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🧵Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has swiftly changed the security landscape of Europe. And as our own @ckafura lays out in @Diplomat_APAC, the war has also opened up a debate in Japan. For #ThreadThursday, we take a look at that debate:
The war in #Ukraine has prompted a much different reaction from Japan than past international crises. Since February, #Japan has imposed broad and escalating economic #sanctions on Russia in coordination with G-7 allies.…
The stronger Japanese response to this crisis is not solely driven by policymakers, but also by the public’s reaction to the war in Ukraine. In @nikkei polling, 61% favored sanctioning #Russia– 2x what polls found after Russia annexed #Crimea in 2014 📊⬇️ Image
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RUSSIAN GAS AND OIL: why is it so important to ban their imports? UkraineWorld asked Mykhaylo Honchar, a well-known Ukrainian energy expert, President of the Сentre for Global Studies Strategy XXI. Key points of his analysis in our brief, #UkraineWorldAnalysis 1/13
Oil and gas embargo may substantially affect Russia’s ability to fund #UkraineWar, since the Russian budget is dependent on energy exports. In 2021, Russia earned $253,2 billion for energy supplies, while Russia’s military budget amounted to €62,5 billion 2/13
This year, Russia is earning €1 billion per day by selling gas and oil, which is higher than its revenues in previous years 3/13
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A US citizen and four officials from the #China Ministry of State Security charged in a federal indictment with conspiracy and other charges related to an espionage and transnational repression scheme, announces @TheJusticeDept.
“We will not tolerate efforts by the PRC or any authoritarian government to export repressive measures to our country,” says Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen of @TheJusticeDept National Security Division.
“The Chinese government’s aggressive tactics were once confined to its borders. Now, the PRC is targeting people in the United States and around the world,” states Acting Executive Assistant Director Alan Kohler Jr. of the @FBI National Security Branch.
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Yellen: US committed to market-determined USD exchange rate. It's understandable that the dollar has risen. Strong dollar is a concern for other countries. USD-denominated debt payments harder for other nations.
Yellen: China lockdowns affecting production, supply chains. China tariffs under discussion in Biden administration.
#US #China
Yellen: On tariffs, some of the Trump tariffs seem to have imposed more harm on US consumers. I see a case that some relief could come from cutting some of the tariffs.
#US #China
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⚡China's Premier Li Keqiang says to support platform economy and digital economy's domestic and overseas listing and financing.
⚡China's Premier Li Keqiang repeats vows to support tech platforms, private sector.
⚡China's Premier Li Keqiang vows effective measures to enhance confidence of private enterprises.
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A week ago, the central bank of #China’s official website announced that the People's Bank will increase 100 billion yuan to support the clean and efficient use of #coal.
Already in November 2021, the People's Bank of China (#PBC) created a special reloan of 200 billion yuan to support the clean and efficient use of coal in seven areas; the total amount of reloans to support #coal has reached 300 billion yuan.
In 2021, the strict coal de-capacity policy and energy led to a #electricity shortage crisis. Today's liberalisation of coal is intended to ensure “a normal supply of energy and avoid the pain of power rationing." (Taken from China Energy Network 2022-05-17) Image
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Civil suit filed by @TheJusticeDept to compel former @WynnLasVegas CEO Stephen Wynn to register as an agent of #China.…
According to the complaint, Wynn contacted @POTUS45 and members of his administration to convey a request by #China to cancel the visa or otherwise remove from the US a Chinese businessperson who had sought political asylum in the US.
Wynn acted at the request of the #China out of a desire to protect his business interests in #Macau, according to @TheJusticeDept.
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U.N.believable: 🇨🇳 China gave $200,000 to 🇺🇳 U.N. human rights envoy Alena Douhan to help the regime whitewash their ethnic cleansing of the Uyghurs.

Tomorrow Douhan wraps up a propaganda visit to Iran.

We are calling on @USAmbUN to condemn this cynical abuse of the UN.

🧵: Image
1/ According to information buried at p.50 of this 83-page UN filing (…), the UNHRC's @AlenaDouhan—the Special Rapporteur on “the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures,” the dictators' term for Western sanctions— received $200,000 from #China. Image
2/ In exchange, Douhan lent the imprimatur of her United Nations Human Rights Council mandate for the most extreme forms of Chinese disinformation, including this official regime-sponsored propaganda event covering up Beijing's persecution of the Uyghurs.
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#China $KWEB $FXI
China vice premier Liu He: Will support digital companies to list in domestic and foreign capital markets. Will support sustainable and healthy development of platform economy and private economy.
#China $KWEB $FXI
China vice premier Liu He speaks at digital economy meeting and urges boosting digital economy.
#China $KWEB $FXI
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#Russland gehören die #Ressourcen und #China gehört die #Zukunft.

Die #USA setzen alles daran um beides zu ändern.

Der Weg in den 3. #Weltkrieg ist vorgezeichnet.

