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Durante las últimas horas #Tether se ha ido alejando del #Dollar, experimentando una caída de más de un 0.3%, lo que vuelto a levantar polémica en torno a #USDT 👀

Os EXPLICO que está pasando: 👇 Image
2/ Pues Bien, todo esto tiene que ver con las Ballenas🐳 y el 3Pool de #tether

Y es que durante las últimas horas, el 3Pool de USDT se ha descompensado muchísimo, superando la concentración de #USDT el 50%

El nivel más alto desde noviembre de 2022, durante el Colapso de FTX Image
3/ El 3Pool de Curve, básicamente es uno de los principales Grupos para el trading de Stablecoins en finanzas descentralizadas

Un Pool que se ha desequilibrado enormemente durante las últimas horas... Image
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P2E, NFTs, and gamefi (games that incorporate cryptocurrency and blockchain technology) have all experienced a decline in popularity in recent months. However, there are a number of reasons to believe that these technologies will make a comeback in the future.
The underlying technology is still sound. all 3 are based on blockchain technology, which is a secure and decentralized way to store data. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry, and it's only a matter of time before it's adopted on a wider scale.
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💰📈 Dados de Criptomoedas!

1⃣ Bitcoin (BTC)

Preço: R$133.000,75 💵
Variação (1h): 0.05% 📈
Variação (24h): 1.78% 📈
Variação (7d): 3.22% 📈

Cap. de Mercado: R$2.589.914.704.155 💲

Volume (24h): R$39.607.360.006 💰

Fornecimento Cir.: 296.492

Últimos 7 Dias: 19.385.481
2⃣ Ethereum (ETH)

Preço: R$9.125,42 💵
Variação (1h): 0.12% 📈
Variação (24h): 1.36% 📈
Variação (7d): 1.71% 📈

Cap. de Mercado: R$1.097.394.131.395 💲

Volume (24h): R$16.394.909.364 💰

Fornecimento Circulante: 1.796.898 ETH Ξ

Últimos 7 Dias: 120.256.773 ETH Ξ
3⃣ Tether (USDT)

Preço: R$5,00 💵
Variação (1h): 0.00% 📈
Variação (24h): 1.85% 📈
Variação (7d): 2.12% 📈

Cap. de Mercado: R$415.264.285.624 💲

Volume (24h): R$ 💰

Fornecimento Circulante: 12.453.816.526 USDT

Últimos 7 Dias: USDT
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#Tether's claims of $1.5 bn profit in 2023-Q1 means they must be investment geniuses.

Assume that every asset category is as they claim it was on 2023-03-31: $68.8 bn investments, $480 mm cash). If the cash equivs are 100% short dated t-bils their income would be $1.15 bn Image
This is even if you assume they rushed out and bought $14 bn worth of treasuries on the first day of the quarter to get them from $39bn to $53bn, which they didn't. They didn't even have $68bn TOTAL at the start of the quarter. Image
In fact at the start of the quarter (and for much of the rest of it) they had closer to $50bn in interest earning securities.

Meaning in the real world, they should have earned around $1 billion. Image
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Can someone please tell me why #Tether is "doubling down its focus on limiting its reliance on pure bank deposits as a source of liquidity"?

Because that sounds like a thing you do when you're having banking issues...… Image
🧵 Given that it has long been rumored that Tether is somehow managing to count Circle's USDC reserves as its own reserves by some kind of transitive property I found it very striking that Tether's announcement came right after Circle's & w/same language.…
🧵 Something else I just noticed about #Tether's numbers... (h/t @sasadjak72):
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What #Tether Has Said Lately vs. Arithmetic: The Thread

let's start with the fact that #Tether announced a $1.48 billion "profit" a few days ago.…
Let's just conveniently ignore the fact that the auditor who provides #Tether's "attestations" that are in no way anything like an audit has never mentioned "profits".

(Also read the rest of @intel_jakal's 🧵 as they have the numbers.)
Isn't it odd that somehow $1.5bn worth of bitcoin just appeared as the backing for #Tether few days ago?

