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Everything you need to know about $POOP - and it’s 100x potential 💣💥

This is NOT your usual Shitcoin!

Learn about the significance of $POOP in the #Moonsama ecosystem.

#moonsama #exosama #pondsama #raresama #gromlins Image

💥 The history of $POOP

We have to start at the very beginning. One year ago the #Moonsama community started playing Minecraft once a week in a 2 hour session called #Carnage

Players got their recourses (wood, stone, gold, iron, wheat and more) gained exported as NFT's.

80% of all aRSS (alpha resources) gathered got shared proportional between all active players, leading to a fair and organic distribution.

Later on we used aWHEAT to craft aBAIT and used a lot of other aRSS to craft a Moonrod.

Then we went fishing for aFISH. Image
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Apecoin staking is on track to launch this fall! I've put together an @apecoin staking 101 so we can all be ready when it launches! This will be a long one so let's kick it off with a TL;DR 👇 @BoredApeYC #bayc #mayc Image
You can stake any amount of $ape in the ape-only pool or a capped amount in the BAYC, MAYC, or B/MAYC + BAKC pools. Your NFT will not be locked, just the staked $ape. You will want to stake your full cap within the first 91 days. You can claim accrued $ape at any time.
Overview 👁️
$Ape staking will occur over a 3-year period, distribute 17.5% of the total $ape supply, and will be different than most staking we've seen. Rather than "locking up" your NFT, you only lock up your staked $ape. Your NFT then acts as the key to your staked $ape.
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How do we solve the liquidity problem in the #securitytoken (STO) industry?

Let's do a short ramble thread on this🧵

Before #Uniswap, alot of #crypto projects were suffering from the same liquidity problem.

#btc #eth #blockchain #realestate #web3 #investing #sto #trading Image

So what did Uniswap do to help alleviate this issue?🤔

They used an Automated Market Maker (developed by #bancor) where any crypto project could create their own liquidity pools. Allowing those that couldnt afford to list on a big #exchange to make their #tokens tradable.

Pools attract liquidity by incentivizing people to provide liquidity.

In its basic form, liquidity providers add an equal value of the 2 #tokens in a pair, and then get a proportional passive % of all swap fees in that pair.

Incentives on top of that are also possible.
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Since my time starting in #nfts from almost over a full year ago I have learned a lot. Here are 20 valuable insights and hard truths that nobody will tell you. This will hopefully save you and your friends a lot of money in the future 🧵 👇 Image
1/ #WAGMI and #HODL are the biggest myths in #crypto - its statistically impossible for everyone to make it, and its an amazing tactic/psyops that #influencers, maxis and #whales use to get you to hold the bag as they exit Image
2/ You dont actually have to buy anything to be engaged and learn. When I started I had no money to trade but I'm a very observant person so I spent my first 2 months watching, taking notes, noticing patterns, learning from others, and paper trading Image
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#BAYC floor pump to 75Eth today. Is the liquidation risk on @BendDAO mitigated? Short answer: Yes, at least until Sep 6th.

Today, the most "risky" Ape is at 1.15 health factor, which is pretty healthy. The floor would have to dip below 70E for it to be liquidated.
However, with the new changes on @BendDAO, threshold would change to 80% on Sep 6th. What does it mean? My calculation as such:

On Sep 6th, if floor price of #BAYC stays strong at 75Eth, nothing will happen!

If floor drops to 73Eth, Ape #7819, #7473, #8435 and #9667 will be...
would be forced to sell. One of the Ape has a rare
Vietnam Era Helmet… So mark your calendar, you might get a cheap deal!

Let's continue. If however, floor drops to 70Eth again. There's gonna be another series of #BAYC liquidation on Sep 6th.
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【Bitwu热度| 从Bendao危机看行业风险和潜在机会】周末Bendao陷入流动危机,储备一度降至不到 15 WETH。#BAYC 被清算、NFT 市场死亡螺旋、NFT次贷危机等言论甚嚣尘上,本文详细讲解:


BendDAO 是第一个基于点对池的 NFT 流动性协议,


BendDAO 之所以出现清算危机,本质就是因为,在设置初始参数时低估了 NFT 在熊市中的流动性不足。

NFT进入熊市阶段,蓝筹价格持续下降,就会导致一种情况出现:你之前抵押了一个价值100E的NFT,从平台借出了40个ETH,结果一段时间后,你之前抵押的NFT市场价跌到了44ETH。 NFT 周交易量创历史新低(图源:Nansen)
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1/ 关于 #BendDAO 清算,我们到底该不该恐慌?网上各种蹭流量的自媒体声音并不统一,所以我花了一点时间整理了我的想法。先说结论:最大的风险就是未来的24小时 #BAYC 能够挺过难关。过了明天,风险化解的一大半。之后的8月30日又会有新的危机。以下详述:
2/ 截止今天,#BendDAO 只接受7款蓝筹JPG的抵押借贷,分别是:#bayc#punk#mayc#doodles#spacedoodle#clonex 以及 #azuki。项目已经跑了4个月了。本以为,Azuki价格腰斩只是个例,没想到流动性枯竭,现在谁也跑不了。
3/ 如果NFT资不抵债,极有可能造成类似 #Luna/#UST 的连环清算。然而目前看来,BendDAO的运行依然是健康的。根据目前的清算规则,出价必须高于地板价的95%,以及必须足够偿还全部债务。平台发不承担资金风险。
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A thread that covers @yugalabs's IP Ecosystem🧵 IP Ecosystem Map of Yuga Labs
1/ This is an IP Ecosystem Map of Yuga Labs🗺 IP Ecosystem Map of Yuga Labs as of Aug 2022
2/ Games are excluded since it was covered. In this map, we will highlight brands, creators, projects and artists that apply Yuga Labs' IP. They add social, utility, entertainment value to drive more audience onboard. Let's take a look at who they are👀

