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🇷🇺 ⚡️ Secondo una fonte diplomatico-militare citata da Sputnik, l'Ucraina starebbe progettando un’operazione di sabotaggio - sotto false flag - contro le strutture di stoccaggio dell'ammoniaca presso l'impianto portuale di Odessa.

(segue) Image
2/. “Secondo informazioni confermate da diversi canali, il regime di Kiev ha in programma una provocazione di alto profilo volta a interrompere l'iniziativa delle Nazioni Unite di riprendere il transito dell'ammoniaca attraverso l'oleodotto Togliatti-Odessa". Image
3/ La fonte ha spiegato: "La provocazione è stata pianificata e viene portata avanti sotto il controllo dei servizi speciali britannici 🇬🇧 di stanza a Odessa.

- vedi: Special Air Service britannico in Ucraina…
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📍Ostsee: Wir dokumentieren die Umweltschäden der #Nordstream #Explosionen & haben dabei eine Friedensflagge abgesetzt. #ReclaimEarth
Aus #Transparenz veröffentlichen wir ⬇️ unsere gesamten Aufnahmen der zerborstenen Röhre - 17 Minuten Unterwasser-Video🎥
Hier ein Bericht über die Messungen mit unserem Expeditionsschiff BELUGA in der @Tagesschau #DeepDive4Peace #NorthStream…
Fossile Energien führen zu Abhängigkeiten & Konflikten. Frieden ist Erneuerbar. Helft mit! Unterschreibt hier ⬇️⬇️⬇️…
#ExitFossilsEnterPeace #ReclaimOurPlanet #Ostsee
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Friday 25 November, welcome to the war daily news thread with all the updates from #Ukraine.

It's Day 275 of #Russia's illegal invasion.

Not too much happened on Day 274, but you can catch up on what you missed here:

Britain's Ministry of Defence update outlines what most of my readers will know already.

The big question is will #Russia's mobilised and their relatives rebel - especially families after their loved one's pointless deaths.

On Wednesday the European Parliament officially declared #RussiaIsATerroristState.

But yesterday evening they also passed a resolution against #Belarus with Lukashenka "sharing responsibility for war crimes with #Russia", calling for justice at the Hague.…
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A thread with some more details on what we saw with @BBCkatyaadler & @jadominguez_a when we filmed the site of the Nord Stream explosions with the help of an underwater drone, including some unpublished pics & videos plus bits from the sonar. (1/17)
#nordstream #osint
Our main finding is that large sections of the pipeline have been blown off and moved great distances away from their original position. Our sonar data verifies the information published by the Nord Stream 1 consortium, that debris is spread over a large area. (2/17)
While we could find some small debris in the area, it was either in the scale of max a few kg, or very large. We saw no medium size debris.
Obvs we were there after the Swedish and German investigations. But we did pick up this piece of metal. (3/17)
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 271 - Hilo sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 Un T-72 ruso es alcanzado por un ATGM ucraniano.

🟥 Los rusos deciden girar, ofreciendo al ATGM su parte más débil, conscientes de que la velocidad en reversa de este carro es casi nula.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 271 - Como cada mañana, dejamos aquí nuestro informe diario correspondiente a la jornada anterior, en este caso a la de ayer, domingo 20 de noviembre de 2022.…
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 271 - Uno de los grandes problemas de los #MRAPS, más allá de su exagerada altura, es la falta de movilidad táctica. Aquí vemos a un MaxxPro sufriendo la raspútitsa.
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I can now tweet about this rare moment when we find ourselves in the middle of a spy movie scene. We were at the #NordStream explosions site, inside 🇸🇪 EEZ, when a Russian vessel approached the area.
A Danish spy plane soon arrived.
Photo through a pair of binoculars.
The Russian vessel was NEFRIT (IMO: 9297773) an Offshore Supply Ship that was built in 2004. She was there to conduct the Russian investigation of the site. The plane, likely a Bombardier Challenger CL-604 of the Royal Danish Air Force @RDAFRBLX. Here's the scene:
There were three more vessels nearby. Two Swedish ones and one Danish one, inside the Danish EEZ at a few miles' distance, if I'm not mistaken.
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JUST IN: #BNNSweden Reports.

