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Detailed astro & markets Sundays

I combine technicals & timing to understand markets

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Saturn in Aquarius supporting cryptos

Jupiter in Aquarius also supporting cryptos
North Node / NN / Rahu

NN In Gemini supporting cryptos

Saturn, Jupiter & NN in Air signs of technology (Aquarius) and variety (Gemini) have been the backdrop for most of this bull market

Mars in Scorpio pressuring BTC but just a minor drop so far

Sun in Scorpio flat for BTC, ETH went higher

Venus in Sag did well especially ETH

Just into Capricorn

Mercury's extended stay in Libra was bullish

Scorpio doesn't show yet because I use astro at 9:30 am ET daily and price as of yesterday's close
Mercury Motion, Rx in orange

2 BTC trading tops this year near Merc Dir
Moon Data
BTC avg 15m % return

By Moon Quarter
Same data, now 1 bar per quarter, mostly (except when straddles end of month, so there are a few of these)

Q1, Q2, Q3 all more chance of negative compared to Q4
BTC Moon Signs

Cap & Aqu have been the strongest - can these outweigh the tough astro ahead?
BTC 2021 only

Moon signs, 1 bar 1 sign, mostly

Cap 3 negatives, Aquarius only 1
Now adding some term data

BTC 2020-current, all markets

Mars term-sign combination
Blue = Aries-Merc, Tau-Merc, Gem-Merc, etc

Point is, nothing 100% but some streaks and likelihoods
Mars in own term better or smaller drop
Term Venus less strong
Sun terms 2020-current

What this means
Sun in terms of Jupiter 3 minor negatives & a lot up
Saturn mixed, many strong positive (because Aquarius)

Mercury & Venus more mixed
Venus terms 2020-current

Good results in several, Mercury weakest
Lastly Mercury

Better overall in its own term & Jupiter
Astro & market judgment is ALL of these factors

Plus the outers which I didn't even include
& Stations
Node events are often powerful too

The entire network of rulerships by sign and term

And aspects

Oh plus weekdays

It's a lot to sort out but I'm showing it works


• • •

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More from @MarsiliosMM

7 Nov
My read for the week ahead

Image for indexes & cryptos
Weaker assets tend to get hit sooner and harder

Worst is into 10-Nov area, with some other low 12-Nov

Obv indexes have been flying and ETH still powering up
SPX in massive bull from covid low but weekly band overshoot of this size is rare

Combine with sentiment and longer term pivot resistance, astro this week not so nice

Some pause due, hence the STOP sign

But actually I'm thinking higher highs later in Nov or early Dec
I rec'd to watch safe havens last week (along with FXI short) because of a few things, and interesting to see VIX TLT GLD all making a move with stocks so strong

Think these will continue into coming week 10-Nov area

And I'll be more bullish some of these in Dec
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5 Nov
Advanced astro

Aspects orbs the traditional way, plus my way

Not done by aspect, but by planet

To explain....
First of all, this is a much better way of doing it

But it is a little confusing

Does a "square" have an orb?

Or is it the interaction between 2 planets, that comes into more intensity and focus at a certain point?

Traditional approach is the latter
Therefore "orb" is defined by the planets involved, not the aspect

But the tricky part is, there does seem to be some confusion in the literature on this

So I will provide a few sources, and my take
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5 Nov
Review time!

Remember nearly everything I am about to quote was written last Sunday 10/31 either in the Google Sheet (link now in bio) or in the tweet summary.
Indexes: "Expecting up for trading top 11/3-5; following week down pressure"

Up into 11/5!

But for scoring giving myself a 4 (scale 1-5) since I called a top call yesterday. This was like an own goal. If I thought about the EE#, and data collection period, beat likely.
Cryptos: "Still prefer rally into 11/3-5 trading top."

Pretty good! Also some cryptos topped on the early side compared to indexes, per this follow up tweet.

BTC topped 11/2 but ETH 11/3 & BNB (3rd market cap) 11/5.

Is this a 4 or 5? You tell me :)
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5 Nov
Last index call was "low in" 10/6

Enough levels & astro for some turn here

But still think after drop for both cryptos & indexes, we'll see another move higher

Just easier to short weaker names or long safe havens than short the best performing indexes in the world
Even though no one asking "why?" here it is

On the 4 main index futures, all testing pivot resistance of some sort or another.

Also, extremely high RSIs, actually ES & NQ RSI highs of year! A sign of strength, and adds to point about higher highs later, but near term down. ImageImage
Also YM & RTY ImageImage
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4 Nov
As usual this week's summary had basic road map for

Also mentioned commodities this time, don't always
And safe havens VIX TLT DXY GLD I combine but don't expect them all to move together
And higher in that thread, was a few tweets about the FOMC, summed to

"means more push up on indexes and & prefer cryptos back to highs

Yes, even if taper announced - an expectation thing, because 120B per month adjusted to 105B or whatever... is still going UP"
Literally everything

What I wrote for all of this has happened
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31 Oct
Read for the week ahead on indexes & cryptos

To explain...
Still think early new month, bulls in charge, better astro
11/1-3 at least, possibly through 11/5 means more push up on indexes and & prefer cryptos back to highs

Yes, even if taper announced - an expectation thing, because 120B per month adjusted to 105B or whatever...
Is still going UP!

But whatever highs form 11/3-5 looks like decent trading top, because following week more challenged

Also to be clear, don't think 11/3-5 is major top, should get another push up later Nov or early Dec & that probably more important
Read 7 tweets

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