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Here are the details of the dogfight over #Kherson yesterday that resulted in downing of a Su-35 of the 23rd Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Eastern Military District of the #Russian Federation

The #Ukrainian MiG-29 covered a group of our Su-25 attack aircraft that attacked
#Russian troops in #Kherson region. As a result of a joint air raid, a company-tactical group of the Russian army with equipment and manpower was destroyed. Soon, a Russian Su-35 fighter took off from the #Crimean #Belbek airfield to intercept the #Ukrainian attack aircraft.
In the ensuing dogfight, the #Ukrainian pilot won. Intercepted radio traffic indicates that the #Russian pilot ejected. An explosion could be heard shortly after, confirming the kill.

Russian losses on the South front for the last 24 hrs are: 63 personnel, 19 units of enemy
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After failing to take #Kiyv, #Sumy and #Chernihiv, the #Russians quickly realized their mistakes, made the right conclusions, and concentrated all their forces on #Donbass.
In other areas they switched to defense, continuing to tie our forces and preventing us from transferring
reserves to the East. Now #Lukashenko has also moved his puppet army to the border with #Ukraine for the same purpose.

Unfortunately, but with brutal honesty, the army and the population were poorly prepared (many decided that the war was almost over), and let their guard down,
reassured of talk of a counteroffensive and Western equipment.

We will have to taste the bitterness of defeats, get rid of euphoria, work on our mistakes - to find the right, fast, effective solutions that will mobilize the forces needed to fight the #Russians,
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Day 92 of #Russia's war in #Ukraine

Now 110 Russian Battalion Tactical Groups operating in #Ukraine, most in the south of #Ukraine, per a senior US defense official

"We assess that #Russia has made some incremental gains...still is fighting for control of the town of #Lyman"
"We blv that #Russia|n forces have been able to seize most of northeastern #Sievierodonetsk" per a senior US defense official
"No major changes" around #Kharkiv, per a senior US defense official

#Russia|n forces still within about 10km of the Russian border
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The following will be hard to read. However, it needs to be read, and retweeted to kingdom come, so the #Russians never get away with it, and no one ever forgets, @OlafScholz

Hold tight, as this will be difficult.

The #Russians are purposefully exterminating the
female population in #Kherson region. Women simply disappear and are not found in most cases. It has come to the point that some women and girls delete pages from social media in order not to become the next victim. What follows is always rape, torture and death.
Some girls and women deliberately do not use cosmetics and dress in old and ugly clothes not to attract #Russian attention. Pedophilia also thrives. People are afraid to leave children unattended both on the street and in the yards. Girls are usually the victims, but boys are not
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The situation on the Eastern front:

The #Russians are actively advancing in several directions at once. #ZSU repulsed enemy attacks in the areas of #Ustinivka, #Kamyshevakh, #Lypove, #Nahirne, #Krasnohorivka, #Kamyanka, #Avdiivka, #Pisky and #Zolota #Nyva.
The #Russians attack simultaneously in the direction of #Severodonetsk, #Bakhmut, #Avdiivka, #Novopavlivka and #Lyman.

Glory to #Ukraine ✊🏻🇺🇦
An update regarding the Eastern front:

The #Russians brought in BTG of the 45th Artillery Brigade towards #Izyum. 2 units of 203-mm high-power weapon 2C7 Pion and 2 self-propelled 240-mm mortar 2C4 Tulpan. In addition, between #Burluk and #Shypuvate, a Tochka-U battery was noted
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While we're waiting to see if the #Russians in #Kherson grew a pair and are actually looking for a fight, some new information about Aleksandr #Kobets whom we've met before, a traitor and collaborator appointed by the #Russians as the mayor of the city of #Kherson.

Let's begin.
#Kobets Alexandr Yuryevich was born on September 27, 1959 in #Kherson, registered in #Kyiv on Obolonskaya St. Kobets was a former #KGB officer, and from 1991 an employee of the #SBU.
In the 90s, Alexandr oversaw "economic" issues, in particular, the operation of an oil refinery
in #Kherson. In the early 2000s, #Kobets was transferred to the head office of the #SBU.

