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US Atty John Demers gave a speech on the DOJ’s “China Initiative,” that targets Chinese espionage, IP theft,and other national security threats and helps reinforce President Trump’s national security agenda.

#China #ChinaInitiative #CCP

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The CCP/China has been implicated in over 80% of all DOJ economic espionage charges since 2012!!
Part of it goes back to Wilbur Ross and the US Trade Dept's #China Section 301 investigation.…
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9:30AM TODAY: Join @jmarczak, @ThiagoGdeAragao, @ShunkoRojas & @revamaral for discussion on how US tariffs against metal imports from #Brazil & #Argentina may impact the US economy, consumers, Argentina's political transition, regional relations & more➡️…
@jmarczak @ThiagoGdeAragao @ShunkoRojas @revamaral #Brazil is a major US trade partner in #LatinAmerica, and the steel industry is an integral component, with around a quarter of Brazilian steel exports destined for the US explains @women_trade Founder @revamaral. #ACTrade
@jmarczak @ThiagoGdeAragao @ShunkoRojas @revamaral @women_trade Indeed, Brazilian steel accounts for the largest share of steel imports to the United States, clarifies @ACLatAm's @jmarczak #ACTrade.
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To all those who thought I was some crazy conspiracy tin foil hat wearing Black guy for saying #HongKongProtests are part of the #WhiteSupremacy agenda, take a look

Whitey benefits from sabotaging what it views to be its Number One Threat to its dominance

#HKprotest = BULLSH*T
Y'all might ask how this relates to African Americans - you see, I like looking at the bigger picture & I see one where #WhiteSupremacy is an insidious global threat trying to squash everyone & one that subtly keeps putting whitey at the top.

#China now its biggest threat
Our gov't wastes trillions of your tax $ & your childrens' lives fighting to keep #WhiteSupremacy intact

Is that what you want for your kids? To die as cannon fodder for whitey? To live in a bankrupt country for whitey? To see underfunded schools to pay for whitey' wars? FU*K NO
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As a #Technocracy, #China will turn the screws on data collection until they possess every conceivable piece of information on every citizen, including DNA and psychographic/behavioral profile. This is the “science of #socialengineering.’ China will require telecom
operators to collect face scans when registering new phone users at offline outlets starting Sunday, according to the country’s information technology authority, as #Beijing continues to tighten #cyberspace controls.
In September, China’s industry and #informationtechnology ministry issued a notice on “safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of citizens online”, which laid out rules for enforcing real-name registration.
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Thoughts #Thread: Our bi-party political system, #IdentityPolitics & #media brainwashing serves to only be controlled by #billionaires. The same ones that have started wars, stolen trillions of wealth, raped our children & plotted our #extinction.
This is the #truth and we have hard evidence of it. The only way to combat their power of institution is through unifying our individual free will as a group to counter. Our goal is straight forward and pragmatic. Their power is dependent on our complicity.
Remove the complicity and we win. Their crimes against humanity will lead to their consficated wealth. We need to unplug from their matrix, their system of control though our money supply, subverted religions, media & entertainment that turns people into extremists only to divide
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US Citizen Virgil Griffith who lives in Singapore, was arrested yesterday and charged for helping #NorthKorea evade US sanctions by traveling there & teaching North Korea how to use blockchain tech & #Crypto to evade US sanctions.
Griffith went to Nirth Korea to attend and give a presentation to the “Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference” (the “DPRK Cryptocurrency Conference”).

He was aware he was violating the law, was denied permission to travel there by State Dept, but went anyway.
He also encouraged other US citizens to attend the conference in North Korea. I wonder if they’ll also be arrested.

And he planned on renouncing his US citizenship and was looking into BUYING citizenship in other countries.
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#China Thread of collected videos of the recent #HuazhouProtests against a crematorium project proposed by the local government.

1. Riot police chasing after the protesters, firing tear gas and pulled away a protester.
2. Police vehicles on the road were overturned by protesters.

3. Riot police were deployed to the streets to crackdown on the protests.

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When Guatemala had its Civil War from 1969-1996 between the farmers and the government, we supplied the Guatemalan Army with military grade weapons & ammo. At the end of the war the farmers returned to their farms; but what was the Army to do without food? They sold the weapons
2/ to the #Mexican Cartels. Since the late 90’s, they have been able to afford their own cache of superior weaponry with billions in drug money. The Mexican Army was recently soundly defeated when the Cartels took back the son of El Chapo. They can be as ruthless as ISIS, just
3/ not usually as midieval. In this proposed war, the ROE must be relaxed to allow for the fact the Cartels will not hesitate to use women & children as collateral damage. More important, we must find who in our OWN government supports the Cartels. We cannot afford loose ends or
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1/ President #Trump wordt in de Nederlandse mainstream media continu weggezet als een slechte domme onbetrouwbare leugenaar, die tot weinig anders in staat is dan liegen. Nooit wordt u eerlijk geïnformeerd over wat hij allemaal heeft bereikt tijdens zijn presidentschap tot nu toe
2/ Een overzicht v/d successen van #Trump.

Sinds hij aantrad als president:
🔵 werden ca. 4 miljoen nieuwe banen gecreëerd in de #USA;
🔵 hebben meer Amerikanen een betaalde baan dan ooit eerder in de geschiedenis;
🔵 is economische groei in #USA vrijwel continu 3 à 4%
3/ Sinds #Trump aantrad als president:
🔵 werden 400.000 banen voor fabrieksarbeiders gecreëerd in de #USA;
🔵 groeide werkgelegenheid in fabrieken harder dan gedurende de afgelopen 3 decennia;
🔵 is het consumentenvertrouwen van burgers gestegen tot het hoogste punt in 18 jaar.
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🔴 PREMIERE at 8pm ET:

"With [@realDonaldTrump]… it's the art of the impossible."

