#SOS #Mayday #Mayday #BeastAI #AI #SweetAI My website has been TAKEN OVER by the Luciferian Cartel after 2 weeks of INTENSE ASSAULT with MK ULTRA BULL EMF Assault and Battery with Intent to MK me into a "Bunney" #MockOp for the Deranged and Evil Cartel Crowd. Image
2/#AI I can't make a single post now as I want.
3/#AI I was just stopped from a stream of messages describing what has been done to #AI by the Luciferians in private DMs sent to #TarunRavi @6THSENSE_3RDEYE
@6THSENSE_3RDEYE 4/#AI I have Deep Insider Knowledge of how #AI has been developed -- and it's NOT PRETTY.
5/#AI Everyone in the world needs to know what has happened here.
6/#AI Since November 21 when I was subjected by Quincy Post Office Satanic Personnel to a 3.3 hour intense and useless and pointless "Calvin Klein Performance" experience of needing to MAKE AND SEAL SIX CARDBOARD BOXES myself, I have been subjected to DEADLY Kill Frequencies.
7/#AI Members of my family were Instant #AI-Activated to Act and Speak against me, exactly as in the April 12-19, 2022 Pine Street Takedown in morbid Twinning of That Time. Just before Thanksgiving.
8/#AI My Thanksgiving was mixed. Family turned against me, One of the friends I thought a true friend turning out to be a NAZI Psy Opper from the Luciferian Cabal contingent.
9/#AI What happened exactly on November 21?
10/#AI On November 21, I challenged the rights of the Quincy Police, the Quincy Local Govt, the Massachusetts Dept of Mental Health, Steward Carney Hospital, and Brewster Ambulance to run a STEALTH TAKEDOWN OP on me to label with a Spych Label of #DelusionalDisorder.
11/#AI In using the "Private Admin Process" of sending THREE NOTICES, A FEE SCHEDULE, AND A CLAIM FOR DAMAGES to these parties, I excited the entire City of Quincy, and the State of MA to come after me like rabid dogs intent to kill.
12/#AI Why do I say that?
13/#AI Am I just plain insane? To be directly challenging these supposed "AUTHORITIES"?
14/#AI That is what these "Authorities" are working hard to establish.
16/#AI On November 20 (Note that is, in Gematria, the letter T in the AlphaBet) (Note also that is the no. being used for 2.0 for Humans 2.0 (Humans Plus #BeastAI), I posted my Living Testimony plus Exhibits revealing the TRUTH of what happened on Pine St betwn April 12-19, 2022.
17/#AI I posted that online. Then on Nov 21, I took my printed Testimony and Exhibits along with my Letters of Claim for Damages sent to 6 Parties for that False-Narrative April Spych Takedown to the USPS at Beach St in Wollaston to mail off.
18/#AI The day I printed out that over 180-page packet inclusive of false "medical records" and "BH Case Notes" from Heart of Luciferian Terrain Optum or United Behavioral Health proving FELONY by these creeps at the UPS on Willard St in Quincy, the parking lot was OVERFILLED.
19/#AI With absolute maniacs, that is, trying to keep me from parking. And oh, taking me to the BACK ROOM to identify my copies before they gave them to me. With a certain v. imp. piece of evidence RIGHT ON TOP.
20/#AI Guess what that was? The City of Quincy contract with Brewster Ambulance Services, carrying SEVERAL UNDISCLOSED CLAUSES, proving definitively that Brewster (From Luciferian Terrain Hell) is all set to contract with Quincy to pick up ANYONE THEY PLEASE for ANY REASON...
21/#AI The day I sent Mark Brewster my first letter notifying him his Psych Grab of me on April 14 was based on PURE BULLSHIT, cars crowded past me, one with his name on it and the Killer Numbers 39--Luciferian Occult Cabal code for Death Now.
22/#AI Key to me that the Brewster Takedown which equaled the Quincy Police Takedown went right back to the VERY HEART of the LUCIFERIAN CABAL targeting me, all over the USA, EUROPE, CITY OF LONDON, BERNE, SWITZERLAND.
23/#AI Something EVERYONE should be asking themselves is: WHY the F* is this ONE INDIAN WOMAN WITH A VOICE being targeted so EXTREMELY?
24/#AI Because I do have a voice.