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I find it really interesting that #bayc holders are ambitiously trying to prove @ryder_ripps wrong so that they can regain some feeling of esteem that comes from following someone blindly and not having to question their authority.
What is going on here? anyone? #rrbayc
The modus operandi here seems to be:

1. You are making me look at this art, and I don't want to, because there is nothing there to analyse
2. Look what @ryder_ripps did, and let me analyse it (wrongly) by saying Ryder is just being blatantly racist.
3. Ryder should stop arting.
4. When u art, you force people to question what they are looking at, and that feels uncomfortable.
5. See, real racism is uncomfortable, why should @ryder_ripps be allowed to do it, why can't I love my monkey picture and believe it's not racist?

Ryder's completed a master move
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Why I am looking forward to the next few months of #NFT space:

1. Greater conversations will begin to happen about conceptual art

2. More people will be willing to test ideas for NFTs outside of trading monkey pics

3. Full wash out of over-influenced ape holders
People have been guided down the wrong path by poor UI and UX at places like @opensea, which has had an outsized effect on what people are willing to explore or investigate when it comes to art, finance and technology

NFTs have been presented to us as a click and buy technology
they've been used to support massive debt borrowing with people using their NFTs as collateral while they chase magnitudinal returns on cryptocurrency.

They've been conned into believing they have IP rights, when they don't. That's a separate process that an NFT does NOT GIVE u.
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You know…

I try to avoid talking about Yuga Labs, BAYC and racist iconography

I came into the space in May 2021 and BAYC was all the rage

I actually thought white folks were trolling - especially after two years of lockdowns marred with racial incidents throughout

But let me be very clear…

I AM a black man and I don’t give a flying fuck if people unfollow me for what I’m about to say

BAYC TRIGGERED me when I first came into the space: #ApeFollowApe was all the rage

I honestly thought “this can’t be happening in 2021”

See as Black people, most of us are very acutely aware the very strong racial history behind “simianisation”

“the disparaging comparison or likening of a member of a racial or ethnic minority group to an ape or monkey”

But of course #BAYC is just a PFP project, right?

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Some topics that I hope will be covered during the #STEPN Townhall:
* Ape Realm. The good & The bad
* DOOAR stats
* HP system
* @Jerry10240's tweet
* Some info on partnerships: @_p12_, @solanaspaces, LINE etc.
* Achievements & Badge system
* What's more?
Ape Realm. The good & The bad

* Potential lined up partnerships
* Explanation regarding the genesis sneaker use cases
* Some insights on the #BAYC airdrop. Did it hit the mark?
* Clarification on the on chain issue during launch ()
DOOAR stats

* Share some numbers regarding the #DEX cross chain. I'm reading in multiple conversations that #DOOAR is "the biggest on #Solana" etc.

Also: Is the frontend (linked by @coingecko…) to be used?

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Here’s a thread on how this guy uses the Opensea Flagging Policy to run a scheme that Franklin warned us about:


Stick around to post 15, as that's where I start connecting the dots.

This was bound to happen:


On July 14th, I traded with RickCaruso, aka Nico__2k (he changed his OS profile/Twitter name) to purchase a Koda for a Clone-x + Meebit + 7.75 ETH total ~ 28 ETH.

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The next era of Web3 licensing and monetization begins. @PureArtsLimited will produce high-end @BoredApeYC collectibles licensed from the community.

Casting call will be open Aug 3-10 to all BAYC holders. To enter, #BAYC members can read full details at
Reply to this Tweet with your #BAYC NFT to enter in the @PureArtsLimited community casting:
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45 days

1/ 昨日加息0.75%,符合市場預期所以爆升,原因係大家都認為美國之後唔會加1%,而且下一次加息時間係9/22號

2/ 昨日鮑sir之後都有講,如果數據唔理想,才會考慮大幅加息,我認為講係一定要咁講,理論上今次情況最應該要加1%,但並無做

3/ 因為 #crypto 世界裏面,45日算係一個好長的時間,45日足以可以令 #Bitcoin 升一倍,altcoin升2倍,可以稱得上歌舞升平
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Everything you need to know about creating an $NFT with exclusive membership as a utility 🤘

NFT memberships can segment fans bye their willingness to pay. For example, secondary collections can bring in new fans unwilling to pay for the primary collection (think #BAYC & #MAYC). 🦧

🧵2/5 Image
Creators earn more by limiting the middleman. The team keep most of the revenue they earn from the initial mint and also make additional revenue from royalties. #opensea only takes 2.5% ✅

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how to create a successful NFT
1. Choose your niche

The success of pfp initiatives is due on factors other than art.
It's not about foxes, bears, toads, apes, cats, or other animals.