Ein Thread: ⬇️⬇️⬇️
1991 war der Wendepunkt in der Geschichte der #USA. Man hatte den Kalten Krieg gewonnen, die #Sowjetunion zerfiel, der #Kapitalismus gesiegt, der #Weltfrieden lag zum Greifen nah.

#Russland lag am Boden und #China war ein rückständiges #Entwicklungsland.

'The End of History'
Die #USA hatten die einmalige Chance die #Welt geopolitisch klug auszurichten. Man hätte z.B. mit #Russland und #China ein Bündnis schließen und damit 70% der #Weltwirtschaftsleistung und #Weltbevölkerung als #Heartland-Markt sichern können.

Doch die #USA vergaben diese Chance.
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The battle of #Mariupol and #Azovstal is over: The #Ukraine army command has confirmed in its social networks that its servicemen - a large portion of them r members of the Neo-Nazi ‘Azov regiment’ - holed up at the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol have been ordered to surrender.
#Ukraine neo-Nazi group uniform features Nazi insignia and its members have tattoos, the swastika. Its commander Andrey Biletsky believes it’s #Ukraine’s mission to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade against Semite-led Untermenschen [inferior humans]”.
The first stage of surrender was completed: 264 soldiers left #Azovstal. There are now 53 wounded servicemen in a hospital in Novoazovsk and 211 soldiers in Yelenovka, both of which are part of the #Donetsk People’s Republic.
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#1 O diretor-executivo da @UNWatch - ONG que faz um trabalho de monitoramento, com olhos independentes, da ONU (@UN) - chama a atenção para algo com potencial de colocar de arranhar a credibilidade de relatórios do UNHRC. Ditaduras financiando relatórios que são de seu interesse.
#2 O Dr. Neuer postou o link do documento onde se pode verificar a lista de patrocinadores dos consultores que produzem os relatórios do Conselho de Direitos Humanos da ONU. Acho que além do problema identificado por Neuer, parece haver um abuso do sistema por alguns países.
#3 Não há elementos que permitam fazer acusações ou ilações sobre a conduta dos relatores da ONU, mas um cruzamento rápido entre alguns exemplos de doadores e a posterior repercussão que eles dão aos relatórios permite, sim, suspeitar que os países usam e abusam dos documentos.
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The #communist Far Left is poised to take over the reins of power in #Russia. If you thought #RussiaUkraineWar would lead to a Russian coup by the "liberal" forces, i.e. by the likes of @navalny or Khodorkovsky, you're wrong - and I will try to explain why in this 🧵... [1]
The moment that really started the #RussiaUkraineWar happened as early as 19 January, when the Communist Party of #Russia (@kprf) sent a request to recognize the breakaway #Donbass republics (LDPRs). This move was only reported in Russian language. [2]…
It wasn't Putin's "United Russia" party that kicked-off the military intervention in #Ukraine, it was the Russian communists - a political descendant of the all-powerful CPSU in the Soviet Union. This was largely ignored by the Western media... [3]
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Leaked documents show that in one county of a quarter-million people, Konasheher, in southern Xinjiang, nearly 5% of the Uyghur Muslim population has been imprisoned by #CCP for "terrorism" and "extremism" charges. The rate is 30 times the norm in #China.…
#pt: Pure notably Stalinism: China sets "arrest quotas for local police [in the Muslim areas], in some cases resulting in the men from entire villages being rounded up and whole families uprooted ... [C]amp detainees were forced to confess their 'crimes' in group sham trials"
#pt: "Although China makes legal records easily accessible otherwise, almost 90% of criminal records in Xinjiang are not public."
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#MCProOpinion: Banks’ results for the March quarter have been excellent, but operating profit growth has hit a soft patch. What can boost their profits in FY23? 🤔

Find out ⏬…

by @aparnaviyer02 | #Economy #Bank
#MCProOpinion: The Rupee can weaken further in the near term, but there is something that can save the day over the medium term.

Read at:…

#Rupee #Inflation
#MCProOpinion: The impact on the global economy due to China’s zero-COVID policy is just a preview of the disruptions ahead. And that will happen once the economic slowdown in China starts to bite.

Read at:…

by @SaibalDasgupta | #China #Economy #Lockdown
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🇨🇳 #China | On the positive side, there are signs that activity has bottomed out and will improve progressively.
*Then, in 3Q, a partial catch up is likely supported by huge fiscal spending (the government has accumulated a lot of reserves YTD).

🇨🇳 #China | According to Airportia data, air traffic bottomed out and reached the highest since Mar. 20th.
🇨🇳 #China | #Shanghai aims for return to normal life from June 1 - Reuters…
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Thread on the risks of Europ's increased dependence on US LNG
1- Among the pillars of energy security:
a- Diversification of energy sources
b- Diversification of energy imports
c- Low volatility of energy prices
d- Affordability and reliability
#Russia #Natgas #LNG #EU
2- Answer the following:
a- Who benefited the most from stopping Nordstearm 2?
b- Who was the Marketing-in-Cheif of US LNG?
c- Who took advantage of Russian invasion of Ukraine to secure US LNG market share in Europe?
d- Which country is the largest gas exporter to Europe now?
3- Europe has not learned its lesson... yet!

