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1. fantasy thread.

@AlboMP: Australians believe our democracy is failing because we can’t trust our big parties. The crisis of confidence in our political leadership must be addressed NOW.

Why? Because #AustraliaBurns means we must trust our governance to survive and thrive.
2. Labor didn’t promise a National Integrity Commission to investigate and expose corruption in federal politics - a #federalicac - at 2016 #ausvotes, and belatedly did last year but buried it.

Why? Because we’ve rorted too. And like our opponents, we too like to rort in Govt.
3. But that bipartisanship is over. We must, as a nation, act swiftly and comprehensively to clean up our politics & restore the people’s faith that they can live their lives knowing their Govt is acting in the national interest, not their own.

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1. Trump so obnoxious to people like me because he reveals up front, without pretence, the disgusting oligarchy western democracies have become. Like Morrison, in his oily way, except he pretends he cares for people. People without ethics or empathy run America, UK & Oz.
2. Spoke to apolitical voters since #ausvotes, & they don’t think either party gives a shit so they bought the scare. Labor’s factional crap elected a man who couldn’t sell a sandwich to the starving to convey a radical agenda that could have led the world to repair democracy.
3. Was gunna write a book - self publish if necessary - on quality independents who had a go, and the possibilities of voices for honesty, integrity and actual SERVICE to voters having power amid the 2 party, corrupt, self serving muck. Then my Mum got cancer. Now I’m a carer.
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"...alt-right Facebook groups working with @fraser_anning's staff and associates of @UnitedAusParty produced fake news, racist memes and messages against voting for Labor or @Greens, liked or shared more than a million times during #ausvotes."… #auspol
Illuminating data journalism and investigation by @Nigelgladstone and @MaxKoslowski at @smh, confirming our observations since mid-2018: cross-posting Fraser Anning content, racist memes, coordinated messaging and common Admins on fascist Facebook Pages.…
"The anti-fascist research group White Rose said the Anning pages were a focal point for racism, particularly in Queensland."
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"australia isn’t right-wing. it’s cautious."

"…labor’s narrative of fairness failed before the coalition’s story of aspiration…"

"…australia has not called time on neoliberalism…"

insightful election result analysis by waleed aly.… #ausvotes
so i was nodding the whole way through. aly's take makes sense — but it was missing at least a few points (in no order):
• the impact of clive palmer's massive spend
• shorten's unpopularity
• the new level of dirty tricks
• failure to "sell" a vision for post-coal queensland
…and the deep dissatisfaction that scandal (eg. watergate, paladin), lies (eg. everything on energy), inhumanity (eg. offshore detention) and incompetence (eg. energy and environment ministers) have been rewarded.
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A month before the election was announced an Australian neo-Nazi murdered 51 Muslims at prayer in Christchurch. #ausvotes #auspol
Senator Fraser Anning blamed the massacre on Muslim immigration. The Liberal party turned the moment into an attack against the @Greens for being "just as bad".…
Months prior to these comments, the National Party was forced to expel up to 20 people over links to fascist groups. National Party staff received threatening phone calls in the process.…
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We wrote for our UK comrades at @hopenothate about Australia's Federal Election and far-right attempts to throw bricks through the Overton Window. 🧱🧱…
#auspol #ausvotes
As mentioned in our @hopenothate article, neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson appeared on Daily Stormer associated podcast 'Red Dawn' on 22/4/19 incognito as ‘Archibald’ - “Secret Mastermind of @fraser_anning’s media campaign”. Archived for listening here…
Andrew Wilson explained that winning or losing this election was not important to their goals, as they’ve used the election to build lists of supporters. He goes on to describe his ultimate goal of forming white-only Casapound-style communities.
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Yesterday a government without a credible climate action policy won the climate election. How did this happen and what does it mean? Here’s a thread...
#ausvotes #democracysausage #ClimateEmergency
Great change is non-linear. History is unpredictable. Elections come and elections go but we must retain belief in what is possible and execute our best plans to make it so. Standing from where we are today, Australia can still have a flourishing future.
Bitterness, fatalism, condescension or sneering won’t lead us to where Australia needs to be. Don’t hate on beautiful Queensland! We have to find a way through the climate emergency and our best chance will come if we can manifest a shared spirit and purpose as a nation.
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As #espionage & #Eurovision coincide, here's #Albania the 1st finalist in this #history thread.
(Also for my #Australia readers seeking relief from #ausvotes as you start your Saturday, it's impressive you convinced them your continent counts 😎)
Next: #Азербайджан #Евровизија
For #Eurovision #Азербайджан and #Spying studies, here's an article from @warisboring about Azeri #aviation being well-placed to use my #Soviet favourite (Foxbat) to work #intelligence against my #USAF (Blackbird).
Zoom zoom 😎💕…
Next up for #Eurovision finalists with an #espionage twist is #Denmark, whose #Spying #Police (PET) scored a serious scoop in turning Colonel Oleg Gordievsky, the #Russian rezident (lead KGB controller), which later inspired actual #JamesBond plot points:…
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50 reasons not to vote for Liberal Party:

