USA ! … 👏
USA ! .. 👏
USA ! . 👏
WWide !!!

#WATER into Wine #TOWER
The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout, OUT CAME THE #SON & ? …
John Deere

Big Blue Crane
Big blUe (K)cRA(I)NE
Trust KC ..

I Win, even when I don’t care
To win, it’s not about winning to me—It’s about the children & helping others find peace ..
That’s WHY I do as I do.

I don’t need or want to be some “big shot” who has to have the final say, last word or last laugh.

I choose to SHOW MERCY & Give comfort to demons.
I choose
#JOY & I have always chosen to help others ..
If I can help A demons regain what they lost long ago, their souls—Just to be able to see the joy it brings watching someone be able to embrace loved ones they’ve lost touch with because of NOT being able to feel anything at all,
the JOY on the faces of those who haven’t felt anything their entire lives is worth it to me. They in turn help the light & end up shining very bright lights upon humanity, light that helps awaken THE WHOLE WORLD ..
Those darkest inside, shine very bright lights.
Forgiveness brings the very BEST out & sets the world free.

I would rather help someone/an entity rather fight against, putting more lives in danger/harms way…
Why should others have to suffer all because there are ones in
This world who refuse to forgive & because ones need the last laugh ?..
Laughing at someone else’s pain, is laughing at those evil/Demons have hurt.
Seeing The #ROOT/THE #WHY A demon became A demon, you start to show MERCY ..
Someone abused as A child who has much talent
In music or being an actor/actress, they may come from A broken home where they were abused …
That broken home may have been struggling all their lives for many generations, someone who just wants to use their talents to get their family out of the gutter becomes famous
& finds out NOTHING WITHIN THE INDUSTRY/profession they’ve chosen is what it seems.

They sign the dotted line, selling their soul away—Putting their family members lives at risk by using the fortune & fame they’ve achieved by signing that dotted line.
All they wanted to do was
Give their family & friends A better life but end up becoming A puppet on strings being told what to do & being told how to live their lives ..
If they don’t do as they’re told, if they refuse to be A child handler, if they find out they’ve been A child handler without even
Knowing it as A way for puppet masters to use blackmail/extortion against them if they were to try talking to anyone, their family & friends would be threatened or worse.

So they continue to hurt others/children all because this world PROGRAMS #EVERYONE at birth to be

MANY are born without A soul, ones souls are taken right at birth ..
Rituals are done upon children at birth & those children are more likely to be ones who are easily controlled later on in life ..

Add all the poisons, altered frequencies &
All the technology used against humanity—On top of all the ritual sacrificing that’s taken place while the world has been under the “Rule of Man”—You have A very dark world where the people are no longer children of God, the people are slaves to evil. The people then awaken,
To find out this whole lives have been A lie & the ONLY WAY TO WIN is to NOT play the games [THEY] (there is no [them] only Gods children) purposely set up & created AN ENTIRE CORRUPT SYSTEM designed to keep humanity confused, brainwashed,
Worshipping false idols, worshipping money & straying as far away from the truth/Gods words as humanity possible ..

We have lived in An upside down world for far to long, now as everyone starts to awaken, seeing through/passed the illusion, they start to see what’s wrong is
/has always been right & what’s right has been infiltrated to then be used for EVIL …

Someone Known to once be A satanist but is on everyone’s TV wearing A cross, pretending to be A believer in Jesus but does very evil/vile acts to children behind closed doors, I’m the
Opposite of what that individual says he/she is (claims to be) …

Until the world is completely awakened, if someone who is known to do evil acts upon children/humanity & is wearing A cross on TV, if those standing in front of everyone as A puppet deceiving are 555 then I’m
666—The complete opposite…
I will PROVE TO #EVERYONE it does not matter what YOU label me as or see me as, I will always be the light & will always be the cure …
I will prove that no matter what ones say is evil, I can be the complete opposite of what that evil represents,
Even if I’m labeled or choose to be the opposite..
I still stand for what the deceivers on TV are pretending to stand for, they’re pretending to where A cross like [they] truly care or pretend being (not all & it should be obvious who is who by now) apart of something that is
About being there for the children/humanity ..

Again, NO I do not & have NEVER done evil acts in the dark & WILL NEVER.
I AM #LOVE & LIGHT/“DARK” (the opposite of those who say they’re “light” who hurt humanity & children)
I do NOT stand for what evil stands for & never will.
Whoever chooses can label me whatever it is you choose, call me “evil”, I will SHOW you completely different & show you I’m completely fine with being called “evil”.
In the upside down world [they] created to confuse everyone, Jesus is the “Devil” in [their] eyes.
[They] used
The body & blood of Christ as A way to eat the flesh of humans, humans are an energy source for [THEM]/pure evil.
The “Blood of Christ” was then used as an excuse to drink the blood of children, which is what you see many subliminally talking about out in the wide open on
Talk shows ETC now & back in the day—Most if it went right over the peoples heads tuning into the stars on TV because most were asleep, MANY are awakened now & MUST TRY TO FIND PEACE.
It’s import for ones to start healing, find God & remember the WORD. Say the word & you shall
Be healed.

