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Can you believe Murdoch's #CourierFail? They commissioned polling to confirm their campaign targeting Premier @AnnastaciaMP was working. And when the data did NOT show what they wanted, they went overboard to misrepresent it.

Here’s some analysis. 1/9
Let's start with their front page "SHOCK POLL: PALASZCZUK TRAILS NEWMAN"

It's based on the Queensland Premier's satisfaction rating of 40% compared with Newman's (supposed) rating of 41% when he was defeated in 2015.

But there are THREE big problems with this claim. 2/9
1) Cherry-picking data

When choosing a poll for Newman, the #CourierFail picked a Galaxy poll from 7-8 Jan 2015 and claimed it was "the eve" of his defeat on Jan 31. That's a lie.

Murdoch's actual election-eve poll showed Newman's popularity had crashed from 41 to 35. 3/9
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November marks the 15th anniversary of the 2007 election. I'm constantly asked where to find an authentic #KEVIN07 t-shirt. So we're marking the occasion by firing up the printers! All profits to @Murdoch_RC's campaign for a #MurdochRoyalCommission.
If you’re in Queensland, I’ll be getting together with the @QLDLabor family for dinner at the Gabba on Sunday 20 November. I’m looking forward to it. Tickets here: Image
If you can’t make it in Brisbane, I’ll be visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Newcastle later this month. Come say hello.
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Threads with lots of detail can be tiresome, however its important to detail how someone like Andrew Bolt takes scientific research & twists it to promote his & Rupert Murdoch's climate change denialist agenda.

#Auspol #ThisIsNotJournalism
A study of two hospitals over SEVEN years showed 24 people died of hypothermia of those 25% were exposures outside the home, some intoxicated or drug affected younger people, others without secure shelter and living with mental illness.

#Auspol #ThisIsNotJournalism

Instead of focusing on the real issues identified in the study that elderly people who are unwell, those who are homeless & those living with mental illness are often socially isolated and a hidden casualty of an inadequate social support system.

#Auspol #ThisIsNotJournalism
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99 hours of voting to go,
99 hours of votes!
So call up your Mum and say
‘Vote out the scum!’
There are 99 hours of voting to go.
98 hours of voting to go,
98 hours of votes!
This Saturday at six
Polls will close on these pricks!
There are 98 hours of voting to go.
97 hours of voting to go,
97 hours of votes!
Oh how Shane Bazzi fought!
And Dutton got screwed in court!
With just 97 hours of voting to go.
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Rupert Murdoch’s @newscorpaus is fighting against a Royal Commission into media ownership (and political influence), claiming it is a ‘witch-hunt’.

However a look at today’s headlines from @australian show it is anything but.

Todays story’s have the following subtexts:
1. China is a bad totalitarian Govt than even harms Aust share prices (not mentioning the boom they created for the past 20 years).

2. Renewables are bad. And Zero Emissions targets cause ruin for countries who adopt them (No evidence)
3. ‘COVID Crisis will soon be over’

4. The PM is a ‘calming influence’ and cutting through the ‘BS’ on COVID numbers.

5. These two likeable ‘Aussie Farmer Couple’ were Saved by the LNP Govts bailout plan. (Don’t mention ‘Hawaii’ or ‘Black Summer’)
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4 months before Clement Attlee PM chaired the ratification of the UN Charter (#UNday) he noted:

"Every attempt to remedy crying evils was blocked by the same plea of 'freedom for the individual'

It was in fact freedom for the rich & slavery for the poor"
August 2016
➡️'CLEXIT aims
➡️to prevent ratification
➡️of the Paris global warming treaty
➡️promoted by the EU / UN
➡️and their green army'
-DeSmog Blog has been documenting the anti-climate movement (

Guardian article link (……) Image
3 years before #COP1 in Berlin:
Agenda 21 was adopted by world leaders after the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.

Agenda 30 was adopted in September 2015 and #COP21 gave us the UN Paris Climate Agreement

At #COP24 in 2018
2 veto powers (& Saudi Arabia & Kuwait) blocked the climate report Image
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Let today’s deployment of Murdoch’s far-right programming across regional free-to-air TV be a lesson: anybody who now maintains ‘nobody watches Sky News’ has zero idea what they’re talking about.
Murdoch is determined to implement the Fox News political model through Sky News in Australia. Fox is the driving force of News Corp profits, and has given him untold leverage over the Republican Party, downplaying covid and fanning opposition to vaccines.
Here are some facts from Murdoch’s own study on Sky News: 