@DougWead discusses interviewing President Trump & his family and writing an official record of his presidency: "Inside Trump White House." | American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸
@realDonaldTrump @DougWead 🔴LIVE:

“The hostages, they’d been kept for 16 years, under two presidents, a Republican and a Democrat… When Donald Trump came into the White House, he was outraged by that… and he started bringing those hostages home.”

@DougWead on ATL 🇺🇸
@realDonaldTrump @DougWead #China: “From the time [Ivanka’s] a little girl… [Trump’s] saying ‘this is unbelievable…They’re destroying the country’…He’s hoping that somebody's going to come along & run for president & clean this up…Nobody ever does."

@DougWead on ATL🇺🇸

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#Qanon #Thread Oct 25th, 2019: Post 3628 #FakeNews is the enemy of the people. Good thread by @Incarcerated_ET
#Qanon post 3629: Q asks for @CodeMonkeyZ to make a new board #ProjectDcomms
Oops correction, Nov 25th thread
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The NYT promoting ads for the CCP/ #China once again.
I archived it so you don't have to give them any clicks. It's pretty gross, actually, 5 NYT critics basically writing glowing reviews for China's app that stifles speech and has other shady practices.
Especially since the US opened a national security review into TikTok…
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#Viewpoint】District Councils are powerless, the most important implication of the election results is on the composition of 2021 Chief Executive Election Committee.

#DistrictCouncil #ChiefExecutive #CCP #China #HongKong
In 2012, Li Ka-shing openly voted for the scandal-troubled Henry Tang (who secured 285 votes), while Leung Chun-ying was only barely elected despite of Beijing's strong mobilization (who secured 689 votes).
In 2017, democrats and pro-local capital Liberal Party tried to stop the re-election of Leung Chun-ying by organizing ABC campaign, and Beijing defended its control power by replacing Leung with Carrie Lam (who secured 777 votes after abandonment of pro-local capital John Tsang).
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This is looking like a thumping victory for the pro-democracy camp in #HongKong and complete wipe out for the pro-Beijing camp. Right now Democracy camp 115 v pro-establishment 9 !!! Catastrophic loss for Carrie Lam’s administration.
That is unless there are lots of pro-establishment results to come in?
This is extraordinary! 142 to 13 !!! Absolute political annihilation for the pro-Beijing camp and resounding victory for the pro-democracy movement. How is the #HongKong government going to spin this? #China
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Wang “William” Liqiang is trying to obtain political asylum in Australia and claims that he was a spy for #China / The Communist Party.

He also claims to have a trove of inside intelligence on China's political subversion ops against #HongKong, Taiwan, and Australia. 👀
He also identified Chinese senior military intel officers in Hong Kong and brought all his info to Australia's ASIO - the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.
I guess time will tell if he's telling the truth, but he's trying to get asylum and it seems that he reported himself to Australia's government. Or, at least, I haven't read anything YET that says he was caught spying & is now trying to get asylum.
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Chinese Spy Wang "William" Liqiang, who just defected to Australia, worked for HK based China Innovation Investment Limited (CIIL). Wang described this as a cover company that several Chinese Intelligence agencies used for operations.#osint #PanamaPapers #China
CIIL appears as an offshore company registered in the Cayman Islands in February 2002 and also traded on the HK stock exchange. The English name for the company is Sino Technology Investment Company Limited. #PanamaPapers #offshoreleaks
Looking at the corporate registry for CIIL, it has a whopping 36 board members, 6 managers, including his boss, Xiang Xin, who Wang claims was "a senior intelligence operative".
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No @jimgeraghty this issue is not that @DavidAFrench disagrees with @realDonaldTrump!

The issue is that his way was losing and wouldn't have worked. @JebBush was never or no other establishment @GOP was going to win any other elections!

...had found THE key to keep the young and progressive on a perpetual readiness to wage war. SOCIAL JUSTICE was broken down & replaced with @washingtonpost @nytimes validating 1 sides thoughts over the other!

The issue with @DavidAFrench is he is ready to throw away his...
....principles when his sensibilities are hurt. @judgeroymooreAL was a God sent and the best test for true conservatives!

The purity tests! All those who failed are easy to list. Suddenly the constitutionalists like @JonahDispatch @jpodhoretz @DavidAFrench @stephenfhayes...
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Haitao Xiang, a #China National who worked as an Imaging Scientist for #Monsanto and its subsidiary, The Climate Corporation, was indicted for economic espionage.
He was also charged with trade secret theft and conspiracy to steal trade secrets, so there were more people involved. Probably the CCP/China.
Monsanto and the Climate Corporation created software used by farmers to help them with agricultural data & improve productivity. They used a porporitary algorithm called “Nutrient Optimizer” which was part of their IP and a very valuable trade secret.
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Thread on Quran burning in #Norway:
I live in the same city where the Quran was burnt on Saturday last week in #Norway. Those who burnt the Quran were hardly 5 people. Norwegian community in Kristiansand came out in large numbers in a show of solidarity with Muslims.
Police were present at the demonstration site and tried to stop the burning of the Quran even though there’s no law in Norway that restricts burning Quran, bible or any books. A brawl broke out between a demonstrator and leader of very little-known org
”Stopp Islamiseringen av Norge”(Stop Islamising Norway ). It was in violation of Norwegian laws and the police quickly subdued it. People of Kristiansand including its Mayor Harald Furre strongly condemned this act.
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