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Списання вийшло з-під контролю: Росія зняла зі зберігання Т-54
Команда CIT отримала фотографії потяга, який везе військову техніку з Далекого Сходу. Ми ідентифікували їх як радянські середні танки сімейства Т-54/55: в одному ешелоні були і Т-54, і танки, які могли бути пізніми Т-54 або Т-55 (див. ілюстрацію).
Як стало відомо, нещодавно цей ешелон вирушив з Арсеньєва Приморського краю, де розташована 1295-та центральна база резерву і зберігання танків.
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🧵 1/6

Since we’ve started our #YouTube channel, our goal with it was to provide a big library of quality video for everything #MultiversX ! $EGLD

🧵 2/6

Our next step is clear: increasing our consistency and volume.

But in order to properly do that, we first need to start making our YouTube journey self-sustainable, so we can move to the next exciting part. 🔥
🧵 3/6

We’re looking at ways to do that!

And as our first step, we’re excited to announce we have enabled the Membership feature on our YouTube channel, which will allow our viewers, you guys, to sponsor the channel ▾…
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💰 Zahlreiche #YouTuber, die sich vordergründig mit Finanzthemen beschäftigen, knüpfen an gängige #Verschwörungstheorie​n an und schüren Ängste. Eine #Faktenfuchs🦊-#Recherche zeigt: Dahinter steckt laut Experten ein Geschäftsmodell. Wie das funktioniert? 🧵 Ein #Thread (1/10)
💰 Auf den ersten Blick wirken diese #YouTube-Kanäle, als würden sie sich mit #Wirtschaft​sthemen befassen, Finanz- und Investitionstipps geben. Viele Kanalbeschreibungen geben auch genau das an. (2/10)

#Faktenfuchs 🦊 #Thread 🧵 #Recherche #YouTuber
💰 Tatsächlich aber greifen die #YouTuber auch gängige #Verschwörungstheorie​n auf. Mit falschen oder unbelegten Behauptungen schüren sie Ängste. Etwa dass Bargeld abgeschafft oder Hauseigentümer enteignet werden sollen. (3/10)

#Faktenfuchs 🦊 #Thread 🧵 #Recherche
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Social media platform companies are reeling from an onslaught of regulatory efforts by all the major governments in the world.
In the United States, the Supreme Court heard arguments this term, in a case that will decide the responsibility of social media companies for the content shown and recommended to users on their platforms.
Platforms are protected from legal liability for that content that users post. So, one cannot sue Facebook for a defamatory article that their rival posted on the platform. The outcome of this case will be crucial in deciding the legal responsibilities of companies.
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Ya estamos en vivo en #FB y #YouTube. Hoy ⬇

📌UIF revela las operaciones financieras del entramado de #GarcíaLuna

📝Saldos del viejo régimen: Saiht Noé Catalán Díaz, el modus operandi del narcoestado

📝Noticias internacionales con @Hector_Badillo

Al menos 8 personas murieron y otras más quedaron heridas en un tiroteo en #Hamburgo, #Alemania, dentro de un centro religioso de #TestigosdeJehová. Las autoridades alemanas confirmaron que el cuerpo del asesino se encuentra entre los fallecidos
La mayor central nuclear de Europa, ubicada en, Zaporiyia, #Ucrania, ha vuelto a ser bombardeada ayer y hoy, generando cortes de electricidad y agua. El ataque constante podría generar un desastre nuclear que ha prendido las alarmas en Europa
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The power to create reality lies in the STORIES we tell.

With major media outlets increasingly controlled or unaccessible to many, it's more important than ever to take control of the narrative.

Here's why storytelling is essential for #SBCWorks:
a twitter thread 🧵
Non-professionals telling their personal stories.

#Digitalstorytelling videos give ordinary citizens the power to shape reality with their narratives.

Their charm is in their authenticity and originality: homemade videos are intentionally subjective.

