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The best way to manage political un reset is to make sure that political parties conduct annual elections and family at large can't be at the helm for more than a year. Interesting yet is the fact that the self proclaimed educated party members continue to rally and support
Dynastic politics. Nothing has been more responsible for the regression of the nation more than this singular unfortunate two party system for decades & now the suffering will continue for the awaam at the hands of the kids of the same leeches who have economically done us in
More fascinating is the support and endorsement 60+ yr old party members continue to give pea brained harbingers of the next generation. No better self serving insurance scheme than in Pakistan where the people pay the premium of the destruction these charlatans bring.
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As another year of my life passes by, I am reminded of all the wonderful people I've had the pleasure of working with. And I know for a fact that they have all enjoyed working with me too. Here's Amy Poehler and I just hanging out having a laugh.
Here is my best friend @TheRealDratch and I at the Douglas House shooting a lower back tattoo commercial for @nbcsnl . She loved working with me!
Boy oh boy, did @kenanthompson and I have fun shooting a Chicago Bears skit for @nbcsnl ! We always just laughed and laughed.
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I took my girls out to dinner tonight.

Our waitress recognized me instantly.

Other wait staff came up to me to say thank you as well.

One Latina lady said, “keep telling the truth, America needs to wake up.”

I was flattered and honored.

And then I #BetOnMainStreet
I’ve been recognized in public the last three times we went out.

Our waitress tonight came right up to me and said “you’re Jack Murphy!”

My first reaction was “oh fuck”

The she says,

“I watch you every other Wednesday on @Timcast!”

I guess we aren’t alone in dc.
When other workers came out of the kitchen to tell me to “keep telling the truth” because America needs to “wake up” I was genuinely moved.

People mock social media. “It’s not real life.” It’s not TV!


Social media brought my message to millions of people.

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How it started... how it’s going.

Let’s talk vaccine side effects!
Dose #2 of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was yesterday. I timed it so that I would be home from work, with a weekend in front of me.

I had a feeling I wouldn’t feel well - I had a day of body aches after dose 1, and more telling, the data shows that this is a reactogenic vaccine.
Reactogenic: stimulates a strong immune response, including body aches, fever, malaise.

The flu and shingles vaccines can produce similar responses but the COVID vaccine seems to more reactogenic than those.
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These are the people paid to analyze situations for us.

Good God, how frustrating.

Call me with questions, Chris. Happy to fill you in on a decade or so of work on the matter.
Twitter is infested with some of the absolute dumbest takes I have ever seen on the issue of white supremacy, insurgency, and political violence.

Please vet your sources.

People are falling for so much utterly ridiculous shit, my God.
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The "How Did I Survive 2020?" FAKE ANSWERS ONLY tweet contest is COMPLETE!

The Top 10 submissions have been ranked and will be shared over the next hour until 2021 2021 2021 2021 IS HERE in Northern Virginia!!!
First, a big thank you to the folks who submitted responses but didn't make my final 10:
@wicked_sassy @asigal22 @Lana_del_rico @PeanutDweck @LayneScherer @joe_walsky @blakekrapfl @nards_deli11 @magscolvett @public_enembe @GraceRelf @ashleyowza
@wicked_sassy @asigal22 @Lana_del_rico @PeanutDweck @LayneScherer @joe_walsky @blakekrapfl @nards_deli11 @magscolvett @public_enembe @GraceRelf @ashleyowza Starting off at #10:

Pouring myself into meaningless twitter arguments.

From @kdubsultimate
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Below are my top ten 2020 Lessons Some of them I knew already, but they became even more important this year. The point here is that every experience, good or bad, is a lesson and we only fail if we miss the lesson. Here we go #My2018Lessons #blessed #grateful
1.Challenges come to reveal to us our deepest tendencies, as well as the need to reflect on who we are and who we want to be. #My2020Lessons
2.No matter how bad things are, you can always make things worse. At the same time, it is often within your power to make them better. #My2020Lessons
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So, I did this thing.

A little thing.

Or so I thought. (A thread.)

This is my Gram. She’s 88 and lives alone. She’s disabled so rarely leaves her home at the best of times, never mind during a pandemic.

That’s her after one of her 43 surgeries. Yes, that’s right. 43!
My mom (angel that she is) does 99% of Gram’s care, cooking, cleaning, helping her shower, and taking her to medical appointments. I pick up the other 1%. Obviously we can’t just leave her so we take every precaution we can to keep her safe while we are there.
She’s lucky to see Mom 2x a week and me once a month but it isn’t enough. Gram says, “I miss seeing the people” and she’s lonesome. I know many seniors in particular are feeling this right now and it breaks my heart...

...which brings me back to that thing I mentioned before.
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🚨🎄#Christmas #Help🎄🚨

We only have 2 #families left 2 be sponsored for this #HolidaySeason

If you want to help a #family be #sponsored, please call the HHCC team at 403-608-7224 for more info!

Family information for each family is below!

#PleaseDonate #AlbertaCares #YYC
Family 1:

#FrontlineWorkers #Mom is on the #Frontline at a local #Hospital.

