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There are quite a number of #CCP-influence-focused congressional hearings happening simultaneously this morning, from focusing . EXCELLENT. I'm at the @USCC_GOV where now @PLMattis is speaking powerfully about the CCP's premier overseas info op, the United Front Work Department👇 Image
Simultaneously, #TikTok Chief Executive Officer @shouchew testifies on “How Congress Can Safeguard American Data Privacy & Protect Children from Online Harms” to the @HouseCommerce committee, LIVE here👇…
.@Sarah_G_Cook: 130 news outlets (identified by @freedomhouse) have partnered with #CCP state propaganda media to produce CCP-positive content.

The CCP has also had success in:
👉Periodically quashing key stories.
👉Establishing dominance over Chinese media globally.
+lots more Image
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Reflection on #Putin and #XiJinping meeting

Yesterday, #Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting via video link with the leadership of the security and military blocs. The president summed up the disappointing results of negotiations with #Chinese leader Xi Jinping.
1/11 Image
According to #Putin, one should not hope for arms supplies from #China in the near future. Putin agrees with the opinion of experts at the Security Council of #Russia, who are aware of how the negotiations went and assume that China will...
2/11 Image
take a wait-and-see attitude until the end of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of #Ukraine or until it becomes clear how the announced counteroffensive will end. #China does not want to be associated with the losing side.
3/11 Image
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🧵My take as I watch the Sino-Russian summit: There is growing convergence between China and Russia. It is intrinsic, driven by shared interests/opposition to the West; not a function of our actions. #Russia wants to revise the post-1991 order; #China wants to replace it. 1/5
After Xi's success with Saudi Arabia, he will try to position China as a peacemaker in #Ukraine, with an eye to securing a Russian victory there. Here much will depend on the outcome of the upcoming Ukrainian offensive. Both Beijing and Moscow believe time is on their side. 2/5
In this context, a key decision point for #Europe will be how it deals with #China going forward-not just because this will impact on its relations with the US, but also because Russia is now indirectly a part of this equation. Europe needs a consensus on the Russian threat. 3/5
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Russian Def. Minister Sergey #Shoigu announced that the Russian MoD intends to increase the size of #Russia’s air defense forces at a Russian MoD collegium on March 22, though the Russian military is unlikely to generate such forces within several years.
2/ #Shoigu also likely signaled to #Japan that it should not attempt to exploit #Russia’s current military vulnerability in the Kuril Islands and to #China that Russia remains a worthwhile military partner.
3/ On the topic of #Ukraine, when asked by a #Russian journalist how the war will end, #Shoigu responded by saying all wars end in peace. The journalist followed up by asking when peace would come, but Shoigu didn’t answer and walked away.
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Latest: Xi Jinping concluded his visit to Moscow, and experts say the trip shows Russia is becoming increasingly dependent on #China. If the status quo of the war persists, China would be the biggest beneficiary. Ft: @SariArhoHavren @ChongJaIan @TUmarov…
Overall, China and Russia further consolidated their bilateral relations as Xi and Putin acknowledged the importance for both sides to support each other on issues concerning their core interests and "jointly resist the interference in internal affairs by external forces."
Some experts have said the meeting further emboldened both Xi and Putin as the pair finds more common grounds to deepen the "no-limits partnership."
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Results of #Putin and #XiJinping meeting

#Russian President Vladimir Putin felt worse yesterday than the day before. This affected his mood and the outcome of negotiations with #Chinese leader Xi Jinping.
1/13 Image
If on Monday #Putin mostly spoke with Xi Jinping, and the Chinese comrade listened, then yesterday there was a substantive conversation. Putin agreed to all, without exception, proposals of the Chinese leader in the economic and financial sectors and...
2/13 Image
supported all initiatives in energy generation and energy resources. Everything that Vladimir #Putin agreed to is really beneficial to #China and extremely doubtful in terms of benefits for #Russia.
3/13 Image
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#Russland und #China verstehen sich heute als strategische Partner. #XiJinping und #Putin eint der Wunsch nach Regimestabilität. Doch hinter der freundschaftlichen Fassade stehen ungelöste Konflikte, die vor 54 Jahren beinahe zum #Atomkrieg geführt hätten/1 ImageImage
Dahinter steht eine lange Vorgeschichte. #Russland zwang 1858/1860 Peking "ungleiche Verträge" auf und eroberte weite Teile der Mandschurei. Ausgerechnet die Stammesgebiete der Quing-Dynaste gerieten unter Kontrolle des Zarenreichs. Wladiwostok ("beherrsche den Osten")/2 Image
So nannte der Zar die neue Siedlung auf dem Land der Vorfahren der Quing. Eine bewusste Demütigung Pekings. Russland drang auch in Zentralasien (Xinjiang) und der Mongolei in Gebiete vor, die China beanspruchte. Erst die Niederlage gegen Japan (1905) stoppte den russ. Vormarsch/3
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für alle fans der #linguistik
- @SebRamspeck erklärt, warum

SUPERMACHT USA #Supermacht genannt wird?
- weil die usa auf der ganzen welt super viel macht ausübt.