1. Three leadership spills
2. HelloWorld
3. RoboDebt
4. Paladin Affair
5. $444m Great Barrier Reef Foundation
6. Cuts to ABC
7. Mounting National Debt
8. Cuts to penalty rates
9. NBN problems
10. Rising energy prices

#auspol #ausvotes
50 reasons not to vote for Liberal Party:

11. Union raid leak
12. Jobs for ex-LNP staff
13. Barnaby Joyce affair
14. Whistleblower crackdowns
15. Tax cuts for big corporates
16. Investing more in coal
17. CSIRO cuts
18. TAFE cuts
19. Adani
20. Au pairs

#auspol #ausvotes
50 reasons not to vote for Liberal Party:

21. $600,000 a day in govt ads
22. Public Hospital cuts
23. Morrison claims cancer treatment is free
24. Undeclared house ownership
25. Dutton’s childcare centres
26. $50m Captain Cook memorial
27. Knights & Dames

#auspol #ausvotes
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I’m going to share the story that Bob Hawke told us at the ACTU’s 90th party in Sydney two years ago. There was a lot in it that needs to be remembered - about him, about us, about the working class. Bear with me (this house is incredibly emotional, hard to concentrate.)
Bob Hawke began by telling the audience that he was never a communist, and that he had more than a few scraps with communist unionists, but when he was at the ACTU he was obliged one day to go down to the docks in Balmain (imagine), and the docks were communist.
The union organiser took him down to the gates of the where there there a crowd of working class women waiting. And Hawke asked the organiser what the women were doing there. The organiser explained that they were there because the foreman would assigned the shifts to the women’s
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Good morning Australia. Without further ado, I now present the #AusPoll2019 Minor-Party Cheat Sheet. We have a whopping 49 micro-parties contesting the Senate and Lower House this week - so here's a rough guide to help you know more about them. #auspol #ausvotes 1/35
2019 Minor Parties are rife with misleading names and vague policies wrapped up in fancy packaging. This guide was made to inform and is for my own reference, I am not a member of any party, my opinions here are purely my own and should be viewed as such. No LNP, ALP, GRNs. 2/35
For more Blatantly Partisan Party Reviews, head over to @DrDreHistorian. Alrighty then, here we go: Parties running for multiple states inc. VIC first, then we'll drill down into the smaller NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, WA and NT-only parties after. In ballot order: 3/35
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Alright folks, it's time for my thread on micro-parties contesting #AusVotes2019. First: I cannot do all parties at once because there are SO MANY. I will update this thread in batches. Second: these tweets are pithy takes from my election blog: 1/?
Usual disclaimer: I have never been a member of a political party. I write these comments to guide my #auspol vote. I share them in the hope they are useful to others. They reflect my green social democrat views; I make no claim to false objectivity. Take them how you will. 2/
One last thing before I get into the individual parties: I am not commenting on the ALP, Greens, or the Coalition parties. I figure if this thread appeals to you, you already have an opinion on those parties (also, spare me their diehards; I expect enough flak already). 3/
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#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes19 #ausvotes2019

1) A brief thread w a coupla relevant additions inre >>>…
2) Ref is freq made in media reportage to Erikson's SEP 2017 conviction (along w fellow UPF members Blair Cottrell & Chis Shortis for srs religious vilification -- rather less frequently, his FEB 2014 conviction for stalking/harassing a Melbourne rabbi.
3) In that case, 'Magistrate Donna Bakos said she had no doubt Erikson's calls were motivated by prejudice & found he had little remorse for his crime'.

This is critical to understanding his subsequent & future behaviour, yeah?…
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Thread incoming:

Excerpts (with screenshots) from “Sick heart of a generation” by A/Proff @TracyWesterman proud Njamal woman from the Pilbara region of WA and active, 20+ years, clinical psychologist (Masters + PhD). Tracy was named WA’s Oz of the Year last year. #auspol

“Staggeringly, funded programs are not required to demonstrate evidence of impact, nor are they required to demonstrate a measurable reduction in suicide and mental health risk factors.” #auspol #ausvotes19 #ausvotes
“So, given this, can governments truly claim they are funding suicide prevention? You cannot claim prevention if you arenʼt measuring risk. Itʼs that simple.” #auspol #ausvotes #ausvotes19
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The #NAPHWA #AIDSGravyPlane needs to be cancelled. #HIV Consumers are calling for a 21st Century #AIDS Paradigm. The idea that NSW & Victoria care about HIV+ folk in WA is false! "Networking" is code for Women Shopping & Male visits to Sex Clubs. @GregHuntMP @KenWyattMP #ausvotes
Isn't #NAPWA part of an international scam to collect tax payer dollars & provide selected cliques with benefits & paid holidays. How many times have #NAFWA come to WA for meetings with #WAAC on the way to Weddings in Margaret River & ignored HIV+ People? @CatherineKingMP #auspol
Want to know if ur political party cares about u? The Canary in the Coal Mine measure is the #AIDS Policy. If it refuses 2 #EndTheGravyPlane & implement a 21st Century Policy, what rights will they remove & what hidden rorts will they waste $ on? #ausvotes #auspol #ausvotes2019
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I understand @ScottMorrisonMP has just said he won't take advice from me on the economy. Here's some anyway:
1. When working people's wages go backwards they cut their spending. This is very bad for the economy.
2. Or they stop saving and start cutting into their savings to keep up with the cost of living. The cost of essential items is outstripping wages growth.
3. Workers in casual, labour hire and on contracts do not have the bargaining power to ask for and win fair pay increases. They can be let go at any time. Fixing this problem, helps wage growth and helps families.
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The rise of right-wing extremism in this country is of serious concern, and instead of condemning it, the Liberals & Nationals appear to be cosying up to it. #auspol #ausvotes

