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"large boulder the size of a small boulder" ??

San Miguel = St Michael?
Silverpick Rd = Seth Rich?
they thought the sheep would follow the STARs?
2/ KEYSTONE gorge is in San Miguel county!

also, SILVERpick road? Silver chem symbol is AG
Atty General Barr…
3/ h/t @Intrepid_ANZAC

mm78 = 7.8mm Adam Schiff corruption
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1/ I see Julius Caesar, ACT 2 #comms here....

Just as = JUSTICE
Second Act
On an Unthinkable Day
meaningful = full of meaning
2/ Julius Caesar, Act 2 by Shakespeare details the Ass@ssnation of the ruler, Julius, for alleged "abuse of Power" as the coup conspirators justify their heinous act by saying they tried to Save the Republic.

sound familiar?
3/ this was already ACTed out in dramatic form THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK…
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1/ a False Flag?

Let's examine the #comms…
2/ right off I see DURHAM in the article...
and "we could see red"
3/ "many were HOUSEboats"

are the cabal warning that the HOUSE of Reps is metaphorically on FIRE?

These people are SICK to use tragedy for their #comms.
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1/ Covington bus crash this morning, Saturday Jan 25 at 7:20 a.m.

Does there come a point where it becomes "mathematically impossible"?

2/ Q has warned of False Flags, meaning events that are real, but the reason and cause behind them are hidden from public view and understanding. Also? False Flags are used by the SICK cabal to send #comms.
3/ Examples. I would add the eerily similar head-on crash of Republican SC candidate Katie Arrington, just prior to the 2018 midterm election.
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POTUS opened speech with numbers 1 4 9 3 re stock market.
sums to?
17 Q

video length? 27:20 = 29 (not our POTUS) HRC! (8+18+3)

#comms and #GeauxTigers
2/ WOWZA the #comms in this glorious speech
here's some highlights:

Referenced @SteveScalise attempted Ass@ssination as an 'accident'. Trolling the DS that they FAILED in this planned evil, and added it was a CASE STUDY and "If I was CASTING A MOVIE" he'd pick Steve.
@SteveScalise 3/ 11:40 mark: LSU shut down the Sooners from the VERY FIRST DRIVE (think hard drive servers of HRC &DS!)

and "since 2015, I'm sure they weren't happy"

(think POTUS campaign announce in 2015 and 2016)
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QDrop 365 sums to 14 (Jan).
Find the Markers. Highlighted by POTUS. Coincidence or Message?

re the DISHWASHER moment in last night's rally.
POTUS said '10' 4x in context of the dishwashers.
LOOK at the Q drop:

the whole speech was FULL of #comms.
2/ gonna thread some more #comms from the speech.

Still on the dishwashers, and light bulbs to take to the DUMP.
Gitmo Orange
DUMP and Garbage
ONE SHOT = the Shot heard around the world
3/ more on the DUMP of what was LOADED with GASes.

was Delta flight 89 (17) that injured 17 children a thwarted false flag?
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1/ The Nuclear 'incident mistake' is clearly #comms.

is a "nuclear" PNG about to be revealed?

PNG - Portable Network Graphics, aka an IMAGE!
2/ the AK47 PNG image we've been awaiting?
3/ the one that will KILL the interNET?
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1/ Q's 11 markers.

are they really II markers?

Roman Numeral II?



signed in convention September 17 (yea) 1787??
2/ So Q's STRATEGIC MARKER 11.11 may actually mean:

Article II Section 2??

II and 1+1 ??
3/ I've seen II markers on some Patriots' tweets....and have puzzled over it....

e.g. @SaraCarterDC
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Who exposed the pedo network within H wood?
You can't answer the above but with LAUGH once disclose details.

We LAUGHED. THEY squirmed.
Now comes the Pain—-23!!!
2/ Red Carpet rollout?

The world is watching

3/ Q: shall we tell the good people watching the day & time?


timestamp 24 Apr(4) at 10:45:00

gets us 2+4+4=10 and 10 45 00

totals to 1 and 5 (1+4) and 5
= 1/5 at 5 pm PST

Yea. Really.
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Under what ARTICLE of the US Constitution does POTUS have Commander in Chief powers?

