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The #Rage is off the charts today...

Attacks on @FLOTUS everywhere!

Yeah, the LEFT “really” is the party of “women’s rights”...

They are sick and vile
I can’t say for sure who is gonna stroke out first... but either @AndyOstroy or @DeanObeidallah are gonna bust a brain vessel soon... they are both #RageTweeting 🤣😄😂😎
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Sex offenders have been using comments in this way for years and a cynic might suspect that @google are only taking action now because they are losing money.…
A few years ago a late teen posted a video of herself online as late teens often do. It was a very well made video of a teen doing things that teens do. Innocuous and attractive only to other teens except...
the comments lit up. Snide comments alluding to personal knowledge of the girl, people writing as if she were their idol, a celebrity or a public figure. Familiar language, friendly banter and links to other public videos of the girl from 10 or 12 years previously.
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1. Woke up 3hrs too early, queasy and stressed. 2mins from now, we will likely be witness to a national misogynistic sham so deep and so blatant as to prove once and for all that the powerbrokers of US government do not believe women are human. #Kavanaugh #BelieveSurvivors #RAGE
2. I'll prob livetweet #Kavanaugh hearing, but I feel physically ill over how they've stacked the deck against #ChristinaBlaseyFord, ignored #JulieSwetnick's gang rape allegations, demonized #DeborahRamirez. How many more rapes will happen bec Trump &GOP brand claim women liars.
3. 0 reason other than corruption, misogyny, and partisanship for having no witnesses, no FBI investigation. Yet hypocrite Grassley, opens saying he wants a "Safe, comfortable, and dignified" hearing and a "show of civility"--then immediately misrepresents the issues. #Kavanaugh
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I was at a party once for my private prep school where I drank too much and ended up on a kitchen floor and had boys making cracks about taking me out to the back of a car and using paper bags as condoms on me. Were it not for a girlfriend, who knows what would have happened
I walked into school the next day and everyone was talking about it. Parties continued. I kept going, because it was my school and those were my "friends."

I was 15.

For everyone saying, oh, we can't believe Julie Swetnick because she kept going to parties, ask yourself:

She was a CHILD. She did what everyone did in those days, and coped.

This also needs to be said: holding a teenage girl (the third to come forward, BTW) to higher standards than the boys who she has asserted under penalty of perjury GANG RAPED her is REALLY RICH.

#RAGE 3/3
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