1085. Our resident expert on the #IndiWay, @adropex, with her citizen journo intro post for the @NoFibs #IndependentsDay coverage at #ausvotes - recommended reading :)

#GroomVotes #HughesVotes #BradfieldVotes
@VoicesGroom @HumansOfHughes @VoicesBradfield
1086. @NoFibs #IndependentsDay columnist @adropex on climate change and the #IndiWay of selecting community independent candidates to bring city and country together on climate change.

#GroomVotes #HughesVotes #BradfieldVotes @VoicesGroom @VoicesBradfield @HumansOfHughes
1087. Yep. As @TurnbullMalcolm said on #transitzone, Murdoch is part of the Coalition Govt: Rudd makes same point in his #murdochroyalcommission campaign. Current big party players can’t speak out - he’d destroy them. @NoFibs transcript-
1088. @Clarke_Melissa sums up PMs climate change problem for informed voters and the world - we gotta act NOW to prevent catastrophe.

Empower #IndependentsDay community independent candidates in safe Coalition seats - the only thing he responds to is fear of losing power. Image
1089. The @the_chronicle_ article on the @VoicesGroom selected community candidate for #GroomVotes, Suzie Holt, republished in the @couriermail. They don’t do Twitter much, yet :) Please use #GroomVotes so Twitter has a news feed :)

1090. I’m a subscriber to @the_chronicle_ so here’s the story, last bit in next tweet.


#IndiWay #IndependentsDay ImageImageImageImage
1091. Last bit of @the_chronicle_ article on Suzy Holt, the community independent @VoicesGroom selected, and announced via Twitter today. I’m told her campaign Twitter handle is coming very soon :)

#IndiWay #IndependentsDay Image
1092. @VoicesGroom chair @kingmerriking on the choice of Suzie Holt as its endorsed candidate. The group, like @voicesforindi, now retires from the action as Suzi begins her campaign.

#GroomVotes #IndiWay #IndependentsDay
1095. In Glasgow The PM ain’t even pretending he’s not captured by the fossil fuel lobby.

1096. This is where Morrison has led us - Europe, not Oz taxpayers, to get proceeds of a carbon tax on our exports.

1098. #independentsDay to clean up politics and make government grants merit-based again.
1099. The PM’s climate
change problem and how voters can fix it for him, by @NoFibs #IndiWay reporter @adropex.

#IndependentsDay @dginnivan @Indigocathy
1100. So the first #IndependentsDay candidate out of the blocks, #ausvotes, @KyleaTink in #NorthSydneyVotes, is hosting a community information session on Glasgow tomorrow night. Taking politics seriously - how different :)
1101. Does #WentworthVotes want a liberal independent MP to restore a powerful voice to constituents, since the ‘Liberal’ Party has drained power from liberalism and become a hard right stronghold? That the seat is now marginal says maybe yes!

1103. Yet more evidence that good governance has collapsed under #ScottyfromMarketing - making bushfire victims the victims again.

#IndependentsDay to restore good, ethical, accountable governance in Canberra.
1104. Why emergency dept Dr Jennifer Tobin became politically engaged, joined @HumansOfHughes, and wants a community independent to represent #HughesVotes. Via the great indie journalism site @CroakeyNews.

1105. Sunday week the ‘Voices for’ group in #HughesVotes, @WeAreHughes, will announce the community independent candidate it endorses after interviewing 5 nominees.

I’ll be there - Saturday in Goulburn for the launch of the #HumeVotes community candidate.

1106. @JanB_QLD began her citizen journo journey at 2013 #ausvotes, reporting #GriffithVotes for @NoFibs. She now edits the newsletter for her local paper @WestenderNews. Congrats Jan!


Anyone in an #IndependentsDay seat like to report for @NoFibs?
1107. Hello @MalleeRay! Ray stood as an #IndependentsDay candidate for #MalleeVotes last #ausvotes; @Davelennonabc reported for @NoFibs. nofibs.com.au/?s=Ray+kingston

Ray is backing a @voicesforindi founder, @SusanBenedyka, who is standing as a regional indie candidate for Vic Senate.
1108. Hugh Mackay on how #IndependentsDay could save our broken democracy. Image
1109. The liberal community independent candidate at #NorthSydneyVotes, @KyleaTink, is on @ABCthedrum tonight. The #transitzone had a fascinating chat with her today - pod up Saturday. @transitzonepod

1111. Why would PM not get CSIRO to model net zero for free, give consultant McKinsey $6 million of our money to do it? . CSIRO is credible - not for sale?

Outsourcing core Govt responsibilities to private group unaccountable to the people is reprehensible.

