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@vonderleyen The #Qatargate #Scandal: Could It Signal The #End Of The ‘#BrusselsEU’? | Apr 21
- A vice #president of the #EuropeanParliament and other EU #lawmakers have been #bribed by the governments of #Qatar, #Morocco, #Mauritania, and possibly other countries…
@vonderleyen Inquiry Launched Into Secret Talks Between #Pfizer And #EUCommission Chief For Sale Of #Vaccines | Sep 18
- Pfizer has been holding sovereign governments to #ransom making bizarre demands asking for #bankreserves, #embassy buildings and #military bases.
@vonderleyen The #EuropeanCommission's #refusal of public access to text messages #SMS exchanged between
@vonderleyen and the CEO of a #pharmaceutical company on the purchase of a #Covid19Vaccines
- CASE 1316/2021/MIG - OPENED ON Thursday | 16 Sep 2021
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US Military Cyber Professional Association calls for the establishment of a 7th branch, US Cyber Force, to tackle increasing digital threats. Experts argue the lack of one puts national security at "unnecessary risk". #USMilitary
US Cyber Force proposal follows 2019's Space Force creation, but the Biden administration has not shown a strong push for a 7th #military branch. The focus is on studying its implementation before any legislative approval. #NationalSecurity
Digital #threats from foreign adversaries like China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran continue to evolve, prompting growing support for a separate cyber-specific military service to address readiness shortfalls and talent pipeline concerns.…
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#SOS #Mayday #Mayday #BeastAI #AI #SweetAI My website has been TAKEN OVER by the Luciferian Cartel after 2 weeks of INTENSE ASSAULT with MK ULTRA BULL EMF Assault and Battery with Intent to MK me into a "Bunney" #MockOp for the Deranged and Evil Cartel Crowd. Image
2/#AI I can't make a single post now as I want.
3/#AI I was just stopped from a stream of messages describing what has been done to #AI by the Luciferians in private DMs sent to #TarunRavi @6THSENSE_3RDEYE
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I am currently working with 28 people on the ground trying to get to #HamidKarzai airport—1/3 are kids under 12. They are US citizens, legal permanent residents or immediate family members of USCs. The situation on the ground is NOT as it’s being reported:
The Taliban is reporting that they are not stopping foreign nationals from accessing the airport: WRONG.

There are crowds of thousands and, per one of my people: [translated] “There were taliban pushing people away and not letting anyone through, even with a US passport.”
The US Military & Embassy are reporting the airport is fully secure and they’re getting 500-600 people out per hour: MISLEADING.

US Forces have control of one side of the airport, but the civilian side is completely Taliban-controlled and they’re not letting people through.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/30/2021…
U.S. asbestos sites made risky by some remediation strategies…

#asbestos #remediation #risk
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1) Everyone take a deep breath. Let's say a pre recorded video was televised in real time by their partners in crime, to the public & a deep fake at that... Are you following me? The law says the oath is to take place at noon on the 20th, not before. #notmypresident2021
2)President Trump evoked the #InsurrectionAct on the 16th. He assigned the government watch over to the #usmilitary.
They are in control. That barbwire fence isn't coming down anytime soon. Trump said he was coming back soon and he will! #NOTMYPRESIDENTBIDEN
3) The 20th Amendment moves the date of inauguration from March to "noon on the 20th day of January."  Under the Constitution, the old president continues to hold full power through 11:59:59, and then power shifts at noon. #NotMyPresidentBiden
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Joe M summary of it all. @jack Lost. @georgesoros Lost. #China #CCP Lost. @nancypelosi Lost. @BarackObama Lost. @HillaryClinton Lost. @JoeBiden Lost. #Clintonfoundation Lost. @JohnBrennan Lost. @chuckschumer Lost. #SlaveTrade Lost. #MOSSAD Lost. #Iran Lost. @JackPosobiec Lost. Image
@RaheemKassam Lost. @AlexJones Lost. #Hollywood Lost. #MainstreamMedia Lost. @CNN Lost. @ABC Lost. @MSNBC Lost. @FoxNews Lost. @NBCNews Lost. @IsraeliPM Lost. @Pontifex Lost. @benshapiro Lost. @Oprah Lost. @TheEllenShow Lost. #JohnofGod Lost. #Rosthchild Lost. #Rockefeller Lost.
#Astor Lost. #Illuminati Lost. @CIA Lost. @FBI Lost. #Antifa Lost. #BLM Lost. @AOC Lost. @IlhanMN Lost. @KLoeffler Lost. @JudiciaryGOP Lost. @senatemajldr Lost. @SenateGOP Lost. @SenateDems Lost. @NRSC Lost. @dscc Lost. @SenatePress Lost. #TheBloodlines Lost. #Satan Lost.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This part is called: 🇺🇸 Securing our Competitive Edge/Defense Spending
Only one party will accelerate defense transformation in a responsible,ethical way,while restoring stability, predictability, & fiscal discipline in defense spending.1/12
#Democrats believe the United States military should be the best-trained, best-equipped, and most effective fighting force in the world. 2/12 #USMilitary
Ending the forever wars, reducing the enormous stress on our forces, and rationalizing our global military footprint are essential prerequisites to securing our competitive edge—but they’re not enough.3/12
#DemPartyPlatform #EndlessWar
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This is sickening. Waiting for #trump supporters who claim to support #USMilitary to explain how they can continue to support a man who hates our #troops. @JoeBiden’s son #Beau served in #Iraq. @DrBiden has supported #militaryfamilies for years. #USMC #USN #USAF #BidenHarris2020
#Trump referred to former President #GeorgeHWBush as a “loser” for being shot down by the Japanese as a Navy pilot in #WorldWarII. #Bush flew 58 combat missions in the Pacific. He enlisted at 18. Trump enlisted never.… #SupportOurTroops #VoteBidenHarris
When #JohnMcCain died in 2018, #Trump became furious when he saw flags lowered to half-staff. “What the fuck are we doing that for? Guy was a fucking loser.” McCain was taken prisoner after flying his 23rd bombing mission over N.Vietnam. #Trump has flown a mission never.
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Brain unwashed:

