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🧵My suspension has been rescinded! You have no idea how relieved I am! I am grateful to the many journalism organizations & people who supported my students & me throughout this ordeal. Yes, I wore this #FirstAmendment shirt to my appeal meeting on Zoom today. (1/6) Image
A special shoutout goes to @SPLC for their continued support & guidance since December of 2021. This is how long this censorship issue has been going on. The district should never have attempted to censor my students & discipline me. (2/6)…
The district never should have tried to censor my students & retaliate against me. 1 of my mentors, Konnie Krislock, is a strong proponent of CA Ed Code 48907 & was instrumental in getting Section G added, which protected journalism teachers (3/6 )…
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Amazing, we're up to 33 retweets and 68 likes... Please keep this going, guys 🙏 I know it's annoying AF for me to keep begging like this, but the ONLY way we might ever force YouTube to stop banning my content to a degree no one else faces is thru massive public condemnation-
-only then might we convince @TeamYouTube that I'm "famous" enough to deserve a real live contact at YT HQ who I can beseech every time I get a video falsely banned, instead of constantly operating under the threat of getting yet more BS bans and someday, losing my entire channel
Can you imagine how much more content I could be producing if I could simply just record the videos and upload them uncensored, JUST LIKE NORMALIZING NUDITY ETC DO, instead of having to spend 15+ hours each video editing in #thehandmaidstale #censorship?! ImageImage
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#Updates on @videolan being inaccessible on ISP platforms.
As per the last #RTI response, @GoI_MeitY
had said, “No information is available with this ministry related to website”.
We have filed a second appeal for it & are awaiting a response.
After not receiving satisfactory response from @GoI_MeitY, we have filed two applications under the Right to Information Act, 2005 with @BSNLCorporate and the @DoT_India as well.
#WebsiteBlocking #FreeSpeech #blocked #rtItBot
Latest tests on various carriers show different messages being displayed every time we try to load the "" website.
@ACTFibernet states that "The website has been blocked as per order of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology under IT Act, 2000."
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Order to Remove Dozens of Challenged Books in Texas, Including the Bible, Is an Appalling Violation of Students Rights, says PEN America… #BookBans #TheBible #StudentsRights
One day before the start of the start of the 2022 school year, the Keller Independent School District in #Texas has ordered school officials to remove all copies of previously challenged books—including #TheBible—from school shelves and from the districts’ online library catalog.
PEN America's Jonathan Friedman (@jonfreadom) described the action in #Texas as, "an appalling affront to students’ #FirstAmendment rights."

"It is virtually impossible to run a school or a library that purges books in response to any complaint from any corner," he added.
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v=5DOMZLOFyeI removed from(by?) #YouTube.

Title: "Der Fachkräftemangel ist eine Lüge - Jobcenterangestellte packt aus!"

I accessed it 2019-04-05.

Copies persist on the non-deep web, and are easy to find. Image
As of 2022-08-08, both #Duckduckgo and #Google have scrubbed "v=5DOMZLOFyeI" from their database; #Bing still yields a result.

The removed #SWR-broadcast:
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v=pV4_uh4-vuc removed by/from #YouTube.

"PK mit Sarrazin & Buschkowsky über Thilos neues Buch"

I accessed it 2018-09-02.

It was a press-conference to advertise the publication of 978-3959721622.

No copy on the web. Image
Restoration of the deleted video:
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@wykop @mihau81 Tym razem przegięliście.
Za usuwanie i cenzurowanie wszystkich wpisó zachęcających ludzi do wspierania #tor w walce o wolność słowa i cenzurę. Każdy wpis na temat #snowflake został usunięty. Bez żadnego powodu!

