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Thread: T****'s and Meadows' reckless behavior toward others when T**** contracted Covid in late September 2020.

OMG I so want to use a .gif of the duly elected 46th POTUS saying this:…
Those of us who live in reality are not surprised to hear of the shenanigans in the T**** White House in late Sept and early Oct 2020.

What does surprise me is the stupidity of Mark Meadows. What an absolute eejit he is to voluntarily provide shenanigan details in his book.
Meadows revealed his own reckless misconduct and corruption as the WH Chief of Staff during that time. And nothing in his book is going to win the support of anyone who is already #NeverTrump (ie most of the country.) T****ers are gonna despise him, too. What a moron.
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"Trump’s aggressive response to the #SupremeCourt vacancy, as compared to his dereliction regarding #COVID, reveals three fundamental qualities: his callousness and lack of care for others; his strong drive to dominate others; and his inability to deal... (1/7)
"... with complex problems that require a sustained focus. These traits are hallmarks of Psychopathic Personality Disorder, a severe and dangerous condition for which the president meets the diagnostic criteria... (2/7) #DutyToWarn #DutyToInform #UNFIT
"... A humane and comprehensive response to COVID would have required #empathy and a capacity to work diligently on complex issues. The absence of these qualities is deeply ingrained in his personality structure... (3/7) #WednesdayWisdom
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11 Ways Trump’s Condition Undermines Our Republic By Vince Greenwood, Ph.D. -- a thread:

#DutyToInform #DutyToWarn #UnfitToBePresident
1. Because of his greater than normal need for stimulation and impulsivity, disruptions to our government’s legal, financial, and administrative functions will accumulate.
2. In the exercise of his duties — at every choice point — power and dominance will prevail over others’ welfare. #DutyToInform
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#TrumpIsNotWell AND IT IS NO JOKE.

Vince Greenwood, Ph.D., explains why we all--media included--must start using the correct clinical diagnosis for Trump.

He has psychopathic personality disorder (PPD). And he is a danger to us all.

In Trump's case there is more than enough evidence to make an informed diagnosis: Read the full clinical assessment of Trump's psychopathic personality disorder (PPD) in this essay on #Medium by Vincent Greenwood, Ph.D. Follow @DutytoInform for more.…
Trump is a psychopath. He is promoting violence in America. Kellyanne acknowledges it helps him politically. The sick, evil minority that support him want to intimidate us and destroy our democracy. We must unite, organize, vote and defeat #TrumpTerrorism.
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Trump's ghostwriter @tonyschwartz now agrees with Dr. Vince Greenwood (@DutytoInform) that Trump is more than a conman or pathological liar or even a “malignant narcissist.” He's a clinically diagnosable psychopath. #DutyToInform #DutyToWarn #UNFIT…
This commercial will convince you that #psychopathy is heriditary.

Disgusting Don Jr. and Evil Eric display the pathological lying and gaslighting—and total lack of remorse—that’s now the hallmark of the Trump brand.

#TrumpTalksTrump by @ReallyAmerican1
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1. I have a suggestion for the #MSM. First question of each Trump public session:

"President Trump, do you solemnly swear or affirm that the facts you state here today related to #COVID19 pandemic shall be the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth? So help you God?"
2. Otherwise, nobody should watch these abominations unless @MSNBC @CNN & other networks are willing to start running a crawl under Trump warning viewers, "Facts stated have been proven objectively false & may have caused deaths for people to took them as true." #DutyToWarn @AP
3. NB: This is not a lame attempt at levity. It's an element of civil causes of action that will bury networks, their managers, directors, shareholders & sponsors when we finish burying our dead. Nobody gets a pass. Nobody gets #Nuremberg or 1st Am defense to mass murder. 😷
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Why does America need a movie to tell us "the obvious" about Donald Trump?

Find out in this thread...
1. Trump's personality disorder is well-known to mental health professionals ... but not to the public!
2. The majority of the public is not aware of how clearly Trump fits the diagnostic criteria. We teach them about the DSM and the term "Malignant Narcissist."
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It’s so embarrassing to me that we’re still letting Trump masquerade as our POTUS. 🙈 This is undoubtedly one of the most shameful travesties America has endured in its history.
Also I’m saying this after being doubly embarrassed for my state and my country during the GWB years. Even still I wasn’t perpetually nauseous then like I’ve been ever since November 2016.
Trump is viscerally disgraceful.
Did you know Trump is the first POTUS* since Calvin Coolidge to NOT hold a state dinner his entire first year in office?
The embarrassment is so profound that not even Trump’s WH staff wants to put him or themselves through more unforced debacles.
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