@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ Well articulated 💐👏👏🙏.
Besides must not forget that #Judiciary a huge stumbling block in Government’s resolve to pursue reformative governance. As @vijayadar Ji pointed earlier in his thread, quite worrying to see Judiciary putting impediments in the Government’s working.
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar Reforms in #Judiciary must engage Government & the Judiciary. The #Judiciary too will need to ponder and work ceaselessly in delivery of justice fair and prompt. Justice should not be only done but should be “seen too” to have been done. Huge gap witnessed in that direction.
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar Hope the time has come when we witness wisdom dawning on #Judiciary to start the process of reforming #Judiciary. Let half measures turn into full measures - “Next CJI's Plan To Carve Out Five-Judge Constitutional Bench Is A Half-Measure” swarajyamag.com/ideas/next-cji… via @SwarajyaMag
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar @SwarajyaMag #JustPonder
How important and essential is the component of accountability in the delivery of justice by the three pillars of a democracy - the #Executive, the #Legislature and the #Judiciary. Can the society afford to have a #Judiciary which is not accountable & transparent ?
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar @SwarajyaMag The #Judiciary will need to introspect deep, mitigate and root out all the humps and handicaps in piling up of cases for decades & decades awaiting judgements and justice. An upright, transparent & accountable #Judiciary will find a cascading effect on the performance of police.
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar @SwarajyaMag Will do immense good to Judiciary, if the present men in command at the Judiciary voluntarily discard the #Collegium system. Is not the process of “Judges Selecting Judges” a continuation of colonial legacy, besides very much autocratic in letter and spirit ???
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar @SwarajyaMag Never heard a Prime Minister selecting his successor, or a President selecting a Presudent. Does the #Collegium system not simply warrant an immediate burial than a review ? It is atrocious to have a system where judges are appointed & transferred only by the judges. Not done.
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar @SwarajyaMag The #Collegium system presently in vogue has evolved not by an Act of Parliament or by a Constitutional provision, but has been incubated & hatched by the MiLords at the helm in Supreme Court itself. Sup Court Collegium is headed by CJI & comprises 4 other senior most SC judges.
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar @SwarajyaMag Same true of High Court Collegium. How shoddy and unethical and immoral is the practice of names recommended for the appointment by High Court Collegium sent to Government only after approval by CJI & Sup Court Collegium ??? Thus Government is bound to mandate the appointments.
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar @SwarajyaMag We must have to weigh the reasons for and against the #Collegium system.
Has the #Collegium System really democratised d appointment of Judges by improving the appointment process & strengthening the judicial system ?
Has the #Collegium system actually maintained transparency ?
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar @SwarajyaMag Or has the #Collegium system engaged untiringly in securing the sovereignty and solidarity of Indian nation and bringing to book all those fissiparous faces and agencies who are indulging in clandestine agenda in breaking the country by collaborating with India’s enemies ?
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar @SwarajyaMag Nor has the #Collegium System helped in reducing the piled up cases lying unattended in courts for decades & decades. Leave aside helping in securing & establishing rule of law. An irony, CJI’s opinion not binding on Executive, but Executive can depart from CJI’s views in …….
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar @SwarajyaMag .. in exceptional cases only and that too subject to #JudicialReview. Yet another follow up from #Collegium conveyed that consultation of of Executive meant concurrence and CJI’s opinion enjoys supremacy, thereby binding on the Government. In short #CJI enjoyed powers seamless.
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar @SwarajyaMag What a shame the Sup Court upheld the primacy of the #Collegium by striking down #NJAC law(99th constitutional amendment to replace Collegium), in short Sup Court declared d #Collegium as part of the Constitution’s basic structure, meaning it was beyond constitutional amendment.
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar @SwarajyaMag Well with an insight into the working of the #Collegium & its evolution, you are better placed to see for yourself d immediate & urgent necessity to not just divorce, but discard the ill-conceived & badly formed #Collegium system, which has in no way helped in justice delivery.🙏

• • •

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Behind every warm handshake from #China is a clandestinely crafted plot of subversion. Read more here about the deals hidden from our eyes 👉🏻: cnn.com/2022/07/23/pol…
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#RussiaUkraineConflict Looks Prez Putin will stop carrying out further operations, once d immediate goals set, are met. Eastern #Ukraine may fall within d areas of extended influence of Russia while no operations may be carried in the Western Ukraine, thus securing gas pipelines. Image
#RussiaUkraineConflict has inflicted huge blow to rabble rouser West & #NATO. Putin committed in securing one of d important objectives of d operations, that is d #NordStream offshore natural gas pipelines, running under Baltic Sea from Vyborg Russia to Greifswald North Germany. Image
Holding Kiev, one of the oldest & most populous city & the capital of Ukraine close to Russia is important for Putin. Kiev/Kyiv is home to many high-tech industries besides an important scientific, educational and cultural centre in Eastern Europe.
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Dec 10, 2021
Kerala film director Ali Akbar reveals he was victim of sexual abuse at madrasa. After 40 years he opened his mouth to narrate the horrible abuse he had to suffer at the Madrassa after he confided in one Kerala journalist Rajeena. Both being threatened now.
All this he revealed about five years back and when asked about speaking now, he said because of the fear from his religion, he could not muster courage to speak earlier. He also revealed that many of his friends spoke to him to have suffered similar abuses in Madrasas.
Ali Akbar had spoken all this in a
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Very unpleasant serious accidents, CDC Bipin Rawat, many Army Officials & others injured in the #MI17 Crash (in a residential area near #Conoor) on way to Defence College. Casualties not ruled out. Prayers. Injured being rushed to hospitals.
Prayers Prayers 🙏
Reports suggest 3 persons have been injured. CDC BipinRawat has been shifted to hospital. The chopper crashed at a terrain not accessible normally for ambulances and fire trucks. A very serious crash. Rescue operations in progress. Image
Reports suggesting very bad news as regards casualties. Only only prayers and the blessings of Divine may help. We pray CDC and all others are safe. How sad, the chopper was just 10 Kms away from landing place.
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