1) Every month, one third of the Australian population accesses Sky News. The average Australian accesses the news on 2 platforms.
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Murdoch’s far-right Sky News is working overtime to show how they sow disinformation into public debate. This article is probably the best example yet of why we need a #MurdochRoyalCommission. It is packed full of carefully selected facts that add up to one big lie.
Sky’s dodgy article is based on a new report by Canberra University which analyses diversity, trust and political in Australia’s media. And Sky News completely misconstrues the report’s findings.
For example, this article says Sky News is “smack bang on the line for centrist views”. Bullshit. Here’s where the report puts the Sky News channel, way off to the lunar right. No mention of this in Sky’s article.
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There's so much lacking in Morrison's latest policy backflip: a quarantine station in the middle of Brisbane. I barely know where to start. After his failures on quarantine, this smells like a political fix aided and abetted by Murdoch's #CourierFail.

A thread.
Morrison has made an unmitigated mess of quarantine, evidenced by the thousands of Aussies still trapped overseas. He promised they'd all be home by last Christmas. Many (including me) called on Morrison to consider regional defence bases for quarantine. He has repeatedly refused
While Albo & Labor Premiers campaigned for national quarantine, Morrison's Liberals scoffed & criticised. They rejected a concrete QLD proposal for Toowoomba, outside Brisbane. Rostered staff could stay on-site to prevent constant interaction between them and the community.
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Murdoch's NewsCorp can't get its story straight on public apologies. When an ABC Radio host mistakenly names Murdoch as a donor to the far-right IPA,it's newsworthy. But when SkyNews spreads lies to viewers (that #MurdochRoyalCommission petition was "data harvesting") not a peep!
Here's the apology Murdoch’s Peta Credlin would like Australians to forget.

Was ABC that far off about Murdoch's links to the IPA? Turns out Murdoch’s dad FOUNDED the IPA! And Rupert served on the IPA Council for 14 YEARS!

No mention of that in the “Australian” newspaper story...
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Two critical events took place this week. Both are serious challenges for Australia's democracy.

A thread about Murdoch's @newscorpaus & his deal with @google & @YouTube.
Event 1) Murdoch's SkyNews posted a short, factual clip from its morning news broadcast, lasting only 40 seconds. It reported on UK activist, Sasha Johnson, who is in intensive care after being shot in the head.

ABC reporting:…
What followed was chilling. The clip rocketed up YouTube's algorithm, topping 200,000 views & 9,000 comments.

The most popular comments, boosted by the algorithm, were disgusting. Praising the shooter. Mocking the victim. Calling for more violence.…
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There goes Murdoch, trying to bully Grace Tame like they have so many voices for progress over the years. They whine about "cancel culture" but they will try to cancel anyone who doesn't share their reactionary worldview. We need more diversity, not less. #MurdochRoyalCommission
And, for the benefit of Murdoch's toadies, the right to criticise the prime minister comes with citizenship. Despite their best efforts, this is still a democracy. Honestly...
If you value a vibrant democracy with diversity of opinion, please join our campaign for a #MurdochRoyalCommission at
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A thread on @vanOnselenP's article today that is insensitive and entirely absent of self-awareness.
#auspol #EnoughIsEnough #ThisisNotJournalism #MurdochRoyalCommission…
Solutions have been put forward. @TamePunk has called for a national definition on consent, many have asked for consent training in schools and the Respect@Work report has sat with Porter for a year. Look at the thread below, there are many solutions.
'Her life and death are a tragedy. Especially for her family, who have expressed concerns that, perhaps due to mental illness that included a bipolar disorder, she may have imagined the rape'

You published that @vanOnselenP, you're part of the reason why women don't come forward
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8. Searingly honest and revelatory account of the a good journalist’s internal voices on a story like this, and the external constraints on publication. I RELATED BIG TIME.

Superb, Tory. I would have made the same decision as you for the same reason, until she’ ready let it be.
9. Succinct summary of investigation state of play by @osbornep

10. Backgrounder thread by @CroweDM on the NSW Police statement closing its investigation.
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What else can be said that has not, concerning this corrupt #Kakistocracy & their equally corrupt #MSM ?

The only reason these @LiberalAus lead criminals are in power is because of #newscorpaus criminals keeping them there
But hey, let`s revamp some social media goings on

We also have a cabal who despise this corrupt LNP gov but this cabal has been undermining the only #SocialDemocratic that can replace them = @AustralianLabor
This cabal has undermined @AlboForPM

This cabal has creamed why aren`t they/him doing more

This cabal even has some ALP supporters amongst them

But most of all thus cabal are represented by @Greens & those promoting Independent politicians
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This is a dead-set lie by Murdoch’s CEO, Michael Miller, telling senators that I “proactively approached” them to write an article on China last Saturday. Nothing in that statement is true.