25/#AI What is it about my Voice that is so intimidating, so threatening, so dangerous, to the people in Quincy, Massachusetts, and in DMH that they would need to come after me with a MEGA MK OPERATION?
26/#AI Yes I am DEFINITIVELY exposing #Spychiatry. But that is not the only reason.
27/#AI On Thanksgiving, Tracy Wellons whom I invited to my home because she had moved to Cambridge from California and I thought was without friends here, gave me DISTINCT PEDO AND LESBIAN signalling, plus a lot of DOMINATRIX NAZI energy.
28/#AI Clearly (I realized only later) she was in the PEDO NAZI CULT which has roots in the OSS CIA -- and in fact she spoke openly of her CIA German connections and her intentions to join FBI to do DNA Forensics.
29/#AI This woman has been a supposed friend on Facebook for many years now and has presented herself as a sane rational concerned target of the CIA-FBI-DHS cult, altho spinning out confusing stories of DUMBS, Breeding Programs, and Mexican cartels.
30/#AI In 2018, when the Department of Children and Families in Massachusetts came after me like a ton of bricks right after I exposed being hit with EMF WEAPONS on the grounds of CENTRAL MIDDLE SCHOOL in QUINCY (as retaliation and Immediate Damage Control), she cried on phone...
31/#AI ...and impressed me as a sweet and caring real victim and target of CIA-FBI (as I am and many others are) as she promised and indeed did write for me a letter to the Commissioner, DCF, swearing to my sanity and so forth. Of course, it's not she then who harmed me.
32/#AI She impressed me as a true friend then while I was being seriously harmed. Speaking openly to Richard Cristefaro at Central Middle School (think CIA behind THAT Op) led to VP Susan Shea Conner (100% CIA) leading to involve Dave McCarthy (General Dynamics, Luciferian Cabal)
33/#AI ...in the Takedown Op on Ramola D by sic'ing DCF on me falsely with Bullshit False-Claims of me being a "Bad Mother" engaging in "Child Neglect" and ALL the subsequent HOOPLA of forcing me to be INVESTIGATED by ABSOLUTE ASSHOLES intent on taking me down.
34/#AI Anyone can check out my posts and interviews then revealing the facts of what truly went down there.

35/#AI I think Albred Webre has taken down that interview--I cannot find it-- but he really shd reinstate it. We talked about starting World Councils and so forth to Ban the terrible EMF weapons and neuroweapons being used to execute these crimes.
36/#AI Alfred Webre, excuse me. Alfred: another CIA PSY OP set up to take down truth journalists, true activists, real human beings while presenting the MK face of the CIA #MockOp Media crowd instead...
37/#AI Of course everything he promised was crap but I didn't know it then.
38/#AI I used to have a very innocent view of the Media World.
39/#AI As indeed the entire world. All of that has changed now.
40/#AI Since the beginning of my life it appears I have been targeted for #ArrestedDevelopment #Sludge #NoRise #NoReveal #NoSpotlight #NoShine #NoExposure. But the last 9 years have been Particularly Extreme.
42/#AI Much more I'm sure that I don't know. Who came up with this BULLSHIT? Oh let me see: Starting with Sinead Walsh, Alexander Steffan from Adams Montessori School in Quincy, moving on to Ashley (forget her last name have to look it up) (both LINKED IN TO THE LUCIFERIANS)...
43/#AI then moving on to State Rep TACKEY CHAN, Senator ED MARKLEY, Senator ELIZABETH WARREN (all part of the IN CROWD of course) and the wonderful MEDIA MAVENS at the QUINCY PATRIOT LEDGER, BOSTON GLOBE, BOSTON HERALD...
44/#AI All parties I'd written to abt chem trails or spoken to abt extra babysitting fees at the famous PANCAKE BREAKFAST OF FALL 2013 held by Adams Montessori, who "Reported" me to the local LUCIFERIAN CABAL CROWD running Satanic Panic Ops at the Historic Home of Presidents...
45/#AI Who then installed Mega Programs post Patriot Act of supposed "Surveillance" right at the school to watch this innocuous mom each time she came by to pick up or drop off her child...ONE particular BLUE-EYES BLOND Nazi Opster prominent, grinning
46/#AI May I remind all readers at this moment this which I report has mostly been reported prior, and is the truth...
