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16 Nov, 51 tweets, 28 min read
(1/5) Today I am amazed and perplexed. Please read

I admit, I aped into @LilBabyApeClub. They are damn cute and they were very clever.

But, what amazed me is the amount of hate, FUD and simple energy put into taking a #NFT project down. I saw what keyboard cancel culture does. Image

It started out simple.

A stealth launch.

No shilling.

Just, there is was and it worked perfectly, too perfectly for some. #LABC quickly climbed the ranks of OS's leaderboard. They even had the blessings of some of the #BAYC community as a meme #nft derivative. Image

Then the drama started as @LilBabyApeClub reached an ATH of .9ETH. Imagine, minted for .02ETH a 45x 1 day move.

Meta data racism (not for what you think), artwork theft, a twitter live event with a dude who sports a 1/10000 fractionalized @BoredApeYC as their #pfp.

The razor blades were out.

Don't even try to go on #discord to try and sort stuff out. It is a moderator-less hot mess. What is amazing is the amount of energy put into the FUD. It is coordinated and continual. Anyone DORing would run.

And why? Dev and Founder MIA?

I don't know what will come of this project.

I am going to wait for the FUD to die down and @nfty to pop their head out and say something. At 10 sales per min, it is still fire.

I hope this doesn't end up being a mystery podcast...

#nftcommunity #BAYC @LilBabyApeClub Image
(6/5) Update - SUS

With no word from developers or NFTY, I am worried.

Not enough to throw in the bag yet.

Rather, worried that they took $1mm and crashed the lambo after a night of partying...

Or got kidnapped by the Russian mob (one dev is rumored Russian). #podcastideas
(7/5) The Rebirth

If you checked into #LBYC's @discord you know what a pit it devolved into. Images of things that I never will be able to unsee.

Words of hate and simple visual noise. I watched cancel culture yielding a nuclear weapon.

Then. The Rebirth.
(8/not sure)

All may not be lost.

Out of the nuclear firestorm of cancel culture came a new discord. Warm and welcoming, and an actual moderator, moderating.

They have appealed to OpenSea and have built a new discord from the nuclear ashes.

#prayin Image
(9/not sure)

The Appeal.

Dear NFTY @LilBabyApeClub

Please reach out to me, I would love to interview you. I am impartial and a fan of the artwork (whosever it is). I am also bald (not a skinhead in the way your detractors think).
(10/never ending story)

If you are on a bender and need to phone a friend hit me up. Been there done that. I'm a lifeline. There is still time to show up and finish what you started.

#everyoneneedssomeone #72hoursnosleep

So, this is the first time I have heard of a #nftcommunity adopting/rescuing a project in peril.

This is simply amazing and I am hoping it will work for the same of those who bought the dream. It might be a lifeline that works. @LBACofficial


It also might set the stage for a community to be able to “steal” a project.

Blockchain contracts are iron clad, that’s the point. While OS might be able to direct royalties to a new wallet, the underlying contract remains in place.

The new community…

The new community will have to be comfortable that their efforts may inadvertently enrich the NFTY(the creator).

The art is still dope and the community is clearly strong. You can check it out here -…

I am sure this is not the end of the story.

Two separate individuals have reached out to me claiming to be NFTY.

Just when I thought it could not get any stranger (and was convinced that NFTY was kidnapped.)

Will update when I know more. #ProbablyNothing
(15/More Info)

I knew there was more to the story.

Russian Mafia, Kidnapped devs (just a thought someone had in discord), Prior scams from the "Original Dev"...

I am telling you, this is a great podcast in the making.…
(16/Wow OS)
Wow what a move!

This is a move that I have never seen before and does call into question the power that @opensea has over the #NFTs Market.

OS removed the original website associated with the @LBACofficial project **AND** the original (and still active). Image
(17/hot mess)

The original website, I completely understand it is no longer active.

I am shocked that they took down the original @discord. I can only assume an OS employee visited the original discord and was so shocked by the unmoderated, disgusting porn, hot mess (literal)

of a server that they promptly vomited and removed it to save others the same torture.

Either way, I solute OS for doing the right thing this time. But I am wary, next time they could choose to eliminate something unfairly, or by committee.

More Later!
(Mind BLOWN)

This shit does not get any CRAZIER.

A cryptic message was just left on the @LilBabyApeClub twitter feed! It points to the @discord channel.

Someone should be able to back into the invite to discover who NFTY is!!!


In another move, the original creator has now updated the OS with the new discord!

I hear next there will be an update to the in question Meta data. @LBACofficial @LilBabyApeClub Image
(21/The Email Address)

It's tough to be completely anonymous. One of my followers sent the image below.

You can see NFTY's first name is Jonathon and that his reovery email address starts with

Nice work! Can't wait for whatever is next! Image

Someone asked if it upsets you that 1mm in $ETH was removed by the contract owner (NFTY).

No it does not. I am relieved. I am now a HODLer.

1) The community now owns the project
2) #nft are entrepreneurial. In this case NFTY the entrepreneur will earn $$$

3) The meta data will be updated to remove questionable content.
4) The FUD Storm is over and can't be recreated. Too many holders now.

I am working setting up an interview with NFTY. I hope I am that lucky.
(24/Floor Rising)

FOMO in #nfts is crazy nuts. If you actually stop to think about it for a minute. What USD amount gives you pause? $100, $500, $2000

But in #NFTs the emotion is so high; coupling art passion/identity with an investment. #LBAC now has a .2 $ETH ($847 USD)
(25/hours ago)

What a ride.

I feel like NFTY's tweet today and changing of the @opensea project data was amazing. #crypto is fast but #nfts literally lightening.