IMPERIUM USA sagen, wäre mega ähnlich. aber dieser claim gehört @DanieleGanser (so?)
wenn goliath den david tötet, weil dieser einen #Angriffskrieg gestartet hst (so?)

die usa lässt aber nicht die eigenen jungs als #menschenmaterial verbrauchen. wenn sich die #unbeugsamen gegenseitig killen, genügt das. (so?) Image
wie #inkonsistent und #unplausibel das gedönse der @NATO-presse ist, haben die öffentlich-rechtlichen hüben wie drüben gerafft.

darum wurde das #redakrionsstatut 100% gelöscht. #DefaultChange

@DanieleGanser hatte mit allem recht. aber was #china betrifft, ist er total daneben.
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No one should expect the #US to surrender and accept its hegemony to be challenged and not react. The US will look for other possibilities to create havoc worldwide and blame the "challenge of the world (US) order", particularly #Russia and #China.

Sending Depleted Uranium to #Ukraine is a way for the US - through its most faithful ally (the UK) - to escalate against #Russia, create more chaos by pushing Russia to escalate, use DU weapons, & raise the alarm, using mainstream media, of a nuclear war.

Nothing will stop the #US from escalating and drawing everybody with it to defend its world hegemony. I expect the worse yet to come. The more #Russia and #China come together, the greater the danger is for the US dominance and the more aggressive the US will be.
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#DebatePúblico: Xi Jinping y el futuro de China|@CLAUDELCERRO, @EduardoE_ROLDAN y @mcrosasg debaten las implicaciones de la 3ª reelección de Xi Jinping como presidente de #China
La periodista @CLAUDELCERRO explicó el papel actual de China en el mundo, luego de la elección de Xi Jinping para un tercer mandato como presidente del país asiático y su notable ascenso como una de las principales potencias mundiales.

.@mcrosasg, analista internacional de la @UNAM_FCPyS, analizó las medidas que tomó el presidente de China, Xi Jinping, de cara a su 3er periodo de gobierno y la importancia de su relación cercana con Rusia y su presidente, Vladimir #Putin.

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1/8 Informative thread 🧵 on Central African Republic (CAR) & its relations with #China #Russia #France after 9 Chinese mine workers are killed in CAR the same day when Chinese president Xi Jinping is in a Moscow meeting with Russia's president Vladimir Putin... #CentralAfrica ImageImageImageImage
2/8 • 2021: Relations between the Central African Republic and France hit rock bottom after the Central African Republic signed a Belt and Road cooperation agreement with China in 2021

• 2021: France suspended all military cooperation with Central African Republic in 2021....
3/8 ..after France's demands against Russian cooperation failed

• 2022: The Central African Republic removed a privileged diplomatic corps deanship that had been granted to French ambassadors since 1960

• 2022: After years of protests in Central African Republic against...
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China warns U.S against ‘adding fuel to fire’ in Ukraine war

It is the #UnitedStates, not #China, that is providing weapons to the #Ukrainian battlefield, a #Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Monday.
#China has always upheld an objective and fair position on the #Ukraine issue. All that China has done is to promote talks for peace,” spokesperson Wang Wenbin told a news briefing in response to a relevant query.
#China always stands on the side of peace and dialogue, and on the right side of history. #China will continue to play a constructive role in the political settlement of the #Ukraine crisis, he said.
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ezt wirds mega peinlich. versprochen

@NATO-presse @nzz in der rubrik #NZZinternational erklärt @TiktokKR #Nordkorea…
ähnlich wie beim 12-punkte-programm von #china vermutet @nzz als erstes...
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Dutch government to ban use of TikTok on government phones

The government immediately advises government officials not to use apps from countries such as China and Russia on their work phones. In time, a complete ban will follow.#China #Russia #TikTok…
Minister van Huffelen says that the government goes further than discouraging 1 app. "We are opting for a structural solution that government officials can trust, with their work in a digital world. The government must be able to do its work safely, also via mobile devices."
Soon,officials will get phones on which only pre-approved apps can be installed and used. Spy-sensitive apps are banned altogether from that moment on.Exceptions are made if an app is needed for specific tasks of a government org(such as inspection&supervision or investigations).
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On #Putin and #XiJinping meeting

#Russian President Vladimir Putin had a difficult day yesterday. The visit of #Chinese leader Xi Jinping to Moscow is a big event for Putin. On the one hand, the Russian president has high hopes for a meeting with Xi Jinping and...
hopes that negotiations with the #Chinese leader will end up saving him and his (Putin's) regime. On the other hand, #Putin categorically does not like to humiliate himself and beg. Over the many years of being at the pinnacle of power in #Russia, Putin has become...
accustomed to other people being humiliated in front of him and begging him. In the situation with #XiJinping, the president of #Russia has to act as a petitioner. It is a mistake to think that Putin respects, appreciates or loves Xi Jinping.
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Russia, France, rebels & the death of Chinese in Central African Republic

Colleagues from ASIANOMICS found interesting news regarding the killing of 9 Chinese nationals in Central African Republic (CAR).
Updates are coming in.
Along with 9 killed, 2 were severely injured. The victims are said to have been working in a goldmine run by the UK Gold Coast Group.
Central government blamed rebels from “Coalition of Patriots for Change” (CPC). CPC declared its noninvolvement in this incident and accused the "Wagner" Group.

