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Feb 16 9 tweets 7 min read
The vast majority of CT is misunderstanding the #Canadian situation. The simple fact is that the #convoys have nothing to do with #freedom or peaceful #protests.

First off: the #EmergenciesAct is not martial law and is not above the law.

The protesters are a fringe #rightwing #minority group, partly supported by the American #extreme right.

#Sabotaging the delivery of food and medical #supplies, blocking the movement of #international goods and services, holding up ambulances and firetrucks, preventing people from getting to #work - these are #criminal activities and not peaceful protests.
The majority of Canadians strongly #oppose the truckers, who are blocking border crossings and critical city infrastructure. The right-wing #media is supporting the protests by creating a false narrative.

85% of Canadians are #vaccinated, so support for #antivax causes is minimal. The effects of COVID are quickly #waning in Canada.

Most places in Canada are lifting #restrictions, so things are expected to be back to #normal soon.

All in all, it would appear that the stated objectives of the protests are completely misplaced. The cause was either a #smokescreen for the far right or it has been #hijacked by extremists.
I'm not an expert on Canada, and putting this together took me a couple of hours of searching and reading. I just had a gut feel about it before, but now I know that I am on the right side of this debate.
My unsolicited advice to CT: browse around, read a few articles or watch some videos and inform yourself instead of jumping to conclusions and making immature or extreme comments. You will feel better and so will everyone reading your tweets.

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Feb 16
Many #Americans are led to believe that there are only two sides to a question. This way of thinking goes back to the times before the civil war (1861-65), when the two major political parties had already formed.

In other western democracies, a plurality of parties is the norm: there are typically 3 or 4 major parties and a large number of others: Japan 3, Germany 3, UK 4, France 3, Italy 4.

Here is a list of political parties around the world: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_r…
False dichotomy leads to a polarization of views and gives rise to movements on the extreme left and right. How is it possible, that every federal election goes right down to the wire on a 50-50 split?

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Feb 10
Here is a hard question for #bitcoin maxis (and plebs):

Why will we end up with 21 million coins in the end?

You think this is easy? Let's see... 🧵 of 21 👇
1. We all know the easy answer: because in its first halving cycle, #bitcoin created 10.5 million coins (50 block subsidy coins * 210,000 blocks), and half that in the next, etc. After a number of cycles, we will have close to 21 million coins.

But I'm asking why, not how.
2. Let's dig in. #Satoshi was (partly) a coder, so he was obsessed with the powers of 2. Many generations of computers have been built on these powers: 8 / 16 / 32 and 64-bit computing and operating systems - to mention just the most obvious.
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Feb 7
#Bitcoin DPC Model - The Collection
It's about time someone collected all the relevant tweets...

🧵 of 7
2. Final implementation of original vision (30 Jan 2022):
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Feb 6
Building the DPC Model, Part IV
Adjusting the projection line to the diminishing effect of #bitcoin's halving cycle

🧵 of 11

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:
2. The final adjustment to the projection line takes care of the diminishing effect of the halving cycle. The impact of the halving cycle was discussed in Part II. Why is this effect decreasing, and when will it disappear?
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Feb 6
Building the DPC Model, Part III
Adjusting the projection line to #bitcoin's daily closing price
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Part I:
Part II:

Latest weekly model update:
DPC model background:
1. We have seen that the foundation of this model is the power law and the halving cycle. As these two components work with average values, they can sometimes be too slow to adjust to changing circumstances. Therefore, a third component is needed to add agility to the model.
2. The two charts above show the impact of this adjustment due to daily closing prices. The added gold line is the projection line for the base DPC model (power law + halving cycle). There are three essential differences between the base (gold) and adjusted (red) projections.
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Feb 6
Building the DPC Model, Part II
Modeling #bitcoin's block subsidy (miner reward) halving cycle

A continuation of

🧵 of 14
1. What is the halving cycle, and why is it important for the price of #bitcoin? Let's review this article again before we go any further: investopedia.com/bitcoin-halvin…
2. Each block includes a reward for the miner who successfully solves the block; this is called the block subsidy. Every 4 years or so (210,000 blocks of ~10 minutes = ~3.99 years), this block subsidy (miner reward) is cut in half programmatically.
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