1/ If you want to hear a great discussion on the #LMHRstudy from my colleague,@DrNadolsky (who is most definitely pro-#LDL #Cholesterol lowering), I highly recommend this podcast that just dropped via @Plant_proof.

I'll add just a few quick thoughts...
2/ Firstly, this may be the most I've heard myself talked about in a podcast I wasn't in (😂 weird, but understandable given the context).

But while certainly critical in many respects, I felt both @DrNadolsky and @Plant_proof provided a lot of good context...
3/ @DrNadolsky bring up my oft-repeated phrase, "cautiously optimistic" [in the context of higher LDL/ApoB as a seemingly resulting from metabolic fat-adaption]

Worth repeating that mine is a hypothesis and should be treated as such, hence the "cautious" part of the phrase...
4/ Or to be a bit more explicit -- we may well find there is considerable increase in non-calcified plaque for these LMHRs and borderline LMHRs within this study. This is definitely something I consider possible, hence the intense interest to find out either way.
5/ @Plant_proof mentions people can also consider a more #plantbased #lowcarb approach as it tends to associate with lower LDL, and FWIW, I tweet and retweet on this often. (search #PlantBasedKeto in my history to find tweets like these: )
6/ I'm particularly proud of @DrNadolsky making the crucial case as to why we need to get this data from a pro-#LipidHypothesis perspective.

We're finally gathering data on the phenomenon in low carb that was debated long before I began this diet or began researching lipids.
7/ I did want to add a quick correction for my good friend, Spence -- the "gym hypothesis" hypothetical of converting lean folks to LMHRs isn't agnostic of the type of low carb (re M/PUFA), it's more about demonstrating the outcome as less likely genetic.
8/ Lastly, at the time of this recording, our #LMHRpaper wasn't out, but now it is -- and provides very interesting data around #LMHRs specifically.

• • •

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24 Nov
1/ One of the biggest challenges in discussing these tough topics is that it can sometimes have a greater polarization effect on those listening.

I want to reiterate (as I have many times) that I strongly appreciate @ethanjweiss and our many great conversations public & private
2/ Our last conversation on @chadinabhan’s podcast certainly stirred a lot of emotion, and in that sense, it was unusual given our typical rapport.

But regardless, I have and continue to hope we can move forward with a mutual interest toward cordial conversation.
3/ As a rule, I generally avoid criticizing behavior of others given it creates a standard of perpetual policing.

That said, I’d like to ask a personal favor. I’d love if there were less personal attacks on all sides— particularly to @ethanjweiss
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21 Nov
1/ I want to take a moment to have a back-and-forth exchange with @MichaelMindrum in a thread, and I’m just gonna keep it to us (Tweet setting) I’m confident we can keep it productive. 👍

First, I think we should get on the same page with where I’m coming from..
2/ I’m not just interested in high LDL for LMHRs. I’m interested in whether it’s meaningful to distinguish high LDL from what appears to be lipid metabolic dysregulation versus high LDL in the context of metabolic fat adaptation.
3/ Much of those following this account know this already from following my work, but often critics do not.

That’s why I’d love to specificity talk to a critic I like, such as yourself, and really unpack this so we can better narrow down where the real disagreements are.
Read 9 tweets
21 Nov
1/ this one minute clip was released by @chadinabhan an hour ago, and when I watched it I got a bit concerned that it takes a clip out of context and DMed Chadi about it.

He rightly pointed out my reaction was misplaced as this was strictly a teaser.
2/ However, this did provide me an opportunity to expand on the point, given I understand where @ethanjweiss would feel this was “meaningful”.

In our exchange from several months ago (too lazy to link), Ethan pressed as to whether I’d take a statin post heart attack…
3/ I said then (and I’ll say today) – I don’t know, but I feel it would be irresponsible for me to say one way or another.

But what came up in this podcast, is it would be meaningful to Ethan if I pointed out that post MI-research I’d see a scenario where I would.
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14 Nov
🚨🚨🚨BREAKING - $20k Analysis Effort🚨🚨🚨

Since my tweet last night, a donor has now come forward looking to fund 👉👉👉$20,000👈👈👈 toward this effort for publication!!! 🤯🤯🤯

Reaching out to any #DataScientist who is serious about making this happen.

(See next 👇)
👉👉👉 Here's our newly released post on this project: cholesterolcode.com/announcement-2…

If you're like me and feel this is waaaaay overdue, please help us find the Rockstar(s) who can make this a reality!
Hey #UnitedKingdom docs like @lowcarbGP and @DrScottMurray -- know anyone data scientists on #UKBiobank who'd be interested in this project? 👆👆👆
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3 Nov
1/ This is especially important timing.

As many of you know, we're conducting a study on #LMHRs (link later in thread) who not only have extremely high #LDL #Cholesterol, but many (likely most) have diets quite contrary to this advice by the @American_Heart.

Let's unpack...
2/ First, and most importantly, we do not know what the outcome of this prospective study is. So while I'll be outlining commonalities we observe with #LMHRs, this isn't an explicit endorsement of the diet nor any altered lipid levels as a result.

With that said...
3/ We have a lot of data between our standing survey, submissions to CholesterolCode.com, and CC and LMHR Facebook groups (7.7k and 7.5k members, respectively).

Diets are often:
1) Low to no fruits & veg
2) Low to no grains
3) High animal protein
4) Low in plant oils
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22 Oct
1/ 👉 "HDL Triglycerides"
or rather HDL-TG
-- As in, triglycerides onboard HDL particles

↗️ Highly associated with: total TG, glycerol, fatty liver index. ↘️Opposite w/ HDL-C/-P

And ofc 👉"Patients with carotid plaques also showed higher HDL-TG."...

2/ @josefagirona, @lluismasana et al conclude the abstract with:

"HDL-TG should be considered a biomarker of metabolic and cardiovascular risk and could be a marker of HDL dysfunction."

If I can offer a different hypothesis (again, consistent with the #LipidEnergyModel)...
3/ Consider these HDL particles with higher levels of triglycerides aren't really that unique.

They more likely a downstream result of metabolic dysfunction as opposed to a distinct species of particle.
Read 8 tweets

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