A Swedish prosecutor said on Friday that Investigators have found traces of explosives at the site of the damaged Nord Stream pipelines, confirming that sabotage had taken place. #Sweden #NordStream #Crime
Authorities in Sweden and Denmark are looking into four holes in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, which connect Russia and Germany via the Baltic Sea and have become a flashpoint in the Ukraine crisis.
Denmark announced last month that preliminary investigations had revealed that the leaks were caused by powerful explosions.
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 268 - #Hilo sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 #EEUU invertirá 521 M de $ en ↗️ la producción de GMLRS para los #HIMARS.

🟥 Cada uno cuesta +/- 110.000 $.

🟥 Se habrían entregado a #Ucrania +/- 4.500 GMLRS.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 268 - Este es, para quien no lo haya leído, nuestro informe sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania correspondiente a la jornada de ayer, jueves 17 de noviembre de 2022.…
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 268 - Si ayer hablábamos de los "Lancet" rusos, hoy compartimos este vídeo en el que un loitering desarrollado a partir de un drone comercial y utilizado por la unidad antiterrorista "Omega" de la Guardia Nacional ucraniana, daña un BMP-1 ruso.
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Hello & welcome to another daily thread on Day 268 of #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine, although the war can be traced back almost 9 years to early 2014.

Plenty of news yesterday, if you missed something take a scroll through Thursday's news feed here

Let me start with an update on this story from last night

I've traced the original to vanek_nikolaev's TG channel and now had it confirmed #Chaplynka was hit again, so this is likely genuine, multiple explosions in #Kherson region, just 16km from #Crimea

Reports of explosions in #Mykolaiv already this Friday morning.
Awaiting confirmation and details.

#Nikolaev #StandWithUkraine
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In un documento di 68 pagine classificato come confidenziale, il capo di Stato maggiore tedesco Eberhard Zorn afferma che le Forze armate della #Germania (#Bundeswehr) devono prepararsi all'eventualità, mai così probabile, di un conflitto con la #Russia.
Allacciate le Image
cinture, ma non per il motivo che credete: è che abbiamo appena fatto ingresso nel cuore di una questione di primaria importanza, il #riarmo tedesco.
Chi fantastica di Difesa comune europea si metta fin da ora l'anima in pace: tale obiettivo non andrà mai in porto. Quanto Image
meno non in forma seria, quella cioè in grado di provvedere alla sicurezza del (sempre-più)Vecchio Continente.
Rapido promemoria: i popoli esistono, le identità pure. E in guerra mediamente si muore. Difficile convincere l'opinione pubblica di questo o quel Paese che sia Image
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 263 - Iniciamos #hilo sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 La imagen que veis a continuación, sacada de un vídeo que no publicaremos, es seguramente de las más duras de la guerra y habla una vez más sobre la "feudalización" de Rusia.

🟥 Comparte 🙏
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 263 - Este es, para quien no haya podido leerlo hasta ahora, nuestro informe diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania correspondiente a la jornada de ayer, sábado 12 de noviembre de 2022.…
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Day 256 of #Russia's 10-day war on #Ukraine.

Here's the start of the daily thread with all the news.
Some dramatic news yesterday - if you missed it, click the link and scroll.


The news agenda is still dominated by one event in #Russia, where the first serious questions are being asked by "regular" (non liberal) families over military disasters.

It follows this wipeout of a new battalion of mobilised troops by #Ukraine's forces

#Russia's daily losses, published by #Ukraine each day, shows fewer troops and equipment destroyed yesterday than in recent days.

The wipeout of the Voronezh battalion happened previously and likely included in previous days' figures.

