What are the policy makers missing? @YouthHealthFor1's Georgia Gardner is leading #YHFsummit discussion with: @CaitFigueiredo (Co-Chair, @AYAC_, co-founder #GirlsTakeoverParliament), @unicefaustralia Young Ambassador Franklin Hooper, @samueljhockey @BrainMind_Usyd Image
Lot of young people feeling frustrated and disconnected in the policy space, says Georgia Gardner #YHFSummit Image
Apologies, just noting panel changes TBC:

Opening with some of the gaps and solutions....

Policy makers do have an understanding of some issues for young people because of important work done by orgs: they understand the problem but it's the getting to the solution, taking action, working directly with young people that's missing: @CaitFigueiredo #YHFSummit
Franklin Hooper says is a problem also with access to info for young people about policies that affect them - eg mental health funding through the pandemic, lots of $$s but much of info re access/eligibility/services is impenetrable #YHFSummit
. @CaitFigueiredo says was good work done by the Disability Royal Commission, publishing reports in easy/plain language, plenty of graphics, great way to communicate with young people #YHFSummit
Georgie Gardner says too often policy is communicated through webinars or other platforms that "lack nuance, accountability" or through "awful" that are dense, filled with generic info, v hard to get to the "meat" of the policy affecting young people #YHFSummit
One of the solutions to stronger policy making for young people? Franklin Hooper says hire young people for the jobs, "they have the energy, the drive, they are experiencing these things as they happen". #YHFSummit
Talking re the possibility of a "reverse mentorship model", though an issue as to whether or not funding would support. #YHFSummit
Politicians want engage with young people: "all well and good to do so but you've got to pay them for their time". Two-way respect does not happen enough in the youth sector, says @CaitFigueiredo who co-led #GirlsTakeoverParliament #YHFSummit
Q to panel: "There are so many NFP organisations that do similar things and contribute towards the same goal - do you think it'll be easier for policy makers if we had like a governing body joining all these organisations together??" #YHFSummit
That's @AYAC_, says @CaitFigueiredo but the issue is sustainable funding for peak organisations #YHFSummit.

Also need to acknowledge that a lot of orgs work in silos, says Franklin Hooper. You can make $$ stretch further if you acknowledge others may be doing something similar.
Q: "Has there ever been consideration for a youth council being represented within the clinical senate - the space where clinicians are represented at level of policy making?" #YHFSummit
Hearing how critical it is for politicians to be there at consultations with young people and then act, empowers young people to keep working - Franklin Hooper experienced that in NT consultations #YHFSummit
"Instead of bringing in someone from Canberra or a contractor, why not hire someone who really understands the needs of that community?" #YHFSummit
During Abbott Govt, dropped Youth Minister. @CaitFigueiredo raised with then Opp Leader Bill Shorten, it got onto Labor policy, led to new Coalition Govt having a Minister for Youth - "not necessarily young but someone with dedicated focus". "They actually listened". #YHFSummit
"You can't just prescribe one thing for one group, even in the LGBTIQ+ community", says Franklin Hooper. For example, re discrimination in schools, "everyone uses different language". And people won't talk to an outsider, trust is critical. #YHFSummit
3 takeaways from @CaitFigueiredo:

1. When you involve young people in politics, make sure you train them: it's a "very toxic, confrontational space" if you have not been prepared mentally/physically.

2. Don't always engage with only those who share your values, seek out others elsewhere on the political/value spectrum. We need "healthy, robust democratic debate", says @CaitFigueiredo #YHFSummit
3. Make sure you have a concise ask when dealing with politicians: "know what you want, then build a coalition to pursue it". @CaitFigueiredo #YHFSummit
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