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@EricHolder has asked an important question:

#When was #America #ever #great?

I realize that there is a nearly unavoidable tendency to snort and spew one's coffee when they hear or read his question for the first time. But, honestly, isn't it worth the exercise to answer it?
So, @EricHolder, I'm going to do just that, and I'm going to ask my ragtag bag of followers and detractors to contribute as well.

I'm going to offer my evidence of moments of American greatness. And I'm going to ask those that read this thread to do the same.
But wait!

There's more!

I'm going to ask my detractors and antagonists (are you seeing this @fedupaton) to contribute as well, and will welcome from them both moments of greatness and moments of shame.
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Born & raised in #Fanar #Lebanon, a tiny country in the middle east with a lot to offer. I always had a positive outlook on life maybe because of the culture or valuesūü§∑‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ.
If you don't know #Lebanon or a #lebanese then you should start mingling ūü§£
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS
I grew up surrounded by a loving, joking & tough type of family that always support each other even amidst fighting. You can imaging being 4 kids in different age groups can cause a lot of fights growing up ūüėā #siblingsfight #family #VoicesIWS
I have my issuesūü§∑‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ! I always wanted to prove myself & make my family proud(2nd child). A pressure that was just in my head; they were always proud of us. I wanted to grow up to be a doctor or an army officer like my dad. Let's just say I changed my mind! #VoicesIWS @IWS_Network
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#Love can never be #satisfied. If it is satisfied, it is not much of a love. The #greater and #deeper it is, the more #dissatisfaction there will be. It simply shows the vastness, that it will never be satisfied. The moment it is satisfied, it is dead.
#Satisfaction is not a great #quality. It belongs to the little #minds, to the little #hearts.

There are people who are satisfied with a little #money, with a #house, with a little #name, a little #fame, these are #pygmies.
#Giants are never #satisfied. On every new step, they find the #journey is becoming #deeper, more #miraculous, more #mysterious. The #longing is #growing and the heart is full of a sweet #ache.
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Turks commemorate the death of a #GREAT leader who saved #Turkey from collapsing. The country was about to fall to Greeks before 1922, but this #BRAVE man formed Free Turkish Army - which was joined by millions of Turks - and stood against the enemy. #WWI #AtaturkMemorialDay 1/3
The first thing he did was to educate the illiterate people of Turkey who were suffering from ignorance of #Ottoman Empire. He refused to use Arabic characters for Turkish language and slowly replaced Arabic words with Western ones. The Turks owe this #INCREDIBLE man 2/3
However, when it comes to Kurdish question, he was the #WORST Turkish leader. He even did not recognize them "Kurds", but "mountainous Turks." He initiated the policy of #assimilation and imprisoned thousands of Kurds for political reasons. In this regard, he was a #DICTATOR 3/3
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This falls on YOU @jeffsessions & when their kingdom falls & you wanna offer up a settlement for not only the lives needlessly lost due to intentional gross negligence & wanton disregard for human life & my suffering furthered by a lot of guilty minded so called do gooders!
Who know more than I and do nothing to prevent or alleviate what these monsters have reduced me to! MENS REA MISPRISION OF FELONY #LegalNews #ISO #Lawyer #Attorney
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1/ Inspired by @bobplain, here is an #OTD in #RhodeIsland history: On this day, December 19th, in 1675, a ‚Äčmajor ‚Äčbattle ‚Äčin #KingPhilipsWar took place known as ‚Äčthe ‚Äč#GreatSwamp‚ÄčMassacre. This fight ‚Äčtopped ‚Äčany previous ‚Äčbrutality ‚Äčby ‚ÄčEnglish ‚Äčsoldiers ‚Äčin ‚Äčcolonial ‚Äčwars...
2/ ...‚Äčprior like #PequotWar & #KieftsWar. ‚ÄčFormally ‚Äčneutral ‚Äčin the ‚Äčwar ‚Äčin ‚Äčearly ‚Äč1675, ‚Äčthe ‚Äč#NarragansettIndians' territory ‚Äčhad ‚Äčserved ‚Äčas ‚Äča ‚Äčsafe ‚Äčhaven ‚Äč4 ‚Äčwounded #Native‚ÄčAmerican, ‚Äčmostly #Wampanoag, ‚Äčsoldiers ‚Äčfighting ‚Äčin ‚Äčthe ‚Äčconflict. ‚ÄčThe #UnitedColonies...
3/ ...(aka #MassachusettsBay, @Plimoth, #Connecticut & #NewHaven) ‚Äčdemanded ‚Äčthe ‚Äč#NarragansettIndians ‚Äčturn ‚Äčover ‚Äčthese ‚Äčcombatants, but the natives delayed any formal response. ‚ÄčJohn ‚ÄčEaston, in his "A Relation of the Indian Warr" ‚Äčwrote ‚Äčthat ‚Äčsoon ‚Äčafter ‚Äčthis ‚Äčrefusal...
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