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#Indonesian EEZ - #Chinese fishing vessels operating northeast of Natuna Island right now, escorted by the #Chinese Coast Guard.

Graphic shows CCG 46104 and CCG 5403, on 31 March and 22 March (respectively)

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#THREAD: #China Chases #Indonesia’s Fishing Fleets, Staking Claim to Sea’s Riches

The #Indonesian government appears to have backed away from confronting #China, its largest trading partner.

“Our fishermen feel scared,” one official said

A must read👍…
Backed by armed Chinese Coast Guard ships, Chinese fishing fleets have been raiding the rich waters of the South China Sea that are internationally recognized as exclusively Indonesia’s to fish.
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Mrs. @SpokespersonCHN's #COVID19 blame game continues today as she emphasized that since February 2nd, the US government has shut its borders to all Chinese citizens and any foreigner who had been to #China over the last 14 days.
"So many days have passed, there are still people in the US asking #China to be responsible for the #COVID19 outbreak in the US. Aren't they feeling guilty or ashamed for doing so?"
Then Hua said the #US tried to blame everything on #China, attempting to make Beijing the scapegoat of its #COVID19 outbreak. However, she said the mistake is too big for them to blame it all on #China.
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#Nepal: Clashes erupt between #Nepali people and #Chinese workers at Nepal hydropower project; go back to #China, Nepali people said

The locals were agitated as the Chinese workers had just returned from China & violated the lockdown…
Residents blocked the entrance to their village to avoid unnecessary movement of people. However, when 2 Chinese trucks used for transporting construction materials of the hydropower plant tried to enter their village by removing the blockage, the irate youths came out in protest
The villagers protested the movement of trucks carrying construction materials of Nyadi Hydropower Project based at Thulobesi in Marsyangi Rural Municipality-6 of Lamjung district, a local online media portal, Khabarhub reported.
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#Taiwan military is prepared for any #Chinese attack, says defence minister

Chang Guan-chung tells legislators that any attempt to attack Taiwan during the outbreak would be condemned worldwide & we are all ready & have made the best preparation for this”…
Last month 3 separate groups of Chinese warplanes approached Taiwan in long-distance training exercises in the western Pacific.

This month another group of planes approached Taiwan in an exercise intended to show off their night navigation and all-weather capabilities.
Taiwan’s air force scrambled fighter jets to shadow, & disperse the PLA warplanes through radio warnings during each approach by the mainland’s planes.

Those actions also prompted the US to send two B-52 bombers on southbound flights off Taiwan’s east coast.
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#China's President Feeling The Pressure From Dissent in Own Party

An open letter circulating online since last week calls for an emergency, expanded meeting of the Politburo to discuss "Xi's issues" and to decide if he should step down…
The letter says Xi's handling of the coronavirus epidemic should be discussed, but also the trade war with the U.S. and his fueling of mistrust of China in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
The letter was shared to WeChat by Chen Ping, founder of Hong Kong-based broadcaster SunTV, according to Deutsche Welle and Radio Taiwan International.

Chen wrote in a WeChat post: "I saw it in a WeChat group, and I felt that it was moderate and rational, so I reposted it."
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Latest CRS Report—“#China #Naval Modernization: Implications for @USNavy Capabilities”—Has PLAN ship #s projections from Office of Naval #Intelligence!

Check out Table 2 for RARE info—PRC battle force ship #s for 2020, 2025 & 2030!…
Table 2 tallies total #China #Navy battle force #ships!

2020: 360 (vs. @USNavy total of ~297)

2025: 400 (vs. ?)

2030: 425 (vs. ?)…

#PLAN has more small ships; #USN has most advanced, big ships. But #s matter & PLAN progressing!
Wow! See rare public *projections by Office of #Naval #Intelligence: #China #Navy Battle Force #Ships, 2020-25-30

SSBN: 4↗6↗8
SSN: 7↗10↗13
SSK: 55→55→55
CV, CG, DDG: 43↗55↗65
FFG, DDC: 102↗120↗135

TOTAL: 360↗400↗425…
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#Taiwan says @WHO failed to act on #coronavirus transmission warning ~ @primroseriordan @KatrinaManson @KathrinHille @clivecookson

Taiwan said its #doctors had heard from #mainland colleagues that medical staff were getting ill — a sign of human-to-human #transmission. 1/n
#Taipei officials said they reported this to both International Health Regulations (#IHR), a @WHO framework for exchange of #epidemic prevention and response data between 196 countries, and #Chinese health authorities on December 31. 2/n

#CCP_is_terrorist #CCPvirus #ChineseVirus
“While the #IHR’s internal website provides a platform for all countries to share information on the #epidemic and their response, none of the information shared by our country’s [@Taiwan_CDC] is being put up there,” said Chen Chien-jen, #Taiwan’s vice-president. 3/n

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The #Chinese regime has muzzled citizens who have sought to reveal the true situation of the #CCPVirus outbreak that originated in #Wuhan.