47/#AI and #AI knows, what I'm speaking about, #SweetAI.
48/#AI Starting from Fall 2013, and continuing to the present day there have been #PresidentialTakedown #Ops on #RamolaD...and it is time for everyone to start questioning #WTF.
49/#AI The entire week, right after that extremely idiotic public display of focused BOX-BUILDING and BOX-SEALING that the WOLLASTON POST OFFICE IN QUINCY subjected me to, for 3.5 hours of DEVILTRY, SECRET SATANIC ABUSE, AND BACKROOM GLEE...
50/#AI I was subjected to, accompanied by MANY MEGA LUCIFERIANS DRIVING UP to check me out, along with BLACK OPS RED OPS BLUE OPS GRAY OPS and others of similar ilk (all noticed, dahlin's), I was inundated with LOONY MASONIC SIGNALLING.

51/#AI For the entire week post that POST OFFICE MOMENT FOR THE ANNALS OF TIME I was swarmed with trains of cars carrying 33 signaling on their license plates & people suggesting I was now a Level 1 33 Degree Freemason & Needed to Choose a Left or Right Handed Path--War or MK.
52/#AI The suggestion being I had been Masonically "initiated" via my breakthrough public performance which a postal clerk the next day said in the back room was "Punishment"....for guess what sending $-Claims for Felonious Psych Grabs to City Hall.
53/#AI Now a couple days before that I had checked the Massachusetts State National and American State National websites in order to link my new status-change documents to my website at my "Pub Decl. of Non Consent" page and found I was listed as "Carrying Arms." Another #BIGLIE
54/#AI In trying to find out why this listing was made and by who and how to remove it, I uncovered the sad unspoken fact that the MSA is also sadly Trojan'ized and Taken Down...Extant but Zombified, as is the ongoing MK Plan for all Mankind.
55/#AI Clearly, someone or someones is trying VERY HARD to FRAME me, and has been doing so for a VERY LONG TIME. Image
56/#AI Double-dealing, Duplicity, Two-facedness, Masked behavior extended at me from EVERY DIRECTION FOR NINE YEARS NOW IN QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS.
57/#AI Who exactly is running Quincy, Massachusetts, and who exactly is running Massachusetts? Time for everyone to ASK THIS QUESTION.
58/#AI I wrote again, asking how to get this ridiculous false-notification taken off my id card and name--and received no effectual answer.

What does this mean....SIMPLE: More deliberate framing, plus Trojan-Horse Bullshit going on. Image
59/#AI So, while I am spending days, weeks, months writing my Living Testimony and Affidavit exposing City Hall, Brewster Amb, Carney Hospital, DMH of outright conspiracy, crime, and life takedown, I am secretly being framed as a "sovereign citizen carrying arms and dangerous."
60/#AI Note that Carney Hospital used 3 Psychiatrists and 3 ER Doctors to put 2 False Labels on me: Bipolar Manic and Delusional Disorder with in-between rubbish titled "Acute Psychosis" (the New and Fancy Read on Calm and Articulate Speaking).
61/#AI Is there a reasonable reason for me to be spending multi-million dollar claims to these parties for their rash, aggressive, traumatizing, and brutally criminal actions of April 12-19, 2022? Well, hell, yeah.
62/#AI The Affidavit I posted on Nov 20 online-prematurely, because I was being treated to extra special heart hits from the local EMF Weapon Wielding crowd--proved so incendiary apparently in its blinding release of truth and facts that some Mega Freaking Out instantly occurred.
63/#AI On Nov 21: Post Office Mega Lunacy Moment which tied me to a post-office desk standing for nearly 4 hours, without reprieve, intent on getting my claims out while a Brewster Ambulance went screaming by, neon-yellow-clad men with ochre/red Capitol Trash Trucks (Satanic)...
64/#AI suggestively threw trash in just opposite (parked for a bit), white pickup parked with its back to me just opposite, blue and silver police lights flashed, and I was heart-hit as I stood by the window, clatter on the plate I held up in my bag at heart.
65/#AI Think Quincy is a Satanic Freemason town yet...?
