Thread: T****'s and Meadows' reckless behavior toward others when T**** contracted Covid in late September 2020.

OMG I so want to use a .gif of the duly elected 46th POTUS saying this:…
Those of us who live in reality are not surprised to hear of the shenanigans in the T**** White House in late Sept and early Oct 2020.

What does surprise me is the stupidity of Mark Meadows. What an absolute eejit he is to voluntarily provide shenanigan details in his book.
Meadows revealed his own reckless misconduct and corruption as the WH Chief of Staff during that time. And nothing in his book is going to win the support of anyone who is already #NeverTrump (ie most of the country.) T****ers are gonna despise him, too. What a moron.
Dear Leader's swift & unusually short & calm denial is confirmation of the claim. Always is.

He assumes we don't know that: the type & timing of of Covid tests is all-important, properly repeating them was needed, & he was duty-bound to reveal it publicly. Dr Conley also erred.
Both Dr Sean Conley and Dr Ronny Jackson committed grave malpractice during the T*** years. So did every other licensed health provider with knowledge of the facts that were kept from the public.

MDs have a #DutyToWarn, and we have a right to know. At the time.
Congress must act to ensure this kind of medical secrecy concerning a sitting POTUS (or late stage candidate) is never allowed to happen again.

We recently learned 45 had a colonoscopy WITHOUT sedation because he didn't trust Pence to be acting POTUS for even a couple of hours.
Shame on every T**** Cabinet member, and Pence, for failing to use the 25th Amendment for its intended purpose: To protect the country from a medically compromised POTUS. And I don't mean only physical health.
They have shown that none of them can ever be trusted.

"When people show you who they are, believe them the first time."

For context, video of Maya Angelou saying it:…
IMO, everyone around T**** who knew of his cover-up from the day he first showed "cold symptoms" in Sept 2020 is partly responsible for the consequences that flowed from that reckless, selfish dishonesty.

He is an egregious coward. It's high time they were all held to account.
These entourage and Cabinet members enabled the direct spread of Covid by T**** at the time AND also the big lie and Jan 6.

On the evening of Jan 6 some NOW say they considered using 25A, and then they give their excuses. Pompeo is the worst one.
And Pence. My heavens, he is just as bad as T****. And I used to be a fan! I liked him more than T****.

The stupidity of these R politicians to indict themselves and act as if they can still be in politics after what they've done (and not done.)

We MUST take notice of this.
I am not seeing sufficient alarm and appropriate actions from those with the power to seek accountability on behalf of #WeThePeople so that America's guardrails are reinstalled with haste and thoroughness.

Voting Blue in 22 is a matter of life and death for millions of people.
The consequences of electing a unapologetic fascist in 2016 are deep & wide. America & allies will be counting the cost for decades.

I have grown to admire President Biden AND VP Harris. Even if I didn't, at this point anyone is safer in those roles than far right fascist Rs.

• • •

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28 Nov
Fauci is absolutely right, as usual. Omicron (and/or future variants) can *potentially* cause a new wave regardless of season, but they might not. We will have to wait and see.

I'm grateful for (qualified, decent) Covid scientists around the world. If interested, read on...
I've already seen the far right fascist maga talking points that Omicron was somehow deliberately "released" in order to distract from political issues in the US.


I hate to break it to them but at the moment Covid began this was all set in train, naturally.
This pandemic is a natural disaster. Even if Covid was somehow manmade, it still would have evolved into variants, which is an ongoing natural process.

Working together so that poorer countries can vaccinate their people would hamper this natural process of mutating variants.
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27 Nov
Been listening to this excellent song "All You Fascists." Here's a thread about a term in the lyrics:

"The people in this world are GETTING ORGANIZED."

The trade union movement's MO has traditionally focused on the concept of organization. It's closely tied to democracy.
The thread I linked above at the start of this one has more context about my current views on American democracy and why I left the T**** cult after the sore loser refused to accept the result of the 2020 Presidential election. (He somehow accepts all the other results, lol.)
Read the song lyrics here.

"Words and Music by Woody Guthrie, Derivative by Billy Bragg."

I was a Billy Bragg fan in the 1980s and kinda rediscovered him in the late 2000s. He's unapologetically left wing in his music.…
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24 Nov
Thread: Current #WaukeshaAttack death toll rises from 5 to 6.

The first 5 victims were all adults, the 6th is a child. I think seated, elderly spectators couldn't get away fast like others could.

My thoughts below on possible motives:…
The far right extremist GQP side are pushing a racist narrative bc the defendant is Black. They falsely accuse opponents of playing down this attack bc the defendant is not white.

As one of their opponents, I'm not playing it down one bit. As usual for me, regardless of race.
The attacks in Waukesha, WI and Parkland, FL have some things in common (and other things not in common!)

Both defendants might have been stopped if authorities were more "tough on crime."

Both defendants have known political views.

Both are obviously severely mentally ill.
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22 Nov
Always sad to see. (Screenshot shows what info was available at the time of my tweet; bc it often changes.)

Regardless of the who, what, how, when or why, I still recommend trying to avoid situations where a vehicle could hit you. The threat level continues to be very high.
Obviously, it's not practical to totally avoid being a pedestrian in a busy area. But participating in a parade like this one in Waukesha, WI today is not as safe as it was two years ago. And things won't improve enough for some time to come. No one knows how long it will take.
During the pandemic so far there have been multiple mass casualty or other dangerous situations around the world. The USA is not alone in this. But the USA has a further complication overlaying the pandemic: the significant and ongoing threat of civil unrest and related harm.
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15 Nov
Aside from obv irresponsible gun use, it's another example of this prosecutor's bad strategic calls. The facts of this case do not require such a demonstration. It risks putting some jurors off a conviction.

Either way, I predict rioting. Bc no one can call off rioters now...
There was a time, in recent years, where the instigators of #StochasticTerrorism eg Trump could've called off their self-sacrificing minions, but we have passed that point.

1/6 had a lot to do with it. A week prior, I predicted the riot & that he wdn't be able to call them off
What I didn't predict was the extent of the terrorist violence on 1/6, and that he would have no intention of using his powers as POTUS to forcibly bring the rioting to an end.

Others had to do that, and it took hours and hours to do.
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15 Nov
Thread: VP Kamala Harris low approval ratings

IMO Harris was the right choice for Biden's 2020 running mate. No other candidate had the name recognition and relatively low-scandal b/g. There were far too many primary candidates. Mostly tire kickers. I predicted he'd choose her.
It's super easy at this point for people to knock Harris, Biden or both. I see it as just noise. This time last year the US had two intensely crucial fights on its hands: The pandemic, and keeping the Republic.

The US still has those fights on its hands, & is still in the game.
FDR did a ton of things in office dealing with the Great Depression then WWII. Many of those things were deeply unpopular. But he kept going. Then Truman carried on doing what needed to be done.

Countless lives were saved.
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