I am happy that NFTY grabbed the cash. It's easy to get inside his mind, its impossible to get in #Satoshi's.

NFTY (@LilBabyApeClub) is following @LBACofficial. The devil is in the details. Get to the why?

NFTY still benefits from the #LBAC succeeding. Handing off the community was genius. Image

In order for the community to succeed a “Union” was formed from the new discord breakaway.

They confirmed that NFTY’s wallet is no longer connected to transactions on @opensea (ironically OS is holding the royalties, not sure why or how long).

There is no pedantic video game to be built. No next #nft to be released. No staking of the $lbac coin.

Just a simple community of people who weathered a Cancel Culture Nuclear War and won.

The only debate is to which charity to donate potential royalties.

People love a good story.

People love the underdog comeback.

People love early, new, exclusive. Most #NFTs sell on the value of rarity.

#LBAC now has a place in #NFT history. The community is strong because of the shared struggle and shared victory.
(30/wen moon)


The wild swings in price from .02E to .9E and back are unique. Key points for continued acceleration:

1) Short Supply of 5K
2) Large Holder Base 2.9K or 58%
3) Most trading minters are gone
4) 0 to 3k Organic Discord
5) Chance at History

@LBACofficial #Nfts
(31/missing pieces)

I have been contacted by 3 people who have additional information into the backstory.

If you know anything about the Devs or NFTY please reach out to me.

NFTY if you are listening you know what to do...
(32/side drama)

More drama coming.

Putting together the backstory.

The "other" guys connections to failed/banned projects.

Founder wallet research... so much to uncover.

@ApeShocka thanks for your help.

@LBACofficial #uncover #nfthistory #whoisNFTY
(33/ Stolen Artwork)

Derivatives and Memes are pervasive in today's culture. Cut ans paste, save and duplicate are terms Monet and Manet did not know, however, they learned by copying the greats.

I was provided some artwork that is said to be the stolen work. Image
I was shocked and disappointed at first. Was I wrong?

Was I emotionally attached?

Then I really looked at it.

The "stolen" artwork by a Reditor called 66oo could have been an inspiration, it certainly wasn't a copy. It also wasn't the first time a baby ape was conceived. Image
As any meme or the countless "ape/frog/cat/dog/butt" #NFTs, their existence was inspired by something that came first.

Pick any industry and there are several people who have a similar idea at the same time. Could there be an iPhone with Alexander Bell?

You Judge

@LBACofficial Image

So many people have reached out with information. It’s near impossible to unpack it.

In some sense, I feel a little like the droids from @starwars, “these are not the droids you are looking for…”

But I come back to the same set of points. Something is fishy…

But it’s fishy on both sides. I have come to a new conclusion. Both groups knew each other.

I don’t know if it is a love connection or a biz deal gone bad.

I know if it was my shit stolen I would be ballistic, unforgiving and relentless.

But all parties been quiet
(38/now what)

Tomorrow, the non-OS #lbac project mints with the support of some #bayc members.

Will I mint, I don’t know.

I go back to the nuclear cancel storm and think WTF? Who benefits from that energy?

I think about inclusiveness of the new community, about phunks.


The double mint twins were a mainstay of Wriggleys chewing gum in the 80s.

Now double mint has a different meaning. As only time can, the story is being unraveled.

I am convinced that old/new & first/second know each other.

Could they be in cahoots? Love spat?
(40/To Steal)

In order to steal, I have to know something exists. The entire idea of passwords is based upon a shared secret.

Here the whole idea was shared. To create a project takes 3 distinct skills: artist, python, blockchain dev. (I know I’m working on a charity NFT.)

I believe this will be unearthed. I have a voice call today with 2 people. 1 claiming to have login to IPFS(the service that hosts image data) and another person close to the situation.

The chances of ultra similar domain names being registered 7 days apart is sus.

I will post more as I discover but I need your help and input. What do you think?

Does it matter? Is there a double mint? Did they date?

Next -> blockchain can’t lie.
(43/Regen Solution)

If the second project has the original art, why not use your python to #Regen a new set of random #nfts?

This would be way more proof than launching a copy!

This would solve any issues with @opensea

#facts #solved @LilBabyApeClub @LBACofficial #LBAC
(44/Double Rug?)

After some conversations (1 hour+ calls) I have come to the simple conclusion that neither project's founder cares about their community.

By #NFTY walking away he left the community to manage itself. No commitments, like a father walking away from his prodigy.

By #Kakashi, not WLing current owners in a gasless mint, he is excluding the current community.

By creating 10K #nfts he proves he has access to the underlying art. At a .03 mint price he stands 2.5x better than #NFTY.

A simple trade of the existing tokens (recognizing their and matching trait for trait their rarity) would be the best way to engage the community.

There is blockchain proof Kakashi left from prior projects. With no roadmap/community, this would suffer the same fate.

Well there are two #LBAC listed on OS now and 10,000 LBACs. You can follow their link here. The both have 5,000 apes (or so, one has 4999 and one has 5000)

3k Holders

954 Holders

Sometimes the smallest oversight can draw into questions the largest "perceived" facts. The image below shows two apes.

In one, the small island near the ear matches the color of the fur and in the other it is the color of the ear.

Generative art rules are absolute. Image

The rug is still out on these two projects. Some people have been outed. It is clear that some people were only after the Benjis.

The outcome, while still in play looks pretty one sided.

But, ultimately, whoever gets the Blue Check Wins! Image

I believe @opensea will let both projects exist.

They will require the 2nd project to rename and swap the logo and header (to prevent confusion).

Based on exp math only 3 to 5% of apes should match, at least 95% unique. @LilBabyApeClub1 @LBACofficial #LBAC

• • •

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