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Claim the map and your 5th NFT of the #StarknetJourney before Wednesday, June 21st at 07:59 am UTC.🚨

Remember that owning the Dynamic Map will unlock awaited financial opportunities for the Starknet Community, exclusively on Braavos. 💫

We don't want you to be left behind! 🚀 Image
To claim this NFT:

1. Visit
2. Follow the steps.
3. Claim ⚡

You will receive the Dynamiq Map if you don't already have it.

Your NFT will be showcased in your wallet's NFT Gallery, and your map will be updated within the next 60 minutes.
If you face an error message asking you to try again, no worry.

It is due to the network being quite congested. Indeed, everyone wants their map. 🗺

Be patient and just try again; we want you to be part of our future journey!
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How we got here? 🧵
I would like to share the @RIC_1111 story with you in this thread 👇

1/ It was the first serious lock down in 2021. Indeed, we received the stay home order from government...
#collectible #pfp #NFTCommunity
2/ I was working on one of my artworks behind the computer but my partner @MirzaNFT didn't have anything to do at home.
Meanwhile, was following news about @Snowden and @Stella_Assange (Julian) charges and their situation.
He got curious about laws, crimes and penalties..
3/ He saw a few documentaries about some ex prisoners and figured out how laws can be unfair and crucial.
Anyway, he got bored after just one day staying home.
I gave him the iPad and asked him to draw something for fun.
He searched and showed me this pic while... Image
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🎉 Step 3 of the #StarknetJourney campaign is here!

Participate in this exciting #NFTgiveaway and enhance your Dynamic Map NFT! 🗺

Your mission is to either swap any amount or add any amount to @mySwapxyz liquidity pool. 💰

Keep reading to know how to do it👇
#NFTCommunity Image
To claim your NFT, you will need to do the following between May 31st at 13:00 and June 7th at 12:59 pm:

1️⃣ Swap any token amount from your Braavos wallet or utilize the mySwap exchange function,
Or add any amount to one of these liquidity pools:
2️⃣ Visit

3️⃣ Share the tweet, claim your NFT, and enjoy the bonuses like #OG roles!

Note that the system will take ~10 minutes to validate your swap or deposit. Additionally, it takes between 1 to 2 hours for the NFT to appear in your wallet.
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💥 Mint NFT Harma Genesis has begun at this link below (that's how everyday and finally)…

Quantity: 333
Mint price: 0 eth
Deadline: until June 3

1/9 🧵
#NFT #NFTCommunity #Web3 #web3community
💥 Mint calmly, without haste, at a gas price acceptable to you, the serial number of the mint is not important at the moment, but everything can change 🤔

This is a long way of formation and development of both the NFT collection and the entire community as a whole.
💥 The NFT Harma Genesis collection itself…
#NFT #NFTCommunity
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1/8 🧵 Hey @LoveMonsterNFT community! We have some exciting news to share with you all. Big things are happening behind the scenes and we can't wait to reveal them to you. The Love Monster game is nearly ready to launch on @avax ♥️ Image
2/8 🎮 First things first, our Closed Alpha 3 is just days away! This means if you own a Love Monster #NFT you will be able to experience the Love Monster world before anyone else, helping us shape the game and the community in the best possible way. 🔍
3/8 ⏰ With the Closed Alpha 3 almost here, we're making strides towards our Public Beta Launch.
We're tightening the bolts and adding the finishing touches to make sure everything is perfect for the BIG day! Stay tuned, it's going live very, very soon! ⏰
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BRC-20 token: What's the buzz about?

Why has it taken the market by storm recently?

Could this be the next big thing in #crypto?

🧵 A thread:
#BRC20 #NFTCommunity
1/ Have you heard of the BRC-20 token?

It's a new experimental fungible token that's making waves in the crypto world.

Unlike other tokens created on #EVM Blockchain, the #BRC20 standard is quite simple.
2/ The token is built on top of the #Bitcoin #Blockchain network using Ordinals and Inscriptions.

Essentially, it's a JSON file implemented as a token contract, allowing users to create and transfer tokens.
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Currently working on a simple way to monetize this page without counting on the usual NFT collection and having to worry about its floor price.

I started this project with the goal of learning something new, sharing good content, and possibly making a little profit.
The NFT collections will come, will be cheap, and open to anyone, I'm not interested in pumping them.

