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Well this is big if not entirely unexpected - The Certification procedure for controversial #NordStream 2 pipeline-designed to send gas supplies directly from Russia to Germany - has been suspended for now. Moscow won’t be pleased but /1…
It’ll calm (for a bit) the internal row in Germany +amongst EU countries over whether the pipeline is a) environmentally sound b) makes Germany/EU even more reliant on Russia for its energy. Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel was often criticised for going too easy onRussia /2
Accused of putting German economic interests before politics/diplomacy w Russia esp after Crimea. Ukraine was furious about the pipeline - but Germany’s Network Agency has now ruled that Ukraine must be part of Nordstream certification process /3
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1. Dieser Beitrag von #RolandGoetz zu #NordStream2 ist inzwischen in der #ZfAS erschienen und, wie immer, sehr informativ. In zwei Fragen bin ich anderer Meinung als der Autor: Die psychologische Wirkung möglicher US-Sanktionen ist nicht zu unterschätzten.
2. Es geht hier auf europäischer Seite um kommerzielle Unternehmen, die durch #NordStream2 ankommendes sibirisches #Erdgas transportieren und kaufen sollen. Werden diese Firmen es riskieren, vom US-Markt ausgeschlossen zu werden, wenn sich der Wind in Washington wieder dreht?
3. #NordStream2 scheint inzwischen toxisch zu sein. Viele derzeitige und potentielle Partner #Gazproms werden es sich zweimal überlegen, #Erdgas aus der neuen Leitung zu übernehmen.
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Seit einigen Tagen wird kein #Gas mehr durch die #Jamal-Pipeline nach #Polen und #Deutschland geliefert. Stattdessen läuft es nun anders rum: Deutschland liefert nach Polen. Was ist los? Was hat das mit #NordStream 2 zu tun? Ein Thread mit Daten von @ENTSOG. (1/9)
Zunächst ein Blick auf den Übergabepunkt Kondratki an der Grenze von #Polen und #Belarus. Die Daten von @ENTSOG, dem Dachverband der europäischen #Gas-Netzbetreiber, zeigen, dass seit dem 1.11. gar kein #Gas mehr durch die #Jamal-Pipeline an #Polen geliefert wird. (2/x)
Geht man in der Zeitreihe zurück wird klar: Das ist höchst ungewöhnlich und ist zu dieser Jahreszeit in den vergangenen 5 Jahren nie vorgekommen! Lediglich im Juli gibt es kurze jährliche Unterbrechungen - vermutlich ist das jedoch ein Wartungsintervall. (3/x)
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1/10 n fact, the agreement, which at first glance appears to be to Russia’s advantage, is—in its own way—beneficial to all parties. My take of the #NordStream-2 deal…
2/10 Given Germany’s determination to get the pipeline completed, and Russia’s ability to do so, the agreement has given Russia the chance to do just that without coming under additional pressure, while allowing Germany to do it with the U.S. blessing rather than going against it
3/10 The Biden administration, faced with a done deal, managed at the last minute not to be left standing on the sidelines, but to step up as a friend to some of its allies and a guarantor of the interests of others
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1/1: Excellent essay! I would add, first, that a part of this argument could be extended to others than West German #millennials, i.e. to all those for whom #1989 and the #ColdWar were not such big deals.
@ecfr @ECFRPower @dgapev @GSPSipo @Sicherheitspod…
2/2: Second, regarding Eastern Europe, during the last ten years, #NordStream 1 has been a bigger cognitive and geopolitical problem than #NordStream2 whose geopolitical dimension is now, at least, partly understood - even by some #Germanmillennials.
@Konflikt_Sicher @TerekMedia
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Our Secretary-General @JimCloos1 is talking ALL THINGS #Strategic Autonomy with @iiea RIGHT NOW💪

@iiea is our Member Institute from 🇮🇪

You can follow the livestream on @YouTube or stay tuned here from some highlights of Jim's intervention