Here are the facts... THREAD /1
On February 5, the US magazine @ForeignAffairs published a lengthy essay I had written entitled “Short of War: How to Keep US-Chinese Confrontation from Ending in Calamity”. You can read it here:… /2
On February 9, I sent the essay to literally hundreds of folks in the global policy community for their thoughts & feedback. One of them was Alan Howe, a journalist I’ve known for many years, who’s now at The Australian. We don’t agree on everything but I do value his opinion. /3
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A thread on this opinion piece from @PeterLewisEMC, who is the Director of @CntrResponsTech which claims to be non-partisan and research driven. Unfortunately, this article and their ACCC submission suggests otherwise. #auspol #MurdochRoyalCommission #NMBC…
The counter argument here is so obvious. The real threat to democracy in Australia is Mainstream Media. Specifically Rupert Murdoch / News Corp. One could argue that NOT having biased journalism easily accessible via Google would actually help democracy. #MurdochRoyalCommission
This is wrong. This legislation was not driven by the ACCC. The Government asked them to draft it. Yes, this is an opinion piece but the facts matter. You'd expect the Director of The Centre for Responsible Technology to be aware of this fact.
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Why has Google removed Australian News from search results? What is the News Media Bargaining Code? A detailed thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #auspol #nmbc
Google has removed Australian News from search results in response to the News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code, formerly known as the News Media Bargaining Code. This is to force social media companies into paying Australian news companies for their content.
Google's experiment is a clear warning or threat to the Australian Government and Independent Senators. Google has admitted to the change in search results and it is covered in this article here.…
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Just doing an exercise in

Scott Morrisons Image VS Donald Trump Image


Thread of Comparative Images 👇👇 ImageImage
Dark Images appear to make you more important?

#LeaderBeingChauffeured ImageImage
Business on a Plane

#SoBusy ImageImage
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BREAKING: @vanOnselenP refuses to justify his claim that @JoshFrydenberg has had a good 2020. Thanks for confirming my view that you are a hack. A thread ⬇️⬇️
#auspol #newscorpse #MurdochRoyalCommission
FACT: The Australian economy was heading to a recession before COVID19. @JoshFrydenberg is the Treasurer. Is that part of his good performance in 2020 @vanOnselenP? #auspol #MurdochRoyalCommission
FACT: The #Jobmaker estimate is a lie! Senate estimates confirmed that the scheme would create 45,000 jobs not the promised 450,000. Is that part of his good 2020 @vanOnselenP? #auspol #MurdochRoyalCommission #thisisnotjournalism
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Scott Morrison is to blame for dividing the nation when the second wave hit in Victoria. Before that, the whole country was in this pandemic together. It was Morrison who branded the outbreak the 'Victorian wave'. He is to blame for the division that followed. A thread👇
Of course, many media outlets were happy to assist Morrison in "branding it the Victorian wave". When they should have been calling Morrison out for this toxic, divisive politicisation of the pandemic, they were instead assisting him to promote his message.
I don't know where this came from as I only found the screen print. It records that Morrison specifically clarified that it was not a 'second wave' but a 'Victorian wave'. Thanks Scott!
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As I've read the entire report on HQ, it is now time to look at the inevitably biased media coverage. This biased article is written by @EwinHannan. A thread. ⬇️⬇️

#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism…
I thought the @australian was a National Newspaper? It's hard to believe that as the article doesn't mention the Federal Government once. This is despite the fact that the report mentions their errors several times. #auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
Coate clearly declares in her report that she couldn't confirm whether the ADF was available for front-line enforcement in HQ. Given that, this entire paragraph is terrible journalism.
#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
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There’s been lots of talk about the corrosive way that media bias undermines democracy since calls for #MurdochRoyalCommission. I wanted to talk about exactly why and how media bias leads to inequality and political corruption and incompetence, which hurts the country. A thread👇🏻
There are two ways media ideally plays a role in democracy - as a watchdog on power and as a facilitator of a free and equitable marketplace of ideas. Media bias towards right wing ideology undermines the media’s function for both these roles which in turn damages the country.
Let’s look at watchdog on power first. When powerful outlets such as Murdoch and Nine’s Fairfax refuse to hold the powerful Prime Minister and ruling Liberal Party to account for incompetence and corruption, incompetence and corruption flourish without consequence. Major problem.
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