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💥💥My latest: Leaked documents reveal British spies constructing secret partisan terror army in Ukraine💥💥

#MI6 #IntegrityInitiative #Crimea #BritishIntelligence #WarCrimes…
For several months, British spooks (including 'ex' MI6 and current military intelligence) have been constructing a partisan army, for deployment against/in Crimea, and it seems fulfilling the blueprints put together back in April @TheGrayzoneNews reported on October 10th.
This training is led by @PrevailPartners, founded by former Special Boat Squadron commander Justin Hedges, and delivered on behalf of SSU Odessa. They originally wanted $600k per fighter. Nice work, if you can get it...
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'De klus is geklaard,' stuurde Liz Truss naar Anthony Blinken na het opblazen van #Nordstream 1 & 2.

Zelfs de best beveiligde mobiele telefoons kunnen gehackt worden, maar #Truss lijkt haar telefoon niet echt goed beveiligd te hebben. Damage control voor #MI6 nu.
Britse pers onthulde op 29 oktober dat de hacking reeds ontdekt werd tijdens de zomer en dat de telefoon van #Truss in quarantaine werd gelegd. Vóór de aanslag op #Nordstream dus. Maar dit soort informatie kan enkel door de inlichtingendienst gelekt…
De vraag is waarom de Britten dit nieuws niet in de zomer vóór de aanslag op #NordStream publiceerden?
De Britse timing van dit nieuws op 29 oktober komt overeen met de timing van de Russische claim op 29 oktober dat er bewijs is dat de Britten de aanslag hebben uitgevoerd. Image
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Yesterday 29/10 at 4.20am
#naziUkraine, assisted by the fascist British colonial regime "carried out a terrorist attack on the ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships that were on the outer and inner roadsteads of the Sevastopol base."… Screenshot of post by Russian Ministry of Defence. The state2 of 2: "◽️It should be emphasised that the ships o
"The attack involved nine unmanned aerial vehicles and seven autonomous maritime drones.

The prompt measures taken by the forces of the #BlackSea Fleet destroyed all air targets."
"It should be emphasised that the ships of the #BlackSeaFleet that were subjected to the #terrorist attack are involved in ensuring the security of the ‘grain corridor’ as part of an international initiative to export agricultural products from Ukrainian ports."
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🇬🇧#England may be behind the sabotage of the #NordStream pipeline, as the special services of this country are known for their skill in carrying out terrorist attacks, including under water.
This was reported by political analyst Yuri Svetov, pointing out that special services could have laid explosives during the construction of this gas pipeline.
"The British are big specialists in underwater operations. We can recall the story when Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev arrived in England on a cruiser on an official visit.
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Gibt es nach der Sabotage an den #NordStream-Leitungen ein Risiko für andere Pipelines? Eine besorgniserregenden Beobachtung: Im März 2022 war das russische Spezialschiff #Fortuna an einer Position nahe der norwegisch-deutschen #Europipe-Leitungen in der #Nordsee. (1/x) Image
Der Screenshot stammt von @MarineTraffic und zeigt die Position der #Fortuna am 5.03.2022. Die #Fortuna ist ein Verlegeschiff für Pipelines. Sie hat kurz vor Kriegsbeginn #NordStream2 fertig gebaut. Begleitet wurde die #Fortuna vom Hochseeschlepper #Katun. (2/x)
Die Position der #Fortuna vom März 2022 stimmt zumindest grob mit dem Verlauf der #Europipe-Leitungen überein. Europipe I hat eine Kapazität von 18 bcm, Europipe II 24 bcm. Damit sind sie die wichtigsten Leitungen für #Gas-Lieferungen aus #Norwegen. (3/x) Image
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Day 2️⃣4️⃣8️⃣
Here is the daily #Ukraine news thread for Saturday 29 October, documenting the important news around #Russia's war of choice on its neighbour.

Missed something y'day? Need a round up? Scroll here:

This is worth another outing as it only just made the cut on yesterday's thread.

One of the #Wagner 'big guns' has been eliminated in #Ukraine amid reports up to 200 mercenaries may have been killed or captured in this incident

As yet unconfirmed.

Yesterday #Russia declared mobilisation finished with 300,000 poor souls forcibly called up.