II 2 1

mirrors to the 12:11 timestamp

#beBEST !

2/ and of COURSE, POTUS got to TROLL the baddies as well...

12:11 = 3 (1+2) 2 (1+1) = 32, a Cabal # for their supposed 32 paths of Wisdom, and an abbreviation of 322 skull and bones.

POTUS Mirrors their 32, also, as?

Now C@mes THEP@in—-23!!!
3/ 4, 10, 20
Donald J Trump

January 4, 2020 vs. the 322 Cabal
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:52 timestamp - B52 Bomber and 52 Hostages in 1979
31 years ago = Q drop 31 World Stalemate
2/ :52 timestamp also - 52 CARDS in a deck
h/t @neeneenat
When do you play the TRUMP CARD?
whoops! 40 years ago, not 31. Matches even better, to Jan 4 2020
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:52 timestamp - B52 Bomber and 52 Hostages in 1979
31 years ago = Q drop 31 World Stalemate

ATTENTION on deck! :52 timestamp - 52 cards in a deck.

NOTE the DATE on the YUGE SANCTIONS 'card'?
November 4.

When were the American hostages taken by Iran?
November 4, 1979

h/t @neeneenat
@neeneenat 3/ could November 4 = 11.4 be our MARKER for Drop 34?
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Anyone curious WHY Lovely Lisa Page has NATSEC in her twitter handle?

She was an FBI lawyer.

We're told she's Cooperating. She's certainly SINGING a very PUBLIC SONG.

Her odd 'lyrics' read like #comms

"Good Riddance" w :45 timestamp?
2/ Lisa's phrasing looks like code to me

"My Mother Emigrated" = MME
= Missile Maintenance Equipment.

There's LOTS of 'missiles' in the Q drops, esp dealing with rogue actors in the Mideast and in the 3 letter agencies, incl Lisa Page's FBI.
3/ Lisa's phrase of "God Help Us" is mirrored as "God Save Us" in a Q drop re: Missiles and the Mid east...
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These people are sick and evil!
on the way to the P-each Bowl?
P = Payseur?
Soros takes orders from P.
Fight Fight and Game Over #comms
Saints broadcaster wearing a fleur de lis signalling Payseur?

You have no idea how sick and evil these people are...
the crash was in Lafayette, Louisiana: LL
LL - did the cabal orchestrate this as #comms that Loretta Lynch 'crashed' the cabal by 'talking'?

plane crash = TARMAC #comms to be revealed?
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:16 timestamp links to drop 16
Get the popcorn 🍿
POTUS 100% insulated with zero chance of impeachment #comms
GREEN ELF?? #coincidence ??
3/ “CLEAN house?” Per drop 16? H/t @NormieWokeAF . Note it’s a HOOVER CONCEPT-HC - Hillary Clinton .

Trust Grassley.
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1/ Today is 12.21.2019 , Winter Solstice.

The Darkest Day of the year. the word SOLSTICE literally means "Sun Stop"
2/ Winter Solstice this year is at 11:19 p.m. EST; 8:19 pm on the West Coast.
3/ Winter Solstice's connection to Q theme DARK TO LIGHT is obvious.

That phrase appears in the drops at least 30 times

Here's the most recent: from 7/22/19

with a BIBLICAL reference to the EVILS of pedo, child trafficking, Satan Worship, bloodletting of Children...
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1/ now HERE's a #dogcomm!
Pompeo has named his dog SHERMAN. Why am I not surprised?

Sherman, known for 'scorched earth' policy of TOTAL WARFARE?

Pompeo: "Sherman's not good at retrieving".

But a 'good doggie' re ANNIHILATION of the ENEMY?
2/ #comms !!!
How about an 'early Christmas present' for us too, Q?

the Preservation of the Union!
3/ Noted that Sherman (again, this is POMPEO's 'good doggie'!!) effectively utilized ADVANCING COLUMNS of his armies, per the article...

where did we see COLUMNS earlier this week??? ....➡️
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1/ Holiday #COMMS from our spook friends... about TIME o get FESTIVE and celebrate.

see the DARK to LIGHT contrast? #1 and #10 wreaths are DARK. 2-8 are LIT.

