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I looked into covid health solutions earlier this year by mapping symptoms to functions in the body.

Excess intracellular calcium was a common aspect. I wondered how to fix this.

Antagonist & balancer to calcium is: magnesium (Mg).
I looked into magnesium more. Holy smokes!

Not only is Mg nature's calcium ion channel blocker but there are thousands of studies all showing a positive effect on health/recovery using Mg.

It is used in every cell in the body across all body systems & makes our energy (ATP).
Why, in my calcium obsessed culture had no-one ever mentioned how important magnesium was?

Magnesium is health essential & helps with so much!

I started telling everyone I knew about this.

My friends started calling me Magnesium Girl. I was even given this hoodie for my Bday!
Magnesium is found within the green chlorophyll part of plants & is essential for photosynthesis (the plant process that makes energy from sunlight).

For us, magnesium is in:
🥦green foods
🥦animal products
🥦nuts n seeds
🥦veggies n grains (grown in soils with Mg in)
So why are we so deficient in magnesium?

😢Overfarming resulting in low Mg in soils - less in our food
😢High calorie/low nutrition foods - needs Mg to process for little gains
😢Higher calcium diet - needs more Mg to regulate this
😢 Stress hormones - needs Mg to clear
😢 Damage to 'guts' (digestive tract) from medicine/foods/stress - resulting in lower Mg absorption
😢 Oral contraceptive pill & other medications - blocks or increases excretion
😢 Diuretic substances eg cola, caffeine - Mg loss
😢 Addictions & illness - needs more Mg to heal
Magnesium tastes rather bitter too!

Bitter tastes have fallen out of fashion so there are fewer bitter drinks & foods in many cultures' cuisines.

Peoples who eat high magnesium foods regularly also have longer life spans & better health eg. Japan (nori) or Italy (anti-pasti).
So back to my story: studying covid had taken me to understand magnesium & I knew it was part of the pandemic solution.

But how could this have been missed by thousands of scientists & medics across the globe? How could I have worked this out?

Blood test culture may be why.
These days the world has to have evidence before acting.

Yet blood tests are a poor indicator of body magnesium status.

Less than 0.8% of total body magnesium is inside the blood & it is tightly regulated so is no reflection at all!

Read more here: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/artic…
I gathered a lot more evidence of how magnesium links to covid outcomes including:

😲how low magnesium links to low vitamin D (we can see those with low Vit D have poorer outcomes)

😲how this small trial involving magnesium was successful: pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33039952/
I wrote a long email (with evidence links to peer reviewed studies) to my country's bodies linked with pandemic outcomes & the independent body too (SAGE & indie SAGE) as well as MP, organisations, university academics & a journal.

I made zero progress which broke my heart.
I knew people were dying every day but the value of magnesium had been missed through no-one's fault! Could it have stopped this?

I wrote a letter to all the national papers but it was not published.

You can read my 3 edits (to help it be published) here:localrachel.medium.com/natures-soluti…
I made videos most of which were removed.

I shared my findings in long covid fb groups & again came up against censorship even though I knew Mg helped heal autoimmune issues.

How do I take this forward when not from 'the science community'? Where does an innovator citizen go?
I learned more about health & nutrition. I started to see other patterns.

I redesigned the periodic table of elements into the 'Stark Relativity Table of Elements'. More things became clear to me.

I ran some self experiments & discovering missing body functions & more.
For those of you that perhaps are not aware magnesium is a element usually found naturally with other substances.

Mg is available as an over-the-counter health supplement in many countries without the need for prescription. It is regarded as very safe.

Epsom bath salts are Mg!
Magnesium deficiency affects so many body processes - ALL of them directly or indirecty

For example, we are also low in melatonin due to too much light use & stress, coupled with low Mg.

Here is a recent trial about how melatonin helps with covid sciencedirect.com/science/articl…
I have pulled together more information about other patterns I have spotted & spent many hours sharing ideas & learning from others.

I have taken to twitter more to share information directly with those that perhaps could take this forward.

One person CAN make a difference.
So this is the situation I am now in.

I have knowledge & detailed solutions to real pressing issues.

I designed novel drug administration methods to help Mg stores stretch to help more people.

I just need a bit of help to take this all forward.


Magnesium girl x

• • •

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More from @LocalRachel

14 Oct
@nikkalidimitri Where can I find a doctor that is willing to apply my research into magnesium being the most significant aspect in covid on critical patients?

All symptoms point back to excess intracellular calcium causing a chain of events. Magnesium addresses this.
This has likely been missed due to blood test culture yet Mg tightly regulated in blood at less than 0.8% total body amount so bloods are not reflective of tissue status. Looks like this could have been overlooked in many diseases perhaps.

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P… section 3
Magnesium deficiency linked to dietary intake, cultural diets, stress, age, diabetes and hypertension etc as well as closely linked to vitamin D status.

I have also designed a novel administration method to help Mg supplies stretch as oral route limited absorption & IV a shock.
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21 Sep
#WorldAlzheimersDay share:

My research leads me to understand electric light use + low levels of magnesium are the primary causes of Alzheimers.

Melatonin is the primary remover of aluminium yet cortisol is too high to make enough & we do not have enough darkness at night.
To improve your dementia use my Stark Dark Protocol

Address Environment:
1) Make bedroom totally dark. No standby lights. Use blackout blinds etc.
2) Switch off WiFi. Leave phone outside of room. Sleep away from electric sources.
3) Alter bed to use inclined bed therapy if poss.
S1. Heal damage:

4) Drink warm milk with colostrum before bed to heal gut permeability. Human best, then goat, then bovine. For 2-4 weeks. I use baby bottle to mimic suckling per nature's design.
5) Take magnesium glycinate supplement 1hr before bed in dark. Stay in darkness.
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26 Jul
How to beat any illness:

1) Give your body magnesium supplementation as you will have been deficient for years in calcium rich diets. It is needed in every cell & for hundreds of processes.

2) Get lots of sleep plus fresh air & sunlight. This reduces stress & improves immunity.
3) Protect your cells from oxidation by ensuring adequate intake of ALL of these:

👍Vitamin C (water soluble acid)
👍Vitamin E (fat soluble compound)
👍Selenium (mineral)
👍Zinc (mineral)
👍Manganese (mineral)

These all benefit skin health, epithelium and cellular health.
4) Deal with current oxidative stress (aka redox state) due to higher levels of oxidants v antioxidants in the body.

I call this balance the 'Stress to Nutrient Ratio'.

You need lots of anti-oxidants to process the oxidants being created & deactivate them to balance this out.
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