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1/ Respectful rebuttal 🧵:

I think you make valid points with regard to a diet community having bad actors that can reflect on it, @jerryteixeira -- but I'd push back that one has to tow the party line on high fat and/or high meat in #keto or get hammered.

Some examples...
2/ I myself have brought up #PlantBasedKeto many times over to raise awareness, even though I try to avoid the diet debates. But I've not suffered any repercussions from the keto community.

3/ is arguably the largest resource for #LowCarb diet, and in the last couple years have put out a great deal more material on higher protein with lower fat as a diet direction option. Many low carbers prefer this emphasis over higher fat as a %
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1/ Always honored to have your added opinions, @Lpa_Doc and I'll again mention I'm a tremendous fan of your work (and the #OxPL assay, btw)

The #LMHR phenotype is potentially providing a new window of investigation into lipid metabolism, but its high LDL risk level is unclear...
2/ ... Hence the importance of the #LMHRstudy (still recruiting, btw -- see for details)

In the mean time, we regularly and often emphasize everyone should work with their doctor and understand the guidelines recommend against high cholesterol...
3/ ... There are many like this pt who are in the unusual position of having a severe medical condition that appears to be uniquely resolved through a very carb restricted diet.

With respect, the patient didn't immediately refuse any form of treatment...
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1/ #ReminderThread -

One thing that still surprises me is when I'm tweeting or retweeting opinion, articles, etc that are generally pro #LDL #Cholesterol-lowering or LDL-as-problematic (such as recently) I get some pushback...
2/ If you've followed me a long time, you should know this is something I'm proactive about doing -- in fact, I'm more active at doing it now than ever.

If you've only heard the ⬆️LDL isn't-so-bad case, please hear out the mainstream case on how ⬆️LDL *is* bad...
3/ If you somehow hadn't already heard, I literally spearheaded a crowdfunding campaign for an IRB-approved study with longitudinal CCTAs to track plaque development

Why? Because we don't know what the risk levels are for this context. If we did, there'd be no need for the study
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1/ If you want to hear a great discussion on the #LMHRstudy from my colleague,@DrNadolsky (who is most definitely pro-#LDL #Cholesterol lowering), I highly recommend this podcast that just dropped via @Plant_proof.

I'll add just a few quick thoughts...
2/ Firstly, this may be the most I've heard myself talked about in a podcast I wasn't in (😂 weird, but understandable given the context).

But while certainly critical in many respects, I felt both @DrNadolsky and @Plant_proof provided a lot of good context...
3/ @DrNadolsky bring up my oft-repeated phrase, "cautiously optimistic" [in the context of higher LDL/ApoB as a seemingly resulting from metabolic fat-adaption]

Worth repeating that mine is a hypothesis and should be treated as such, hence the "cautious" part of the phrase...
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1/ Very cool experiment and thread by @ScepticalDoctor who did a more #PlantBasedKeto and saw low #LDL #Cholesterol given high MUFA/PUFA relative to sat fat, along with high fiber (which supports my prior thread)

If looking to keep LDL low, this might be worth considering...
2/ As per my various tweets before this one on the topic, and not to beat a dead horse, I feel it is too often "low carb vs plant based" is often assumed the latter *must* be high carb -- thus, "low carb, animal-based vs high carb, plant-based"

... This is a false dichotomy...
3/ There are definitely some of us who are, as I like to say, "cautiously optimistic" with regard to higher LDL as appears to be resulting from metabolic fat adaptation in the context of higher sat fat, lower MUFA/PUFA and low to no fiber. But this risk degree is uncertain...
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1/ Waking up to see the podcast hosted by @TheVeggieMD dropped with guests @ethanjweiss and @cadiulus.

I'm going to do a live listen thread here...
2/ DISCLAIMER: Yes, I usually avoid the diet debate, but I'll concede up front that I'm certainly pro-awareness of diet choices. I think it's unfortunate so few people know about #PlantBasedKeto if indeed they want to be both #Keto and #PlantBased, yet are unaware it is possible.
3/ Not saying I know it is definitely better or worse, or in what ways as we don't have long term data. But I do know people on it who -- for them -- it was the perfect match they were looking for, but genuinely didn't know it existed.

Now... on to the podcast...
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1/ Make no mistake -- this is a biggie. Props to @ethanjweiss, @cadiulus, and @TheVeggieMD for helping to make this possible.

While I personally land more on the animal product side of #Keto, I wish #PlantBasedKeto would get more attention as a choice many can explore...
2/ In @ethanjweiss's second bullet he states:

"We believe that eating all or mostly plant-based fats is not only possible but very possibly optimal for cardiovascular health."

Read: likely lower LDL-C/-P

It's worth taking a moment to unpack this further...
3/ I state often that I'm "cautiously optimistic" with regard to higher LDL when #Keto if it is for metabolic reasons, but as always, I don't claim certainty. For those who want to be #Keto, but would be more comfortable with lower LDL, this could be a viable alternative...
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