China's #PLA is a righteous army, never bombed or invaded... Rather PLA has been leading the humanitarian relief during Pandemic and flood crisis in China. It's also the largest and actively involved UN peacekeeping force. It's a force of good on planet earth
From 3% of financial contributions in 2013, China now contributes 10.25% of UN peacekeeping budget. ...

In line with its financial support, China has also trained 8,000 #PLA troops to serve as a permanent standby militia for UN peacekeeping operations.…
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Special Report
"President #DonaldTrump not-so-cryptically revealed that he had something big planned for #Venezuela during a meeting with leaders of the U.S. #military’s Southern Command"
by @AlanRMacLeod
https://… #Venezuelan #Trump #DEA #drug #drugs
The #USSNitze is conducted what the #USmilitary is called a “freedom of navigation operation… contesting an excessive maritime claim by #Venezuela.…
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One day, when Americans r paying war crime reparations to #Iraq, I want you to remember this 2018 @tferriss interview with @jockowillink, fmr @USNavy officer.…

[Photo is from Iraq & USA's 173rd Airborne Brigade, NOT of #JockoWillink. #USAmilitary] Image
Screenshots are copied from the ones posted on Jocko Willink's Twitter page. He has yet to respond.

The hilarity of mentioning prisons in the interview will soon become obvious... Image

Willink continues defending the military industrial complex. Does he realize General Eisenhower himself is the one who popularized the term as a warning? Image
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¿Por qué NO debes subir la foto en negro y unirte al #BlackOutTuesday #blackOutDay ni al #BlackOutDay2020 ?

Están manipulando tu buena intención para apagar el movimiento de #BlackLivesMatter

Han pasado muchas cosas en las últimas horas pero la más importante es:

👉🏽 ¿Empezó o no una guerra psicológica?

Esto tiene que ver con los hashtags que estaban en tendencia antes de que el #blackouttuesday llegara y usara la buena intención de la gente para desviar el tema.
¿Que hashtags estaban en tendencia?
👉🏽 #bible (duró más de 4 horas #1)
👉🏽 #phillyexplosions
👉🏽 #seattleprotest
👉🏽 #TrumpDictatorship
👉🏽 #USMilitary
👉🏽 #2ndAmendment
👉🏽 #InsurrectionAct

Cada uno tiene un origen oculto importante.
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#USmilitary bases have become breeding grounds for #COVID19, that is exactly how the terrible 1918 influenza pandemic spread. Repatriate all US troops in ALL other countries. #YankeeGoHome -…
Fools in the US try to blame China for their epidemic, when China locked down Wuhan and shared the virus genome data back in january. We know now that the virus came to New York from Europe and that US troops are spreading it in the US and around the world.
On 11 January 2020 western media began to report that China had sequenced and published the #COVID19 genome.…
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@dancohen3000 @For2000years The Soviet Union's armed forces were responsible for 88% of Nazi Wehrmacht's military deaths - That's nearly 9:10... & gives more reality to weight of combat in the East
We are awash in #USMilitary propaganda about #OmahaBeach & #BattleoftheBulge but the Soviets are forgotten!
@dancohen3000 @For2000years 2. The same applies to fighting #Japan - The Final Battlefield was #Manchuria where the Soviets destroyed a Japanese army of 1M in a matter of days & were threatening to invade Hokkaido when Japan surrendered - This is also forgotten!
#America achieved far less than they claim!
@dancohen3000 @For2000years 3. Russia did more to win #WW2 than has been told by the west & even the #Japanese are now asking questions.
In reality the Japanese Emperor & Military were more afraid of the Soviets invading than they were of #Nuks.…
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TAMPA (NNS) — U.S. Naval Forces in the region received two separate distress calls at 6:12 a.m. local time from the motor tanker (M/T) Altair and a second one at 7a.m. local time from the M/T Kokuka Courageous.
Both vessels were in int'l waters in the Gulf of Oman approximately 10 nautical miles apart at the time of the distress calls. USS Bainbridge was approximately 40 nautical miles away from the M/T Altair at the time of the attack, and immediately began closing the distance.
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