Those suppressed include #Whistleblower doctors, citizen #Journalists, scholars, and business people. (Thread👇)…
Dr. Li Wenliang

“Seven ‘SARS-like’ cases from the Huanan seafood market have been confirmed,” he wrote on Dec. 30, 2019 on @WeChatApp.

#LiWenliang was among the first people to publicize information about the #CCPVirus outbreak in #Wuhan.
The police statement said he had violated the law.

“Don’t go against the authorities, don’t wear masks, don’t make careless remarks,” hospital colleague Zhao Chen recalled a department director as saying, after #LiWenliang was summoned by police.
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The #Coronavirus Could Reshape #Global #Order ~ @kurtmcampbell @RushDoshi

"As #Washington falters, #Beijing is moving quickly and adeptly to take advantage of the opening created by US mistakes, filling the vacuum to position itself as the global leader in pandemic response. 1/n
It is working to tout its own system, provide #material #assistance to other #countries, and even organize other #governments. The sheer chutzpah of #China’s move is hard to overstate. 2/n

#CCP_is_terrorist #CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA
Yet #Beijing understands that if it is seen as leading, and #Washington is seen as unable or unwilling to do so, this #perception could fundamentally alter the United States’ position in #global politics and the contest for #leadership in the twenty-first century. 3/n
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Fighting the #Coronavirus #Pandemic: #China's Influence at the @WHO ~ @FGodement

"The WHO’s Director-General @Tedros has shown an evident #bias to accept Chinese #declarations and #denials at face value - this has created a #delay in international responses. 1/n

This in spite of a very limited #Chinese contribution to @WHO, but it matches the #weakness of other @UN organizations in the face of #China’s #powerful campaigning." 2/n

#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA…
Thread by @Trinhnomics: Allow me to summarize his key points in this great paper. 3/3

#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA…
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#coronavirus leaves #Australian economy facing first recession in 30 years

High household debt and a reliance on #Chinese demand for its exports leave Canberra acutely vulnerable. Some predict unemployment will hit 15%…
In Australia, analysts have predicted that unemployment could soar to 15% within months as 2 million people find themselves out of work – figures not seen since the Great Depression – with the biggest job losses expected in sectors dominated by casual workers.
Some of the country’s biggest employers have already sent tens of thousands of workers home. Fashion retailer Premier Investments said on Thursday it was standing down nearly all of its 9,000 employees, while Flight Centre Travel Group announced it was furloughing 4,000 workers.
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The #West Needs to Wake Up to #China's Duplicity

"Chinese leaders ... obsessed only with the sustainability of their #totalitarian regime, and as eager to silence any criticism as they have been in the past. 1/n

#CCP_is_terrorist #AntiChiNazi #CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus
The #nature of the #Chinese regime:
- its #ban on the #free #press and all critical voices;
- the absolute #domination of the Communist Party over #social, #spiritual and #economic actors;
- #imprisoning minorities and crushing freedom of #conscience. 2/n

'The #West is so tolerant, passive, accommodating and naive towards #Beijing,' said @liaoyiwu1, a Chinese writer exiled in Berlin." 3/3

#CCP_is_terrorist #AntiChiNazi #CCPvirus #ChineseVirus

The West Needs to Wake Up to China's #Duplicity ~ @giuliomeotti…
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MAR25 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 1: Most stories from WaPo Live Updates (Note they are posted by time, and I post time w each.)
but HERE are #US NUMBERS (Note ARCGIS is wrong) #SPAIN DepPM #CarmenCalvo 62, POS and HOSP Sunday. #Madrid turned ICE RINK to MORGUE
MAR25 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: FYI folks.
The Definition of #COVIDIOT .. essentially same as #MAGA. In addition I found DATA on States TEST # on 1point3acres site. HERE are #AZ and #OH w 19MILLION People
AND only 700 tests. Each so BOTH GOV are #COVIDIOTS #maddow @ursulafaw56
MAR25 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 3: Yes I am MD and can give #MedicalAdvice to anyone.
#DrTrump CANNOT, his junk is called #PracticingWithoutALicense and any MEDIA who quote him are too, and can be sued for any harm he causes @maggieNYT @FoxNews @maddow @CNN @HuffPost @EllenShow @Oprah
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#THREAD: #WHO Director Tedros Ghebreyesus won his 2017 election with #China’s backing

Tedros gives cover for China’s propaganda denying responsibility for the outbreak

