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#DelhiHighCourt judges, Justice Jasmeet Singh and Justice Vikas Mahajan, are still holding court at 10 PM to hear urgent cases during summer vacations.

This is the second time the two judges have held court till late night this week. On Monday, they heard cases past 9:30 PM. Image
While sitting in the division bench, the two judges heard a total of 32 cases.

Justice Singh has 76 cases listed before him in the single bench, whereas Justice Mahajan has 62 cases before him.

#DelhiHighCourt #SummerVacations #Law #Lawyers #Judiciary
Justice Jasmeet Singh has risen at 10:20 PM.

Justice Mahajan is still holding court.

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Playing the Fiddle with Matt Gaetz and the DOJ

A thread by Shawn Bradley Witzemann (TMI) aka The Free Range Journalist

#Oathkeepers #J6 #Weaponization #Judiciary #SexTrafficking Image
Camper Trailer, Missouri — Florida Representative Matt Gaetz had much to say on Thursday evening in a Twitter Space hosted by an Australian multi-millionaire named Nawfal who lives in Dubai.
Out of an apparent abundance of what some might say is an excess of privilege, Gaetz placed his blessed acumen on full display in front of approximately a half million people by referring to the OathKeepers as “idiots” who were “literally trying to overthrow the government.”
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[Swearing-In Ceremony]

Judicial Officer Dharmesh Sharma will shortly swear-in as an additional judge of Delhi High Court.

Oath to be administered by Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma.

#DelhiHighCourt #Judiciary Image
The ceremony will take place in court room 1 (Chief Justice’s Court) at 10 AM in the presence of all other judges.

After the oath taking ceremony, the Courts will assemble at 10.45 AM.

#DelhiHighCourt #Judiciary
Ceremony commences. The notification of appointment is being read.

#DelhiHighCourt #Judiciary
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Entire #PDM and Pakistan’s political leaders including #PPP, #PMLN, and their workers are blaming @PTIofficial and @ImranKhanPTI for the retaliation & aggression by workers, shown on 9th May, 2023.
They have also opened fire against the #judiciary for the greetings offered to @ImranKhanPTI
during his appearance in #Supreme_Court_Of_Pakistan.
This thread is to analyse seriousness in allegations.
In both the instances, learned leaders & their supporters are missing the main & core issue that @ImranKhanPTI was KIDNAPPED AND NOT ARRESTED, therefore, aggression/retaliation was against illegal detention & kidnapping & not against the arrest, had it was legally permissible.
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Israeli demonstrators blocked roadways during ‘Day of Equality’ in protest of the government’s judicial overhaul. People have been protesting for over three months.

#Israel #Judiciary #protest #cgtnamerica ImageImageImage
The planned overhaul, which would give the government control over naming judges to the Supreme Court and let parliament override many rulings, has been on pause as political parties attempt to negotiate. But they haven’t made any progress. ImageImageImage
The government says the overhaul is needed to restore balance between parliament and the courts. Opponents say these proposals would remove oversight and give Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's nationalist-religious coalition more power. Image
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[Swearing-In Ceremony]

Girish Kathpalia and Manoj Jain to sworn in as Additional Judges of the Delhi High Court. Ceremony to take place in Chief Justice’s Court at 10 AM.

#delhihighcourt #judiciary #judges Image
Oath will be administered to the new judges by Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma.

#DelhiHighCourt #Judiciary #Judges
The judges have arrived. Ceremony commences.

#DelhiHighCourt #Judiciary Image
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If you represent an organisation concerned about this government's culpable inaction, or insufficient action in addressing the Climate & Ecological Crisis and the Sixth Mass Extinction, please lend your support to this great call for climate/social justice…
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We are here at - House #judiciary committee hearing HB23-1133 - Phone Calls for People in Custody #copolitics gets the chance to vote for free phone calls for people in custody

We know this bill will
🔥Support Family Connection
🔥Reduce recidivism
🔥Ensure Healthy Communities
We had our first panel with @WorthRises & second chance & had awesome questions from @mjweissman & @RepEpps she asked how #data is looking in places this bill has passed

Rep. Epps asks - "in the work of decoupling humans and cages - we are just changing who is paying the bill?"
We heard a bomb 💣 panel from us 💅🏼 second chance center & Clayton Early Learning & parents & @WorthRises to launch into HB23-1133! #copolitcs
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#BombayHighCourt to shortly hear a PIL seeking action against Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar and Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju for their public statements against the Collegium, judiciary and the Supreme Court.

