Young people as change makers - @all__that__jas and Zinab al Hilaly in #YHFSummit conversation with @michelle_telfer and @PatMcGorry #YHFSummit Image
We're reminded that @MichelleTelf featured in a recent @AustralianStory…
Q: how make sure engaging with the most marginalised young people....

@michelle_telfer says that is an issue in her work trans kids/young people - have worked with various groups to increase access, but need to work on more systemic change across the whole health system.
. @PatMcGorry - @orygen_aus lucky that it operates in v diverse, multicultural area of Melb (also bearing brunt of COVID). But that can be deceptive, definitely underperforming for some communities - "we don't see what we don't see". Have work to do on that. #YHFSummit
Re participation: typically national ref/advisory groups for clinical/research groups biased towards 'high end' young people, need more cultural/class diversity to better represent young people, acknowledges @PatMcGorry #YHFSummit
Within 'young people' is so much diversity, which needs to be recognised/included, says @all__that__jas

Respecting young people's autonomy, rights re sharing - need safe spaces, respect boundaries, says Zinab al Hilaly #YHFSummit
For greater engagement with diverse communities need diverse people involved, cultural competency, and acknowledgement of power and privilege: Zinab al Hilaly #YHFSummit
Re safe spaces - this is key for young people to engage in health care says @michelle_telfer - says her service was painted by media as unsafe: misinformation which was very damaging to young people and their families. Was important to fight that narrative #YHFSummit
One of ways to address that misinformation was to have young people tell their stories, says @michelle_telfer - the recent @AustralianStory had important focus on them and their needs/priorities… #YHFSummit
Q: What does meaningful engagement mean to you and how do you bring it to life?

@PatMcGorry: 20 years ago was clear in the emerging 'youth mental health field' of the need to design 'oases of care'. Asked young people to work with us to do that - @headspace_aus impt #YHFSummit
"We've got young people's voices at important levels...still got a way to go, but you actually listen and learn from each other, is mutual respect." @PatMcGorry on meaningful engagement #YHFSummit
The next wave of good ideas in mental health have to come from young people, from the next generations, says @PatMcGorry - "we need each other to get things right". No room for tick box approaches. #YHFSummit
Q: How do you acknowledge contribution of young people in work?

@michelle_telfer says clinicians like to feel they in control, have all the answers...well-intentioned but don't like ambiguity or feeling unsure. Better if they can #YHFSummit
When talk re meaningful engagement, it needs to be everywhere, including in the clinical interaction - "what would you like to do, what is your plan?" - to the top/board level, where young people make decisions. @michelle_telfer #YHFSummit
. @PatMcGorry adds: @orygen_aus slogans 'revolution in mind', 'never settle' - we can't ever be satisfied, have to look to constant change/improvement, fight complacency/inertia #YHFSummit
Effecting change in a rigid health care system, can be v difficult/overwhelming for young people to engage - what skills are important for emerging leaders, among the COVID generation? @all__that__jas #YHFSummit
Tapping into the tremendous energy young people have is critical, says @PatMcGorry - he says he wasn't able to have impact till was in his 40s, now sees younger people having influence/opportunities much earlier. #YHFSumit
. @michelle_telfer observes that past generations had to rally in large numbers on the streets to bring about change, but now is more opportunity to mobilise/amplify via social media. Courage, conviction, consistency are key skills. "Being brave is v v important" #YHFSummit
Important for ambitious young people who want to shape the world to get good at something, have expertise not just opinions. The 10,000 hours idea. "Put in the hours". @PatMcGorry #YHFSummit
"We have a lot to be angry about....we're the first generation who will be worse off than our parents," says @all__that__jas, pointing first to climate crisis (and quoting @GrattanInst) . #YHFSummit Image
. @PatMcGorry agrees society has let young people down in a big way, that's why we're seeing a mental health crisis. Maybe time to go back to 1968. ##YHFSummit
Reflecting on her change-making and advocacy work, Zinab Al Hilaly says empathy and confidence, or "being brave and being passionate" are key. Need to understand different experiences/perspectives. #YHFsummit
Q: As a young multicultural person who has navigated the system, we know accessing support can be difficult: affordability, access, safety. How do young people become change makers in such systems? What examples in action? #YHFSummit
"I like to think we can achieve great change in a small period of time, but we also need small steps," says @michelle_telfer, who points to advocacy years ago by a young person who objected to having to identify gender just to be able to watch a movie at the hospital. #YHFSummit
"It's about asking the question. It's about speaking up and expecting someone to listen," says @michelle_telfer on making change. #YHFSummit

@PatMcGorry acknowledges terrible slow pace of change, points to racism
"Things actually can get worse," warns @PatMcGorry pointing to the impact of #COVID on an already 'broken' mental health system in Australia.

"Change is a war," he says, and it can result in injury - acknowledges @michelle_telfer's experience #YHFSummit

"I work as a mental health support worker, and my gender diverse clients have IMMENSE issues with hospital services not respecting their pronouns/gender identities. It shouldn’t be the onus of trans consumers to constantly battle...just to feel safe and respected."
"As trans people in government/health we're often the ones who feel an urgency to do the work it takes to push change through around these things." #YHFSummit participant
"Great tag line from this session, lets remember to rock the boat and never fear change!" #YHFSummit participant

"There are millions of small steps happening and we need to celebrate that.: Zinab Al Hilaly

"Not just giving us a seat at the table, but making sure we can be heard." @all__that__jas
"I'm reminded I can never be complacent, young people and their needs will constantly change, we need to be listening and working with them to make sure we get it right together." @michelle_telfer #YHFSummit
. @PatMcGorry warns against notions that young people are an homogenous group #YHFSummit
"Young people don't have to wait to have influence. So many platforms that create that opportunity."

"Passion, passion, passion."

Takeaways from @LeanneWells63 from Change Maker session at #YHFSummit
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