"All recent Euro-crises from the subprime mortgage crisis to the #COVID19 crisis originated outside the European Union, but hit us incredibly hard"

- @JimCloos1, TEPSA Secretary-Ge neral speaks to @iiea

"Firstly the economic crises highlighted the imbalance within the #EMU, the flaws of the 'no bailtout' clause, which meant richer countries could only intervene as a last resort, and that the @ecb was not properly empowered against crises"

- @JimCloos1, speaks to @iiea

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#Russia thread: Easy peasy: #Trump won't say anything because the #US is on the brink of disengaging from central Europe, and this is the final test. (1/7) @vtchakarova @TomekDeptuch @amlivemon @RobertMCutler @shaun_riordan
If #Merkel doesn't touch #Nordstream arrangements it means she has the rest of Europe behind her in a Russia appeasement policy effectively establishing anything east of the Oder as a buffer zone, #Belarus being one of the countries.(2/7)
As much as the US administration has signaled that there is a "Northern EU strategy", involving the #UK, Scandinavian/Baltic countries and #Poland, a Russophile Germany would undermine supply route security, and #France's standing in life is grounded in antiamericanism. (3/7)
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1/x In an effort to understand the #OilPriceWar I dug a bit. Here is what I found & another resource thread for any students that are not in school & would like to learn a bit on #markets. #ResourceThread

A. It. began with the #Corvid19 = ⬇️ demand.…
2/x The #Corvid19 -> ⬇️ Dem. to level this ⬇️prod.

B. V. much like the rhyme there was an old woman who swallowed a fly, shell, and a host of other holiday spin offs, the⬇️ demand, would have resulted in a price crash. See #oilprice metrics.…
3/x #Oilprice is complex, here is a site that show some price charts that may be of interest. Here you can create your own dashboard.…
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1/ President Zelenskyy follows joint press appearance with President Trump by addressing Ukrainian media directly
2/ Zelenskyy explained to Trump that #CrimeaIsUkraine, that no matter what language the inhabitants of Crimea speak, it is Ukrainian land that needs to be returned
3/ President Trump never discussed released the July call summary with President Zelenskyy, the only discussions they had this week prior to today involved Trump quickly praising Zelenskyy's election victory at a UN reception
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Der @Kosak_Daniel hat heute gemeint, Grüne würden sich in ihrer Bilanz zur @EU2018AT nicht ausreichend zu genuin grünen Themen zu Wort melden. Da kann ich gern Abhilfe leisten. Eine umweltpolitische Bilanz also. Thread.
Ein Schwerpunkt der #eu2018at war der Abschluss des sogenannten “Clean Energy Paket”, das aus zahlreichen Einzelrichtlinien besteht. Wichtige Teile des Pakets wurden noch unter bulgarischer Präsidentschaft festgezurrt. Bis zum Schluss war unsicher, ob Ö den Rest durchbringt.
Für heftigen Unmut sorgte, dass Ö den Visegradstaaten und allen voran Polen nicht weh tun wollte. Der Trilog zu den sogenannten Kapazitätsmechanismen war kurz vorm Kippen. Das EP wollte nicht akzeptieren, dass Ö #Kohlesubventionen bis weit in die 2030er Jahre zulassen wollte.
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SHORT THREAD on the upcoming #Helsinki summit b/n #Putin, @realDonaldTrump.
1. Amidst modest,if not low,expectations on the very deliverables of the meeting it's interesting to see public & back-channel efforts of #Moscow & #Washington to build the agenda for the summit.
2. @AmbJohnBolton 's visit to #Moscow was meant to lay the ground for the summit & it appears the parties have reached agreement on the basics. What #Putin & #Bolton were conveying to one another is important.…
3. There's plenty of speculation over what the two will agree on in #Syria - the topic likely to dominate the summit. That said, given what's happening now b/n #Rus #US diplomats it's clear they been tasked to elaborate on broader agenda to make the talks look substantive.
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