I had the pleasure of travelling through Santiago de Chile with an actual expert on the history of Chile, @chileanista, in October of 2018. So I consider Danielle a friend. I'm going to answer her question not only for her but for anyone who is feeling the "about to finish" blues
I had professors at my usually super supportive university (I did my PhD at The University of British Columbia, @ubc) who were skeptical that I could finish a PhD. Who thought I was "too much of a social butterfly to finish a PhD". Who thought "my writing was terrible".
Professors who told me "I would never be a good researcher, just a good teacher".

There were always disagreements on my dissertation, so much so that I had to rewrite it 3 times (not all of it, but some parts of it -- I just checked my "Dissertation Drafts" folder).
My ex-boyfriend broke my heart right as I was finishing up. I quit two times, and returned to the PhD both times.

One of my closest friends on the planet told me "I love you with, or without a PhD. So does everyone else who loves you. But what is is that YOU want?"
I told him: "I want my PhD, if not because I love research, which I do, simply out of spite. I want to demonstrate that I can, in fact, be a successful researcher, and that I can, despite my being so social, get a PhD".

So yes, I finished my PhD out of spite. I don't regret it.
Funny enough, now thousands of scholars (students, ECRs, practitioners, professors) use my website to model, teach and learn how to write academic prose, how to undertake research, how to organize and plan projects.

To my doubters, I say: How do you like'm apples now?
So, to @chileanista and anybody else who feels like quitting as you approach the last stages of the PhD:

- you are worthy of love and belonging, with or without your PhD.
- walking away of the PhD is a very valid decision
- but IF you choose to finish, you can do this.

• • •

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More from @raulpacheco

22 Sep
I have thoughts on @jeffguhin's excellent thread on moving from term paper to peer-reviewable paper, but instead of hijacking that thread, I'm going to do one of my own, as author working in a Global South institution, as journal editor & as a reviewer.
Several of the responses that suggested that editors should desk reject these term papers appear clearly to come from a place of privilege, not only from their own (lucky) education, but also from where they are lucky to work. Sorry, kids, here's some tough love for you too.
Not everyone is lucky to have a supervisor or supervisory committee who can provide rigorous commentary and feedback that can help improve a term paper to make it a publishable paper. Happens everywhere, but more so in institutions from the Global South, you should consider this.
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21 Sep
Yo les voy a dar un #RPVTips que les he dado a mis estudiantes de todas las instituciones donde he impartido clase (@UBC @ITAM_mx @CIDE_MX @CIDE_RC @IHEAL_CREDA @FlacsoMx): el trabajo académico NO tiene por qué ser competitivo.

Sus compañeros y compañeras del posgrado pueden llegar a ser sus mejores amigos y amigas. Yo, al día de hoy, sigo siendo amiguísimo de mis compas de generación tanto en la maestría como en el doctorado. * Léanse entre ustedes.
* Dénse retroalimentación propositiva #RPVTips
El cuatrimestre pasado, en el curso de Métodos Mixtos del Doctorado en Ciencias Sociales, construí pequeños grupos (breakout rooms) en donde les solicité que se dieran retroalimentación (peer feedback).

Fue un ejercicio excelente para que aprendan a criticar constructivamente.
Read 6 tweets
20 Sep
Feliz de tener a la Dra. Jacqueline Priego @JacqPriego impartiendo una clase invitada sobre "Análisis de Datos con CAQDAS (Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analyais Softwares)".

Mi clase de "Análisis e Interpretación de Datos Cualitativos" #AIDCFLACSO2021 aprenderá muchísimo! Image
"La lógica de usar CAQDAS es dar a los datos cualitativos el tratamiento de análisis cualitativo" - @jacpriego basada en Silver y Lewins 2014. Además los CAQDAS permiten automatizar múltiples actividades analíticas cualitativas. #AIDCFLACSO21 Image

“Hay razones para utilizar CAQDAS — aquí algunas:” Image
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18 Sep
Reading this book edited by @melcef - it’s a fantastic introduction to corporate and business ethnography.
I love book introductions where the editor basically sets out to map the entire field as @melcef does here: which books, which authors, which journals have been key in developing the field of corporate ethnography?
Moreover, Cefkin as the editor makes sure to include authors and chapters where corporate ethnography is not reduced to “on the field research to understand consumers and customers”. There’s SO MUCH MORE than that to corporate and business ethnography.
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17 Sep
Cómo compaginar la escritura de la tesis con cursos que estamos tomando y con otros pendientes? Aquí un hilo de #RPVTips

Como ejemplo, voy a tomar la carga de trabajo de mi estudiante de la @FlacsoMx @EmilioDelCarmen

Emilio está tomando 3 clases.

Además, está preparando sus Exámenes Generales de Conocimiento (pre-doctorales) y trabajando en la tesis y tomando un seminario de investigación de línea. En materia de cursos y seminarios, se concentran en:

lunes - toda la mañana hasta las 2pm
martes - 11-2
miércoles 11-2
En general, yo abogo por no trabajar los fines de semana, pero cuando es necesario, sugiero trabajar los domingos. Por ende, lo que yo haría sería:

Domingo (media tarde a noche temprana?)
- preparar clase de Daniel Vázquez y
- preparar mi clase

Lunes - preparar clase Salazar E
Read 9 tweets
13 Sep
Good morning, and good Monday!

As we complete the first few weeks of the term, may I suggest that you spend some time planning for Fall 2021?

I know, the global status of this pandemic is literally CLUSTERFUCK, but for some reason, global systems keep moving forward along.
On my blog, I have a section called "Planning and Processing Protocols"

Several blog posts housed in this page should be useful to you.

Planning work over the summer (for faculty and undergrad/graduate students) raulpacheco.org/2019/04/planni…

While I wrote this blog post to help graduate students and faculty and ECRs plan their summer, you can use it to plan a term too.
Read 8 tweets

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