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In #Crypto, everything happens at lightning speed, and sometimes we miss very important news that could affect our portfolio.
So, here is a list of all the important news of the past week, which I have compiled 📰🗞️

#CryptoNews #cryptocrash Image
🚨Nigeria regulator says local Binance operations 'illegal'.

🔔 #TUSD temporarily stopped issuing TUSD through Prime Trust.

🔔 #Robinhood will no longer support #Solana, #Polygon and #Cardano after June 27, 2023.
💥 #OKX burns 5.5 million #OKB exchange tokens — worth roughly $244 million.

🔔 Binance_US suspends all USD deposits following SEC lawsuit.

💥 #Kraken launches its NFT marketplace on #Polygon.
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1/ Affected by the #SEC suing #Binance, there is a lot of #FUD in the market.

However, we have noticed that some institutions, whales, and SmartMoney seem to be buying from the bottom.
2/ After the news of #SEC suing #Binance, Cumberland withdrew 67.9M $USDC from #Circle and deposited 67.1M $USDC to #Coinbase.…

FalconX received 37M $USDC from #Circle and deposited 29.5M $USDC to #Binance.… ImageImage
3/ FBG Capital deposited 44M $USDT to #Binance after the #SEC sued #Binance news reported.
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#Bitcoin Back Above $29k After #MtGox False Alert

📰Let’s dive into your weekly digest of specially curated reads by #Matrixport 📰

What’s #trending in #cryptocurrency? ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
1️⃣ #Bitcoin Slumped and Rebounded in Hours amid False Alarm on #US Government Dump
2️⃣ #Circle Launches Cross-Chain #USDC Transfer Protocol for #Ethereum, #Avalanche
3️⃣ Binance.US Calls off $1.3bn Deal for #Voyager’s #Assets, Citing a “Hostile Environment”
4️⃣ #Arbitrum #Blockchain #Airdrops $120m-worth #ARB #Tokens to Projects in its Ecosystem
5️⃣ #Visa Shares Plans for ‘Ambitious’ #Crypto Product Regarding #Stablecoin #Payments

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#LayerZero 🧶⤵️

What about the VCs?

Over $170 million has been raised, funds include:

Binance Labs, Sequoia Capital, a16z, Coinbase Ventures, FTX, Uniswap, PayPal Ventures, Sino Global Capital and others.

And there are a lot of activities here 😎

1/23 Image
Lets start with discord, go to the link (, pass the captcha, turn off notifications except channel for announcements.

Since, as I said, there are a lot of activities and need to test them all, I will divide them into two categories, Bridges and DeFi


1. #Stargate @StargateFinance (
This is a BASE, use it as often as possible, not just because they have the same team, but because it's really a quality platform

3/23 Image
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Wednesday Top Crypto News

Everything you need to know in one short thread…
In case you missed it, check out yesterdays thread on crypto market microstructure 👇🏼
Onto the news…In an interview with Bloomberg, Cathie Wood said the current banking crisis, which will only “attract more institutions” to the #BTC market over time.
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1/8 Witness the intriguing parallel between USDC insolvency concerns & Marriner Eccles's strategy during the Great Depression. Both emphasize trust in financial systems. #stablecoin #financialhistory
USDC issuers, led by Circle, hit pause on withdrawals to gather capital in response to insolvency concerns. They took a page from history to handle the crisis. #cryptocurrency #crisismanagement
Historical context: Marriner Eccles, a prominent banker during the Great Depression, used a clever strategy to control teller cash payouts, restoring confidence in the banking system. #GreatDepression #banking
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1/ Durante a crise do USDC + SVB, vários players notáveis se posicionaram com transações on-chain. Vamos ver como cada um deles se posicionou: Image
2/ @VitalikButerin comprou USDC 🤯
Trocou 500 ETH por 150k $RAI e depois por 400k USDC e 27k DAI, aproveitando o desconto pelo depeg…
3/ @justinsuntron Justin Sun trocou USDC por DAI 😆
Retirou 127mi $USDC e trocou por for 126,96mi $DAI… Image
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#SVB Bankruptcy and $USDC Unpegged Incident