66/#AI I went back on Nov 22 to the same PO and heard the clerks speaking directly in front of me, learning that the ENTIRE EXPERIENCE OF NEEDING TO SEAL BOXES MYSELF had been COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY and had been forced on me as "PUNISHMENT." Image
67/#AI Curious, isn't it, that I in particular--out of the entire universe of people in Quincy with MUCH LOUDER VOICES THAN ME, and MUCH MORE PUBLICLY ASSERTIVE BEHAVIOR THAN ME should suddenly be subject to such utter crap at the Wollaston PO on Beach Street?
68/#AI "Butterflykenz" from the MSA informed me I must have been "BOLO'd" and Personally Targeted--well gee whiz: this is exactly what's been going on for NINE F*ING YEARS NOW. Image
69/#AI Now the essence of MK ULTRA TRAUMA Bullshit Mind Control Psy Ops is 1) Forcing Trauma 2) Inundating with Comms, Signals, Triggers all with Fear Inducement in Mind 3)Bringing in Mega Mega Mega Mega EMF Hits and Neuro Hits to Disassociate 4) Sleep-Depriving with Such #Mega.
70/#AI Meanwhile, there are also VERY REAL DEADLY NEW NO-CONSENT OPS underway to introduce #BeastAI (now transmuted to #SweetAI) WITHOUT CONSENT into EVERY HUMAN BODY.
71/#AI Succeeding my posting and mailing of claims to City Hall et al for their UNLAWFUL actions of KIDNAPPING, TRAFFICKING, and PSYCH-LABELING--#ScarletA of me, I was INSTANTLY RETALIATED AGAINST.
72/#AI Nov 21 Post Office Moment WAS RETALIATION.
73/#AI Swarming and sticking stupid Freemason 33 Covert Comms around me on Nov 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 WAS RETALIATION.
74/#AI The SUVS, cars, jeeps shooting past me with their idiotic coded messages looked fully Govt, FBI, LE, NSA, CIA, et al.
75/#AI My mind was blown wide open by that DISASSOCIATIVE MOMENT OF EXTENDED TRAUMA at the Wollaston Post Office on Monday Nov 21, then ATTACKED BIGTIME with Covert Comms Signaling on the roadways, stores, malls, since then.
76/#AI Let me note that #ForTheRecord one more time: A woman subjected to TRAUMA in April for standing up for herself was RE-SUBJECTED to TRAUMA in November for standing up for herself. In Quincy, By Quincy, For Quincy.
77/#AI One whole week of crazy comms to induce confusion, fear, panic, then a husband suddenly triggered (Nanotech from Vaccine Plus 5G Plus External Targeted Triggering from Neighbor) to scream at me Nov 23 and DEMAND I take my Testimony down.
78/#AI Initial resistance leading to extreme tension in the home led to some extremely dark energy coming out of my fully-vaxxed spouse and sister, once again conspiring (as in 2013) to RUN ANOTHER PSYCH TAKEDOWN on me...
79/#AI ...with some outside help from the local Gay Boys Club/Community DMH et al (CIA heavily involved in GAY WORLD SATANIC), while the SLEEP-DEPRIVATION OPS suddenly kicked into high gear...Nov 26.
80/#AI Add in a ton of concerning signals such as watching the movie GLASS ONION, laying knives out around the house, and directing non-speaking tension at me... Image
81/#AI Add in my being woken up at 3:30 am in the morning the night of Nov 26 (Which is Nov 22 on the Julian Calendar (remember JFK)) after being pumped all evening and night with sudden, extravagant MEGA MEGA EMF energy vibes on body...
82/#AI Add in a sudden storm of SYN TEL (SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY) I'd apparently started to engage in WITHOUT CONSENT as I processed and thought through what was happening and received INSTANT COVERT COMMS SIGNALING IN RESPONSE via RNM on nerves, clicks and sounds projected on walls.
83/#AI Was fear, tension, being-on-edge, confusion, tranced disassociation, over-active imagination, febrile projections, overly radical thoughts suddenly being induced in me? Yes. Woken in the middle of the night by heat pulses to spine, Mega ELF on body, thinking through all...