@KirenRijiju @VPIndia
Adv Ahmed Abdi appears for the petitioner: We have come to court with great anguisehment, everything is happening in public domain.

Abdi: There is article 51A which imposes fundamental duties on all citizens, whosoever it may be.
Then there is criminal contempt which is against maligning image of court and every citizen is obliged to follow it.
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"Suicides shake India's broking community" News headlines in 2001.

Dalal Street saw people lose their jobs, leading brokerages lose trading rights & the 'Bombay Bull' broker, Ketan Parekh, facing fraud charges.

"The Same Gang is back"

#HindenburgReport #StockMarket #stocks Image
"The Gujarat earthquake was rattling, but for many, their real earthquake came afterwards", a broker.

Many people who gambled with other people's funds, with their knowledge or without, could finally smell the money - but unfortunately it was the smell of money burning.
But the better prices are too late for the players who lost so much, and thought DEATH was their only option.

Markets recovered later, Regulators vowed to tighten up trading rules & a parliamentary panel to investigate the sell-offs.

"But they were good at it,
N they are now"
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1/3) In a call with the #Polish Minister for the #EU Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, we continued our discussions to ensure that Polish legislation is in compliance with the commitments made under the Recovery and Resilience Plan concerning #judicial independence. #Poland
(2/3) The new draft law on the #judiciary tabled by the Polish government in December 2022 ( is a promising step forward to achieve compliance with the commitments under the Polish #RRP
(3/3) With a view to the Commission’s future preliminary assessment under the #RRP, it will be important that the final law as adopted raises the standards on #judicial protection and judicial independence.
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Since #CJIChandrachud has made this ridiculous comment outside courts, I can LOL ironically without fear of contempt. We know how Justice HR Khanna superseded, AN Ray made CJI. Justices Sinha, Lalit careers stalled. See below proof.…
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Man dies of ‘joy’ after Supreme Court rules in his favor!!

18 سال بعد زمین پر قبضہ کے کیس کا فیصلہ حق میں آنے کی خوشی میں دل بند ہو گیا اور زُندگی ختم ہو گئی۔
اِدھر کیس ختم اُدھر خود ختم ۔

ہماری عدلیہ 130 نمبر پر ہے دُنیا میں انصاف دینے میں۔

ایسے ہزاروں کیسز چل رہے
عدالتوں میں جو تاریخ پر تاریخ
اور عدالتیں سب چھوڑ کر سیاستدانوں کو آئین کی تشریح پڑھانے میں مصروف ۔

یہاں آپ بکری کو بکری ثابت نہیں کر سکتے ۔
اور عمر خضر ہونی چاہیے کیس لڑنے کے لیے۔

850 سال پہلے کہے گئے اشعار حضرت نعمت اللّہ شاہ !

''حال '' کے ایسے تین اشعار بیان کرتے ہیں جو
غالبا موجودہ دور سے متعلق معلوم ہوتے ہیں اور جن میں لفظ ''قاضی'' (جج)، ''جنگ قاضی''، ''شکاری'' ، ''سگ'' (کُتا) ، ''رشوت اور مسند جہالت'' کے پر معنی الفاظ بے دریغ استعمال ہوئے ہیں۔