It's about serving a specific demographic, about filling a specific gap in the market, and about evoking a specific mood.
ie. #bayc attracts a hypebeast-style audience of underground hipsters.
#coolcats appeals to the pure family fun crowd.
#cyberkongz succeeds with token rewards crowd: bananas equal money

Start ur prject by identifying the niche u are catering to and the emotion you want ppl to hv
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[#THREAD] Vos NFTs peuvent-ils disparaître ?

Spoiler : OUI

Mais pourquoi et comment ? 🧵

#Web3 #Solidity #NFT #Crypto #ETH #Ethereum #JavaScript

⬇️ Image
> Prélude

Rassurez-vous, le token en lui-même ne peut pas disparaître, il est ancré sur la blockchain (Vous pouvez vous le faire scam/voler mais ce n'est pas le sujet). ouf...


Si vous pensez que votre #JPEG lié à votre token est immuable... Là c'est parfois moins vrai.

Imaginez qu'un matin vous arriviez pour contempler votre beau #BAYC sur #OpenSea et là...

96 #ETH pour un carré noir !

Est-ce possible ? Comment ?


3/22 Image
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Summary @Stepnofficial #STEPN Monthly Townhall (SMT) 13/07/2022:
* Today's update (HP, sneaker enhancement, MB changes, R3 minting)
* Upcoming update
* What's next?
* Q2 profits
* #Web2 audience
* Ape realm
* How will this help R1 & R2?
* What with GST?
* Extra
Today's update:
* Health Points will address the issue of infinite life of #NFTs
* Update to be released soon
* Long term token sink
* Requirements for common & uncommon sneakers will be released soon. Rare & Epic sneaker will need +/- 1 payment yearly
Sneaker enhancement
* Sneakers used in enhancement will require a minimum of 3 mints before enhancing (also genesis and OGs)
* Low HP sneakers can be used as a burner sneaker for the enhancement (avoid repair need)
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How to increase your chance to find undervalued #NFT collections? Here is my top 7 NFT tools that will simplify your life and make you a profitable trader & My Tips and a Ready-To-Use Google Sheet for Risk Mitigation 🧵👇
Effectively using the whole list of tools doesn’t guarantee the fact that a collection will turn out to be bullshit, and you will lose money 🤢
Therefore, in addition to collection analytics, you need to take into account, among other things some core points: the value to the community, a roadmap, and the upside you can earn. Well, or you'll just turn into a collector, lol Image
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Observation on NFT communities:

Why the stupid hoops to jump through for everything?

It has become near impossible to stay on top of projects you are already involved with. Allowlist, free mints, airdrops, mints, registrations, dutch auctions, auctions. and all the things just to get to some "next" level of utopia, the promise of riches or (breathlessly) a game!
This makes it super hard for anyone but degens. Im all for gamification but this is as starting to look like a game for a games sake with ever the promise... much like the path to a Goldman Sachs partnership... endless carrot, lots of stick.
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Vous retrouverez ici mes threads sur les différents phénomènes crypto, NFT & P2E🌐

C'est l'opportunité pour vous de pouvoir découvrir le contenu que je propose.

N'hésitez pas à poser des questions et à partager si vous aimez 🙌 💟

Bonne lecture 🙏
[La liste de tout le CT Twitter FR 🇫🇷 par thème 🙌]

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#Gucci #Vuitton mais aussi #adidas ou #Nike , absolument toutes les marques se jettent sur ce nouveau marché.

Comment les #NFTs transforment-ils une industrie à 1380 milliards ? 👇
Alors que beaucoup considèrent les #NFT comme de simples images JPEG, 17 % des marques du #Vogue Business Index explorent diverses stratégies pour utiliser les NFT dans leur activité. Voyons ensemble comment ils vont changer l'industrie de la #mode .
Les NFT en tant qu'outil d'authentification assurent la traçabilité et l'originalité des produits sur le marché de la revente. Les faux produits de #luxe représentent 60 % du commerce mondial total de 4,5 milliards de dollars de produits contrefaits en 2019.
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Summary of the unofficial #STEPN AMA with @Mable_Jiang and @ktrainUSA_STEPN on 05/07/2022:
* R3 for everyone?
* R3 and older (#SOL & #BSC) realms
* Partnerships
* Genesis holders
* What is #StepN?
* #STEPN expenses
* Is #StepN is a ponzi?
* #GST & #GMT utility
* Q2
* No contract signed between @yugalabs & @Stepnofficial
* A goodwill effort from #StepN to try and be inclusive. Inspire more people to join.
* There'll be a requirement from #StepN towards #BAYC holders to share/tweet that they've claimed a sneaker and will join #StepN.
* There has been a discussion with several #BAYC holders and #StepN.
* #StepN has also been reaching out to several athletes which are also #BAYC holders to raise awareness about the upcoming realm.
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