Smartphones with cameras and social media platforms like #YouTube/ #Instagram have made it easier than ever to share your unique perspective with the world.

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"En México es muy importante, no solamente combatir el #neoliberalismo a partir de esta estigmatización de lo público, sino a partir de la reorganización lo más profunda posible de los organismos de inteligencia y la creación de un servicio de inteligencia..."
...altamente profesional especializado y que incorpore la cultura democrática de inteligencia para sus funciones y para el desarrollo de sus actividades": Dr. Retana Yarto

Entrevista en #ContralíneaTV por #FB y #YouTube
Estas estructuras criminales siguen ahí, no se han desarticulado, están al acecho, el dr. Retana explicó que ahora no tienen el acceso al primer círculo del #PoderEjecutivo como lo tuvieron anteriormente pero los podemos ver actuantes e impunes todavía...
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Ya estamos en vivo en #FB y #YouTube. Hoy ⬇

📌Fideicomisos de la @SCJN, @CJF_Mx y @TEPJF_informa superan los 35 mil millones

📝El narco-Estado de @FelipeCalderon

#ContralineaTV Aquí 👇👉
De 2006 a 2012 dos entidades del gobierno federal suscribieron 10 contratos con empresas involucradas en el entramado #GarcíaLuna por un monto total de 316 millones 675 mil 995 dólares. Ninguno de esos contratos fue sometido a licitación alguna
De 2012 a 2018 tres entidades del gobierno federal suscribieron 19 contratos por un total de 410,101,358.51 dólares y 363, 866,666.60 pesos con empresas involucradas en el entramado #GarcíaLuna
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Ya estamos en vivo en #FB y #YouTube. Hoy ⬇

📝México carece de política de Estado para combatir feminicidios con @AnaYeliPGa, asesora jurídica del @OCNF

📝Mujeres: discriminación desde la academia y la ciencia con la maestra Thalía Abarca

Aquí 👇
"Más de 20 mil millones de pesos que tiene el #PoderJudicial en este cochinito, ya sabemos que los fideicomisos son muy opacos, que les posibilita que los presupuestos que no se gastan y que deberían regresar a la tesorería de la federación...
...cada terminó de ejercicio fiscal se los queden y los metan a este fideicomiso que acaba propiciando un gran dispendio": @nancy_contra
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#TikTok ist Krebs... anscheinend geht gerade eine "Challenge" rum, Vorstellungen des Films #Creed3 bis zum Abbruch zu stören. Bundesweit berichten Kinos von schwerster Randale bis hin zu Krawallen, die ein Einschreiten der Polizei nötig machen. /MS…
Nun haben Jugendkrawalle eine Tradition bis mindestens in die 50er ("Halbstarkenkrawalle") und die englische Wikipedia führt gar eine Liste an historischen Internet-"Challenges"... /MS…
Dennoch muss sich #TikTok - wie zuvor auch #YouTube und andere Plattformen, man erinnere sich z.B. an "Happy Slapping", "Tide Pod Challenge" und andere fragwürdige virale Aktionen - der Frage stellen: wird auf der Plattform genug moderiert? /MS
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With #RaisinaDialogue2023 kickstarting in a few hours, follow this thread for Day 1 agenda!

For more:…

@orfonline @MEAIndia

#RaisinaDialogue2023 | We are delighted to have Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) and H.E. Ms. Giorgia Meloni (@GiorgiaMeloni) inaugurate #Raisina2023.

