@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry evidenced root cause failures leading to #Grenfell & 000s of unsafe buildings stems @GOVUK

Compounded by mercenary manufacturers gaming @GOVUK system, defective design & construction enforcers missed

Leaseholders should neither pay & be compensated in full 1/
@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK More over @GOVUK purpose built flat guidance stripped out the need for common fire alarms and lead to unchecked waking watch costs falling on residents

Not satisfied @GOVUK looks to industry to resolve this mess but compounding further with #EWS1 making homes worthless /2
@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK Now we see core rebel MPs & @LKPleasholders celebrating @GOVUK #buildingsafetybill which is riddled with issues, lacks secondary legislation or guidance & dependant of developers pledges to fix the #buildingsafetycrisis
@GOVUK has failed to enable the #firesafetyact /3
@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK Although insurance was touched on yesterday, there’s still no pursuit @GOVUK of warranty providers, manufacturers, test houses or certifying bodies

Nor is there adequate consideration of the impact on local authority housing providers and leaseholders hit with sec 20 charges /4
@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK We still don’t know the extent of the #buildingsafetycrisis or location of all dangerous buildings - it’s left to housing providers + industry to self-assess & make safe

What of the ones that slip through the cracks - look at #Ledbury near 50yrs post #RonnanPointDisaster
@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK What of #Hackitt/ pipe dream of building safety cases & golden thread =huge administrative burdens on building operators & trickle down costs to families

Will buildings be any safer or are we simply enabling future prosecution & cost recovery vs getting families safe at home /6
@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK @scotgov & @WelshGovernment adopting a more measured approach: state backed building safety assessments + incremental improvement in safety standards building on past overhauls of building & fire safety legislation in Scotland or Welsh adoption of #firesuppression /7
@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK @scotgov @WelshGovernment @GOVUK should be leading by example, ensuring harmonisation across the UK regions & building upon European & international standardisation.

What are European & international counter parts doing post #grenfell or the adoption of best practices or tested technologies /8
@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK @scotgov @WelshGovernment Why is @GOVUK intent of using the same gov advisors who created this mess to determine solutions

Why is @GOVUK holding negotiations with developers without necessary public transparency

Why are we rolling out the fixes but lack the detail before @grenfellinquiry concludes /9
@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK @scotgov @WelshGovernment Near 5yrs post #grenfell we have seen the lobbyists at work & more recently in Scotland trying to slip in concession via the back door

A cottage industry gearing up competency training & building safety case services delivery

What are we missing in all the noise of who pays /10
@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK @scotgov @WelshGovernment Yesterday wasn’t a win Tory rebels or @LKPleasehold might have us believe

@GOVUK is shutting down viable solutions & forcing everyone to adopt another defective bill just as they did with #FireSafety

Will all this prevent #Grenfell2 in the interim or future - I hold my breath!
@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK @scotgov @WelshGovernment Supplemental @GOVUK has yet to rid our built environment of asbestos

Because they allowed a long sunset period asbestos is assumed to@be present in buildings before 2000

@GOVUK pressed to comity to asbestos removal within 40yrs is staggering.
@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK @scotgov @WelshGovernment ⚠️ Breaking News

Appears to be a fire in a high-rise under remediation in #Luton

Reports of one fatality, number of occupants and attending police officers hospitalised

Reminder we cannot be complacent until all dangerous high rise are fully remediated


• • •

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Not the first time to comment on the dangers of ethanol burners - and the dangers of refuelling

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Note what looks like polystyrene being added to make the Molotovs more potent - acting like a plasticiser or home made napalm.

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#Ukraine is winning the hearts and minds of a world 🇺🇦💙💛
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The conflict has to stop before more children are killed, injured or traumatised

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