➤ $1.50bn in bitcoin on March 31st
➤ $1.48bn in "profits" as of May 11th

Those numbers are ~1% different.
Are you seeing a pattern here?
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The DOJ's NCET (National Cryptocurrency Enforcement) division is a new team formed early '22, with Eun Young Choi serving as the inaugural Director. Her responsibilities are quite clear and casts a very wide net on authority and cooperation amongst international enforcement…… Image
Something tells me the NCET team is spearheading the reopening of the bank fraud investigation on #Tether for suspicion of leveraging the US banking system to launder money (hint hint $SBNY).
Crypto enforcement at the DOJ works very closely with the SEC and CFTC. I’m sure the NCET has taken quite the interest in the #Binance CFTC complaint ImageImage
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IMHO, the FDIC’s Supervision Report on $SBNY doesn’t justifiably outline the excessive number of money laundering transactions that occurred via Signet. #Tether and #Binance were some of the largest transactors of the “blockchain” and violated BSA/AML/KYC laws in the process.
Despite the lack of detail relating to money laundering transactions made via Signet, the FDIC did recognize that $SBNY had poor internal controls and insufficient BSA/AML/KYC processes in place. ImageImage
We believe the FDIC is leaving more extensive investigations to the DOJ as the kimono is cracked open on the biggest money laundering network in history. CZ will be in handcuffs for trafficking illicit funds through the US banking system. Image
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🧵1/Ω Fun fact: almost no one has tried to redeem #Tether on eth chain since the week of feb. 6th.

This is based not just on actual burns of tokens (there haven't been any) but also on people sending their $USDT to the Tether Treasury or the Bitfinex wallet that redeems Tether. Image
There have been ZERO redemptions of #Tether (or even attempts at redemptions!) in 6 weeks now.
This is the longest uninterrupted stretch w/ no redemptions for $USD in #Tether's history since The Troubles of 2019/2019 when $USDT mkt cap was a tiny fraction of what it is now Image
You would think that surely *someone* in their customer base might have tried to make a redemption, especially given all the tempestuous events like the $USDC depeg etc.

But no one has. Image
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@leomschwartz Does anyone know where #ElSalvador sourced the funds from to repay the $800m bond that matured in Jan 2023? Image
@leomschwartz Not saying I'm right....but don't tell me I'm wrong unless you can show me I'm wrong....and the only way to do that is produce some real numbers. #provemewrong #tether Image
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#Tether watch!

Alright, i promised a post on this so here goes. #Bitfinex is amassing a much bigger Bitcoin hoard than previously disclosed. Either that (by far most likely), or some whale trusts only trusts Bitfinex to trade with, and only accumulates at quarter end, in bulk.
Gonna be another screenshot heavy thread i'm afraid, since i've gotta prove ownership when that's hard to do. So.

This time we follow the money backwards. How did 53.5K Bitcoin accumulate in a ~6 month old wallet? Aside from a few tiny txn, all BTC came in via Bitfinex.
Most of the money came in via 3 distinct blocks: March 30th, December 28th 2022 and September 30th 2022.

All of it came directly from Bitfinex's hot wallet, -Ua9i1g.
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@gaborgurbacs @Tether_to @tethergold @paoloardoino I agree #Tether $Gold aka $XAUT is a great product. When compared to $USDT $XAUT is by far the better option.
Why is does no one use it?
@gaborgurbacs @Tether_to @tethergold @paoloardoino In the last 12 months only 19k has been sold and only 82k since beginning of 2021.
@gaborgurbacs @Tether_to @tethergold @paoloardoino Since the beginning of 2021 #tether themselves have purchased and increased inventory ready for sale by more than 79k ounces (which is almost as much as sold over that period). But zero interest.
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#Tether watch!

#Bitfinex is printing themselves money again. Quite literally. They're using a new account to try and obscure it but i can pretty much prove it at this point.

Lemme walk you through.
So Tether printed $100 million to an account 10 hours ago on TRON.

This is a fresh account with 5 TRX txn and 2 other txn.
I can prove the account was made on or via Bitfinex. That first txn in comes from the Bitfinex TRX funder wallet. Still need to do more research on those, but it seems all or nearly all Bitfinex INs have that wallet for TRX funding (including the bots).
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Surely it's just a coincidence that $2 billion worth of #Tether was printed at what was probably the exact same hour on the same day the US government moved to dump $212 million in Bitcoin onto the market at #Coinbase and half of that was $USDT accepted in $COIN's market?
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It's interesting to look at what #CFTC is asking the court for in the #Binance complaint:

1. Stop all trading immediately
2. Give us all the money
3. Actually give us more than all the money
4. Including salaries of all executives (lol @prhillman)
5. Jury trial ImageImageImageImage
@prhillman 6. No one associated with #Binance in any form should ever be allowed to trade commodities, futures, or other derivatives in the American market ever again ("permanent injunction")
* small correction: @PRHillmann is Binance US's CSO not CEO
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I mentioned in an earlier tweet that Stena line were previous owners of Wightlink; here's the info
If you look at Shankar Singam's tweet, He's linked in the Freeport with another tweet, which is where I saw StenaLine;
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@ParrotCapital @JackInabinet @9thdecimal @Cryptadamist @MikeBurgersburg @ExkrementKoin @crypto1nfern0 @vidar_research @AureliusValue @AlderLaneEggs @Annihil4tionGod what we are witnessing is akin to what happens when a hacker targets a vulnerability in a system and is able to release malware and it causes havoc to its target.
@ParrotCapital @JackInabinet @9thdecimal @Cryptadamist @MikeBurgersburg @ExkrementKoin @crypto1nfern0 @vidar_research @AureliusValue @AlderLaneEggs @Annihil4tionGod There is literally hundreds of zero day attacks in crypto. But rather than addressing bad actors and patching vulnerabilities in the ecosystem. - they were embraced as innovation - literal onramps to the promised land.
@ParrotCapital @JackInabinet @9thdecimal @Cryptadamist @MikeBurgersburg @ExkrementKoin @crypto1nfern0 @vidar_research @AureliusValue @AlderLaneEggs @Annihil4tionGod The Signet walled garden is a perfect example - if a bad actor gets into your walled garden as soon as its flagged you excise them and patch the vunerability. If you don't they propagate and destroy your garden. Instead those who could have, should have taken action
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🧵1/Ω A few things about @crossriverbank, a tiny #a16z funded lender that originated more #PPP loans for "small businesses" than anyone besides Chase, BofA, and Wells Fargo, mostly for people who were not their customers.

Also @coinbase's preferred bank.… ImageImage
🧵2/Ω They paid @McKinsey a bunch of money to tell the world that "while most banks originated PPP loans to their own customers, Cross River leads in originations to new customers"…
🧵3/Ω Unlike other banks that blew up on "fund banking" recently (*cough* $SBNY $SIVB *cough*) @crossriverbank does their "fund banking" differently:

They package all the loans and sell them to weird "fintech" companies like @Upstart. @mikulaja Image
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1/ A new era of stablecoins has arrived!

The #SovrynDollar (DLLR) is a game changer. A decentralized, #Bitcoin-backed dollar you can truly own. 🚀

Live… NOW!

Say goodbye to centralized #StableCoin drama & hello to unmatched security & reliability.

Curious? Read on!

2/💪🌐 Tired of the risks of centralized stablecoin like #Tether or #USDC?

The #SovrynDollar offers a decentralized alternative that empowers users, giving you control of your assets.

Welcome to the future of finance. #DecentralizedFinance
3/🔒🔑 What sets $DLLR apart? It's ultra-reliable, secure & aggregated from other bitcoin-backed stablecoins with over-collateralized BTC reserves.

No middlemen, just seamless transactions & redeemability for any holder. #SovrynDLLR
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I know... you will be surprised by my guess

Let's suppose #CIRCLE have about 6bln $ seized in Shady banks : 3.3bln$ in #SVB (confirmed) and about 3bln $ #SI (not confirmed)

For 2 time their minimum liquidity was 6bln$

Now what? Let's guess...🔻
With about 6bln$ seized over 43bln$ #USDC you know... They cannot be baked 1:1, because 14% are not available (seized).

What if they managed to spread FUD looking for a way to push whales and retails on converting #USDC for #USDT or other stablecoins?

Let's check 🔻
So, #USDC market cap dumped from 43.3bln$ to 37.2bln$

Look at it... exactly 6bln$

Did someone see any type of #USDC burn anywhere? I've missed something...or there was a realtime swap with another #stablecoin

Let's check #USDT🔻
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¿Qué está pasando con las #stablecoins? 🤔

Primero fue la #Stablecoin de #Binance #BUSD que hasta hoy ha perdido $8 mil millones de sus capital de mercado, y ahora es #USDC de #Coinbase que ha perdido la paridad con el dólar y $7 mil millones de su capital. 😱

[Hilo] 🧶

En el caso de #Binance y #BUSD hicimos un hilo en su momento que dejaré al final, pero hoy nos enfocamos en el caso de la moneda estable #USDC del exchange cripto más grande de EE.UU @coinbase.

Lo primero a destacar es que Coinbase y Circle que son los emisores de #USDC...

no están en quiebra. El problema lo tuvo fue el banco @SVB_Financial que es donde @circle y @coinbase tienen parte del colateral de su moneda estable #USDC. Éste Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) fue intervenido hace 1 día por el @CaliforniaDFPI ya que estaba insolvente.👇

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🧵 If anyone is looking for alpha on $MCB read this and remember $MCB is #CryptoCom's partner bank for $USD. @eliant_capital @concodanomics

🧵 Then go look at the 10-K filings for $MCB.…
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Top 20 Bank in 🇺🇸 CloSeD for business $SIVB

“Risk happens slowly then all at _______.”
The stupidest thing about all this 💩 is that #Tether is showing a $71.7B market cap 🤦‍♂️ #BTC mkt cap is down to $390B
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