For more:…

@orfonline @MEAIndia @PMOIndia
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This week on my #podcast, I read #Twiddler, a recent @Medium column in which I delve more deeply into #enshittification, and how it is a pathology of digital platforms, distinct from the rent-seeking of the analog world that preceded it:… 1/ A mandala made from a knob and button-covered control panel.
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Enshittification, you'll recall, is the lifecycle of the online platform: first, the platform allocates #surpluses to end-users; then, once users are locked in, those surpluses are taken away and given to business-customers. 3/
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#Dow plastered #Singapore with ads for a sneaker #recycling program, promising to turn shoes into playground tracks. But the shoes it collected in "recycling" bins got dumped illegally in #Indonesia. This isn't strange: it's how nearly *all* plastic recycling *always* worked. 1/ A woman kneeling to tie her running shoe. She stands on a ba
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Plastic recycling's origin story starts in 1973, when #Exxon's scientists concluded that plastic recycling would never, ever be cost-effective (#ExxonKnew about this, too). 3/
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Tools for video📽️ analysis

Basic online tools to help you use information from videos more effectively in your #osint investigations:

- text extraction
- deepfake detection
- instant identification of key frames
- metadata view

and more.

Often investigators have to deal with videos that are posted on various sites. Download them to your computer using these services:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok:
Vimeo and others:

For slow and thoughtful viewing of YouTube videos frame by frame, these services are handy:

And any online video editor can be used for frame-by-frame analysis of the video file:

Veed, Canva, Clipchamp, Kapwing etc

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1-Demek ki #youtube’dan yapılan yayınlar da en az geleneksel medya kadar etkili oluyor. Kanalımda günlerdir değindiğim iddialara yönetenler cevap verdi. Ha!… Doğrudur değildir bilemem, ancak gündemden düşürülmemesi gereken konulardı. ++
2- Tolga Şardan’ın gündeme getirdiği, Soylu’nun askerin sahaya çıkmasına engel olduğu iddiasını cuma günü ısrarla sormuştuk. @TC_icisleri “ yok oyle bir şey” dedi. Sakarya’da tarikata yerleştirilen depremzede çocuklar için @tcailesosyal de “yok öyle bir şey” dedi.++
3- Adıyaman’da yıkılan #isias otelin sahibi @tugvaTR
Ahmet Bozkurt’un dosyasında gizlilik oldugu söyleniyordu. Bakanlar “ona da gizlilik yok” dedi. ++
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Kakatiya Dynasty Family Tree - Only Sovereign Independent #Telugu Dynasty in the timeline of #Indian #History which ruled over what is present day #Telangana #AndhraPradesh & parts of #Karnataka & #Odisha between 1163 AD-1323 AD
@HiHyderabad #kakatiya
A detailed thread 🧵
Consider supporting my work by watching companion video on my #youtube channel and also consider subscribing to my channel.

#KakatiyaDynasty #Kakatiya #indianhistory #telangana #AndhraPradesh
If you are finding it difficult to read the chart, kindly load the image in 4K by clicking 3 dots on top right corner of your screen.

You can also find the high resolution version available on my reddit.…
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Attention, #YouTube fans! If you're not already following MrBeast, it's time to catch up. With over 135m subscribers & billions of views. Here are some of the reasons why @MrBeast is number one & why he's here to stay. #mrbeast $QUACK
🧵👇 Image Source: RollingStone
1/10: "@MrBeast's videos are consistently entertaining and engaging. From insane stunts to heartwarming philanthropy, his content keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. He's a master of storytelling and knows how to connect with his audience." $QUACK
2/10: "MrBeast's marketing skills are also top-notch. He knows how to create buzz and get people talking about his videos. Whether it's giving away millions of dollars or breaking world records, he's a master at leveraging social media & viral trends to maximize reach." $QUACK
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DemocracyNow! (@democracynow):

NOTE THIS: an interview I believe has been now removed from #YouTube

from 15 February

Reporter Seymour Hersh on “How America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline”: Exclusive TV Interview

video ~34:05…
consortium News (@Consortiumnews):

from 20 February

this (article) is where I find told that the DN! (above tweet) Sy Hersh interview on Nord Stream. has been removed...