Dark to LIGHT is a recurrent theme in Qdrops. 30x to be exact.
1 and 10 = A and J
JA Julian Assange?
2/ see the REFLECTions? 11 lights on mid ceiling MIRRORED below to floor. 11/11 marker?

#1 and #10 DARK unlit wreaths ties to Julian Assange mystery drop

qdrop 1968 timestamp 6:10 = Dec 16?
3/ the WHITE poinsettias are a strong clue.

Poinsettia leaves only turn from WHITE to RED if they are kept in the DARK.

@CIA having WHITE poinsettias = spooks are now in control of Patriots? They've stayed IN THE LIGHT?
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1/ lots of #comms here In Hussein’s video and they’re gross. First it starts with a GREEN GO light to BO’s Left. Callout sleeper cell. 2:32 video length is contrived, reorders to 322 skull and bones code.
2/ Cabin in the Woods- a horror film where Human sacrifice is a required by the Ancient Ones, a small group that rules the world.
3/purple shirt, showing rothschilds’ allegiance. And black and red berries. Sacrifice colors.
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Pensacola tragedy. Resident Bradley Deal repaints Graffiti Bridge to honor victims

But look right--there's DISGUSTING extra #comms. [not even] hidden in plain sight

First? the Most DESPICABLY EVIL sign of all...
Under? initials DJT

HOW did MSM 'miss this'?
Or did they?
2/ Look for more?
left of the heart, there's painted purple boards, made to look like a makeshift grave/monument marker with L E O, Law Enforcement Officer?

way above? D O D Dept of Defense?
@SecretService 3/ the word LUCKY appears to be pointing to a RED W, encircled by what appears to be a Q.

Note the 'artist' was Bradley DEAL...was W 'lucky' enough to get one?
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"sadly"...readjusts teeth with tongue...
She's wearing Black and Blue BB
they know they're ' cruisin' for a bruisin' " as my dad used to say...

BB appears to be #comms
B2 Stealth Bomber
Bread and Butter Turkeys

weird thumb position, like it's pointing 11 o'clock
She knows a 'high noon' encounter is imminent.
"to actions which I wish the President had not made necessary"

right at "I" she distorts her face like a corkscrew
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3/ As @flotus opens the windows or DOORS of the miniature White house(s), some very special #'s come into prominent view...

17 (8+9), a 45 for POTUS, and a prominent 23 for the baddies...Now comes the Pain!!

[Note that DOORS will be a theme throughout.]
@FLOTUS 4/ Closeup showing lots of GOLD this year...IMO it symbolizes Dominance and Victory over the corrupt families (Roths, Soros) that have previously controlled the world's wealth.. Especially a gilded EVERGREEN pinecone? a troll of HRC's @SecretService name Evergreen.
@FLOTUS @SecretService 5/ the hallway that was graced by the bright RED trees last Christmas? Now practically an ICE castle, with unique 8 point stars (think 8 years of POTUS Presidency!) POTUS and @flotus will be walking the RED CARPET until 2024!
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1/ Ok, let's have some fun with this gorgeous video. Frame by Frame. Our @flotus is a very talented designer...let's read these lovely Christmas #comms she's given us!
@FLOTUS 2/ Video starts, just a mere second, in the GREEN ROOM. Where the portraits of John Q-uincy Adams and wife Abigail keep a "watchful eye" over the silver...

Do those red scarves look like V's for Victory?
@FLOTUS 3a/ Reposting of the broken thread...Argh.
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Lovely Tree, @flotus. Eager to see you decorate Our House w/ it this season

Re your coat w/red & white roses?

War of the Roses theme, b/t Houses of Lancaster & York.

Richard III (york) =last monarch to die in battle. The current Duke of York, Andrew, is losing a battle now.
@FLOTUS 2/VERY ODD that Richard III comes up in these #comms today, when we just heard of Richard III from Fiona Hill during the impeachment #hearsayhearings.

What EXACTLY is transpiring w/the HOUSE OF WINDSOR across the pond?
@FLOTUS 3/ I did a thread on Fiona and Richard III.
It appears this pigtail 'tale' was to explain away any childhood pix of Fiona emerging, looking like a boy with a bowl haircut. and Richard III. You decide.
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