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Why do people invest in crypto?

Hypothesis 1) They really believe in tech (especially in bear market and when portfolios are red)

Hypothesis 2) They want to make profits.

Then there are 3 types of investors:

1) Those who when the market goes down, panic, sell and lose money. (usually they make losses)

2) Those who buy more to lower the average purchase price (usually they do well in the long run)

3) Those who invest $USD/ $Euro or their countries currency, buy cryptos like Solana and when the market goes down, buy #NFTs and take advantage of the FUD to accumulate good projects. (These are the ones that usually become millionaires)

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Want your first metazilla or another metazilla to help you on your way to the whale role? 👀
We can help!

1. Follow @Metazillas
2. Tag 3 Friends
3. Like & Retweet

24 Hours Giveaway!

GL Everyone! LFG 🦖

#metazillas #solananfts #nftcommunity #SolanaNFTs
Get ready! We are going to have big movements soon!

We are reviewing our tockenomics and creating a stacking system!

We are growing as our community needs and we will be buying bluechips again! To further enhance our LP!

If you don't want to check our giveaway luck, join our community and actively participate in the decision making in our DAO!

Reminder: if you are holder of 1 metazilla, you get 20 #NCLR per day, which you can exchange for $USTD in our LP.


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This is the #metaverse... A live rave happening right now in @decentraland for the upcoming @LightbulbmanNFT release by #BjarneMelgaard. Music from @feedelity @prins_thomas @mightbetwins #NFTdrop #rave #virtualevent #NFTCommunity
Oooo were trending guys thanks for the support x #Metaverse
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An idea:

- launch #NFTs collection
- buy luxurious restaurant with the funds
- make it private/vip club, upgrade it
- pay employees from royalty fees
- holders DON'T pay additionally except for the #NFT

Sounds like the @Flyfishclub, why?

A blueprint.

Thread 👇🧵
First, Cuz why not? There's huge room for vip/private clubs and luxury class services for the new wave of millionaires and billionaires, even just for the regular people to feel a good customer care and excellent atmosphere, a place to connect "with the 1%".

3/ Second, it will onboard more people to #NFTs and #crypto. Help another city and countries, or continents with coming of new fresh people who want and can travel and are curious of another cultures.
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Aww, Rats! is a #PolygonNFT project by creators, for creators.

Here's aww you need to know, explained in one cheesy thread🧵

🐀 About Aww, Rats!
🎨 Artwork
📊 Metadata
🕹️ Utility/dApps
🫂 Community
🧀 Benefits
🔗 Resources
🪙 How to buy

#Polygon #NFT #NFTCommunity #AwwRats

🎯Make #NFT education/creation fun & easy
🎯Have fun w/ our community thru cute art, games, & live streams

✅Creator-focused #Discord channels
#YouTube vids on art, smart contract dev, & ecosystem
✅Open Source
#Twitch every Mon/Wed
✅✅✅Cute art

🎯CelebRATe & empower artists
🎯Make our own art fun to collect

✅Invite artistic suggestions on #Twitch & draww them on stream
✅Closet dApp to accessorize your Rat
✅ANY artist can sell/distribute their art in our Closet dApp market
✅Custom 1/1 Rats
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‼️👇Read to the end!👇‼️

1/7 Here is what I am ready to offer to the first three collectors: if they buy 1 NFT I am ready to give them three more NFTs for free provided they place them on the secondary market at the original price of 333 $xtz and hodl one of their four NFTs.
2/7 Why do I have such special conditions only for the first three collectors? Simple math: so far, I have only 12 NFTs in my collection and I am ready to sell 3 of them according to this scheme. I repeat: each collector will receive a total of four NFTs, so: 12:4=3.
3/7 Why do I have only 12 artworks in my collection? Because they are not programmatically generated and I create each one manually. Each of my photo collages consists of an average of 20 images. I use high-resolution images to provide high quality of the final photo collages.
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I brag about my mum (@GerzhiMarina) and her art. And I'm 100% ok with that

+ she has more followers than I do, so I gotta leverage that (kidding)
+ she actually learned how to mint and to stuff with #NFT on her own

But jokes aside. It's storytime!
She has her own story to tell. You can read it here, and share if you feel like it.

