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Here's a fun #NINO - the UK's National Insurance Number - [Thread] to start the weekend 👇

Maybe I should do an #NHSnumber one sometime? It's a fascinating story, which (ironically) starts with these...
[With thanks to @guy_herbert, @TomSamaki, @PrivacyMatters & others for encouragement!]

Before I start a geeky 'deep dive' on the #NHSnumber, to provide some (personal/professional) context that will hopefully become apparent, I'll just drop these two images here:
So, to begin.

After the Second World War, in a time when we started to think (again) what a #civilised society would be, and when our leaders tried to agree #principles like #UDHR that might prevent the recurrence of genocide, and support #dignity and #HumanRights for all...
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Hi, @BHFDataScience! Please could you point me to a copy of your letter that is reported here:…

I've checked your website, but I can't seem to find a copy:…
Ah, no worries - I see it now. You tweeted a link to it, and I see it is on @HDR_UK's website:…

On reading your letter, @medConfidential would heartily agree with paragraphs 1, 3 and 5...
On paragraph 3, we very much agree that #trustworthy use of patient data for #ethically-approved #research is good.

But not ALL intended uses of #GPDPR *are* trustworthy, as @NHSDigital's own data release registers confirm:
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Critical thread on "Self-Spreading #Vaccines"

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for #Health Security: Technologies to Address - Global Catastrophic Biological Risks, Oct 9, 2018

#biosurveillance "biological disruption" "bioterrorism events #bioengineering
"As a subset of infectious #disease emergencies, global catastrophic biological risk (#GCBR) is a special category of risk involving #biological #agents—whether naturally emerging or reemerging, deliberately created & released, or #laboratory engineered & escaped—..."

This "could lead to sudden, extraordinary, widespread disaster beyond the collective capability of national & int. orgs & the #privatesector to control."

"Global catastrophic biological risk", "transformational surveillance technologies"

#Foundations #CorporateConsolidation
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1/3 In today's @Daily_Express I argue it's time to end #criminalisation and #coercion in managing #Covid19. We must return to the old ways of doing #publichealth - #inform #support #consent - they serve us well...…
2/3 #Vaccination doesn't only change what we can do - it changes the decision space. Let's think beyond emergency response, and build the trust and support needed for #ResidualCovid - new trade-offs.
3/3 and apologies to @adph should have said local authorities working with (not under) PHE. End.
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Educating a child about consent begins when that child is born.

#milkshakevideo #consent

If a baby screams when you do something to it, you react. You change the way you are holding it, touching it, feeding it. Maybe you stop shoving food into its mouth, for example.
This lesson continues in toddlerhood. If they scream when you wash their hair saying it hurts, don’t respond with “no it doesn’t” or “it’s just a bit of shampoo”. Honour their reaction, and stop.
If they laugh initially when being tickled or wrestled, but then show distress, stop immediately. Don’t say “but I thought you liked it” or “oh don’t get angry now you were having fun!” or “we’re only playing!”
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@RonWyden missed the mark on some fundamental elements that are essential to ensure genuine #privacy for individuals: @ashk4n @AGBecerra @CharlieAngusNDP @NavdeepSBains
@PierrePoilievre @SenPatBovey @FP_Champagne
#privacy is not something to be granted to individuals. Accepting that premise implies that #privacy is up to someone else—who has the power to refuse or grant you your privacy… @CharlieAngusNDP @FP_Champagne @PierrePoilievre @SenPatBovey
Requiring that orgs allow individuals to #optout perpetuates control in the hands of organizations & leaves the onus on individuals to monitor corporate conduct, incl the conduct of unknown/unnamed/unknowable third parties @CharlieAngusNDP @FP_Champagne #BillC11 @SenPatBovey
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1/n On the #KieraBell court ruling. This is a UK High Court legal review that has been set in motion since January. Defendant: The Tavistock And Portman NHS Foundation Trust.
The NHS England also enters as "Interested Party".…
2/ One point here: the #Tavistock, & anybody who cared, have had since January to brush up their data, & their legal arguments, since January. *Plenty* of time.

