and he put some of the things in place to make this happen now. His big success was to change the media landscape in favour of remaking Canada in his image.…
Jason Kenney in Alberta is working hand in glove w Harper. Kenney represents the Conservative vision of Canada: no union protections for workers, business before people, private schools, private health care, Jude-Christian dominance... Alberta is the dry run for Harper’s Canada.
Correction: Charter was signed in April, 1982.

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14 Oct
Outsourcing is a shift of wealth from a big reduction in workers’ pay and benefits, a reduction of training and employee development and skinnying of services and into the profits of a corporation. #abpoli #RecallKenney
This is bad for the economy as it creates more unstable work for employees and less money in their hands to spend in the economy. Every dollar in workers’ hands gets spent, almost all locally. $$ shifted to corporate balance sheets do not get spent to same degree.
Personal tax contributions from workers who make so much less reduces government revenues. Corporate taxes are significantly lower than personal income taxes. Outsourcing can mean less tax revenue for the government to fund services.
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22 Dec 19
1. Conservative policy is to frame the economy, no matter how well it’s doing under a non-Con gov, as ‘failing’, in recession, being ‘destroyed’ in order to erode confidence, cause the economy to falter so they can position themselves as white knights. #cdnpoli #onpoli #abpoli
2. Cons will flog the recession talk in unison everywhere to get people to believe it. They’ll cite myths and anecdotes about families barely making it (some aren’t doing well as is true in any economy).
3. Cons scare monger about debt,deficits as though GDP doesn’t matter. They misinform people by emphasizing large macro numbers and using the language of personal debt to confuse people into thinking the only good gov =0 debt/deficit to prime people to accept austerity.
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My long thread on patriarchal power, the monster that has awakened with a particular vengeance since a black man has dared to become the president of the United States and a white woman was popular enough to be the next. /Thread #cdnpoli #Patriarchy #USA #Brexit
White patriarchs can only cling to absolute power by excising democracy and installing autocracy and Fascism. We are seeing the rise of a real nationalism movement today - a backlash against human progress that exposes the corrupt power propping white men.
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1 Dec 19
Seems the UCP AGM was a bigger disaster for Alberta than thought. Kenney mocking media to applause. Kenney trying to take AB out of Canada Health Act. Kenney ‘studying’ an AB revenue agency. Kenney ‘studying’ its own provincial police force... Appalling. Thread. #abpoli #ableg
#UCPAGM2019 hate everything democracy stands for. They see equality as their enemy which makes women their target (and I think their #1 target since they are 50% of population), people of colour, LGBTQ+,
, Atheists - all targets. Autocracy and fear serve white male interests alone.
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23 Oct 19
Canada’s talking heads NEVER ask the right questions about Alberta. They are woefully incurious about what’s driving the bizarre hatred for Trudeau & one-party rule. There’s no daylight between RW politicians & the oil lobby. #cdnpoli #abpoli #WEXITALBERTA #cdnmedia
There’s been a decades long steady diet of disinformation about Equalization emanating from RW media (and in AB, it’s almost all RW media), oil lobbyists, talk radio and politicians.
There’s a revolving door between the legislature and the oil industry and financial benefits continue to flow to politicians from the industry in various ways. Politicians from the industry continue their interests in the oil company they’re from. Media NEVER investigated this.
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