In 2006, Kobets was registered as an employee of the #Kyiv company Ukragrokhimpromholding, which traded in ammonia. It was founded in #Ukraine by the #Russian A. Bessonov, who in the USSR
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Thread: 25 May 2022: Day 91 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Head of RT, Margarita Simonyan, says "Either this [war in #Ukraine] ends badly for all humanity, or we win. There's no third option." #Russians to celebrate this "brave new world" where their children can't study in the West: "you ought to be rejoicing".
Difficult to feel sorry for Yevgeny Primakov, but heading up a "Russian soft power" organisation is a tough gig right now
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Fransız ve İtalyan enerji devleri ENGIE ve ENI Rusya'dan aldıkları gazı ruble ile ödemeyi kabul ettiler. ENGIE'nin %33'ü Fransız devletine, ENI'nin %30'u İtalyan devletine ait. Yani özel(!) şirketler vasıtasıyla Avrupa kendi koyduğu ambargoyu deliyor.
Oysa Avrupa Komisyonu'na göre Rus para biriminde hesap açmak yaptırımların ihlalidir ve Brüksel tarafından cezai işlemlere yol açar. Yani Avrupalılar Putin'i soykırım dahil her türlü insanlık suçu ile itham ederken Rusya'dan gaz almak için GazpromBank'ta ruble hesabı açıyorlar.
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A story:

The traitor Kirill #Stremousov took his family to temporarily occupied #Crimea. He himself hid for several days in #Donetsk region. However, his curators did not allow him to sit in relative silence for a long time - the need to create the appearance of activity
is more important than the life of another clown. Therefore, he was forced to return to #Kherson. He was vacationing in #Crimea at Tsar's Beach. This is a beach in Blue Bay near Cape Kapchyk, which belongs to the village of #Novyy #Svet. Novyy Svet, which belongs to the Sudak
territorial community, is located quite far from the territories controlled by #Ukraine. It takes about two hours by car to reach the #Kerch Bridge, in case the traitor's family has to "evacuate". However, #Stremousov did not manage to stay with his family in #Crimea for long -
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Good morning.

"Billy" is to be released from the infirmary today. A little haggard, but it'll pass. Somehow, despite there's being a war on, he managed to score a cigar. No idea how that happened.

In the South, the #Russians continue hiding behind artillery and mortar shelling
of civilians as well as our positions. The #Russians are building a reserve line of defense, realizing the inevitability of retreat. In the first half of yesterday, our positions were attacked from Mi-24 helicopters. There are no losses. The #Russians lost 20+ military personnel,
several armored and automotive vehicles. In the temporarily occupied territories of #Kherson and #Zaporizhia regions, the #Russians created nineteen so-called "commandant's offices" to strengthen control over the occupied population.

It became known who in #Melitopol is behind
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No checkpoints, no trenches: General Marchenko spoke about the first days of the defense of #Mykolayiv. According to the major general, from the beginning of the invasion, panic reigned in the city, people expected that the #Russians will take the city just as they took #Kherson.
However, the military managed to organize the defenses. According to the military, there was panic in #Mykolaiv, and there was no interaction between the authorities. On February 25th, Marchenko was driving down the street and saw a resident of the house taking off the #Ukrainian
flag. When the military asked him why he was doing this, he replied: "That's it, #Kherson fell, everyone understands, there are many of them, there are few of us, we are next, we must prepare." To this, the general said that #Mykolaiv would resist.
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1/ Map Update #UkraineMap #Russian, launched an offensive to storm different small cities in the " #Severodonetsk direction, russian enemy fired on the positions of the Defense Forces along the entire line of contact with mortars and artillery, concentrating efforts in the... /
2/ direction of the settlements of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. #Russian enemy conducted offensive and assault operations in the areas of Oskolonivka, Purdivka, Shchedryshcheve and Smolyaninove. The offensive was repulsed, russian enemy suffered losses and was forced to .../
3/ retreat to the old positions." Gen Staff Morning report 22 Mai 2022