Within this month, I should be able to define the first collection and maybe even prepare its mint.
Soon, if you like my content, you'll be able to buy me a coffee, if you like

I'll post the address in the bigger threads I make, and if what I do is appreciated, people can send donations.

I believe it's a healthy way to be rewarded for good content.
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A Thread:

Today let's talk a bit on why vintage posters are so valuable.

#nft #nftcommunity #vintage
Vintage posters are more than just a piece of paper, they are a window into the past. There have been several vintage poster sales that have fetched high prices, proving that these pieces of art still hold value.
The highest sale for a vintage poster was for the 1927 sci-fi classic movie Metropolis. It was designed by German artist Heinz Schulz-Neudamm.

In 2005 it was sold at auction for $690,000 – the highest price ever paid for a poster. Image
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Share To Earn is now Available! Incentivize your community and referrals to bring in more sales to your NFT Collection

Learn how to add it to your collection 🧵👇 Image
To start using Share to Earn, you must first have a deployed collection that is currently on public sale or is yet to be launched.

Create your NFT Collection here 👉
Go to your NiftyKit dashboard, find Share to Earn in the Apps section, and install it to your NFT collection.
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Social development is a critical aspect of a child's overall growth and well-being. It involves learning to interact with others, understand social norms, and develop relationships with family, friends, and peers. 👇 A thread. 🔥🍌 Image
1/🍌 Social development starts early on in a child's life, even before they start speaking. Babies as young as a few months old can recognize familiar faces and respond to social cues.
2/🍌 As children grow, they start to develop more complex social skills, such as turn-taking, sharing, and empathy. These skills are essential for building positive relationships and establishing a sense of belonging.
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Today I want to talk about environmental issues.

A thread

#NFT #nftCommunity #blockchain #GreenEnergy #environmental
Have you heard of the #Documerica project by the US Environmental Protection Agency (#EPA)? In the early 1970s, just after the birth of EPA and the environmental movement, the agency hired freelance photographers to record the state of the environment and efforts to improve it.
#Documerica ultimately collected tens of thousands of photos that serve as a visual baseline for comparing how our environment looked then with how it looks now and in the future. By 1974, Documerica had produced more than 81,000 photographs by more than 100 photographers.
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⚠️Collection in #tezos

"Mare Serenitatis"

8 pieces - see in the thread🧵

Description in the random text 👇

#MareSerenitatis #objkt #NFTCommunity #ArtificialIntelligence

Home page: "Mare Serenitatis"...
Mare Serenitatis #001

"The ocean of the soul, where the waves of thought caress the beach of being."

5/5 - 5 $XTZ

#MareSerenitatis #tezos #objkt #NFTCommunity #ArtificialIntelligence

🔗… Image
Mare Serenitatis #002

"The horizon of tranquility stretches out before you, inviting you to explore its depths."

3/3 - 5.5 $XTZ

#MareSerenitatis #tezos #objkt #NFTCommunity #ArtificialIntelligence

🔗… Image
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Women's rights.

Today we dive into one example of how a #poster can talk about social issues.

A thread: Image
In 1995, the Fourth World Conference on Women was held in Beijing. It was a historic event that brought together thousands of delegates from around the world to discuss gender equality and women’s rights. #Beijing95
The conference resulted in the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, a visionary agenda for the empowerment of women. It set out measures for national and international action in 12 critical areas of concern. #BeijingPlatformforAction
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Hello, posters lovers.
Today I want to talk a bit about the Belle Epoque, when modern posters originated.
The Belle Epoque, or “Beautiful Epoch,” was a period of French history that lasted from the late 19th century to the beginning of World War 1. This era was characterized by optimism, peace, and prosperity, and saw significant advancements in art, fashion, and technology.
One of the most notable artistic developments of the Belle Epoque was the rise of the fine-art advertising poster. During this time, several fine artists such as Pierre Bonnard, Edouard Vuillard, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec were attracted to poster design
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Happy Friday! 🐉

We wanted you to be the first to know that we just kicked off our Dragon Degens NFT collection!

