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2020 Vote-Ballot-Election Fraud/Corruption Thread 📑 Image
Ohio: Four Toledo City Council Members Accused of Accepting Bribes in 2 year FBI Investigation

Council members Larry Sykes and Yvonne Harper were placed into custody. Federal documents also implicate council members Gary Johnson and Tyrone Riley.… Image
“According to criminal complaint filed w/U.S. District Court, Councilman Sykes faces complaints of "Reciept of Bribe by Agent of Organization Receiving Federal Funds" & “Hobbs Act Extortion Under Color of Official Right."
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Must WATCH!!! 35s video.👇👇
On April 15th, Massive Election Fraud in South Korea was happened by CCP. Did you know that? Mainstream media has been hid it from us!!! RT Please!!! 😡😡#Dominion #Elections2020 #WeThePeople
United States and South Korea Claim SIMILAR ELECTION FRAUD!!! 😡😡😡
United States and South Korea Claim SIMILAR ELECTION FRAUD!!! 😡😡😡
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This is probably going to be a thread where I dump the various news tidbits from today and tomorrow. At my own pace. No rush.
Downtown DC street closures planned for Jan. 6 pro-Trump rally…
A federal judge in Atlanta denied a last-minute effort by Trump to decertify Biden’s victory in Georgia.…
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🤔🧐⬇️ 🚨Active Thread🚨
Safe? Doesnt exist? No evidence? Decide for yourself I have things to show you...

Dont say I didnt try to tell you...

Over 2100 post & counting...

Parts 1-19 attached...

Part 1 🤔🧐⬇️ 🚨Active Thread🚨


Part 2 🤔🧐⬇️ 🚨Active Thread🚨


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Last month, when I heard #Dominion systems were just Windows 10 machines (internet connected too?) that hadn't been patched since like 2016... I started playing with #EternalBlue a bit.

we can't forget the #ShadowBrokers and those nice NSA tools, right?
Not saying this is what happened by any means--I'm certainly not privy to all the particulars & details seem to differ between articles as to the exact setup of the machines, network, etc.
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Ballots printmed in China.
Shipped with medical supplies.

See thread for the ballots being ordered and more

(Affidavit's have been signed)
Ballots being ordered from China.

For those who don't know.
Ballots are to be printed by DHS approved facilities.

There Are no China approved ballot printers.
A short interview with the person who ordered the ballots and his story and why he decided to come forward.

- affidavit signed
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🚨Mitch McConnell Received Donations From Dominion.🚨
•Mitch McConnell quashed two election integrity bills in July last year after receiving thousands in donations from Dominion lobbyists.
#Trump2020 #StimulusCheck #CCP Image
In July, McConnell blocked two bills, one that would provide $775 million to “bolster election security,” along with requiring a physical paper trail of every single ballot cast in the country.
Also blocked a second that would mandate political candidates, their staff members, and their families, to notify the FBI if any foreign government offered to assist them.
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Voter fraud was used in the 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, & 2020 elections. We saw “found” ballots for one candidate in non-approved locations. We saw unexplained data anomalies. Evidence was substantial, but no investigations?! Time to end this... #MerryChristmas #Thread
#Election2020 Massive Voter Fraud & Election Fraud Orchestrated by Democrats & Conspirators, with Cover-Up Co-Conspirators in Media & Social Media platforms. This means #RICO , #Coup , #Sedition , & #Treason.
When you have this many election officials crying foul, data scientists crying foul over voting system data, voter crying foul over votes cast fraudulently in their name, dead voters, senile nursing home residents targeted, & people hiding machines & evidence, it is malevolent.
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#ChinaJoeBiden has more #CCP ties. Son-in-law #HowardKrein is the Chief Medical Officer of StartUp Health, which received $250M from #Tencent in 2019, $19.3M from #PingAn Global Voyager Fund, etc. Tencent and PingAn are 100% #CCP's companies. Tips by @realTaoRay
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RUNNING SCARED - Pro-#Trump News Organisations are FRANTICALLY rowing back on 'Fraud' Claims after being threatened with multiple lawsuits by Voting Machine companies #Smartmatic and #Dominion.
One #NewsMax host, John Tabacco, embarrassingly had to read out a statement saying :