1/7 #Circle, an issuer of $USDC, announced on Mar 10th that #SVB, where they held their funds, had gone bankrupt. This leaves $3.3B collateralized in $USDC locked up. Upon this news, $USDC plunged more than 10%. ImageImage
2/7: However, #Circle had previously disclosed the amount of reserve it held in $USDC, and currently, only 8.2%($3.3B out of $40B) was tied up in #SVB.
3/7: By using the #FDIC recovery process as a guide, it's expected that the payout rate will be around 94%, indicating an estimated loss of approximately $200M.
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Dost lidí stále nechápe důvody a následky kolapsu $SIVB
Banka s obrovským množstvím peněz velkých hráčů a startupů, jejíž následky mohou být dlouhé!

Pojďme si o této události něco říct i ze strany velkých hráčů, které jsem dosud poznal.
Příjemné čtení😊
V minulém roce byla $SIVB označena za jednu z nejlepších amerických bank s existencí přes 40 let.
Bylo to uložiště bezmála poloviny světových startupů, které se např. jen za poslední 3 roky ztrojnásobily.
Jejich aktiva sahala do výše cca. 212 mld. USD.
Nyní se jedná o největší krach banky od r. 2008 a druhý největší v historii USA.
Investoři do této banky ukládali miliony USD přes startupy s nimiž jednoduše $SIVB potřebovala něco udělat.
Toto byl zásadní špatný krok, který vedl ke krachu👇
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Petit point sur la journée de demain

Une journée qui va être chargée en termes de volatilité et aussi en congestion de réseau pendant "quelques" heures suite à l'affaire #USDC.

Regardons ça de plus près et comment se protéger.
Concrètement, tout va se jouer sur la capacité de #Circle à honorer le redeem des #USDC en dollar suite à l'annonce.

Pour faire simple, cette opération consiste simplement à envoyer des USDC à Circle, qui vont les détruire et vous verser l'équivalent en USD sur votre compte.
À partir du moment où ce processus se passe correctement, certains vont faire de l'arbitrage et tirer le prix de l'USDC vers le haut jusqu'à atteindre le peg des 1$.

On retrouvera de gros investisseurs ainsi que des plateformes d'échanges (#Binance, Justin Sun etc...)
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I know... you will be surprised by my guess

Let's suppose #CIRCLE have about 6bln $ seized in Shady banks : 3.3bln$ in #SVB (confirmed) and about 3bln $ #SI (not confirmed)

For 2 time their minimum liquidity was 6bln$

Now what? Let's guess...🔻
With about 6bln$ seized over 43bln$ #USDC you know... They cannot be baked 1:1, because 14% are not available (seized).

What if they managed to spread FUD looking for a way to push whales and retails on converting #USDC for #USDT or other stablecoins?

Let's check 🔻
So, #USDC market cap dumped from 43.3bln$ to 37.2bln$

Look at it... exactly 6bln$

Did someone see any type of #USDC burn anywhere? I've missed something...or there was a realtime swap with another #stablecoin

Let's check #USDT🔻
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How will Funds respond to the $USDC depegging?

Panic selling $USDC or buying $USDC at the bottom?


Here are the operations of Funds👇

Hope it can be helpful to you.

Jump Trading, Wintermute Trading, Genesis Trading and BlockTower Capital redeemed $USDC for USD cash via #Circle and #Coinbase ahead of the weekend bank break.

Vitalik.eth, @worthalter and Taureon Capital bought $USDC at the bottom.

Justin Sun, IOSG Ventures, Kyber Ventures, Chain Capital, Hashed, Spartan Group, Signum Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, LD Capital, LedgerPrime, Dokia capital and Alpha Citadel Ventures exchanged $USDC for $DAI, $USDT, $USDP, BUSD and $ETH.
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$USDC to nie $UST
#Circle to nie #TerraFormLabs

Kilka suchych faktów dlaczego w.w. sytuacje są od siebie całkowicie różne.