Note. #Russians seems to have focused their main battle as for now on the #Popasna area but r "stuck" here simply because of the #Borova small river on one side and the #Yerik river and swamps/forest .../
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Good morning,

Eventful, with a healthy dose of action. Billy got nicked, but nothing life threatening, he should be alright in a few days. They have more IR now, which we were expecting to start happening for some time.
The #Russians shelled #Mykolaiv with extreme prejudice. Rockets from #Crimea, artillery and MLRS from #Kherson and #Oleshky. Cluster munitions, crazy stuff. At the same time they are showing no signs of an offensive, they're digging in and reinforcing their lines,
and given the terrain here, I'm getting strong going over the top vibes which I don't like one bit.

Also,there may have been some confusion among some of our readers about what exactly it is we do. We're not grunts, not for years. We do the other stuff. #Kherson and #Zaporizhia
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#Oskil Update - it appears that rumors of #Ukrainian forces still at the Oskil Dam were true & in the last 2 days retreated S and rejoined the main #Ukrainian front lines. #Russia sources posted this video today of the dam, along with info saying that #UAF left recently to the S.
#Russians also claimed that retreating #Ukrainian troops planted explosives in the dam prior to retreating. However, based on the damage to the entire dam structure, it appears to have been under heavy shelling for days. This is the more likely cause. The dam is now stuck open.
#Russian sources posted this info along with complaints that they were unable to trap the #Ukrainian troops or capture the dam intact. #UAF held the dam area for two weeks with #RUAF on 3 sides. They have now retreated S probably towards the Donets River on foot.
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Despite the general stalemate in the South, a steady buzz of activity all along the front. The #Russians are preparing for a drawn out conflict. Our reconnaissance has identified that the Russians have mined important axes, including the #Tavriisk - #Beryslav crossing.
The #Russians started dumping large amounts of water at the #Nova #Kakhovka dam - as a result, the embankment and city park are flooded. Under threat of flooding - the surrounding villages and #Kherson itself.

A personal note - its getting harder to raid #Russian fortifications
The residents of #Kamyanka-#Dniprovska report that yesterday the #Russians took out 10 trucks with 30 tonnes of grain each. According to the residents of the village of #Mala #Bilozerka, the same happened there. #Russia continues to blockade the ports, preventing grain export.
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GM 🗡️

Resistance News:

E. Sobolev, a traitor and collaborator introduced in an earlier episode, was put in charge of #Kherson's correctional facilities. Then his slimy tentacles got a hold of #Darivka (see previous report). He was promoted yet again, and is now operating in
#Snihurivka, where he took over Penal Colony #5. Current inmates will be resettled in correctional facilities in #Kherson region. Personal files of inmates are being studied for opportunities to recruit collaborators. The #Russians are removing lumber and construction materials
from colony #5 to fortify their positions in the region. Wood-processing takes place at a shop located on the territory of penal colony #90, near #Stepanivka, where the #Russians use forced labour.

To be continued.

#Ukraine #Russia #WarCrimes
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The story of #Darivka penal colony-hospital #10 in #Kherson.

As we know, E. Sobolev, a traitor we've mentioned before, now controls all the correctional institutions in #Kherson region.

Since he took over, all medications kept at the hospital were taken away for resale.
The medical management of #Darivka stopped communicating. Whatever happened to all the medications also happened to most of the medical equipment in the facility - gone. At the same time, the seriously ill and bedridden prisoners were left in the hospital.
Some were transferred to the “pit”. Their fate, like those of the seriously ill, will be decided on June 1st.