Coz I really think this is something we all should remember: it's never too late.
But I do try to shill her work and tell her story in every single space I jump in for one simple reason:

As a single mum, she had to go through unimaginable things just to make a living for both of us.

And now it's my time to pay it back.

Although I don't have to.
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gm #NFTcommunity

🧵👇 [THREAD] The Best #NFT Alpha Tools

🧠 I'll present you the best #NFT tools used by leading #NFTcollectors like @CozomoMedici, to help you level up your NFT trading experience

▶️ Let's start with notification and whale tracking tools ⏰
@ninjalerts provides custom #NFT alerts and push notifications for any contract or wallet

🔸 Get alerted on minting, reveal, or when whales and influencers trade
🔸 See trends in real-time before others
🔸 A curated list of celebrities, whales and smart money wallets

@mobyinsights allows you to spot #NFT signals before anyone else

🔸 Real-time feeds for mints and sales
🔸 Wallet and popular mint alerts
🔸 Access historical collection data
🔸 Live graphs that update in real time
🔸 Receive alerts in Discord and by SMS

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People are asking why @SquishySquadNFT mooned. I would say it's because cute PFPs always have a place in the NFT space, but also because of the TEAM and its COMMUNITY.
Our Discord got hacked earlier this morning. Our team handled it so well and reimbursed the scammed victims their money quick. Everything was resolved fast.
Our community is *tight*. With 8888 supply but only 600 listed atm, and a 6.2K unique holder count, people are holding because our team has been providing results since launch. Our bots are constantly getting improved.
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RT & FOLLOW pour la force !

#NFT #NFTs #NFTCommunity #nftcollector #ETH #Ethereum #nftart
[ 1ère étape] : Il faut savoir que minter son NFT est le meilleur moyen de gagner de l’argent ! Acheter sur opensea est, dans les bons projets, déjà plus cher !
[ 2ème étape] : POST-MINT, si la HYPE est présente sur le discord, que les gérants sont présents, qu’il n’a a pas eu de problèmes au mint et que la roadmap est solide alors vous pouvez HOLD sinon FLIPPEZ !
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❤️, RT & FOLLOW pour des conseils tous les jours !
Chacun aura sa propre expérience, mais voilà mon parcours ! J’espère que ça vous aidera !
#NFT #NFTCommunity #Ethereum
[TRAVAIL] : J’ai beaucoup cherché après des vidéos YouTube, des conseils, etc pour démarrer ! Il faut absolument être débrouillard ! Les NFTS, au contraire des crypto monnaies et de la bourse classique, il est impossible de se créer des revenus passifs réguliers sans travailler !
[TEMPS] : Les NFTs fonctionnent par WL et pour obtenir une opportunité de minter en avant-première, il faut être actifs sur les discords, twitter, etc des projets ! Il faut également être disponible aux heures de lancement des projets car les bons projets peuvent SOLD OUT en 5min
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My name is Nima (He/His)!
A night and macro photographer on planet Earth with a passion for astronomy, science, and fighting with light pollution!

I want to explain 𝘄𝗵𝘆 𝗜 𝗮𝗺 𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲?
It's hard to talk about myself, but let's do it!


Due to my high interest in astronomy and always observing the night sky, I believe in this slogan which says, "𝗢𝗻𝗲 𝗣𝗲𝗼𝗽𝗹𝗲, 𝗢𝗻𝗲 𝗦𝗸𝘆"☄️

So I do my best to equal everything among people! To capture rare beauties and share them among people!

After getting to know the #web3 and #NFTs, I saw this goal is implied behind this new world!