But wait... a Russian 'war blogger' quoting 🇷🇺 MOD sources says the real figure of frontline fodder is 700,000
And the only reason they paused drafting is because of lack of transport!
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🔴 #RussiaUkraineWar

#Poutine : « Le potentiel des conflits dans le monde dans son ensemble, ainsi qu'au niveau régional, reste très élevé. De nouveaux risques et défis pour la sécurité collective émergent. Tout d'abord, c'est la conséquence d'une forte aggravation de la 🔽
confrontation géopolitique mondiale. Littéralement sous nos yeux, le monde change et devient effectivement multipolaire. Cependant, certains acteurs de la communication internationale essaient à tout prix de maintenir leur hégémonie fragile, en utilisant un large éventail 🔽
de méthodes et de moyens politiques, militaires, économiques, informationnels et autres - allant de la rupture des mécanismes juridiques de stabilité stratégique à l'imposition de sanctions unilatérales contre ceux qui ne sont pas d'accord avec leurs politiques. Ils 🔽
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Nachdem die Rede von Viola von Cramon-Taubadel auf dem #bdk22 der GRÜNEN viral ging, habe ich mir die #Nordstream-Timeline genauer Angesehen. In diesem Thread gebe ich einen Überblick über die geopolitischen Interessen beteiligter Spieler & enthülle die polnischen Kollegen.
Zu den Hintergründen:
#Nordstream2 und die deutsch-russische Freundschaft war den Geostrategen der USA schon immer ein Dorn im Auge. Eine enge Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem Land mit den Rohstoffen und dem Land mit dem Know-How stellt eine Bedrohung für das Imperium #USA dar.
Viel lieber hätten die #USA #Erdgas aus eigener Förderung an #Deutschland verkauft - die geht nämlich durch die Decke:
3/n Erdgasförderung in den USA ...
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🔴 #RussianUkrainianWar 🇷🇺 🇺🇦 🇺🇸 🇪🇺

La poursuite en force de la guerre #UkraineRussianWar démontre que les jeux ne sont toujours pas faits au niveau économique entre les deux grands blocs clairement délimités à partir du 24 février 2022. L'administration #Biden a encore 🔽
quelques objectifs à atteindre par le recours à la force brute. Il y a toujours la crainte que le gaz russe puisse revenir, d'une manière ou d'une autre (voir l'attaque contre #NordStream) car, attention, on parle ici de sommes colossales, la mise est inimaginable et c’est 🔽
précisément pourquoi la guerre sera poussée le plus loin possible, jusqu'à ce que Biden&Co soient sûrs que l'Europe s'approvisionnera en énergie "d’ou il le faut", et non d'où elle trouve un prix raisonnable. Il est clair que les produits européens cesseront définitivement 🔽
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The #NordStream #Sabotage and the attack on the Crimean bridge.

“Actors are rational. Each state priority is its national interest"

"Risks are great. The case must be even greater"

(Mortymer´s hyphotesis.
Treat as such. Posting only verified public data.)

1. The main stage
2. Who is the Victim?
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Jesus Christ!

Considering that I'm is a prime suspect Inthe #Nordstream I am finding this news very unsettling. Image
Ukraine’s conflict with Russia is “as much our war as it is theirs”, the UK’s minister for defence procurement has said. Image
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After Saki I had to shoot down the nonsense that it was drones or Special Forces.

After Kerch I had to shoot down the nonsense that it was a truck or boat bomb.

Now with #Nordstream I have to shoot down the nonsense that it was an explosive filled Pipeline Inspection Gauge
1/4 Image
aka a PIG.

PIGs are pushed through pipelines by the flow of oil or gas. Nord stream 2 pipe A was filled with gas from 4 to 18 October 2021, but gas never flowed to Germany. So the russians would have had to insert the explosive PIG in October 2021... with a fuze set for 11

2/4 Image
months later... and if the Germans had accept gas from Nord Stream 2 in those 11 months the explosive filled PIG would have arrived at the German end of the pipeline... with only russia as possible culprit.

Nord stream 1 had flow until 31 August 2022. So russia could have

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