- All they are doing now is shifting dependence from the "mined" fossil fuels to the "mined" minerals needed for the "claimed" carbon neutrality.
and most importantly: shifting Europe's dependence from Russian gas to US gas!
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Retail sales -11.1% y/y [Est.-6.1%, Prev.-3.5%]
Industrial value-added -2.9% y/y [Est.+0.4%, Prev.+5.0%]
Jan-Apr Urban fixed investment +6.8% y/y [Est.+7.0% Prev.+9.3%]
Urban surveyed unemployment rate +6.1%[Est.+5.8% Prev.+6.0%]
#China #EconTwitter 🇨🇳 1/n
In April, #China's total retail sales were recorded at 2.95 trillion yuan, down 11.1%y/y or down 0.69% m/m.
Among them, retail sales of goods were 2.69 trillion yuan, which declined by 9.7% y/y; The total revenue for the catering industry was 260.9 billion yuan, down 22.7%.
2/n ImageImage
#China's January-April #realestate development investment fell by 2.7% y/y to 3.9154 trillion yuan.
Residential housing sales areas dropped by 20.9% y/y to 397 million square meters, and the total sales dropped 29.5% y/y to 3.7789 trillion yuan. 3/n ImageImage
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“Washington should be careful what it wishes for. #China is a massive economy, and a full-blown economic crash would be as damaging to the world as another sub-prime mortgage crisis in the US or the breakup of the euro.”…
“Growth is slowing and not just because of the tough restrictions insisted upon by President Xi Jinping. Flaws in China’s economic model coupled with a more hostile geopolitical climate mean the days of explosive expansion are over.”
“Unlike the US the UK or the euro area, China is not facing the inflationary problem that has prompted central banks to raise (or think about raising) interest rates.
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"#China’s leaders can see in their neighbours a Covid situation that they fear could be their fate if the virus takes hold and they have responded with a lockdown in #Shanghai that has lasted seven weeks and shows no immediate signs of ending."…
"As locals stay confined to their homes, drones fly near apartment blocks, intoning the phrase: “Control your soul’s desire for freedom.” China can still argue that in absolute terms its “zero-Covid” policy has had remarkable success in preventing deaths."
"But it has come at a price; there is no clear policy for how China can reopen its borders to live with a virus that scientists expect to become endemic, or how to deal with it, other than with repeated lockdowns that harm the fragile economy and have led to increased panic ...
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"Amid the unfolding crisis, #China has gone further and drawn a parallel between NATO and the US’ Indo-Pacific strategy announced by the Biden administration in February."…
"Key thrusts of the new US strategy include a free and open Indo-Pacific; supporting India’s continued rise and regional leadership; strengthening the Quad; strengthening extended deterrence with Japan and South Korea; ...
... expanding US Coastguard presence; contributing to an empowered Asean; and closing the region’s infrastructure gap."
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Censors in #China have deleted references to a viral video that spawned the "last generation" meme, which emerged as a form of protest over ongoing lockdowns, mass incarcerations and compulsory testing under its zero-COVID policy.…
In the video, PPE-clad police officials turn up outside someone's apartment and tries to force them to go to an isolation camp even though he had recently tested negative for coronovirus.
"We're negative. You have no right to take us away," the man says, before a police officer steps forward wagging a finger and says: "You know that we will punish you, right? And when that happens, it will have a bad effect on your family for three generations."
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India restricted wheat exports to stop “manipulators from #China," government sources told CNBC-TV18 on Saturday, a day after the government halted the export as part of measures to control rising domestic prices.…
Industry sources say Chinese traders were trying to manipulate the global market and Indian wheat will now go to needy countries.
“India wants to ensure fair proper use of Indian wheat stocks to address global needs, particularly of the most needy countries. The move will crush attempts to hoard Indian wheat for price manipulation,” sources said.
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#DidYouKnow that the modern version of badminton originated in ‘Poona’, or Pune in Maharashtra? It was a pastime for bored British army officers, their families and friends, and was first played in the backyards of their sprawling bungalows. 1/7
#Badminton #sports
Invented in the mid-19th century, badminton was named ‘Poona’ after the city of its origin. But its earliest version goes back 2,000 years to a game called jeu de volant, played in #Greece and #China. Here, a shuttle-like object was smacked with the feet. 2/7
In Poona, #British officers changed the sport radically by introducing a net to divide the court. They also used a leather shuttlecock, which they hit with wooden racquets. This version of the game was first played in 1867. 3/7 #Indianhistory
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