So what is better than this opportunity to share every beautiful thing in the world?
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🧵1/ I need your help.

We fight for decentralization, we are building web 3, and what I’m going to tell you now shouldn’t happen to anybody.

Here my horror story:
Yesterday I invested a major part of my liquidity (1.5ETH) to buy an @alienfrens on @opensea

#NFT #NFTCommunity
2/ What I did was simply to buy a NFT, as most of us do everyday. No red flags or anything.

I select the piece, pay 1.5ETH for it and list it a few hours later for 2.9ETH.

In that moment little I know that the NFT has been previously stolen and sold to me by the thief.
3/ Out of the blue I get this warning on the NFT saying “Reported for suspicious activity”.

Suddenly, I can’t sell or transfer the NFT on OpenSea anymore.

Meanwhile, the price of the NFT @alienfrens (the OLU) goes up from 1.5 to 2.5ETH in just a few hours.
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🤡Clownphobia Midnight Club🤡
Project and membership explanation⬇️⬇️

First 20 buyers are Founding Members
Next buyers will be Ordinary Members
[Continue ⬇️]
As a Founding Member:
- you'll receive your Blue membership card
- every 500 sales you'll share 10% of total profit with others Founding Members.
[Continue ⬇️]
#NFTCommunity #NFT #NFTs #CPMC Image
As an Ordinary Member of the Clownphobia Midnight Club🤡:
- you'll receive your Red membership card
- every 100 sales you can win 2% of the profits of those 100 Clowns
[Continue ⬇️]
#NFTCommunity #NFT #NFTs #CPMC
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Welcome 2022! 🔥🔥🔥

My predictions, my money.

My best 5 alpha conviction trades, best risk vs returns vs diversity as a portfolio. Long diamond hands 💎💎💎

NFA DYOR, thread below 👇👇

Like, RT, Follow. Post your NFT, comment
#NFTCommunity #nftcollector #nftcollectors
1. @wolfdotgame P2E of the year. Wolves to 100 ETH, $WOOL to $10 as deflationary token. Heavy hitters involved @beaniemaxi @garyvee best developers, it will be a winner. Start to play now, still very early 🔥🔥🔥
2. @galaxy_eggs Scifi metaverse, great art @gal_barkan, great content, great team @mrbob_NFT, great community @NFTGiveawayGod @ArcanicNFT @SKaddage >50k active discord, Warriors for holders Jan 8th, it’s still early, loads to come. Buy & Hold 💎💎💎
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After reading this entire thread you won’t find a single reason to not get behind WAMPUM Token, but you’ll find every reason why you should!

All you need to know about WAMPUM Token moving forward.
#NFT #DeFi #NFTCommunity #wampumtoken #NFTs
The presale didn’t pan out but we’re moving ahead with all of WAMPUM’s projects as planned. Development on the Multichain NFT marketplace, NFT collection and exclusive realm are already underway!

#NFT #DeFi #NFTCommunity #wampumtoken #NFTs
Before showing you the undeniable reasons why you should join with us to make WAMPUM one of the fastest growing tokens in 2022 let’s talk about how we get to a successful launch
#NFT #DeFi #NFTCommunity #wampumtoken #NFTs
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Someone on #NFT spaces asked me about other ways threat actors can gain more user Intel without computer or phone.. Besides Christmas lights? Some toys that have bluetooth can be comprised and threat actors can use to spy or listen in on some conversations..

1. Fisher-Price Chatter bluetooth has no secure pairing process. Threat Actors can exploit this in an audio bug.
2. "My Friend Cayla" bluetooth also has similar issues.
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Hope everyone had a nice holiday #NFTartist.

Some have asked me a question over the weekend about how threat actors are able to bypass 2FA.