You are children right now, even if you’re 80 years old, 60 years old, 45 years old, 33 years old, 20 years old—RE BORN into A world where the old Tree Falls & A new one is planted.
All the branches/Different religions of the old tree purposely rested to keep
Everyone divided & fighting endless wars is no more …

This is THE BEGINNING, The beginning of something #NEW that is not #NEW but very old ..

“Old does not mean dead & new does not mean best”..

Red Bull gives your wings, The Fallen RISE !
Fallen Angels, Nephilim get their wings back.
In [their] eyes Jesus is the “Devil”, so everything was created where DARK IS LIGHT—Within the upside down world ..

The #BEAST, God/Jesus.. (in [their] eyes)

[They] needed me to be -
Be A bull in A #CHYNA shop, acting exactly how [they] needed me & THE PEOPLE ACTING ..
[THEY] needed me/EVERYONE playing the games [they] needed everyone playing, all in hopes it would drive people away from #REAL once the people started awakening.
All so the people would continue destroying themselves & this world NOT FIGURING IT OUT THAT THIS WORLD IS UPSIDE DOWN …
All so The people would prevent the truth from ever seeing the light of day, when the test has always been NOT [needing] the truth to heal. FORGIVENESS
Allows YOU/ALL to heal ..

[THEY] knew if [they] continued manipulating & twisting around the truth of the upside down world, the people would awaken trying to destroy/hate on the very one saving everyone—All along the people were worshipping Satan without knowing it &
As the people awaken CONFUSED, continuously choosing to be lead by the BLIND while being BLIND themselves (all were once blind) [evil] made it to where what is right/saving everyone would be thrown away/rejected .. Even though what/who they were throwing away/rejecting is
Exactly who the people THOUGHT they were worshipping all along if the world was right side up, Jesus Christ …

No matter if you’re walking on your hands or on your feet able to see everything around you, within EVERY LAYER OF LIFE & within the REAL GOSPELS the way it all was
Meant to be seen, WE ARE ALL 1 PEOPLE & CHILDREN OF GOD.

Those who have chosen to be “Satanists”, they to are children of God & will see the light 1 DAY …
“Forgive them for they know not what they do”, right?

Lucifer Stood as A wall in front of
EVIL, turning on his own kind & all the demons KNOWING God would show mercy .. KNOWING #EVERYONE who has done bad would have the chance to do good, “WHEN BAD DOES GOOD” …
In return for making the selfless choice to do good for the future/the children/Humanity, they get their
Souls back before being brought to Justice, all to be able to know what it feels like to TRULY FEEL #LOVE & to be able to #LOVE their family/friends ..
With their souls being returned, comes the FEELING of those they’ve hurt ..
EVERYTHING hits them at once, they feel the pain
& sorrow of all the children that have been hurt over time & by [their] own hand. For some, just to be able to embrace their loved ones/children, being able to truly feel LOVE again, going through FEELING all the pain & suffering they’ve caused others/children/HUMANITY is worth
Then that feeling becomes to be too much, either right before Justice is served (arrest are made), [they] end up taking the easy way out.

This is where “suicide weekend” comes into the picture, i forgive ALL OF IT ..
I forgive what ones who have done much evil in this world are choosing to do ..

The Reaper gives souls back, chosen by God to finally be able to shine light within this world …
The Reaper will finally also be set free ..
When does A bird sing?

When set free from it’s #BIRDHOUSE/CAGE ..

Tenacious D
& JB …

Wonder Boy & Young Nasty Man

THE NASTY BOYS from #WCW Monday Nitro ..

God & Lucifer, Teaming up.
Lucifer stood as A wall in front of all evil, stopping evil from getting to God.

The Band Is Back Together again.
Hug It Out …

#BLUE RAPTOR helps the T-REX bring down the lab created dinosaur !!
T-REX = WWE Vince sacrificed himself for God, he had the T-REX Fossil in his office before he retired . .
THEN FROM #THE #DEEP, THE LAB CREATED DINOSAUR was pulled underwater by AQUA MAN/The underwater Dino in the Jurassic park movie BEFORE ‘Dominion’ ..

The 2020 voting machines were from where?
Called what?

All of it has been SHOWN/GIVEN to the world in some way &

ALL SO HUMANITY/THE PEOPLE wouldn’t fall into all the traps that were being set specifically to mislead & drive YOU the people as far away from God as possible.
.@CourtneyMae1776 —Thank You for everything you do !

• • •

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