''جنگ قاضی'' یعنی قاضی یا ''جج کی لڑائی'' کے الفاظ بلاشبہ موجودہ عدلیہ کے بحران ہی کو ظاہر کر
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#EnoughIsEnough #TrickleDown
don't be fooled by #TuftonSt "think tanks" - it's all an effort to concentrate power & wealth in the hands of the 1% and there's real world evidence:
Tax cuts for the rich…
#EnoughIsEnough #TaxTheRich JRM's father is the root of all evil in the pursuit of where we are today with tory policies: this is the place to start to understand!…
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@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ Well articulated 💐👏👏🙏.
Besides must not forget that #Judiciary a huge stumbling block in Government’s resolve to pursue reformative governance. As @vijayadar Ji pointed earlier in his thread, quite worrying to see Judiciary putting impediments in the Government’s working.
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar Reforms in #Judiciary must engage Government & the Judiciary. The #Judiciary too will need to ponder and work ceaselessly in delivery of justice fair and prompt. Justice should not be only done but should be “seen too” to have been done. Huge gap witnessed in that direction.
@chittukuruvi4 @DetheEsha @smita_muk @Randeep_Sisodia @Bobbycal @sun_usind @Approve001 @Johny_mera_name @sdjoshi55 @OKarthik82 @pardhu_leo @SriRamya21 @NAN_DINI_ @vijayadar Hope the time has come when we witness wisdom dawning on #Judiciary to start the process of reforming #Judiciary. Let half measures turn into full measures - “Next CJI's Plan To Carve Out Five-Judge Constitutional Bench Is A Half-Measure”… via @SwarajyaMag
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Thread (1 to 13) "Sir, how to write judgements? I am preparing for #judiciary exams" asked a final year law student.

1/ I have no idea whatsoever about how judiciary exams are being conducted and what types of judgements they want candidates to write in exam.
2/ But this post can give you my perspectives on judgement writing.

First, in your mind, replace word "Judgement" with word "Opinion".
3/ A trial court's Judgement is only a Trial Court Judge's written opinion about case before him.
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The first topic in the #Taliban Cheif Justice, Abdul Hakim Haqqani's book on the Islamic Emirate& its governance, is the #type_of_government. According to him, there are two main types of governments in the world:
1. A state& government whose Motto is collection of revenue/taxes. Image
2. A state& government whose Motto is Guidance (Propagation of Virtue& Prevention of Vice).
According to the author of the book, there is no need to give examples of Tax Govts, as they nowadays make majority or almost all of the world govts.
But governments of guidance are #rare. Image
According to Sheikh Abdul Hakim Haqqani, the 3 #pillars of the #government_of_guidance are as following:
1. Independent #Judiciary
2. Islamic #Army
3. #Sharia_Law
He also mentioned 7 reasons for rejection of man-made laws, which are based on what the God or his Messenger said. Image
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Appalling bit of subediting(?) but the article itself lays out both the history and US context of #RoeVsWade and the consequences of overturning it with rather more nuance:… The Times view on US abortion law and overturning Roe v Wade
The "right approach" the writer appears to support 👇 is the codification of the #RightToChoose into federal #law - which should have happened decades ago. The major issue being the parlous state of US politics... What it should also do is push the issue to the top of the p
For the avoidance of doubt, I absolutely support women's #RightToChoose - it is not for ANY authority to tell people what they can or can't do with their bodies. Anger is justified, but not enough; this is an issue around which people must #mobilise and begin taking back #agency.
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How hypocritical #SupremeCourt #Judges are Collegium System:It is the system of appointment & transfer of judges that has evolved through judgments of the SC,& not by an Act of Parliament or by a provision of the Constitution.Note:Not a Parliament & Constitution
Achievements : 4,10,47,976 cases are pending in the various district and subordinate courts. Over 4.70 crore cases r pending in various courts in the country, including 70,154 in the #SupremeCourt
lack of transparency.
Scope for nepotism.
Overlook several talented Jr judges & Adv
1. Dipak Misra, CJI - Nephew of Rangnath Mishra, ex CJI
2. Rajan Gogoi - Son of Congress CM of Assam K C Gogoi
3. Madan Lokur - Son of B N Lout, ex Justice of Allahabad court
4. A K Sikri - Son Of Ex CJI S M Sikri
5. S A Bobde - Son of Arvind Bobde, ex AG of maharastra
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Saleem Safi & Imran Khan give brief history of #MaulanaFazalurRehman & #JamaateIslami Secret Connection with Mr #PervezMusharraf on #WarOnTerror & #NoConfidenceMotion