Zostaw ♥️ i zapraszam do lektury ⬇️
1⃣ Różnica w działaniu.

🌑Jak wszyscy dobrze pamiętamy $UST było stablecoinem algorytmicznym, podpartym koszykiem różnych aktywów jak stable, $LUNA, $BTC czy $ETH.

🔵 $USDC jest tokenem podpartym prawdziwym dolarem, wyemitowanym przez podmiot regulowany przez SEC.
2⃣ FUD

🌑FUD w kwestii $UST obracał się wokół podparcia niestabilnymi aktywami oraz nadmiernym napływem supply przez #AnchorProtocol

🔵Cały dzisiejszy FUD wokół $USDC opiera się o upadłość banku, w którym #Circle posiadało niecałe ~5% zabezpieczenia dla swojego stablecoina.

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简单解释一下稳定币 $USDC $BUSD 和 $DAI 今日为啥都会脱锚?

$USDC 是在2018年由 #Circle#Coinbase 联合推出的稳定币,根据官网显示其有435亿美元的储备,其中持有324亿美元的短期美国国债和111亿美元现金托管在银行。根据Circle在2023年1月份的证明报告中显示托管在7家银行,每家银行的分配比例未公布,
7家银行分别是Bank of New York Mellon, Citizens Trust Bank, Customers Bank, New York Community Bank (a division of Flagstar Bank, N.A.), Signature Bank, Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate Bank,最后两家就是本周爆雷的银行。
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1/ With the crash of #Silvergate, the crypto market plummeted, and the price of $ETH dropped by 5%.

Before $ETH plummeted, the price had a slight increase.

The mysterious fund withdrew 312M $USDC from #Circle and transferred to exchanges during the 8 hours of the uptick.
2/ #Coinbase tweeted that it would no longer accept or initiate payments with #Silvergate 14 hrs ago.

13 hrs ago, the fund started to withdraw $USDC from #Circle and transfer to exchanges, then stop 5 hrs ago.

The price of $ETH has increased by 2% during this period.
3/ The fund withdrew 10M $USDC from #Circle and transfer to exchanges again 40 mins ago.

According to the data on the chain, the behavior of this mysterious fund is very strange.
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🚨Rosso Silvergate, il colore del 2023?🚨

La banca "Crypto apre oggi con un -45%.

Se lo stato di salute del mondo #Crypto lo deducessimo da un asset come #Silvergate cosa ci direbbe sul futuro del settore?

⚠️ Problemi per USDC? Vediamo 🧵⬇️ Image
1/ #Silvergate è in ritardo nell'invio della dichiarazione annuale ⏰

Ha comunicato di non riuscire a presentare la dichiarazione entro la data di scadenza prevista a causa di difficoltà nel completare la dichiarazione. Qui la notifica della #SEC 👇…
2/ Silvergate e le Crypto 🔗

Silvergate ha fatto una delle più grandi scommesse del mondo bancario statunitense sulle Crypto. Questo ha portato a un costante declino dai suoi massimi di Dic/2021.

Gli investitori temono sopratutto il legame fra Silvergate e #USDC di @circle. Image
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New Thread🧵⛓
#numerology and #Numbers
Focusing on #Gann #Natural, Secret Numbers
#Cycles that help in #trading #price and #time
Sacred numbers, #Astrology and #Astronomy
First Number 360 (#Circle)
All can post views ,if good
will combine and post here
#stocks #stockmarket (1)
Circle is 360
Planets Circling, elliptical, waves,
Electrons , Nature many are in spirals or circles
Circle with in Circles
360 has 24 divisors
(From 1 to 10)
/7=51.428(not divisible)
All the numbers are important cycles! (2)
36 its all the same
6x6 = 36 , 6 square
6x6x6 =216 (666 beast cycle bible)
216 -72 = 108
holy trinity 3x3x3 =27
27x4 =108x2=216
9,18,36,72,144,288,(360),576 etc.
360/24 (hours a day)=15
we live in cycle of 144,360 etc (3)
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1/ Why did the price of $BTC/$ETH suddenly rise today?