It involves not just #KieraBell, but another, Mrs. A..
A good start to understanding:…
3/ So what is the #KieraBell legal review case & ruling about?
The prescribing of puberty-suppressing meds to those under the age of 18 who experience #GenderDysphoria, by the #Tavistock, through its Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS).…
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Just some reminders of how #GIRFEC grifters have long been abusing children's rights, the rot having started in Highland…
"Unlike welfare, #wellbeing has no precise legal definition...The pass mark for individual parents will depend on the appointed box-ticker’s interpretation of life events, significant or otherwise, such as losing the pet hamster." #girfec #datatheft…
As for child protection...we give you the formidable Kenneth Roy on #girfec #datatheft……
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N.Ireland is once again the rope in the UK/EU tug of war.

(we've been here before, several times 🙄😩)

Both claim to be acting on the grounds of the Good Friday/Belfast 1998 Agreement.

Both have a point…

But it’s complicated.

A twitter thread.
#Brexit #GFA
The Belfast/Good Friday #Agreement has 3 strands.

These strands represent the lines of division that gave rise to the #conflict:
* unionist/nationalist within NI,
* north/south across the border, &
* British/Irish.

The B/GFA formalised cooperation across these lines.
Crucially, all are #interdependent.

Underpinning it all is the British-Irish relationship

That relationship was improved & became closer as a result of being ‘partners in the EU’ 🇪🇺

The EU was also a go-to model for some of that cross-border & multilevel cooperation.
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At least they're looking at the right things - albeit some of them the wrong way round; e.g. for #trust the key issue is #evidenced #revocation, not #informed #consent (which those who just want the data mostly ignore)...
...and it's a shame they went for the tired "#SmartData" trope, when their own analysis shows it's far more about #SmartRegulation (& #metadata).

Some #InformationalPrivity thinking might help:…

Technical platforms & frameworks can deliver things like...
...#authentication, and the immutable, transparent #AuditTrails required for #revocation (i.e. the meaningful bit of "#ConsentManagement") and #redress - for in a regulator-dependent world, as we've discovered, it's the regulator itself that's the #liability.
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Canada's #5G rollout

"A larger number of connected devices will result in huge increases in data that need to be stored in energy-intensive #data centres, which are expected to emit more #carbon than the international #aviation industry."

"It also means an exponential increase in the # of wireless networks, which are energy-guzzlers (est. to be 10x less efficient than wired networks). In 2015 alone, the energy used to power wireless networks generated approx. 30 megatonnes of carbon, the same as 4.9 million cars."
"There are no published long-term studies... As one US Senator put it, w/ #5G, “we’re kind of flying blind here, as far as #health & #safety is concerned.” For this reason, 273 #scientists & #doctors in the EU have signed a declaration calling for all 5G [] to be stopped."

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Privacy of #mentalhealth status
I was working for some people from. the #DisabilityRights sector in India and had disclosed about my long-term #depression and #fibromyalgia to them (I have done it publicly too but that is besides the point here). 1/n
The lady incharge there started coercing me a few days later to accept that I have Bipolar Disorder and that she will help me get a diagnose and prescription, so that their venture appears "inclusive" for the records. When I refused harassment began. 2/n
My work that was applauded till then suddenly was labelled substandard and anything I said was called tantrum or disorder. Details about my health were shared with other colleagues without my #consent and was used as a slur against me in work spaces. 3/n
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1/ Delighted to see that firm actions planned following launch of national survey results… well done to all involved @PMacneela @LouiseCrowley2 @Lornafitz3 @NWCI
2/ Very happy @DCU @DaireKeogh (our new President) has already taken steps to address #Sexualharassment #Sexualviolence on campus @DCUSU @DCU_EDI @annelooney @SanHealy @ItStopsNow_EU
3/I want to share the story of one lecturer’s experiences in her involvement with getting #Consent on the agenda at 3rd level- one of the backstories behind this progressive movement
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A [Thread] on @CDEIUK's "Addressing trust in public sector data use" report:…

(Likely in bursts)

Good point on #evaluation. So why aren't ALL public sector & Government contractors under #FOI, and #required to provide such data? Hiding behind 'commercial confidentiality' shouldn't be allowed.