Jestem idealistą. Tym się zajmuję - walczę.
Walczyłem o wolność słowa. O dostęp do informacji i bezpiecznej komunikacji. Teraz będę walczył z tobą i twoim kurwidołkiem, skoro nie potrafisz nad nim zapanować. Moderacja usuwa każdy wpis na temat pomocy w walce z cenzura, bez powodu
Twój ściek i możesz tam usuwać co ci się podoba -ok.
Tylko postawmy sprawę jasno. Wszyscy się dowiedzą jakie jest wasze stanowisko i co robicie.
Tego nie zamieciesz pod dywan pieprzony komuchu.
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These are the 23 reasons why #TikTok is problematic in terms of #manipulation, #addiction and #privacy & why #children and #teenagers should be kept away from it:

(for those interested: the full article about the topic, with all relevant links:…)
1- Reduced space for #autonomy and #choice; videos are pushed to the user since 1st use. In a web that respects human dignity, people - especially #children and #teenagers - should get used to choose and think about what they want to be exposed to
2- Increased potential of #manipulation and #exposure of younger and more impressionable audiences, as the content will be pushed to them and they will be hooked by age-inappropriate content (and be recommended more content like this)
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You mean a man who was LITERALLY acquitted after a very public trial and a fair amount of footage depicting him being attacked, violently, physically, and defending himself? #censorship #gaming #kylerittenhouse #Fanatical

I didn't realize that Fanatical was so overtly against the rule of law in the US. 2/13
> At Fanatical we never want to offend our loyal and important customers and as a reaction to the feedback, we have taken immediate action to pull the content from the bundle. 3/13
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#TruthSocial #research
Short Thread
How to find some accounts on Truth Social or to see if some user screen names are on Truth Social. Followed by how to find backlinks to a user on Truth Social.

To find some users w/an account on Truth Social try the following basic search-
#TruthSocial #research #Telegram
To find Telegram Accounts that are also on Truth Social try the following basic search-
#TruthSocial #research #Backlinks #Users
To find backlinks to a specific Truth Social User try a free backlinks checker with the user's Truth Social URL. Below are some examples using AHREFs.
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1/8 Will #Web3 replace the set of principles and technologies we know as #Web2? Web2 is the Internet as we know it today, whereas Web3 refers to the evolution and next generation of the Internet. What are the differences between Web2 and Web3, and what is their proposition? Image
2/8 The term #Web2 is closely associated with centralized social networks like Twitter and Facebook. These networks have become increasingly formalized - with their policies of moderation and #censorship, the use of potentially harmful business practices to society. Image
3/8 Companies providing information and communication platforms began to thrive in exchange for consumers' personal data. Allowing the use of personal data entails another major problem: data leakage, typical of centralized networks that rely on a single point of failure.
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"Attuning to nature’s rhythm has been associated with reduced neural activity in brain areas linked to risk for mental illness and inspired the attention restoration theory...nature replenishes our ability to concentrate and pay attention." @CuriousCortex…
How the Brain 'Constructs' the Outside World - Scientific American…
#neuroscience, #perception, #frameworks, #learning, #matching, #cognition
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FYI, I am going to sign off for the day shortly, and not only for the usual Shabbos break: Saturday night this week is the beginning of the (two-day) festival of Shavuos, meaning that I am going to leave you to take care of yourselves for THREE DAYS! >
I'm not going to tell you I'm worried sick over this EVEN THOUGH I OBVIOUSLY AM.

But there is nothing to be done about it. You are going to have to get by on everyone else's lukewarm takes and midwit content until Monday night. >
And I am going to have to hope and pray that THIS TIME you don't let them start another plague or join some war or get into the liquor cabinet AGAIN.