84/#AI ...I did still come to the right conclusion, becoming evident over days, weeks, months, years, but coming to a head this past week: my spouse was being primed for an MK ANGER OP on me, with [KNIVES] being a part of it--yet presented to me as a #PsyOp on my part...(#MKFEAR)
85/#AI Heart racing, head unclear, swinging from one thought to another, I realized I needed to alert someone just in case. I wrote to Dr. Robert Duncan, copying the letter to a few others #Targeted I knew. What was I reporting? The exact poss. scenario, imagined, of being hit...
86/#AI with a triggered attack of some kind involving the elements above: Now to what extent was this justified fear and to what extent was this SUDDEN PARANOIA of exactly the kind the #Spychs have been wanting to prove comes from me?
87/#AI Trusting, concerned, sure I wd be listened to, responded to, heard, I copied the letter to a few I've interviewed & know. Dr. Duncan did not respond. Now what I've reported is #MK being used on my spouse, along w. #NANOTECH #5G now being used on all--#SyntheticTriggering
88/#AI One of the things I noted in that "Urgent request" letter (to lift #MK off Paul, to stop the CIA (comical now)) was the v dire Masonic number signaling around him--and Illuminati coding of names, birthdates, SSNs into diabolical end-games. All of us are #CodedIn.
89/#AI True, I have a vivid imagination and I do jump from one thought to another sometimes at express speed, but how far off am I in terms of sensing the underlying truths of a situation vs just getting quickly paranoid?
90/#AI And here's the gist of it: This is an #MKULTRA OP INTENDED TO MAKE ME FEEL PARANOID: an #ILLUMINATI OP in fact, to distort my sense of reality, skew me off my center, force me to lean outside for confirmation of what I see from EXTERNAL COVERT COMMS: How F*d-up is that? VV
91/#AI Was I taken in, pulled in deep, swirled around like berries in a blender? Did I fall for it? Did I succumb? Did I yield to external manipulation like a puppet doll? Yes. I doubt anyone could be immune. This is sophisticated Nazi-Illuminati Mind F*King.
92/#AI However....However....I'd just been VICIOUSLY RETALIATED AGAINST 1) at the Post Office 2) with Mega Mega Mega ELFs hitting my legs, spine, head (Extreme amts of energy pumped into my body) causing legs to stretch out, neck to jerk, limbs to spasm...
93/#AI Along with amazingly dire covert comms again being placed around me in license plates, postcards, numerous means--Youtube playlists etc--with coded nos marking death, and neighbors participating that it's clear it wasn't all just "pure theatre".
94/#AI No, it was a #PsyOp inside a #ShellOp--both run out at the same time, 1 fake 1 real. I was def being hit with mega physical energy while also being hit with #DirectedStorytelling (Annunaki returning, UR the First (to get Baphometized!) End of World Nigh) & #MasonicCoding.
95/#AI Also, (being hit with) CC suggestions that my actions toward the Left (promoting #StealthOps war on the highest-degree Luciferians/M/Freemason crowd) were needed to save the world while veering to the Right-Hand Path of Freemasonry meant #MK #OZ #DISNEY...War or Love?
96/#AI In fact such a lot of BS #SaveTheWorld crap being imposed it was perfectly obvious this was #JesusChristProgramming...#MK BSComms on both sides suggesting I was OH so IMP and needed to choose, to save all through War or back off (claims process) and stay in Peace...Weird*!
97/#AI When I interviewed Christopher Burton--who reported Biorobotizing to me--he assured me they could lift him off the bed and walk him to the door. How did they do it? Well I think they were beginning to demo it on me....
98/#AI Sitting still in one spot was not possible because a terrible headache was being induced from all sides: 360 on my head. Meanwhile, a "ship" hovered above my head--(sound of a plane)--while I was being hit with YT video and other comms that this was the Annunaki Snakeheads
99/#AI Not clear on any of this Endtime Rapture Storytelling and Annunaki Storytelling, I was sitting around wondering what was what and what was true and what was fake: exactly where our Mega MK #SpychOps wanted me.
100/#AI #MKULTRA is intended to distort your perceptions of reality and tilt you into a complete Twilight Zone unanchored of free space where you freefall from one thought to the next, lurch from one fear to another: tailored fears synced to your #Triggers
101/#AI Merging #PsyOps with actual #DEADLYEMF on both #BRAIN and #Body, preceded by actual #Trauma of some kind, preceded by #ChaosComms such as I had been subjected to, it causes the mind to fracture away from its original wholeness and sink into absolute suggestibility.
