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anyone know the background about #binaryx #bnxtoken and #binance ??? Image
@Okcoin core team founded #seychelles domiciled #jex exchange. Image
note #binance never mention's #china ever. Image
and what do you know here's the ".," v "." Image
Honestly I just can't work out why #binance has all these non china domiciled companies with the "Co,. Ltd" suffix. and the same time they keep misspeling the the suffix by dropping the ","... Image
Here is something else that is unusual.

#jex appeared to rely heavily on $USDT #tether.
Even giving away free #tether as an incentive to join the party. Image
handing out $USDT like its candy at #halloween. Image
The other thing that is unique in the #crypto world is how completely unrelated players acting independently cross paths in perfect sync.
tbf #seychelles was the go to destination for 2019
announcing on the same day...thats just freaky.

what were you doing on the 2 Sep 2019?? Image
there's only one thing better than being safe with #SAFU
and that's #tetherSAFU

$USDT and #tether are the best insurance especially for an exchange in sunny #sechelles that is definitely NOT and has nothing to do with #china. Image
#jex an exchange for 'global enthusiasts' (see no mention of China because Binance has no affiliation to China). Image
Its kind of ridiculous that CZ has to come out time and time again and defend his company and himself.
Changpeng is a well known #french #canadian name. Image
Being a diehard #globenthusiast I couldn't wait to get onboard at #jex knowing I would be #tetherSAFU I was so excited....
I can tell you I was almost in tears.... Image
I mean have I been ghosted and excluded from the #globalenthusiast club?
turns out that the #chinese #authorities weren't too keen on this beloved #globalenthusiast exchange. Image
in fact it appears that #jex was specifically established for #mainlandchina
the alternative site jexzhs.com turned out to be the main site. Image
Driven to be best 4 the ecosystem & the most globally transparent company in the universe. the solution was easy. spin up another token and hand over to a trusted partner.
I'm guessing it was about here they gave up on the whole #globalenthusiast not #chinese Image
Appears that it was around then that #binance they decided to pack up their bags and get the hell out of Dodge....i mean #seychelles. Image
#jex #seychelles acquired in 2019 by @binance services #china #mainland clients shuts down jex.com and jexzhs.com as a result of #KYC issues with their #china customers spins up a new coin managed kicks to @binary_x Image
what happened to #jex
who controls #BinaryX
are you really operating in #seychelles when all your customers are #mainlain #china ImageImage
without fail every time I dig into the #crypto swamp I always end up with more questions than I start with
why would #huobi invest #jex 2018 and then divest to #binance in 2019. Why does @justinsuntron always pop up #whiteknight or #kissofdeath Image
@justinsuntron It was less than a month ago @justinsuntron was playing the #whiteknight depositing $100m into #binance

I bet he's sweating bricks on when that $100m going to #circle back around to @HuobiGlobal Image
I'm guessing thats the #whiteknight recall. Image

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Jul 8
Here's a little #googlesheet #osint tool I made.
is the best free #whois history service.
But it works even better if you use its #API (which starts at $2 pay as go). Whoxy.com
To make it easy to use. I created a googlesheet using the importjson script.
The whoxyAPI provides 5 search functions;
Whois, whois history, email, person, keyword saerch Image
First make sure you create a copy of the file. Image
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May 4
@RepMikeCollins No problem with racism.
@RepMikeCollins No problem with tasering student while handcuffed.
In fact you seem so proud of that you thought it was worth cheering on.
Was it because he was a student? Or because he was protesting? or because he was black? Image
@RepMikeCollins Not sure what your laws are down in Georgia.
But here is a police department recommendation report from Stanford that gives some pretty clear guidelines when a Taser can be used.
So why would cheer on someone getting tasered while handcuffed expressing his First amendment right? Image
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Apr 10
@MahyarTousi Have you read the survey and polling data? (probably not as it's not that easy to find).
An online survey of 1,000 (out of 4m) that was completed over 30 days.
@MahyarTousi The period the survey was conducted was Feb/Mar 2024 quite a few events - 2 weeks before ICJ 'plausable' statement, right in the middle was the flour massacre.
Lets put aside the likely changing views over the survey period and the whofully inadequte size of the poll.
This statement and variants have been circulating for days without reference to the actual data;
"Just a reminder that almost half of the Muslims in Britain have openly shown sympathy for Hamas in the latest data."

So lets look at the data.
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Mar 25
I think the strategy is much more nefarious. They are going to flood aid into Northern Gaza and make it difficult for UNRWA and other agencies to deliver aid to the balance of Gaza. Northern Gaza's famine risk classification will fall and the balance of Gaza will rise. They will use those statistics to justify their claims that it was never them that caused the crisis it was always UNRWA.
looking at this in more detail its appears that the Northern Gaza strategy has been in play for quite sometime.
I'm not sure of the exact location of the pier than has been constructued there is no doubt that it will be on the Northern side of #highway749 which now seperates north and south Gaza.

Following the removal @unrwa's access to Northern Gaza we will see a new 'free-flowing' crossing established which will no doubt have the highest thruput of all crossings.

The IDF have already made statements about the intended flow of aid from the jetty is to be for North Gaza and that is to be operational within weeks after the new crossing is opened.Image
meanwhile south of #highway749 is going to be decimated and if that wasn't obvious yesterday it will be tomorrow. #deiralbalah is under attack right now. Image
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Mar 23
@EylonALevy Is there a reason why you only images of the transfer site that;
1. have been photoshopped with an art image effect/filter?
2. Never have any people on site?
3. Never date/time stamped? Image
Here is the 'facility' and its location on the border Image
Interestingly the image showing the 5 structures is from @bingmaps this one is from @googlemap as you can see the 5 structures are yet to be built in google maps (there is no date stamp but it appears that google maps is lagging bing maps for this area). Image
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Mar 2
Yesterday I couldn't help but reply to @eylonlevy throwback post to the Hamas Datacentre and the ridiculous notion that an entire miliary intelligence complex was being powered by literally 5 cables punched through the floor of @unrwa HQ. Image
Of course, no response. but it did remind me to go back to my previous thread and notes.... only to realise I never actually posted part 2 of the thread.
First a recap.
who could forget unveiling of the 'smoking gun' against @UNRWA .
...cables that power Hamas intelligence infrastructure directly below.
did anyone actually get to see the datacentre ...well no. everything but. did anyone match those cables to ones in the datacentre ...well no. Image
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