Here’s some evidence from just this morning: 🧵👇
The Liberal Party candidate for Isaacs, Justin Hearne, is caught out making disgusting and divisive anti-Muslim comments that have no place in Australia and they should have no place in a mainstream political party.…
An explosive development overnight of revelations that Liberal MPs Ian Goodenough & Andrew Hastie met right with right-wing extremist and convicted criminal Neil Erickson.…
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Taxes don’t pay for things.
The govt creates money when it spends & destroys it when it taxes.
There is no money-bin where the taxes go.
People keep spinning this ‘taxpayers money’ BS bcz it’s too mind-blowing to #learnmmt
Our sovereign currency is a blessing we ignore
The great difficulty #MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) faces is the inertia of old dogma.
MMT explains how sovereign currencies have the ability to build their attendant nation’s communities by investing in people
It’s just a way of paying for things by changing ‘the economic levers’
Most economists still act as if our currency is still tied to the Gold Standard. It’s not but they like to avoid speaking to this reality.
You can imagine them as one would a pre-science ‘man of medicine’.
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Until the last poll a fortnight ago, Newspoll counted any Clive Palmer votes as "others", i.e. not Coalition, Labor, Greens or One Nation. These votes were split pretty much 50-50 as preferences, based on the 2016 election result. #newspoll #auspol #ausvotes 1/5
But now the UAP is a separate response option. Whether as an artefact of this, or because UAP really has increased in the past fortnight, or a bit of both, what would have been "others" last time is up from 9% to 12%. #newspoll #auspol #ausvotes 2/5
But it's not being split evenly anymore because, as @GhostWhoVotes relates (presumably based on what it says in The Oz), UAP preferences are being split 60-40 in favour of the Coalition. #newspoll #auspol #ausvotes 3/5
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Ok Tweeps. There's a candidates forum tonight at the Samford Farmers hall

It starts at 7pm
I'm already here because I wanted to park my car right out the front. There's been plenty of chatter on the suburban Facebook groups about it

Stay tuned

The room is starting to fill.

Apparently the chap who moderates the forum does a very good job. Very fair, very unbiased.

#DicksonVotes #Auspol #AusVotes19
Standing room only at the #DicksonVotes🥔 candidates forum at the Samford farmers hall tonight.
Some nice greens are sitting beside me. And a nice bloke also called Ali.
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See thread. #Typhoid vaccination #Manus
1. Australia's recommendations re #Typhoid: PNG is known as a region with a high incidence of typhoid.
Aus govt recommends typhoid revaccination
3 years after a 3-dose course, or 5 years after a 4-dose course.…
2. Why are refugees & asylum seekers who #Australia forcibly sent to #Manus becoming infected with #Typhoid?
Australia knows that in PNG 'Typhoid fever has moderate to high incidence, and high mortality'.
Are refugees & asylum seekers revaccinated as recommended by Australia?
3. Whether men were vaccinated with 2x3 yearly doses or 1x5 yearly dose, #typhoid revaccination fell due during #PIH tenure.
Did PIH revaccinate the men in #Manus camps?
PIH received $21.5m over 10 months to provide healthcare in the #Manus camp small clinic.
PIH Negligence?
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Love #auspol but don't quite understand the @Barnaby_Joyce/#watergate/#RonniSalt thing?

Always had Qs re #MurrayDarling politics, but were too afraid to ask?

This thread's for you.
Current excitement is about an $80m ‘strategic water purchase’, which Joyce made as water minister in 2017.

@AngusTaylorMP's old company Eastern Australian Agriculture made a $52m profit on the deal.

Taylor was not involved in EEA in 2017 & I allege no wrongdoing on his part.
Taylor's involvement isn't the point - point is that EEA is a well-connected corporation.

To understand the #auspol of the #MurrayDarling you need to realise that it isn't about upstream vs down, farming vs env, or ALP vs LNP.

It's about the powerful vs everyone else.
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1. How about hitting me with other examples of the Lbs or Nats dumping their own brands on their posters!

2. No Liberal Party branding for the Lib MP at #CorangamiteVotes.

Any more examples?

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