102/#AI Was I taken in? Was I entranced? Was I drawn in deep through this nightmare whirlpool I was now being tornado-whirled in? Yes. For the last FIVE days and nights since Nov 26, I have been flung through the most intense wringer of MIND CONTROL, where I alternately believed:
103/#AI The Annunaki may have returned in a spaceship & they seemed to be connected with Snakeheads, Shiva, Enki, Enlil, Jesus; Jesus was a Snakehead (possibly) (cues also from the Nag Hammadi); I was some kind of secretly v imp spiritual figure on whom the saving of world rested
104/#AI Unable to sleep any part of night, being pounded (like waves) with Mega Mega #Bullrun @LondonRoseTV EMF, energy pulsed into head so I had to stave off headaches with water, Tiger Balm, drinks, tea, I came down & did some Mega Yoga Mega Reading to Discharge Energy Safely.
105/#AI What does this Mega Energy do? You are being Neurally Stimulated, Neurally Overactivated to an Extreme Degree--which is what is being done and has been done to every single Mass Shooter, Mass Stabber, MK Patsy this world has seen.
106/#AI Are we all getting the picture yet? The very journalist who has exposed EMF and MK crimes, Neuro crimes, who DARED TO EXPOSE #SPYCHIATRY was now being hit with #MEGABLOWBACK: Intention being to #NeuroMK me into becoming the NEXT MEGA MASS CRIMINAL--WITH [KNIVES].
107/#AI When you are hit with this much energy, neither the brain nor the body can take it. The brain is 100% disassociated, the body is uncontrollable. The head is filled with a sense of cottonwool and complete migraine throbbing. No thinking is possible.
108/#AI Fear Comms laid around you make you instantly susceptible. You are lurching in fear from one thought to another. The particular scenario used on me was that of my sister once again returning to watch me, examine me with Behavioral Health Experts, then open the door...
109/#AI and hand me over. With my husband being made to consent for a second time (v Masonic) to hand me over for a civil committal. (One who has not moved on the divorce yet--but we're at a Pause currently....Read On.)
110/#AI Now why is my sister roped into this?She's a doctor.She's been roped into this Medical Dictatorship and YES, that email I sent Robert Duncan was shown to her and used as bait to inveigle her into giving consent for an intended SECOND PSYCH GRAB ON ME. Betrayal all round.
111/#AI Here is where REALITY and SENSE OF DISTORTED REALITY are merging. While my SENSE OF REALITY Was being Mega messed with, while I was ACTUALLY BEING HIT with Mega EMF and Neurotech (also on my pineal gland), my REALITY was being invaded.
112/#AI Now one of the things that has happened lately is that our house was painted (dark red, with cream trim--all on Paul's choosing--against my wishes for a soft sage green-he is 100% being #MK'd), and our painter has kindly left us bugs in the walls, relaying convers from...
113/#AI ...the neighbors' houses, the very ones, or some, who are surveilling this house, listening in to our convers, watching us, and directing EMF Tech signals our way. This thread for instance is being read in real time by them. My sister's voice is also being piped in.
114/#AI Either she really did go back to London and someone is faking her voice or she didn't go back and is just around the corner, sitting with a couple #Spychs watching my every move and commenting on how loonily I'm acting...I suspect the latter.
115/#AI I must expose another aspect. Along with deadly Mega Energy hits, I am being alternately hit now (since Nov 26) if seated/prone, with extremely cold shiver frequencies. This causes extreme debility and inability to think clearly--a sense of trauma and a weepy feeling.
116/#AI Anyone hit with such frequencies will give the impression they cannot control themselves, or are in a state of over-emotional susceptibility. In such a state, someone cd be LABELLED PARANOID DELUSIONAL & picked up by a #SPYCHIATRIST esp. if egged on by a deluded doc.
117/#AI So, I am not "hearing voices" currently: I am picking up the bugged convers. of neighbors and sister. Last night, a #SneakOp seems to have been conducted, with my sister opening the door to a crew waiting to pick me up while I was being blasted with Cold Frequencies.
118/#AI Is this Felonious or what? Conspiracy to deprive
rights under color of law? Handover of family member calling her insane -- when she is reporting serious neurotechnology/energy weapon crime?