Dragon Degens are super high-quality 3D art #NFTs, which we spent 1.5 years creating and will serve as brand ambassadors for @GonnaMakeItNFTs! 🎉

🧵 1/5
We are giving a Dragon Blood #airdrop (used to mint Dragon Degens) to everyone who has used #Opensea (similar to what we did with the $GMI airdrop), as well as holders of the top 40 most active collections. 🤌🏽

🧵 2/5 Image
For anyone you refer to the Dragon Degens #airdrop, you will get 50% of what they claim! Hurry and share your referral link, as we are giving a 500% bonus to the people who are early to reserve! 🤝

🧵 3/5
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in collaboration with:

With help from:

Live on @fxhash
4th April, 16 GMT / 17 CET
128 Ed | DA: 15➡️10➡️5
Raffling 10x AL! > RT + like + comment your address
(end at April 3rd)

#p5js #fxhash
Corroding Cubes, inspired by Isofolk and ISOMETRY collections, depicts the building and destruction in humans. We crafted corroded geometric shapes representing birth, growth, and decay. It showcases the impermanence of human achievement and the beauty in destruction. Image
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WEN Tokyo and the Future of the Metaverse 

Part I: #Frens

The term “metaverse” has become a ubiquitous, amorphous label applied to all forms of digital life. 

@punk6529 recently described the metaverse as the visualization layer for NFTs. But what does that mean?

2/ Any network of meaningful relationships mediated by the internet is the metaverse. 

Twitter is the metaverse. 

Discord is the metaverse. 

Your group chats are the metaverse.
3/ The threads that tie all of these divergent concepts together are humans and real, substantive relationships: the communication layer.

When we apply digital ownership to the communication layer, more durable networks form, and infrastructure for new relationships is created.
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It’s time for a MEGATHREAD to share some stats and facts from our New Year Eggs event! 🥚⚔️🥚

#NFTcommunity #TON_NFT_fam #NFTproject #web3 #NFTmarketplace
❓So, what exactly did we do❓

We sold a super cheap #NFTcollection & showed that even in a bear market, it’s totally possible to sell big and generate buzz.🤩
Every Egg sale contributed to the overall prize pool, which every participant had a chance to win. 🪙

We also showed that mixing a classic NFT collection with #gaming mechanics can create a lot of noise! ✊✋✌️
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If you own crypto or NFTs and don’t sell options, you might be leaving money on the table 💵

Decentralized Speculation is arriving on Feb 6th 2023👀

Below are 4 ways you can utilize selling NFT options to help you realize profitability

#Options #NFTFi #NFTcommunity

💎Options Can Generate Passive Income💎

Selling options contracts can be a great way to generate income for your portfolio.

By selling or creating options, you collect a premium when someone purchases your options contract.
💎Reduce Risk in Your Portfolio💎

Selling options can also help to reduce risk in your portfolio. When you sell an option, you're taking on the obligation to sell (or buy) an underlying asset at a specified price.

This can help to offset potential losses in other investments🧠
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more #cryptocurrency talk. it seems that there may be (another) #cryptocrash developing; there's been so many of them.

to reiterate my earlier point: the allure of #cryptocurrencies is instant #money in vast volumes, and that's why $BITC and @ETH have a million copycats.

#cryptocurrency (and the related #blockchain money-making gewgaw, the #NFT) are in a sense nothing new. there have been untold millions of #investment scams and #business tricks and other shifty clever ways that at least *pretend* they can guarantee an effortless #profit.

this is an artifact of the extreme #wealth inequality encouraged by #capitalism: once you've got a bunch of elite capitalists *hoarding* all the #money, that means you've got big enough piles to *steal*. all get-rich-quick schemes are ultimately acts of disguised _theft_.

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at some point, *someone* is going to have to investigate THE question of the age, which is...

...just *why* is @elonmusk as disastrous as he is?

why is #ElonMusk a phenomenon? how on Earth did practically everyone in corporate #media and #journalism fall for this man?

@mtaibbi or @lhfang might have inquired into this matter, at some hypothetical time in the past when they cared about #journalism rather than careerism and selling out to whoever offered the sparkliest vision of the future—maybe that time was *never*, truth be told.

what does it even mean to be a "real journalist"? how can that be defined? one can be tolerably certain, at any rate, that whatever @mtaibbi or @lhfang or @Timcast or @bariweiss ever *used* to be in the past—if that dream was ever noble, it's long ago dissolved into smoke.

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