We found that several funds/institutions poured nearly $1.6B into the crypto market since Feb 10!👇

We analyzed the data on $USDC deposits and withdrawals on #Circle from February 10th to today.

As can be seen from the figure below, several funds/institutions withdrew ~1.6B $USDC from #Circle and only deposited ~0.2B $USDC.

The mysterious fund shared before didn't stopped pouring money into crypto market as BTC/ETH drops.

His address "0x308F" has withdrawn 155M $USDC from #Circle and transferred to exchanges since Feb 10.

If you join our channel, you will be notified.
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1/ A mysterious fund started pouring money into the crypto market ahead of this year's small #BullMarket.

The fund started withdrawing $USDC from #Circle on Dec 7, 2022 and has over 10B $USDC as of today.

Then exchanged for $USDT via 5 addresses, and deposited to exchanges.

Every time the fund started withdrawing $USDC from #Circle and transferring to exchanges, the price of $ETH will rise.

It appears that the rise in cryptocurrency prices has something to do with this fund.

And thanks to this fund, let me go long $ETH and make money before the announcement of the Fed's interest rate decision.
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🚨 The @justinsuntron is super active on #Tron today.

Here's what he did:

1. Withdraw 62M USDT on #Justlend
2. Buy 2M USDD using 2M USDT on #Sun
3. Withdraw 6M USDC on #JustLend and transferred out
4. Transfer 60M USDT to @binance…
Based on the record, Justin usually:

1. Transfer $USDT on #Tron to binance
2. Transfer $USDC/ $BUSD out from binance on Ethereum
3. Cashed out them on #Paxos and #Circle.

Let's see if Justin will do this again.

Since the last time we posted about this, Justin cashed out $88.5M $BUSD on the last day of 2022.
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Five hours ago, the crypto industry lost another 200 million USD in liquidity. A giant whale withdrew 200 million $USDT from #binance, of which 100 million USDT was sold into $USDC, and 100 million USD was exchanged from Circle, completing the withdraw money. ImageImage
What gift to buy for #Christmas costs 200 million US dollars🤣🤣.@cz_binance…
Through further chain analysis, it is found that this address has four associated addresses, and the withdrawal of 1061593301.6 USD has been completed through #Circle.… ImageImage
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anyone know the background about #binaryx #bnxtoken and #binance ??? Image
@Okcoin core team founded #seychelles domiciled #jex exchange. Image
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1/ $USDD is not safe!

#USDD has been depegged since Nov 9 and has not returned to the peg!

#USDD reserves decreased by 548M $USDC

Justin Sun used the 350M $USDC in the reserve to repay the loan in #Justlend.

The real Collat. Ratio is only 50%!

Here is some evidence.👇

#USDD has been depegged since Nov 9 and has not returned to the peg!

Now the trading price is $0.9812.

And #USDD accounts for 81.25% of the Curve USDD/3CRV pool.

On Nov 10, #TRON still had 990M $USDD in its reserves, and now there is only 442M $USDC left.

548M $USDC disappeared? @justinsuntron

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We did an analysis of wallets of

Here are some of our findings:👇

5 Ethereum wallets and 6 BTC wallets of hold a total of $2.68B assets.

- 51,836 $BTC($857M)
- 58T $SHIB($531M)
- 364,969 $ETH($446M)
- 184M $USDT
- 88M $USDC
- 1.2B $CRO($80M)
3. holds 58T $SHIB($531M), surpassing $ETH and accounting for nearly 20% of total assets.

And also holds 1.2B $CRO($80M), accounting for 3% of the total assets.
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