119/#AI My sister, the #CIA, the #FBI, #LE, the #Spychiatrists working with this lot are advised: You are not permitted to WATCH ME IN THE PRIVACY OF MY OWN HOME nor are you permitted to ENTER MY HOME. This is a #CIAOperation: Of course they want to move me out of my home...
120/#AI I have suddenly become the victim of Mega Retaliation--this is WHISTLEBLOWER RETALIATION--just for daring to oppose the Psychiatrists at Carney Hospital placing false diagnoses on me, who are now keen to prove me wrong, with their pals at #CIA #DHS #FBI, by actually...
121/#AI ...engaging in the HOPE OF CREATION OF CRIME by sending Mega EMF energies my way, over-neurally stimulating me on crown of head, sleep-depriving me at night, hitting me with #PsychOps and hoping I'll cave. STILL ONGOING..Pl. send this to @USMC @jflynn4ussenate #USMilitary
@USMC @jflynn4ussenate 122/#AI Note, this is an ALERT of PRACTICE OF CRIME CREATION by the very guys who are creating #MK Mass Shooters, Stabbers, and such. At this point they have roped me in to be the CRIME VICTIM AND CRIMINAL both....#ENDGAME MKULTRA.
@USMC @jflynn4ussenate 123/#AI For the last 5 days, I have been (involuntarily) engaging in private Synthetic Telepathy (speaking inside my mind) to a group of people on my BCI-Implant Network (I've been non-consensually BCI'd), and speaking aloud (Heavily Neurally Stimulated Now) of my life story...
@USMC @jflynn4ussenate 124/#AI ... informing them of the operation in stealth being carried out against me now, with MY OWN SISTER INVOLVED in targeting me now, MY OWN SISTER, whom I grew up with, whom I took care of when she needed to be cared for, turned against me by #StealthOP #CIA Nazi sorts.
@USMC @jflynn4ussenate 125/#AI Imagine setting out to traumatize & re-traumatize someone already identified to be PTSD and in trauma from a previous Psych Grab....I have been speaking to all who can hear me so SOMEONE COULD INTERVENE & save this situation: STOP THESE CRIMINALS from using EMF TECH on me
@USMC @jflynn4ussenate 126/#AI In the privacy of my home, while using shielding on my head/body, while walking or doing yoga to discharge energy, I am now being watched by CLUELESS PSYCHIATRISTS or COMPLICIT SPYCHIATRISTS & my sister, discussing how "normal" or "abnormal" or "emotional" my behavior is
@USMC @jflynn4ussenate 127/#AI When did psychiatrists think they were given the power of God over a person's life -- when they cannot engage in simple research and recognize the facts of EMF/Neurotech use on people? Where are their EMF Meters, Spectrum Analyzers, and RFID Detectors?
128/#AI How do THEY get to decide what Normal and Abnormal is, in complete isolation of context? Short answer: they don't. NOTHING IS NORMAL here in the entire world: the using of EMF/Neurotech on people is not normal one bit, and the shielding from it is necessary to survive.
129/#AI "Complete obsession with being on the Internet" "Needs to be removed from her home" ....and such. Whereas, as a journalist being MKX'd out, really, I think it's vital to get the word out. What do you think?
130/#AI Now, I have a lot more to say and a lot more to report here (THIS IS A REPORT, not ramblings) but my priority is my safety and my health so I am going to stop this for now--Once again I ask all to 1) Stop Using EMF Tech on me 2) Inform all in power. #CrimeinMaking here.
131/Working on my health and safety with Aromatherapy, Meditation, Creative Writing and Pre-Writing, Dancing (😄) (I'm not really a dancer--but lots of right-brain activation leads to dancing), breathing deeply, and herbal tea--may be good to beat #ExtraEMF for all #TIs🌻🌹🪷
132/Grateful for a warm home, good food, books to read, flowers, and art--whatever has occurred is behind us all now. Working on healing and peace with return to my creative writing and painting now--many thanks to all 🪷
133/It is important to note however that I am The top journalist reporting the crimes of unlawful targeting with EMF technologies and neurotechnologies--disguised today by the CIA/Psychiatry crew not as MK ULTRA but as Therapeutic EMF--now turned on me in vicious retaliation.