1113. Please follow @SuzieHolt4Groom, the first regional #IndependentsDay candidate, selected by @VoicesGroom. Congratulations #GroomVotes and Queensland. She clearly loves hashtags :)

Her vision to ‘unstifle’ Groom in her June #transitzone interview podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/tra…
1114. worth discussing. But it’s not tolerable anymore if you’re an informed person of integrity who cares about the present and future of our communities. That’s the theory of the ‘Voices for’ movement I reckon, in all its different forms. the Together feeling.
1115. Your CC fact sheet, expected of @VoicesWentworth, representing the first great blue ribbon upset, @drkerrynphelps, after their local MP @TurnbullMalcolm was beheaded a 2nd time for advocating sensible climate change policies.

Who will they choose for #WentworthVotes?
1116. Oh, MORE subsidies to the fossil fuel industry - that’ll fix it. That @MakeItABigDeal movie underestimated its control of the Govt, explanation of how it works recommended. The perfect doco for the times we face and are trying hard to help shape.

1117. @RobOakeshott1 lost #CowperVotes last #ausvotes after a dirty campaign, the Nat defending breaking his promise of a clean campaign by saying head office took over. Is Voices for Cowper on Twitter Rob? They have a very transparent leadership group. Local political art, MORE
1118. Looks like a return to good governance is at the core of #BradfieldVotes priorities as collected in kitchen table conversations by @VoicesBradfield.

Who will nominate to be the Bradfield community candidate? Long shot, but doable with a candidate who embodies the area.
1119. This is an endorsement of #IndependentsDay true liberal community independents in blue ribbon seats & true conservative community independents in safe Nats & LNP seats.



• • •

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More from @margokingston1

30 Sep
731. Extraordinary stuff from Frydenberg, triumphalist Back in Black back boaster before last #ausvotes. SURELY with a record breaking deficit and covid widening income inequality the sane thing to do is delay or abolish the stage 3 tax cuts. Nope - let’s cut tax more!
732. B McKenzie demands the Clean Energy Finance Corporation finance carbon capture & storage research (a fantasy) to sustain coal mining. The mining industry hasn’t done it because it can’t be done. This is AWFUL, & she confirms there’s STILL no bloody plan!
733. The fix is in. If carbon capture and storage was viable big fossil fuel companies would have found a way by now. Yet to pretend to act on climate change the Govt INCREASES taxpayer already massive subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.

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26 Aug
415. Frydenburg gave $25 billion to companies who made false projections of revenue fall to get Jobkeeper & didn’t require make they repay money not needed. $9 billion to companies who PROFITED. He must resign or get the money back.

417. Funded by Clive Palmer, Craig Kelly is already spamming in #HughesVotes. And beyond?

@HumansOfHughes in the process of choosing an #IndependentsDay community candidate.
418. I’m in safe Nats seat of Lyne, so I guess Craig Kelly’s new benefactor Clive Palmer is spreading the UAP’s net wide.

I’d like spam from political parties banned pronto.

Will Coalition again preference the UAP - even defector Craig Kelly - despite it’s anti-vax misinfo? ImageImage
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14 Aug
Premier and PM for Sydney deserted NSW regions & Nats MPs betrayed everyone in their seats. Only an emerging catastrophe in Dubbo-Walgett, where the PM broke his pledge to vaccinate Aboriginal people as a top priority, does Gladys require a permit to leave Sydney. #Comboyne
2. Wanna know how Sydney-centric Gladys and the Nats in her Coalition are, how dismissive of the safety of NSW regional residents? Check out these new restrictions, which would have been in place from day 1 if they gave a shit. #Comboyne

3. NSW Police Commissioner says “biggest rorts” are Sydney residents improperly going to the regions. Been going on for weeks, even in #Comboyne, where cops didn’t even breach the offender when residents reported her. At least a permit is needed now. Where were the bloody Nats??
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2 Mar
8. Searingly honest and revelatory account of the a good journalist’s internal voices on a story like this, and the external constraints on publication. I RELATED BIG TIME.

Superb, Tory. I would have made the same decision as you for the same reason, until she’ ready let it be.
9. Succinct summary of investigation state of play by @osbornep

10. Backgrounder thread by @CroweDM on the NSW Police statement closing its investigation.
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2 Mar
Link to Turnbull the barrister stating the case for an inquest. Morrison OK with a public inquest on all this?
Would anyone exert political pressure on Coroner not to order one?

2. The role of the South Australian Coroners Court courts.sa.gov.au/OurCourts/Coro…
3. South Australia’s coronial process courts.sa.gov.au/OurCourts/Coro…
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26 Feb
20. Christine Holgate turbocharged @auspost profits for the people, so Morrison unforgivably shafts her (hates public sector success over private sector competition) and current management covers up for him.
21. She was a great CEO of a profitable essential service owned by the Australian people. Morrison railroaded Christine Holgate to distract from his own troubles - now there’s a people’s campaign to bring her back to @australiapost
25. The Holgate and #march4justice stories merge. Wanna know how Morrison treats strong women? Read this -
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