I don't often agree with Don Braid, but he has written a very insightful column here. I have a few observations. 1/10
First, the comments that follow his article prove his point. Most of them take one approach or another to defend either residential schools, or systemic racism, or both. It's actually pretty shocking. 2/10
Second, Mr. Braid has a personal reason to hope for an end to systemic racism and a dropping of the barriers for Indigenous people. He has a stake in it now, with his grandchildren. 3/10
People shouldn't have to have family affected to know that colonization, systemic racism, and the oppression endured by Indigenous People here for the past century or two is just wrong. 4/910
You don't have to be personally affected to see injustice, be horrified by it, and oppose it. All you have to be is a decent human being with a heart. 5/910
If you are sitting in your privileged, comfortable life, trying to think up justifications for what happened to these children - THESE CHILDREN - and their families, what continues to happen to all these people... Your moral compass is broken. 6/10
If you are thinking of a "Yes, but..." reply to residential schools, children in unmarked graves, disproportionate numbers of Indigenous people living in poverty, in our jails, with substance abuse issues, held back by systemic racism, just don't. 7/10
You aren't going to convince anyone with a clear head, a compassionate heart, and an ounce of morality. It's wrong. It's like arguing that slavery was a good thing, or the Jews had it coming. Just don't. You only out yourself as a racist. 8/10
"I didn't know" only goes so far as an excuse. Now you do know. What are YOU going to do? What are you going to do to educate yourself, to stop defending the indefensible, to help make change? 9/10
We, as privileged white people, have a moral duty to make things right. All of us have somewhere along the line benefitted from the grossly unequal situation here. Land and resource use is a prime example. We need to make it right. 9/10

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3 Oct
Things are coming apart. We have had a respectful journalistic tradition in Canada for a very long time. Family was off-limits. It differentiated us from many countries. Our journalists took pride in their ethics. No longer it seems. 1/7 #CdnMediaFailed
Journalists do not need to become paparazzi to do their job. It is unbecoming to be taking spy shots of our PM and his wife while they are having some personal time. 2/7
Given the current political climate, it actually endangers our duly elected PM to be leaking his location when he is on personal time. 3/7
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Are you comfortable with the idea that you are being manipulated? I am guessing you are not. Let's dig into this. 1/5 #cdnmedia
Yesterday someone began circulating a photo of the PM from 2019 at Easter, surfing with his family. They presented it as a photo from 2 days ago. And conservative twitter gobbled it up. Even people on the fence saw it and thought bad things. 2/5
This photo is from 2019. The other photo is a walk on the beach from a couple of days ago. 3/5 Image
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If he was in his office all day, in private meetings, that would be fine then? So, your point is not that he should have been at events. It's that he should not have any personal time. That's really what you are saying. 1/
And maybe you are also saying that he can't change his calendar, because you folks need to know where he is and what he is doing every minute of the day, in case he does something you can turn into a scandal. 2/
Let's be really clear about this. You are getting people worked up because he didn't show up at events, but you were ok when that was never the plan. So long as he was in his office, not being at events was fine with you.
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I don't suppose many people put these dates together. It is a good moment to remind everyone that our Prime Minister is also a human being. 1/7
Have you lost a parent or a sibling? My Mom died December 27, 2000. My Dad died November 3, 2004. Those dates never go by without some big emotion. What about you? Who have you lost whose passing affects you deeply? 2/7
Remember back in 2020? He appeared every. single. day. He had Canadians' backs. It was all a terribly uncertain time and he put himself out there. Part of the time his wife had COVID and was isolating, so he was parenting 3 kids by himself while running the country. 3/7
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27 Sep
Anyone remember being in school and once every few years they would take classes to the library or gym and there would be public health nurses and we would line up and get vaccinated? 1/6 #COVID19 #VaccinePassports #GetVaccinated
It wasn't a choice. There wasn't any discussion about it. And I think most parents were pleased that this was one less thing they needed to worry about or keep track of. I don't think it occurred to anyone to question the safety or efficacy of the vaccines. 2/6
So what happened? Getting vaccinated was just one of the things everybody did. Like having to do a test before getting their beginner's licence and another one before getting the full driver's licence. 3/6
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26 Sep
Something a lot of people don't know about me... I play hockey. I have been playing hockey a long time, since about 1997. I was not too athletic as a child. My parents were older and I was encouraged to do quiet things, like reading. 1/15
I had adult onset athleticism. I watched my husband play hockey through high school and university, and then our children began to play hockey. I had never properly learned to skate. When I was a kid, the only option for girls was ringette... 2/15
And our local ringette team consisted of the mean girls, with their mean mothers coaching. And the outdoor rinks were always full of boys with pucks who really did not want girls on the ice with them. If we came onto the ice to try to skate, they would shoot pucks at us... 3/15
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