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The rise of the teal female independents in #AusVotes2022 provides a striking case study into the power of "disruptive innovation"
(a concept defined by the esteemed Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen)
Disruptive innovation is sparked when a small but growing segment of the market is ignored and neglected by existing businesses, deemed “not important" or "not lucrative" enough to bother catering to or investing in.
In response to this void in the market, a new business can enter the market focused on addressing the needs, values and concerns of this "overlooked" segment.

They bring new ways of doing things and fresh approaches that resonate with those who feel unheard.
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Media is the problem 🧵

We have a PM who:
- was sacked from his last 2 jobs
- lost preselection resoundingly, but ended up with it by threatening to ruin someone’s life
- has his own side describing him as the most horrible person
- does literally nothing but cosplay
- has a …
- has a list of rorts and scandals that would take it’s own thread to describe, including but not limited to:

Sports rorts
Missing subs
Car parks
Gerry’s RATs
Prayer room

.. and so on

Any one of these could sink a gov ..
But on top of this, Morrison:
- would not meet with women at #March4Justice, but said they should consider themselves lucky they weren’t being shot
- supported alleged rapists and those accused of sexual abuse
- backgrounded against victims of alleged rape

.. and ..
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1. An Australian second wave feminist icon, @takingalongview, with the perfect and timely title for her memoire.

Wendy has endorsed @spenderallegra for #WentworthVotes

personal thread…
2. I met Wendy as a university student when I was Quentin Bryce’s children-sitter. Quentin was Qld’s Rep on Malcolm Fraser’s National Women’s Advisory Council and Wendy rep’d NSW. Dame Beryl Beaurepaire chaired the Council.…
3. The next time I saw Wendy was at the @drkerrynphelps’ by-election night party on October 20, 2018. Wendy chaired Kerryn’s campaign for #WentworthVotes.
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I met @renewhughes on Zoom during the @indigocathy gathering of ‘Voices for’ members in February, which became the @CommunityIndeps project.

We really met at the Canberra #march4justice afterparty - there were quite a few ‘Voices for’ founders there, Sydney and regional. /1
I was intrigued by her story - an architectural communications specialist on Olympics & ICCs locked down no work deciding to stop angsting about Craig Kelly & gather a community together to stand an independent. So #transitzone interviewed her in May. /2…
I live-tweeted @drkerrynphelps and @indigocathy launch the @HumansOfHughes group’s findings from its listening process at a community hall next to a western Sydney mall. Thread starts here- /3
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731. Extraordinary stuff from Frydenberg, triumphalist Back in Black back boaster before last #ausvotes. SURELY with a record breaking deficit and covid widening income inequality the sane thing to do is delay or abolish the stage 3 tax cuts. Nope - let’s cut tax more!
732. B McKenzie demands the Clean Energy Finance Corporation finance carbon capture & storage research (a fantasy) to sustain coal mining. The mining industry hasn’t done it because it can’t be done. This is AWFUL, & she confirms there’s STILL no bloody plan!
733. The fix is in. If carbon capture and storage was viable big fossil fuel companies would have found a way by now. Yet to pretend to act on climate change the Govt INCREASES taxpayer already massive subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.

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Do violations of human rights, breaching international laws, being condemned by 40+ countries means something to you @ScottMorrisonMP? Why did you decline #March4Justice? When was the last time we all united in solidarity? Some say the greatest threat to humanity is apathy. 💔 Image
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What is #Justice4Australia? I joined Twitter to see if Trump would win or lose the US election. I had not watched the news or followed politics for years; too much, too soon had made me unwell: Psychosis. I saw Trump’s tweets and thought, ‘Is this guy for real!? 1/36
I had no clue then I would be thanking him now. Trump introduced me to the wonderful world of Twitter; incredibly talented minds constantly fact checking his tweets. Journalists, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, professors. Others with no qualifications equally impressive. 2/36
It was so refreshing to read quality responses, to see humour used to make people feel safe in a world seemingly, increasingly mad, and available to people all around the world for free. I did not know Tharnicaa and Kopika would bring me towards 3/36
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'When I walked onto the stage for the Melbourne #March4Justice & saw a giant mass of people stretching beyond the horizon, I was transformed. The first oceanic roar of tens of thousands of voices was powerful beyond words,' @MarcellaBrasset reflects in @WomensAgenda
'We stood together & roared for First Nations women, women of colour, trans women, women journalists, for gender equality activists, for survivors, for the women & children who have lost their lives to gendered violence. We roared together for *all* women and girls to be safe.'
'It felt healing in an excruciating chapter in which the bruises and scars too many women carry were laid bare. I hope every survivor and every woman can remember, & keep feeling, the healing of that moment.'
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#March4Justice worked: Goggle Box has delivered a clear message to Australians. Your efforts are changing Australia’s landscape. Morrison Government have not released Tharnicaa and Kopika #HomeToBilo. However, we can go to them: CI tourist hotspot. 1/2 #Justice4Australia #Auspol
CIConference2021: Date TBA. Attend CI with advocates to remind the world stage of Australia’s cruel and unlawful refugee crisis. Same-day city protests across the nation. If you can support this idea in anyway please DM this genius: @p3pp3rtr33z. #Justice4Australia #Auspol 2/2
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For the Prime Minister of Australia:

Dear Scott Morrison,

I am writing to you because I am concerned about Australia’s refugee policy and human rights record. 1/20 #EnoughIsEnough #March4Justice
Australia appeared before the United Nations Human Rights Council for its Universal Periodic Review in Geneva on January 20, 2021. More than 40 nations questioned Australia’s policies toward asylum seekers and refugees. 2/20
The 2021 Human Rights Watch concluded: “It is disappointing to see Australia doubling down on policies that have caused immense harm to asylum seekers and are repeatedly condemned by the United Nations and other governments. 3/20
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The Power of Vulnerability: “When I was a young researcher, doctoral student, my first year I had a research professor who said to us, “Here’s the thing, if you cannot measure it, it does not exist.” And I was like, “Really?” and he was like, “Absolutely.” 1/42 #March4Justice
And so you have to understand that I have a bachelor’s in social work, a master’s in social work, and I was getting my Ph.D. in social work, so my entire academic career was surrounded by people who kind of believed in the “life’s messy, love it.” 2/42
And I’m like, knock discomfort upside the head, move it over and get all A’s. That was my mantra. So I was very excited about this. And so I thought, you know, this is the career for me, because I am interested in some messy topics. I want to be able to make them not messy. 3/42
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How to hold your Frog: What is bigger? Society or existence? Intelligence or the intellect? Existence or our own psychological structure? I think many in Western culture do not know the difference between ‘intelligence’ and the ‘intellect’. 1/27 #EnoughIsEnough #March4Justice
All life is intelligence. An ant, a butterfly, a tree, a rainbow, a child and even existence itself. Intelligence is primary. The intellect is secondary. The intellect is a tool. It is a cutting instrument. That’s why when someone is smart we say they are ‘sharp’. 2/27
It is like a sharp knife with a pointed tip. That why we say ‘he was right on point’. However, what happens when we use this sharp knife to love someone? A scientist knows a frog through means of dissection. He pulls it apart. Knows all it’s pieces. Then it is dead. 3/27
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Seriously good seeing a Parliament on the same page in regard to women. No games from either Premier Palaszczuk or Opposition Leader Crisafulli.

Who knew the adults in the room when it came to Parliament would be in Queensland 😳👏🏼
Really good to hear Cameron Dick (ALP) putting it all on men, it being a men's problem, a problem for men to fix, for men to demand better of other men.

David Janetzki (LNP) talking about #EnoughIsEnough talking about true cry for national action.

Shannon Fentiman (ALP) thanking women who came out to #March4Justice hearing & believing, angry about lack of respect for women by our Leaders. Mentions 'Women's Safety & Justice Taskforce'.

#BeyondPolitics #EnoughIsEnough
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Scott Morrison MIA.

1. Never present at TA. Spent his time lobbying for Lib Party gigs. Became President NSW Libs. Eventually sacked for lying to Senate.

2. Sacked from KPMG. Failed to build Tourism practice. "He was never here," says former partner.

3. Fired from Tourism NZ.
4. Won preselection for Cook after defaming the winner (88-8 vote). The Telegraph paid out $00,000s The reporter was Simon Benson.

5. "I don't discuss on-waters-matters. I don't make running commentary." Enough said.
6. Offered Treasury in return for supporting Turnbull's knifing of Abbott.