#Dad is a maintenance worker that worked for #WestJet, he was laid off. (He’s been #LaidOff since May of #2020.

This #Family has 4 #Children & #Pets.

They are looking to be #Sponsored for #Christmas
Family 2:

#Dad is a #FRONTLINE #Worker.

#Mom was a #Waitress until she was laid off in #April of #2020. The #restaurant #ClosedDown

There are 5 children ages 7 months to 8 years.

They too are #Looking to be #Sponsored for #Christmas this #HolidaySeason.

#CalgaryCares #YYC
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@ChgocadChic @pjamesjp1 @LLMajer @leeone_roz @FreeLion7 @Republikim1 @LauraVanOversch @marylene58 @billnsher42197 @MadFiest @DaveDFW @lenlucas46 @TEN4Texas @The____Guardian @larryvance47 @velvetrose15 @DrSueDVM @finy06 @teedwrightoff @donjean13 @JAmy208 @BeverlyConserv1 @DorisZelaya5 @ValeriePrimros4 @Durango96380362 @ShotsRangOut @p_atira @JustJenny357 @savebygrace71 @ndb4ever @Ender316 @USAlivestrong @Deplorado @usvetram #JesusIsLove
The only reason Jesus endured the humiliation, pain, misery, and horror was because He loved you more than anything else. Jesus didn’t want to live for eternity without you.
Live life the way Jesus did—for our heavenly Father and for others. #JesusChangesEverything🙏🏻 Image
@ChgocadChic @pjamesjp1 @LLMajer @leeone_roz @FreeLion7 @Republikim1 @LauraVanOversch @marylene58 @billnsher42197 @MadFiest @DaveDFW @lenlucas46 @TEN4Texas @The____Guardian @larryvance47 @velvetrose15 @DrSueDVM @finy06 @teedwrightoff @donjean13 @JAmy208 @BeverlyConserv1 @DorisZelaya5 @ValeriePrimros4 @Durango96380362 @ShotsRangOut @p_atira @JustJenny357 @savebygrace71 @ndb4ever @Ender316 @USAlivestrong @Deplorado @usvetram #GodsCovenant✝️
Everything on earth belongs to the Lord. He is the master and ruler of the universe.
Be a good borrower. Take care of the things God trusts you to manage for Him so you can receive the blessings He wants to give you for a job well done.
#BlessedAndGrateful🙏🏻 Image
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Random photo and story time! Including possibly helpful information if you’re around my age and planning to have kids for the first time. In 6 days my kiddo is going to turn 11! Here’s our first picture together
If it looks like he’s in an incubator it’s because he is. It’s called an isolette. Image
He was born at 27 weeks, 3 months early. Stayed over 3 and a half months in the NICU after he was born. His due date was to be a Pisces/aqua, but he decided to come when the sun was in Sag and the moon was in Aries. (He still likes to do things early, and to be first lol)
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I keep finding out that what most people think parables are about is wrong

In other words

Often, the Standard & Obvious Plain Meaning of the Story, is directly the opposite to what Jesus probably meant or how his first listeners probably would have understood it

(this Sunday in the RCL)

Master gives three slaves money. Two of them make more money. One buries it. The one who buries it is punished.

Moral of the story:
Use the gifts that God gave you. Don't bury your talent in the dirt. #BestLife #Blessed

So, 1st of all, Nikky was reading Herzog on parables as Pedagogy of the Oppressed, and in that framework the master is NOT GOD, but rather the present system of economic injustice in which landlords & slave owners profit by the work of others, "reaping what [they] did not sow...
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Social media can become very overwhelming very quickly. This is especially the case for S&C coaches wanting to make a name for themselves. I personally have become disillusioned by it many times for many different reasons.

However, there's hope. Social media coach realities 👇🏽

Social media coach - "I read 2 research papers per day, I love to read, I get the highlighter out to ensure I take it all in"

Real life coach - "I probably should read more research papers but I find them very complicated & I don't know how to weed out the good from the bad"

Social media coach - "I love my morning routine. I get up at 4:30, post a pic on Insta of my watch, read for 2 hours (see point 1), meditate for an hour, go to the gym (whole body, not split)"

Real life coach - "I drag myself out of bed in just enough time to do the basics"
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So I just donated $1 to Joel Osteen in exchange for the Inspiration Cube. Updates as this story develops.…
Here is the line item in the confirmation email: Image
I'm so ready to be inspired. I hope the shipping doesn't take too long.
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To the hundreds of fantastic souls who liked, retweeted, and commented on my post making movement toward coming out as a child sex-trafficking survivor - I love you. I appreciate your time in responding to me so thoughtfully and compassionately.
This was absolutely the most amazing thing to open my phone to after a long, day at work. I didn't think my day or life could get much better - but y'all continually amaze me in your support for your fellow beings. You are true blessings, each and every one of you.
I will try to take time in the coming days to respond more thoughtfully to such an anticipated outpouring. If I am unable to do so, please know that I am taking a moment to read EVERY comment and send nothing but loving kindness your way!
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1. Blessed Daudi Okelo converted at about age fifteen. He was a Catechist with Blessed Jildo Irwa, who converted at age eleven. Local..
#Blessed #DaudiOkelo #JildoIrwa #Christian #martyrs #Jesus #Gospel Image
2. chiefs demanded that the two of them stop teaching the Gospel; they refused and were stabbed to death for their steadfastness in Christ. Martyred in 1918 in Palamuku, Uganda, they were beatified by Pope JohnPaul II (decree of martyrdom) on April 23, 2002.
#Gospel #Christians