“There are several facts our viewers and readers should be aware,”

... before debunking a long list of conspiracy theories, mostly from himself.
#Fox Business host and full-time tinfoil hat wearer Lou Dobbs had to do the same thing, through gritted teeth ...
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#ICYMI Ep. 1415 Enough Already! Can We Get Straight Answer About This Swing State? - The Dan Bongino Show® @dbongino Press Lying Trying to Trump Trump(Vaccine Timeline, Middle East), MI Forensic Audit Shows Intentional Fraud, Liberal Media No Cred, & More!…
Order your copy of the #1 Best Seller “Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp” by Dan Bongino @dbongino #MAGA #DanBongino #BestSeller #DrainTheSwamp #MuellerReport #RT #Ad
Forensic auditors find shocking 68% error rate in one Michigan county's votes

#MI #Election #Dominion #Forensic #Audit #Uncovers #Fraud…
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#ICYMI Ep. 1414 The Most Explosive Revelation Yet In The Biden Scandal - The Dan Bongino Show® @dbongino - We Like Angry Dan!, Biden Office Mates Scandal, Hunter Biden & Uranium Scandals Linked, Democrats Hide China Espionage with Russia Hoax, & More…
Order Dan Bongino’s @dbongino #1 Best Seller “Follow the Money: The Shocking Deep State Connections of Anti-Trump Cabal” for account of troubling connections between the anti-Trump lunatics. @dbongino #BestSeller #ObamaGate #DrainTheSwamp #MAGA2020 #Ad
EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Called His Father And Chinese Business Partner ‘Office Mates’ In September 2017 Email

#HunterBiden #Emails #Expose #CCP #Link…
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🔷Results of the forensic audit by 'CIA & DHS' Reveals: #DominionVotingSystems is Designed w' inherent errors to create systemic fraud & influence election results. Final confirmation of all my allegations‼️
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood @RudyGiuliani
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🔷A Security Operations Group comprised of Professionals from DOD, Secret Service, DHS & @CIA conducted the inspection They have a wide variety of cyber & cyber forensic analysts & conduct work on dark & deep web & novel network security applications & have patents for such.2⃣ Image
🔷The DVS system INTENTIONALLY generates an ENORMOUSLY high number of ballot errors which are then transferred for adjudication. The INTENTIONAL errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots w' no oversight, no transparency, & no audit trail, leading to #VoterFraud.
3⃣ Image
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1. “Let’s begin by looking at some undisputed swing state data. Take Georgia to start. In 2012, @BarackObama won 1,773,827 votes in Georgia. We are now told @JoeBiden won 2,473,633 Georgia votes, besting the first black president by a stunning 699,806 votes.
2. In other words, we’re asked to believe that @JoeBiden outperformed his former boss by 39.45% in Georgia, though Biden was soundly defeated in the 2008 Democratic Primary by Obama, and that was when Obama’s sole political credentials were that of a Chicago community organizer..
3. ..and Illinois state senator, and before Biden’s obvious cognitive decline. Trump garnered 2,461,854 Georgia votes, and thus would have handily defeated Biden’s former boss.
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HUGE: #Dominion voting system patents given to #China bank (HSBC) as collateral in 2019. #HSBC received ownership of patents to intellectual property of elections, ballots, systems, cyber & internet capacities. 🧐

Patent Agreement:👇…
Eric Coomer is one of the Inventors of Dominions Voting Security Features. Dominion Voting Systems Patents: Security, System & Methods
Assignee: HSBC
Patent Assignment 050500/0236 SECURITY AGREEMENT👇…
The servers belong to the CIA, not Dominion or SCTYL. U.S. European Command (USEUCOM) did Take Control of Vote Switching, Servers in Germany. Servers were legally taken by U.S. military with DOJ taking possession of them, meaning people will be indicted.🧐…
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Why is no one talking about the fact that ASOG found Ranked Choice Voting was enabled in the Antrim County #Dominion machines they examined (page 18)?