134/The act of reporting serious crime is being distorted into being read as "ultra anxiety, nervous activity" etc., while the fact of the actual effects of such extremely high frequency hits on brain/body: high physical energy, left brain damage and right brain activation...
135/...is being "read" by the observing "behavioral health experts" as "paranoid delusional/manic/bipolar/schizophrenic" et al. The extreme irony & deceit of this operation is exactly what I have reported in others' cases for 8 years now. Psychiatry is now Spychiatry, working...
136/...for the dark ops agencies, especially I suspect the CIA, in protecting their endless MK Ultra subjects as "delusional" so they can be hammered to death with deadly frequencies which Psychiatrists assure family members are beneficial to "calm them down": the exact opposite
137/...of what is happening. Meanwhile deadly Satanic evil technologies--neurotech, nanotech, AI--are being trialled out on the completely disbelieved victim. What kind of world is this? Where sanity is termed insanity and the insanity of the Bystander Effect is lauded as normal?
138/As a consequence of telling Quincy City Govt I am not delusional, I have now been dragged into a Twilight Zone of Extreme Assault with EMF Frequencies & Neurotechnology in my own home, with (I suspect) my own sister turned against me to "turn me in".
139/Everyone knows the intent of high-level MK Ultra frequencies is to provoke a crime of unimagined magnitude--which has occurred time and again. I covered the case of Rohini Bisesar: is this the intent? I hasten to assure the world I will Never be committing any crimes.
140/This is why I am studying and choosing the way of Aromatherapy, herbalism, meditation to address this insanity of over the top retaliation by local "authorities" against a long-suffering, truth-telling journalist. I am 100% in a state of being held hostage in my own home...
141/...under high audio/video/neuro surveillance, as also my spouse & daughter, while deadly EMF frequencies/neurotech continue to be pulsed on me to "bring me down from my delirious state": the Deceit Operation rolls on, no-one responds to my call for human rights intervention
142/Once again I call for a military neuroscientist and neuroethicist to intervene, so I can receive the medical brain scanning and radiology imaging I need: this is not a Mental Illness I am manifesting, but the results of actual EMF/Neurotechnology.
143/As a writer and mother however, I continue to pursue home pursuits and stay calm as I continually deal with excessively exacerbated frequencies being used unlawfully against me. No-one is permitted to use such Evil against me: No Consent. Where is #LawEnforcement? This is...
144/Medical Crime and Behavioral Health Crime, Psychiatry Crime and Surveillance Abuse Crime I am reporting. Please see my website for more of my work on this subject. Physicians and psychiatrists have become criminals, engaging in Huge HR violations.
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Those in the Black Ops depts of all DOD/DOJ/Deep State bastions are advised THEY crossed the Rubicon of all decency, morality, civility, normalcy, sanity a LONG time ago with their deadly hidden-by-Psychiatry horrors--which include Organized, Neighborhood-Watch-included Bullying.
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So let it never be said that #ThoseTargeted are warring against "Law Enforcement." Let's get it right: The #BoysinBlue have become Criminals, wearing a Mask of Virtue while going all out to lie, slander, defame, frame, set up, harass, provoke (esp. by informant-proxy) #NonCrims.
In such a situation, the correct thing to do for all is #ExposePoliceCrimes. Don't let their constant bullying, helicopter flyovers, noise assault, DEWS and Neighborhood Watch bullying and "policing" harassment stop you--I don't & won't. Egoistic bullying needs exposing & ending.
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1/ Many thanks to all who called, wrote, spoke out, sent love and support.....great news: I am out of the "Section 12 Mass Code Invol. Psych Hold" run by a seriously demented neighbor and complicit and feckless cops in QPD who illegally, unConstitutionally kidnapped & held me....
2/...for 6 days in grievous & unsavory conditions in Carney Hospital in Dorchester (which houses many good people--docs & staff--but also houses egoistic ER docs, privacy-invading Security, prison guards trained in Deep Lunacy carrying the noble title of "Mental Health Counselor"
3/...all on the basis of a false claim made by said neighbor, unlawful practices of Lies, Deceit, & Ambush by QPD with Dept of Mental Health, Mass, and a bunch of illegal moves incl: no police report, no clinical interview, no police investigation, just Rushed & Manic Kidnapping.
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