Grant, we beseech you, almighty God, that we who know how courageously your blessed Martyrs Daudi Okelo and Jildo Irwa have confessed the faith, may experience their goodness as they intercede for us with you. Through our Lord Jesus Christ...
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Today GCSE results came out. Lots of anxious students awaiting the outcome of their futures, tensions high & nerves apparent all around, not knowing what will happen when they open that A4 envelope! My daughter was one of them & asked me to respect her decision in going alone. 1/
Although anxious myself & wanting to be with her if only to show my support I stayed at home - not easy for me especially after many disappointing results from A Levels just one week earlier! Rewind a couple of weeks ago ... 2/
My daughter's anxiety, feeling depressed, feeling of despair as she tells me "there is nothing anyone can do, I'm not going to pass, I'm not going to get in to Sixth Form!" I calmly reminder her about the #Powerofprayers, attachment with #Khilafat & ask her to write a letter 3/
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Tossa onnellisuusjaksossa @joni_jaakkola :n podcastissa oli kiinnostavaa kun tutkija kertoi, että tämän päivän supermenestyjälarppiin kuuluu massin, täydellisen kehon, terveellisten elämäntapojen näyttämisen lisäksi onnellisen näytteleminen. Aika kova setti pitää yllä 😂
Eli käytännössä siis #blessed niin että kello näkyy upeapuitteisella salilla sijoitussalkun päällä punnertaen?

Tutkija kertoi myös että jos tällaista kaikkea oikeasti vain esittää niin se on hyvä keino olla tosi onneton. Paine silti on, ja kova sellainen. HYMYILE SIIS
Mähän oon itse tollainen onnellisen esittäjä pahimmasta päästä. Yritän kovasti päästä siitä eroon, siihen että vois ihan vaan myöntää että ei mee hommat aina hyvin, on ikäviä tunnelmia, asiat ei oo hallussa jne. Kiitollisuushommista tutkija puhui että kannattaa harrastaa
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Evening Report from ShovelingFerret Retreat 2020 #SFR2020
Day 1: contrary to my prediction I did not sit around in my underwear watching bad TV. I wore pants. Pajama pants, but still pants. I even showered and put on clean ones!

On the creativity front...
I tried my new laptop screen filter. It seems to give me a little bit more time, maybe 30 minutes before a migraine starts flaring, but I will be thrilled when Silhouette re-releases their design app for tablets and phones.
And also when I learn how the hell this birthday semi-impulse buy works. Which is a wee bit difficult when I have to restrict laptop use.

I spent a buttload of time recalibrating the cutter. Probably good I’m on solo retreat so only Bunny hears me swearing.
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It is sooooo good to be alive. Welcoming every new year that comes my way with joy and a grateful heart. It’s mah burfday! Act accordingly. #blessed #thisis45 Image
Keeping a lookout for my birthday presents. Image
Dreaming about all the cake and wine I’m going to have after my hike today. Image
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1. In the early morning hours of July 28, 1981, Fr Stanley Rother was murdered in the rectory of the church of Santiago Atitlan in Guatemala.
#Blessed #StanleyRother #July28 #OTD #CatholicChurch #Christian #history Image
2. The church in this picturesque town had been adopted as a mission by Fr Rother’s Diocese of Oklahoma City-Tulsa. For Fr Rother,who was especially good at learning languages, his first challenge was to master the Mayan dialect of the Tzutuhil people. Having passed this hurdle
3. he quickly won their trust and respect by his complete dedication to the needs of the community. The pastoral work alone was almost overwhelming – sacraments, the training of catechists, the constant visits to the sick, providing food and medicine and other help. Sunday
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Just got to the courthouse and a mom gave me earplugs immediately upon exiting the train. #blessed Unfortunately I *also* forgot my battery pack so it may be a short night for me.
MASSIVE march west on Salmon from the waterfront.
There are thousands of people gathered tonight, with huge crowds completely filling the streets in front of the CH and the JC and everywhere in between. If the current pattern holds, the CH group is probably more radical than the JC group. But we shall see...
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Very nice 'Tokyo suburb' energy on this Long Beach street. ImageImageImage
Long Beach is #blessed to have all these well-dimensioned alleys. You get super high land utilization and I would wager that the alley-fronting units are a major source of natural affordable housing. ImageImageImageImage
Also, @googlemaps: Please remove all this new stuff. Image
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Its SO nice out so we decided to take a drive. The port area of Bayonne sounded like fun. It has not disapointed. This is why we got a car. ImageImageImageImage
More scenic photos from sunny Bayonne. 😎 ImageImageImage
Such a romantic jaunt through Bayonne. 👨‍❤️‍👨 Bayonne is for lovers. ImageImageImageImage
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