PATRICK LAWRENCE: Totalized Censorship…

Il Fatto Quotidiano (@fattoquotidiano):


from 20 February

Seymour Hersh: “American journalism is having a very rough time right now”

Interview by Stefainia Maurizi (@SMaurizi)…
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👨‍💼"Meet Neil Mohan: YouTube's New Captain"


1) Susan Wojcicki, the present CEO of YouTube, resigns from her position.

2) Neil Mohan joined Google in 2008 & was the chief product officer at YouTube before taking over CEO position.

#youtubeceo #NeilMohan #YouTube
3) Mohan's contribution has been crucial in the introduction of several major YouTube products

a) YouTube Premium
b) YouTube Music
c) YouTube Kids - the app designed for children
d) YouTube TV - the live television streaming service
e) YouTube Shorts
4) From 2008 to 2015, prior to joining the YouTube team, Mohan headed the display and video advertising business of the firm.

During his tenure, he oversaw the advertising product offerings on YouTube, Google Display Network, AdSense, AdMob, and the DoubleClick ad tech products.
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Seeking #Youtube expertise:

Around 2014, Youtube pages served Javascript with a variable #PAGE_BUILD_TIMESTAMP.

I'ld like to understand the purpose of this variable and how+where exactly its value was set.

(to prevent bias, I won't publicly share urls to the videos)
Any suggestions @dutch_osintguy?
Any suggestions @danielverlaan?
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Una chica acusa a @auronplay de ********
Claudia Galera, nació el 29 de diciembre del 1998.
Estos son todos sus @ que tiene o tenía.

@ xkaysua
@ KlauConxdemixta
@ killedByDeath__

@ kissedbydeath_
@ xKay.mua
@ Killedbydeath__

Confirmamos que Claudia era menor de edad en aquella época ( 2013)
DNI, última letra del apellido acaba por A, ella se apellida "Galera", como hemos podido encontrar en diversas publicaciones.
(maquilladora) ImageImageImage
Si que es verdad que se relacionaba con gente mayor que ella, siempre ha sido así desde hace tiempo.
Sus amigas, en 2013, muchas mayores de edad como @ misfitstormer, que gracias a sus historias se puede saber que es mayor que Claudia.
O @ gingernyx (Del 1993) ImageImageImage
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Starting a ketogenic diet? Ease into it. It's more comfortable and practical for most people to go slow, especially if you're on certain meds that affect blood pressure or blood sugar. 🧵(1/5)
Some of you are going to want to go fast and restrict carbs low right away. That's just more of your style. Just know that sustaining this big behavioral change can be easier to maintain when you give yourself a few weeks to get used to what you are doing. (2/5)
Regardless, it's important to set yourself up for success by working with someone who knows you and can help you figure out the best approach for your lifestyle, personality, and likes and dislikes when implementing a #ketogenic diet for #mentalillness. (3/5)
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Israeli political and economic columnist Doron Peskin said that according to the data he received, 14 facilities in Iran had been attacked.
These are UAV factories, IRGC headquarters, Qods Force headquarters and other industrial facilities that possibly serve Iran's defense industry. The attacks were carried out using UAVs.


The IDF's special operation in the cities of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) against Iranian terror infrastructure continues.
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3.3M views for this video by @EuromaidanPress:

"American 🇺🇸 infantry fighting vehicles M2 Bradley are spotted in Poland 🇵🇱 [...] toward the Ukrainian border 🇺🇦. "

TRUE ✅ or FALSE ❌? Investigate! 🧵👇 1/...

#Verification 🎥
#GeoLocation 🌍
@EuromaidanPress The exact location of the video is difficult to find due to the limited visual elements in the background. 😢

But it's admittedly plausible that the video was shot in Poland. How do we know this? 👇2/...
@EuromaidanPress On the locomotive we read PKP Cargo 🟨, which is the largest rail freight carrier in Poland 🇵🇱.

We find a picture of a PKP-locomotive with the same serial number ST44-1232 🟥.

The road sign in the video 🟩 corresponds to the Polish W9 sign for train signals. 3/...
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