#BehindYouSkipper #PMImranKhanTill2033 #SelectedIsFinished #ضمیر_فروشوں_کو_نا_اہل_کرو
1 - Mr Hamid Mir & Mr Imran Khan give brief history of #NoConfidenceMotion & Pre-Poll & Post-Poll #Electoral #Rigging in #Pakistan

#BehindYouSkipper #PMImranKhanTill2033 #SelectedIsFinished #ضمیر_فروشوں_کو_نا_اہل_کرو #SindhHouse #SindHouse
2 - Mr Hamid Mir & Mr Imran Khan give brief history of #NoConfidenceMotion & Pre-Poll & Post-Poll #Electoral #Rigging in #Pakistan

#BehindYouSkipper #PMImranKhanTill2033 #SelectedIsFinished #ضمیر_فروشوں_کو_نا_اہل_کرو #SindhHouse #SindHouse
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⚠️ GROSS COI REVEALED: In an extraordinary and fantastically written investigative report, @theintercept's @rose_n_adams unveils how @UHC co-opted @zackcooperYale's #surprisemedicalbill study, all while #Congress embraced it as "academic" and "unbiased" work to write #SMB law.
1⃣ This lays bare how #UnitedHealth has manipulated #surprisebill "research" to enrich itself at the expense of all #patients and the frontline #medical providers risking their lives over the past few years of #Covid.

2⃣ The study was foundational in the #SMB debate, and...
...Congress was duped. We believe that Congressional #investigations are now warranted by the #House and #Senate #Judiciary Committees. @HouseJudiciary @JudiciaryDems

3⃣ This work from Prof. #Cooper and his @Yale team was cited *10 TIMES* in the first #regulation issued by...
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#FBI @FBI #ChristopherWray suggests ‘serious charges’ coming in probe of #Capitol attack #Jan6th #DomesticTerrorism #Terrorism #WashingtonDC
@RepJerryNadler #Judiciary
What does #AndrewMcCabe Recall May9-Aug2,2017?#July302015- #Jan292018…
Fmr #CIADirectorBrennan @JohnBrennan
What are the #Names of people who were #UnMasked by FMR #CIAChief & #SecretaryOfState #MikePompeo @mikepompeo during his rip off the mask blitz in
late 2019, early 2020
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A thread on Pending Cases in different courts.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
#Judiciary in #India

Supreme Court of India
Total Pending: 67,898
Admission Matters: 49,015
Regular Hearing: 18,883

High Courts

Total Pending: 58,28,344
Civil Cases: 41,64,095
Criminal Cases: 16,64,249
Pending for
More than 1 year: 50,44,413

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

#Judiciary in #India

Allahabad High Court

Total Pending: 7,92,969
Civil Cases: 4,19,643
Criminal Cases: 3,73,326
Pending for
More than 1 year: 88.4%

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

#Judiciary in #India

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Friday, June 4, 2021

#Abaribe: Rounding up Igbo youths, extra-judicial killings won't end South-East attacks
#HURIWA drags Wike to international court over threat to kill, bury IPOB members

Tompolo / Elon / Chioma / The Prophet
#NECO Registrar, Obioma was killed - Ortom reveals
#Insecurity does not make Nigeria a failed state —Lai Mohammed
#Plots to destroy Buhari’s govt’ll fail, says APC
#Osinbajo expresses worry over youth unemployment
#Corps members part of defence, can be mobilised for war – NYSC
#Getting new constitution almost impossible, says N’Assembly
#Reps demand end to Imo extrajudicial killings
#Residents panic as gunmen kill policewoman, man in Imo
#Akpabio visits Tompolo over ex-warlord’s threat against oil facilities
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