The original commandant of #Darivka, A. Gusarev, refused to cooperate with the #Russians, and most of the staff followed his example.
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1 /so....
"In the Severodonetsk direction, russian enemy carried out assault operations in the area of ​​the settlement of #Nizhne, without success." Gen Staff 18 Mai 2022
Seems that few things are not going the right way for #Russians in this area of #Nizhnie #Ukraine
2/ Well I guess when you see some topo maps it's self explanatory :
3/ et la topo couleur qui permet encore plus facilement d'appréhender le relief.
#UkraineMap #ukrainemap #Ukraine #UkraineUnderAttaсk
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1/ Map Update #UkraineMap #Russian, launched an offensive to totally take the city of #Dovhenke
so the city is partly still under #Ukrainians control
General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine / 18 May 2022
#Ukraine #UkraineWar #ukrainemap #UkraineUnderAttaсk Image
2/ here too we can understand with the topo map i show on the previous tweet how #Russians are "blocked" par this ridiculosly small city... and by geographical natural barriers as small rivers or valleys under hills controlled by ukrainians.
reminder : this is the village : Image
3/ Also you have to rember that when they entered the area almost a month ago with a staggering 22 BTGs this was how it looks.
(22 avril 2022 after 2 weeks of major offensive)
so.. eventually of course #Dovhenke #Довгеньке will "fall" but no major "blow".
& Russ have major losts Image
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#Melitopol is becoming as inhospitable for the #Russians as Venus:

According to sources in Melitopol, two grenades exploded and a firefight broke out in the area of the district administration building and the green polyclinic, where the #Russian commandant's office is
located. Bursts of semi-automatic weapons could be heard in the area of ​​Schmidt St. Now the area is blocked off by the #Russians.

Glory to #Ukraine ✊🏻🇺🇦
Furthermore earlier in the day, the partisans of #Melitopol damaged a #Russian armored train. The charges went off under a wagon with military personnel. As a result, the track was damaged, the counting of the dead and wounded is in progress. Welcome to Hell.

#UkraineResists ✊🏻
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GM. It was a good night 🗡️

This is our new pad. Cleaner than the last one. Not sure what this used to be beforehand, but we have technical water. It'll do for now. A good vantage point and not very conspicuous. What's more, I couldn't find it on satellite images.

In other news,
in occupied #Melitopol, infightings in the ranks of collaborators - they fight over spheres of influence and power. Some people get arrested, others are released, and round and round it goes.

Lists of #Russian collaborators are being compiled in occupied #Melitopol and
#Kherson. Partisan activity and targeted combat-utilization of #Russian soldiers, high-ranking officers, traitors and collaborators will continue. The Resistance has many eyes, and nothing the Russians do goes unnoticed, in both #Kherson and #Melitopol.
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More horrors from the occupied territories. Buckle up

The #Russians continue to terrorize in the occupied territories. They rob enterprises, destroy #Ukrainian symbols, organize repressions and kidnap people. Some of them are released after being tortured and abused, nothing is
nothing is known about fate of others. The leader of the #Crimean #Tatar people and People's Deputy Mustafa Dzhemilev said that the abducted #Ukrainian activists from #Zaporizhzhia and #Kherson regions, who were taken to #Crimea, were ransomed by the #Russians for dollars.
The most difficult part is getting them out. Traditional #Russian corruption saves the day: we manage to "buy out" some of the hostages. The price starts at $250 and up, depending on who you negotiate with. It's not possible with everyone. First you need to negotiate, you need to
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Thread: 16 May 2022: Day 82 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Israel denies the reports that it had agreed to send Blue Spear anti-ship missiles to #Ukraine via Estonia…
#France's President Macron has ideas about how to approach #Russia that were self-evidently dangerous to European security half-a-decade ago.
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It's the time of the season.

In other news, there are no news. The frontline remains frozen, and other than artillery duels and nighttime harassment of enemy lines nothing's going on. The reason remains the same - as much as I love the steppes, it's

Glory to #Ukraine 🇺🇦✊🏻
bad terrain to wage a war. Kicking the #Russians out of #Kherson region will cost lots of blood, toil, tears and sweat, even with NATO guns and tech on the battlefield. Russia is retreating from #Kharkiv to reinforce their push in the South and Donbass. They have about 7 BTGs
on the Mykolayiv-Kherson contact line, but these have been degraded, often down to 50%, so any push before they're up to 75-80% is unlikely. Both parties are digging in and fortifying their positions before the major offensive / counteroffensive. The situation is different in
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