But I am leaving you, at the very precipe of my 72-hour departure, with THIS: >
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As I'm prepping for this evenings 8pm first ever LIVE @KashsCorner, I'm as usual doing so by looking at @themarketswork's and @HansMahncke's exceptional work at @EpochTVus's "Truth Over News." If you don't follow their work here, DO IT RIGHT AWAY. 🧵[1/n]
I was a relative newcomer to the ins & outs of #Spygate when we started @AmThoughtLeader in 2019. I had the incredible privilege to have the whole picture explained to me directly by @themarketswork, who took me under his wing, patiently explaining🧵[2/n]
...all sorts of intricacies of what @elonmusk recently dubbed "Confusing-gate." @themarketswork's attention to detail, rock solid certainty on items that deserved such designation, while also making clear that other elements were educated guesses, 🧵[3/n]…
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"When you push against a system and it is an unjust system, you must prepare yourself mentally for the isolation and resistance that comes with that. Activism and whistleblowing looks sexy on TV, but it’s hard on your mind and wellbeing." --Dr. Monica Cox…
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For @townhallcom ✍️

Dear Elon Musk, For the Sake of Freedom of Speech in the Public Town Square, buy Twitter ASAP!💰🐦… @elonmusk #elonmusk #ElonMuskBuyTwitter #ElonMusktwitter #musk #elon @SophiaNarwitz @ItalianxComedy @chadfelixg @BlueBoxDave
yes i know the title is a mouthful lol
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I’ve found the recent trend of people post Tweet threads recapping the major arguments of their books helpful and productive, so I wanted to do one for my new book The Digital Closet ( from @mitpbookstore. #queerbooks #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #censorship 1/17
My book explores how heteronormative bias is deeply embedded in the internet, hidden algorithms, keywords, content moderation, and more. Below you’ll find summaries of each chapter in the book to give you a preview. 2/17
The actual book will fill in these summaries with hundreds of documented examples which in aggregate demonstrate a systemic anti-LGBTQIA+ bias online. 3/17
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(1/4) For those of you who believe what you read in the media, here is something to chew on: The reporter, #JacquesBaud, a retired Colonel in Swiss Intelligence who served in #Ukraine in #NATO training operations, is an impartial source.
(2/4) #USA, either out of arrogance or as tactic of war, does not wish its citizens to hear this kind of disturbing information, because they don’t respect the judgement of ordinary citizens to hear a realistic counternarrative. This has led to the #censorship we’re experiencing.
(3/4) Disconnect between us and #Russia is the most dangerous element in the world now. By rejecting any such info under the catch-all, guilt-denying misnomer of “Russian disinformation,” are we not allowing ourselves to be misled again, as in #Iraq, #Afghanistan, #Syria, etc.?
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#PeoplesHistory | On April 5, 2010 #JulianAssange’s @WikiLeaks published the “Collateral Murder” video, which showed the gunning down of civilians, children and two @Reuters journalists, uncovering war crimes in Iraq.
“It’s very simple. People have a right to know and a right to question and challenge power. That’s a true democracy.” Julian Assange, founder and publisher of #WikiLeaks

#CollateralMurder #FreeAssangeNOW #DropTheCharges #JournalismIsNotACrime
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While the focus is on #Putin's #UkrainianGenocide, let's not forget about #Xi's #UyghurGenocide and his support for Putin, Kim Jong-un, the Myanmar junta, MBS, and other tyrants. Xi Jinping is the world's #1 advocate for #HumanRightsViolations.…
The #UyghurGenocide includes "internment, forced abortion, forced sterilization, forced birth control, forced labor, torture, brainwashing, rape, and gang rape" as policy. No one deserves to be subject to such grave #HumanRightsViolations. Xi ruined #HongKong. #Taiwan isn't safe.
Xi believes #China needs to be strong to avoid the trauma it inhereted from the "Century of Humiliation" at the hands of Western colonial powers and Japan. But in asserting China's strength, Xi sides with the worst of tyrants and crushes those who believe in #HumanRights.
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I am Rafee. An indigenous activist and herbalist.
My mission is reconnecting the indigenous American, falsely classified as black, back to land history and culture through the use of indigenous remedies. #FBA #ADOS #SaveMasonTN #SecureTheTribe order here👉🏾
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Decided to consolidate my #BidenCrimeFamilly Posts into a thread, so that everyone has the resources. There is probably more, but this is a good start #BigTech #ElectionIntegrity #pedo #censorship
At the same time, everyone knew this was real. Here is the FBI document stating they had the laptop…
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