Covid response ‘one of UK’s worst ever public health failures’

On ‘fatalism’ in the face of SARS:

‘The “impossibility” of suppressing the virus was only challenged…when it became clear the NHS could be overwhelmed.’

The NHS is overwhelmed: what now?!…
“This slow & gradualist [lockdown] approach was not inadvertent, nor did it reflect bureaucratic delay / disagreement between ministers & advisers. It was a deliberate policy – proposed by official scientific advisers & adopted by the governments of all of the nations of the UK”
‘The report questions why international experts were not part of the UK scientific advisory process & why measures that worked in other countries were not brought in as a precaution, as a response was hammered out.’
Re: 👆
Very worrying is the fact that during one of @uksciencechief’s testimony sessions [I watched them all - transcripts now available] he explained that he & @CMO_England were in regular contact with the corresponding CMOs of other [SARS expert] nations’.

Not listening. 😷

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12 Oct
#COVIDisAirborne: For Dummies

✅ How to convince any IPC team still stuck on droplet & AGP viral transmission dogma


SARS1 was airborne, so SARS2 is airborne.


That's why @WHO didn't want to call it SARS2, see?
1a) Need another reference?

Try this: 2013, co-authored by our very own JVT & Lisa Ritchie, Head of Infection Prevention & Control @NHSEngland

How were they ever happy letting anyone on a SARS2 ward without FFP3? 👇


1966 ok? 👇

Read 14 tweets
10 Oct
'Myth busted'🧴: FACT CHECK

We've all learned that some prefer narrative control & advertising, to an unbiased reporting of the observable nature of reality.

W/o preconceptions re @timspector & team's approach, this arresting take from @apsmunro made me take a closer look.
'there is barely any difference at all between Delta & Alpha in symptom duration, severity'

Methods: 'children were considered to have COVID-19 if proxy-reported with relevant symptoms'

Fact check🧴: This is selection bias.
It's impossible to conclude that Delta is no worse.
/2 A true myth busted: hand hygiene plays no important role in
E.g. with made up figures:

If the truth was that Covid19 symptoms occurred in 1% & 99% of kids w Alpha & Delta respectfully, the study protocol would be blind to this.

'there is barely any difference at all between Delta & Alpha in symptom duration, severity' = ADVERTISING.
/3 A true myth busted: hand hygiene plays no important role in
Read 14 tweets
10 Sep
'Proof' that 100%* of SARS-CoV-2 transmission is via the airborne [aerosol inhalation] route

@mjb302 I blame you!
@microlabdoc @hughes_eilir @Linzofm87 @huwwaters

[*to the nearest integer: obvs only ~1:10,000 fomite / contact from @CDCgov]

Pic h/t @Don_Milton

1. 85% of viral RNA is in <5 micron diameter particles, which are released during normal physiological processes.

👉 Base airborne vs large droplet transmission route probability

5.6 : 1

Kudos @drkristenkc @Don_Milton & team.
2. SA of nasal mucosa with ACE2 & TMPRSS2 receptors vs total lung parenchyma.

Sinuses? I'll be generous

Say, 20 x 20cm = 0.04m*2

Lung parenchyma: ~91 v 118 m*2, F v M (mean 100)

👉 Airborne vs large droplet probability now

5.6 x 2,500 = 14,000 : 1
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9 Sep
🆕: Oxford Textbook of Medicine

#COVID19: FFP3 only for AGPs☣️

In 🇬🇧 alone, 1,500 HCWs have died & >120,000 have #LongCovid thanks to this deadly @PHE_uk guidance.

The OTM: 'Recognised around the world as the trusted & ultimate reference to the whole of medicine.'

Link to chapter providing dangerous misinformation on SARS-CoV-2 transmission characteristics in healthcare settings, below.

I am hoping for an urgent revision in line with suggestions I made in an email to one of the editors, 28th April 2021.

Thank you…
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9 Aug
‘…ask yourself if the authors are truly trying to inform their readers or if they are instead trying to advance a narrative that would be undermined if they fully enumerated how COVID-19 has harmed children.’
Is UK Paediatrics #SoMe governance dead? When will its leaders act against medics pushing misinformation narratives?

‘Doctors writing about COVID-19 and children have an obligation to inform their readers of essential facts.’ @jeremyphoward 👏👏

You know who, @dgurdasani1 💙
Read 4 tweets
11 Jun
The language (tending towards hyperbole - my interpretation) here is not that of a scientist, but we’re none of us free from this, I guess!
@dgurdasani1 like you I’m concerned about this PHE-derived narrative, particularly when conclusions defy physical laws.
/1 Image
Physical laws in a mo:

‘Antibody seroprevalence rates in students & staff were generally similar to regional community rates, both at the start & end of the Autumn term, albeit with wide confidence intervals.’

Looks like ‘direction’ of infection from students over time, no?
/2 Image
Physical laws:

1. Is there any difference in SARS-CoV-2 viral load comparing children & adults?

Answer: No…
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