7. Despite constant denials to his boss, Morrison persistently leaked cabinet Secrets to Simon Benson (now at The Australian) in return for puff-pieces on himself.
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Asylum is a crime: “Under Australian law seeking asylum is now a crime. Cause ain't no politician in this country got a spine. Time after time, each party towing the line. Detaining ‘em offshore. Out of site out of mind. 1/9 #TimeForAHome #EnoughIsEnough #March4Justice
Forget human kind. We do this despite. It breaks the universal declaration of human rights. Shhh. man. What would Jesus do? Cuz I'm pretty sure he wouldn't lock em up in Nauru. So heartless. Even locking children in prison. In the most appalling & inhumane living conditions. 2/9
In 1951 we ratified the refugee convention, that prohibits asylum seekers being penalised in detention. Imagine if your people got bombed at will. Imagine if your friends and family got tortured and killed. 3/9
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“I am often asked what it was like being locked up in an Australian-run detention centre in the Republic of Nauru for six years. My name is Elahe Zivardar, also known as Ellie Shakiba. 1/29 #TimeForAHome #March4Justice #EnoughIsEnough
I honestly don’t know how to introduce myself. I’ve been through a serious identity crisis and not sure who I am anymore. I’m an Iranian woman; an engineering and architecture university graduate; an artist and journalist. Then I was reduced to nothing but a number: IVL-057. 2/29
It has been really challenging for me to remember the person I was before I was displaced and exiled. It is difficult to overcome the idea that being a refugee is not what defines me. 3/29
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A thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️ on the 55 recommendations of the Respect@Work report that @ScottMorrisonMP and his Government have ignored. #auspol #March4Justice #EnoughisEnough…
The full report is titled Respect@Work: National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces. Attorney-General @cporterwa received this report on the 29/01/20, over a year ago now. Yet he has done nothing with it.
In Commissioner @Kate_Jenkins_ forward, she reports that the Human Rights Commission has conducted for surveys since 2003. One in three people have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace over the past 5 years.
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Narcissism: In Greek mythology, Narcissus was known for his beauty. According to Tzetzes, he rejected all romantic advances, falling in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. 1/30 #March4Justice #EnoughIsEnough
He was so fascinated by himself that, one morning, when he was trying to get still closer to his reflection, he fell into the water and drowned. In his place sprouted a flower bearing his name. 2/30
In Freudian psychiatry, narcissism is an excessive degree of self-esteem or self-involvement, a condition that is usually a form of emotional immaturity (Read my Thread: ‘Why I switched from self-esteem to self-compassion?’). 3/20
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How to Prevent Trauma from Becoming PTSD: “The good news is that the intensity of emotional pain always reduces with time. This is not just a trite sentiment, as there are neurological studies that have found the ways the brain works to heal emotional wounds. 1/19 #March4Justice
The brain is geared for survival and is always looking for new threats and information, which means old experiences eventually route to the back of the line to direct your attentional resources to what is new and potentially important. 2/19
My clients often respond to this concept by stating: “This can't be true, because I have been in the same emotional pain for so long, and my traumatic event was years and years ago.”  3/19
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ANGER IN CANBERRA: #March4Justice arrives at Parliament’s doorstep as rage seeps through the media. #MediaWatch #auspol

More #MediaBites below:👇1/4
‘Welcome to Con Air’: Nine parrots Home Affairs minister and slugs deported prisoners as ‘trash’ #MediaBites 2/4
NT News apologises after printing a racist reader comment. #MediaBites 3/4
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Don’t ostracise drugs users – empathise with them: Dr Gabor Maté was recently awarded the Order of Canada for his work on trauma and addiction. The following is adapted from his book ‘In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction’: 1/37 #March4Justice
“From Abraham to the Aztecs, ancient cultures exacted human sacrifices to appease the gods – that is, to soothe their own anxieties and to placate false beliefs. Today, we have our own version of this, as evidenced by the overdose crisis sweeping North America. 2/37
These lost lives are offered up, we might say, for the appeasement of our own false beliefs and denial. Addicted people are victimised by our society’s disinclination to come to terms with the root sources, psychology and neurobiology of addiction, 3/37
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Important Thread: What is Trauma-informed Care and Practice? What is Blue Knot’s vision for a trauma-informed world? Want to become trauma-informed? 1/28 #March4Justice #EnoughIsEnough
“Trauma-Informed Practice is a strengths-based framework grounded in an understanding of and responsiveness to the impact of trauma, that emphasises physical, psychological, and emotional safety for everyone, and that creates opportunities 2/28
for survivors to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment (Hopper et al., 2010). Trauma-informed care and practice recognises the prevalence of trauma and its impact on the emotional, psychological and social wellbeing of people and communities. 3/28
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Everyone should be able to live life free from violence and abuse, but we know that this is not the case for so many disabled people.
The @DRC_AU published a research paper outlining the horrific violence, abuse, exploitation, neglect experienced by disabled people - esp disabled women - on the same day 1000s of people protested about gender discrimination and sexual violence #March4Justice
This research paper only provides a basic overview of what disabled people are experiencing, but some of the statistics are absolutely shocking and clearly demonstrate the extent of the violence we are subjected to and the urgent need to eliminate it.
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“Do schools kill creativity? I have an interest in education — actually, what I find is everybody has an interest in education. Because it’s one of those things that goes deep with people, am I right? Like religion, and money and other things. 1/31 #March4Justice #EnoughIsEnough
We have a huge vested interest in it, partly because it’s education that’s meant to take us into this future that we can’t grasp. If you think of it, children starting school this year will be retiring in 2065. 2/31
Nobody has a clue — despite all the expertise that’s been on parade for the past four days — what the world will look like in five years’ time. And yet we’re meant to be educating them for it. So the unpredictability, I think, is extraordinary. 3/31
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