And how does it relate to how ballots were adjudicated? @CodeMonkeyZ @KMCRadio
For those who assert the software update was just updating the "election definition/ballot definition," which supposedly didn't affect tabulation (acc. to SoS Jocelyn Benson), could you explain this statement about configuration errors?
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TW 40/3
Les Citoyens 🇫🇷 semblent encore incapables de créer un grain de sable...

Même les éclairés, les informés respectent encore les codes du systeme politico médiatique et des vus à la télé...
TW 40/2
La Triple Alliance et son plan global d'asservissement des Peuples (dont une partie creuse sa tombe, sans le savoir, sous influence des médias vendus) ne pourront être stoppés que par un réveil des serviteurs de la Nation... Comme ici.
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Il n'y a évidemment aucun doute sur la fraude et ce n'est que la corruption des Juges et la complicité des médias qui, pour le moment, fait avaler le casse du siècle 🇺🇸 (comme en 2017 en 🇫🇷), mais le temps joue toujours pour la vérité.…
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OPINION: While Senator @RonJohnsonWI Is Making Public Noises That He Believes The Election Fraud Caused Biden To Win Over @realDonaldTrump. Behind The Scenes In Congress He & His Staffers Are Stacking The Deck In Their Election Fraud Hearing & Refusing To Hear The Truth!
CONTD: Instead @RonJohnsonWI's Team Is Restricting Anyone With Real Information On What Happened. They Are Now Refusing To Hear From Expert Data Scientists & Instead Are Giving Dominion & Data Aggregators A Forum To LIE BEFORE TOMORROWS SENTE HEARING!
NOT A Search For Truth!
CONTD: Tomorrow's Senate Hearing By @RonJohnsonWI Will Instead Become A Whitewash That Allows The Fraud To Be Explained Away Without Ever Hearing From Those Who Have HARD EVIDENCE To Share With The Senate! Shame On Those Who Say They Stand With @realDonaldTrump Publicly But...
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(1-4)🔻A Thread🔺 This is about to get crazy #Dominion

On Nov 26th. I filmed this off CNN.

Notice the Soo-Dominion poster

St Paul-Solarium Lounge Cars

(See below thread for my findings at the time)

#Spars #SolarWinds

(2-4) This can’t be coincidence

The SPARS Pandemic (2025-28), The Johns Hopkins University, October of 2017

The project team named this fictional pathogen

St. Paul

Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, or SPARS for short
in the scenario it is first identified in St. Paul ImageImageImage
St Paul - Modern ☀️ Solarium☀️ Lounge Cars

The simulation goes on to state:

A week prior to initiating the nationwide vaccination program, damage to a power grid in the Pacific Northwest resulted in a widespread power outage that lasted two weeks.

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AG #Barr has announced to 'resign' on Dec 23. Here some digs on what might be real reason for that.

On Dec. 2, 2020, #Barr's previous company 'Dominion Energy' agreed to pay #SEC $25 million for corruption involving two failed nuclear power plants.…
2/ "The SEC alleged more than 35 separate instances of alleged lies and cover-ups by former SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh and former SCANA executive vice president Stephen Byrne from the beginning of 2015 to August, 2017"…
3/ AG #Barr "joined Dominion Energy's board in 2009, chaired the Compensation, Governance and Nominating Committee at the time of his resignation."

The now uncovered corruption & scandals at Dominion Energy occurred during #Barr's time on the board.…
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“The system intentionally generates an enormously high # of ballot errors. The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots w/no oversight, no transparency, & no audit trail”
Not just #AntrimCounty
It’s impt to note that we do not know how many of the 80,000 reported went through adjudication...I do believe, based on reports that a large % of those ballots also had to be adjudicated
Sifting through info to get confirmation which would increase the % greatly!
Oh so this is why Republicans were treated so poorly, kept at a distance, & kicked out...easier to manipulate the ballots that have to be adjudicated
48,000 in this batch alone at one place!
#Dominion #ElectionFraud #stopthesteal #FightForTrump
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