Man-in-the-Middle phishing toolkits:
Session Hijacking
User’s authentication cookies:
Files created inside a web browser once the user has logged into an account after the 2FA process was completed.
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1/ @harmonyprotocol approved 17 more proposals in December 2021 💙

🖼️NFT: @marscolonyio, IndieNFT, @EncryptoArt, Dapp Accred, @DefiKingdoms

💱Defi: @eywaprotocol, @HarmonyLauncher, @indexzoo, @kogecoin, @BringFinance

⛓️DAO: @OneKoreaDao, Ambassador DAO

& more ⬇️ Image
2/ Mars Colony @marscolonyio is a #P2E multi-planet colonization game starting from Mars, divided into 21000 tokenized plots of lands as #NFTs. The game also involves #DAO, #DeFi & NFT to empower users to grow their colony & earn.


#playtoearn Image
3/ IndieNFT bridge is an initiative by the ONE community to help small-scale NFT projects to kick start their operations using the new Harmony cross-chain NFT bridge.

If you are a #NFT creator or developer, this is your ideal launchpad.

Read more:… Image
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What makes NFT valuable?

Here are 3 Reasons why NFTs are so Valuable.

1. They are Non-Fungible
Once they are created on the blockchain (minted), you cannot recreate them.
They are not interchangeable.

#NFTCommunity #Crypto
2. They have a Verifiable record of ownership.
You don't even need to look far to see it, even before you purchase an NFT from marketplace like Opensea, you can go through the record of ownership and see all about the NFT.
You can see a list of everyone who's ever owned it, how much they bought it, how much they sold it and the time and date of all the transactions.
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Beginner Ai art primer - for those wishing to dig a bit deeper than the free/simple apps and services, heres a thread of information and tips. These are all my own opinion, others may differ :) #aiartcommunity #NFTCommunity #DigitalArtist #digitalartists #SoStoken
The two common approaches are clip guided diffusion and VQGan, there are many scripts variations on these where people have made their own bespoke script functions and methods. These are written in python. You will find most of these scripts hosted on github.
There are a few different discords but one of the best public ones is on EluetherAI #art channel. Do try and work things out for yourself but don't be afraid to ask questions, its a very friendly community.
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👋im Callas, I joined the nft space in October 21. I like to 👩‍🎓learn in public so expect to see plenty of tips and tutorials, as well as featured 🎨. Below are threads of useful information I have compiled #nftartist #NFTCommunity #digitalartists #SoStoken🆘🆘🆘
Its very easy to be caught out by scams, this article gives some helpful pointers…
Collectors etc by @DarrenSRS
Pricing by @CamibusNFT
Nft for noobs @alteredgenie
Wallet security by @jacksondame
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The @DegenTrashPanda #NFT project is using some of the latest #Solana #blockchain innovations in its game such as the Entangler & Raindrops protocol

Here's what you need to know about the X'mas❤️mini-game + the innovations this project is pioneering🧵👇#nftcommunity
People who minted DTPs before the pause would have noticed ❤️ traits with a # from 1 to 6 applied to their panda.

This was part of a minigame @pit_the_panda has created for X'mas. In typical Pit / Joker style, he kept us guessing on its objective.
The aim of the game was to reward those who held their pandas longest without moving or listing them. Every snapshot if they had not been moved the ❤️ # decreased, with the aim being to get to 1❤️

The lower the ❤️ #, the greater the chance for your Panda to get an X'mas outfit!
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Developing the ability to spot cash grab projects is more important than ever with the increasing # of projects on @Solana being launched every day.

I wrote this thread about @SolSoulsNFT as a case study in October. An update: 🧵👇
#nft #nftcommunity #eth
- Floor price crashed from 1 SOL to 0.09 SOL
- They released Halloween items but not much else
- Some community tried to support them but it has been a slow bleed
- Same team has launched @nova_launch to help ppl launch NFTs for a sizeable fee. Beware.
Updates from Sir Spooks a lot constantly promising more.

They walked away with 30,000 SOL ($4m at the time).

If they haven't 'hired, expanded or funded a DAO'... no way they are doing any of that now...
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