The CPC is made up of many small insurgent groups whose goal is to overthrow the central government.
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Prime Minister of #Russia Mishustin's main statements at the meeting with #Xi Jinping:

 #Russia and #China are preparing new projects that will significantly increase transportation along the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Asian routes; Image
the g-ments of the Russia & China will ensure coordinated work on the implementation of the agreements that will be reached today at the highest level;
despite sanctions and turbulence in global markets, trade and economic cooperation between them developing successfully;
Moscow is sincerely interested in further strengthening the comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction with Beijing;
The expansion of innovative cooperation will strengthen the technological sovereignty of the #Russian Federation and #China.
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King Songtsen Gampo and his Chinese and Nepali queens Wen-cheng Kung-chu and Bhrikuti Devi.

Songtsen Gampo (617 – 649 A.D.) Songtsen Gampo ascended to the throne at the age of thirteen. Image
During the reign of King Songtsen Gampo, #Tibet emerged as a unified state and became a great
military power, with its armies marching across Central Asia. Thus, the King of #Nepal and the Emperor of #China offered their daughters in marriage to the Tibetan king. Statue of Emperor Songtsen ...
The marriages with the Nepalese and Chinese princesses have been given prominence in the religious story of Tibet because of their
contributions to #Buddhism Image
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This is Day 391 of the #RussiaUkraineWar and you've found the start of another daily thread.

For all the news from Monday, click and scroll yesterday's 🧵

Monday was pretty quiet and this morning has started the same way in #Ukraine, with no major news to report overnight, with no update on the drone attack in #Crimea

So let's look at #Russia's daily losses. Almost 1,000 troops: tanks and artillery system numbers above average too
The British daily update uses polite language to effectively say "can you imagine what it's going to be like in #Russia in coming months: psychopaths, drug abusers and thieves are back on the streets, with many of them now suffering PTSD too. Good luck!"
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#Xi’s refusal to explicitly align #China with #Russia in #Putin’s envisioned geopolitical conflict with the West is a notable departure from China’s declared “no limits partnership” with Russia preceding the start of the Russian invasion of #Ukraine.
2/ #Xi’s rhetoric suggests that he is not inclined to fully give #Russia the economic and political support that Russia needs to reverse setbacks in #Ukraine.
3/ #Putin and #Xi offered somewhat similar visions for increased Chinese-Russian economic partnership, and it is likely that the two will sign bilateral trade and economic agreements during Xi’s visit, some of which will likely aim to facilitate schemes for sanctions evasion.
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Chinese President #Xi Jinping met with Russian President Vladimir #Putin in #Moscow on March 20 and offered a more reserved vision for Russian-Chinese relations than what #Putin was likely seeking. 🧵(1/6)
2/ #Xi and #Putin touted the strength of Chinese-Russian relations in their meeting on March 20, but offered differing interpretations of the scale of future relations in articles they published on March 19.
3/ #Putin published an article in Chinese state media arguing that #Russia & #China are building a partnership for the formation of a multipolar world order in the face of the collective West’s seeking of domination & the US policy of dual containment against China and Russia.
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1) #US Intel Helped #India Rout #China in 2022 Border Clash

US gave real-time intel of Chinese positions, force strength in advance of a #PLA incursion

This caught the PLA off-guard, enraged Beijing, forced them to reconsider its approach to border grabs…
2) It made a difference.

The subsequent clash on Dec. 9 involving hundreds of troops wielding spiked clubs and Tasers did not result in any deaths as previous encounters have, rather it was limited to a dozen or so injuries and – most conspicuously – a Chinese retreat.
3) “They were waiting. And that’s because the U.S. had given India everything to be fully prepared for this,” the source says. “It demonstrates a test case of the success of how the two militaries are now cooperating and sharing intelligence.”
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"#China’s leader Xi Jinping underlined the country's willingness to play a role in finding a political solution to Russia's war in #Ukraine, according to a readout of the meeting Xi had with Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday."…
The readout said China and Russia "shared similar goals" and Xi and Putin “exchanged in-depth views on the Ukraine issue" during their conversation.
Xi emphasized that "voices of peace and reason are constantly gathering, and the majority of countries support easing tensions, advocating reconciliation and talks, and oppose fueling the fire," according to the readout.
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