"Sharing" is a two-way activity!

/2 Image
While it may be implicit, any 'sharing' of #PersonalData must above all be #lawful - which means #necessary (for a particular, specified #purpose) and #proportionate. Individual #consent may provide one lawful basis; the notion of "public consent" is rather more hazy!

/3 Image
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It's a little thing (literally) but today I finally added legit #webcam covers to the front-facing cameras on my laptops, phone, and Kindle. Long gone are the post-its and tape. 💻📲🔐

#surveillance #privacy #consent #camera Image
These covers are stick-on, thin/flat, and slide open easily to allow for camera use, with my express permission, when I need to be on camera. I feel safer knowing gov't agencies, hackers, and whoever else could try to access these cameras have another barrier to face now. 🔐
As a Muslim woman who covers, as an American, as someone who has learned about #surveillance & #privacy rights, and as a person who values #consent, I'm glad these items are so readily available, inexpensive, and easy to install.

Sharing this to encourage others to add them.
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There is so much about consent with regards to sex that is yet to be learnt. Consent is generally interpreted as when a someone expressly agrees to take part in sexual activities with another

However, there are several instances... #tifesansa
...where a yes is not enough. Such instances are:
1. Where the consent was obtained by threatening someone;
2. Where the consent was obtained under false pretense, deception or by impersonation;
3. Where someone was induced into giving consent using substances or drugs.
4. Where the person giving consent is a minor;
5. Where the person who’s consent is sought is of unsound mind; and
6. Where the person is not is a state to give or deny consent i.e drunk.

Note also that consent is a one time thing and every subsequent sexual activity will...
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Merge history of @SetuAarogya in last 3 days. Is the app dead? Or is this a toy / fake repo like @asdofindia claims? Also, note that the developers have not responded to multiple CVE reports on issues. #AarogyaSetuApp - Dumping code on @github alone isn't OSS.
@matthan - There is an issue which you would be best placed to reply to -… #Consent
Thread, read the reference to toy phone that children are given.
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Some highlights from @ChallengesForum @nupinytt @IPSS_Addis webinar on the #GlobalOrder & future of #PeaceOps
2) @CedricdeConing highlights that the further @UNpeacekeeping operations move away from the principles #consent #impartiality and minimum use of force to stabilization, the less effective and successful. @MatejaPeter
3) 63% of webinar participants agreed that #A4P can lead to greater consensus among Member States on @UNPeacekeeping #PeaceOps
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Das Thema vom heutigen #autorensonntag (via @JustinePust) ist Sex in der Literatur! 🥰

Lange gehörte ich zum Team: "Meh. Sexszenen sprechen mich nicht an." Diese Haltung habe ich nicht mehr. Gute Erotik ist nicht leicht zu schreiben. Wie bei Kampfszenen muss die Anatomie

1/7 Bild mit zwei sich liebende...
stimmen, es können schlimme Stilblüten passieren (ich denke an @germanerotica) und die Figuren sollten nicht out of character in Porno-Skripts abdriften.

Letzteres passiert erstaunlich oft in der Popkultur und ist wohl der Grund, warum viele Sexszenen nicht mögen. 👎

Inzwischen schätze ich sie als hohe Kunst. Richtig in den Plot verwoben, können sie tolle Sprache und Charakter-Momente hervorbringen. Hier sind #Consent und #Safersex besonders wichtig (und sexy AF)!

Außerdem ist manche Erotik sichtbarer als andere. Deswegen habe ich ein

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When I started working on #scabies outbreaks in #carehomes some of my colleagues thought it was a weird, marginal interest. Now with #COVID19 it's changing. Everyone's realising that infection is a big deal in these #EndOfLife settings. Image
#Carehomes for older people are hard to study. Residents often have #dementia, staff are run off their feet, #consent to research is difficult - brilliant colleagues including @MedVetAcarology sorted this…
Life expectancy on entry to a #carehome for older people is typically 8 months - these settings are largely #LastHomes. Everyone needs a plan for what will and won't happen for the common things likely to make them ill or deteriorate. #CPR probably not part of it
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