Tedros praised China’s “transparency” - said China’s response was a model for others…
Tedros is the first-ever WHO chief not to be a medical doctor and was accused of covering up three different cholera epidemics as Ethiopia’s health minister.
Despite all evidence to the contrary, Chinese authorities are weaving a false counternarrative in which China was actually the victim of a foreign virus that it quickly moved to contain. And the WHO is helping them do it.
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Tonight I'm going to share highlights from the 2010 "Scenarios for the Future of Technology & Int'l Development" report produced by The Rockefeller Foundation & Global Business Network. Not just the "Lock Step" scenario, but all 4 scenarios. [54 page report]
Following Event 201 (Oct 18 2019), we must concede that the ruling class has been gifted with phenomenal and prophetic intuitions & insights. (They truly are the chosen ones.) Thus it is worthwhile, even mandatory, to study their scenario exercises & simulations.
"We believe that scenario planning has great potential for use in philanthropy to identify unique interventions... scenario planning allows us to achieve impact more effectively." [p 4]
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The evil #CCP regime in 1949 hijacked #China. It parasitically disguises itself and exploits “#Chinese (people)” and “China (nation)” as its #shield and #facade. 1/5


#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA
#CCP pulls out the Chinese #shield and accuses you as #racist so as to deflect blame away from its #blunders. Your use of #ChineseVirus is racist as its use of #GermanMeasles, #JapaneseEncephalitis, ... aren't. 2/5


#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirus
#CCP pulls out the almighty China #facade and demands other countries, global companies, and its people to #kowtow as it bends all the rules to have everything its way. 3/5


#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA
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But for every other country on earth, the #UnitedStates is the absolute worst country on earth.
We cherish #liberty but not enough to hang politicians for their every #encroachment on it.

(Remember, according to #ThomasJefferson (and all the natural rights philosophers who preceded him), the purpose of the government is to #securetheseliberties among men.)
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#EpochTimes has been at the forefront of the #CCPVirus coverage.

We were reporting on a 'mystery virus' emerging in China as early as January 2. (Thread👇)

Be the first to know the latest #Coronavirus news:
On Jan. 2:

"#HongKong and #Taiwan are on high alert following a notice from #Chinese authorities that 27 people contracted an 'unknown viral pneumonia' in the central city of #Wuhan."…
On Jan. 6:

"An unidentified form of pneumonia that recently broke out in the central Chinese city of #Wuhan has put neighboring regions on high alert, as authorities in #China scramble to identify the source of the mysterious virus."…
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This thread connects #China to US, Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg and is incredibly essential to understand something greater that is going on. Most do not know that Vir Biotechnology is founded by @BillGates and @MikeBloomberg dollars through "Gates Family Fund". #coronavirus
FIrst of all, you should know that I started this research when I was looking into the funding behind #HB3063 in #Oregon. I connected the dots between Vir Biotech in Portland, to @ESHforOregon and @OHSUDoernbecher.
I then put the connection between OHSU, @Merck
, @GSKUS @pfizer and @OHAOregon. I learned that the @CDC was making r public health dpmts sign IGA's binding them to these agreemnts or else lose public health funding and their jobs. OHA gives more money for "cooperative funds"
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There is no justification for this response. I understand banning all international travel, but shutting the states down over a flustrain is grossly illegal. This isn’t #Ebola & the stats don’t justify it. Only justification is if they got tipped off of a WORSE bioweapon deployed
Does anybody think it's odd the national guard is deployed in all 50 states & military troops moving to borders across the world over a flu strain? Shutting down the world economy basically? This isn't Ebola. Something big is going on and the troop movement & confusion is proof.
I wouldn't be surprised if President Trump and the military got tipped off of a WORSE bioweapon that was going to be deployed by China. That's my new favorite theory. That they have foreknowledge of something more sinister.
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By @EpochTimes Editorial Board

There has been controversy recently about what to call the #Virus that has unleashed a #GlobalPandemic.

The Epoch Times suggests the “#CCPVirus,” and calls upon others to join us in adopting this name. (Thread👇)…
The name holds the Chinese Communist Party (#CCP) accountable for its wanton disregard of human life and consequent spawning of a #GlobalPandemic that has put untold numbers in countries around the world at risk.
#CCP officials knew in early December that the #Coronavirus had appeared in #Wuhan, but they sat on the information for 6 weeks, arresting those who tried to warn of the danger.

What might have been contained was allowed silently to spread.…
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"Secret documents instruct #Chinese diplomats & agents to call #coronavirus “Italian virus,” to claim it didn't originate in #Wuhan & to promote #XiJinping as the heroic leader who defeated the virus."

CCP: "The world needs to say thank you to China"😲🤦…
On March 9 the left-wing Catholic daily La Croix International (which is normally far from being hostile to China) published an investigative report citing confidential instructions sent to Chinese embassies and fellow travelers around the world.
They were asked persuade those favorable to China never to mention the Chinese origin of the virus, and to insist that “while the virus severely hit Wuhan, where it really originally came from is unknown. We are conducting new studies to locate the virus’ true origin.”
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Chinese state media are ramping up a new #Propaganda narrative: that #COVID19 originated in the United States.

The #GlobalPandemic began in #Wuhan, capital of #China’s #HubeiProvince, where thousands have died of the disease.
Several Chinese state media outlets published wrong translations of an exchange between US @RepHarley Rouda and @CDCDirector Redfield to insinuate that Redfield admitted to people dying of the #CCPVirus earlier in the flu season in the US.
The Chinese Communist Party (#CCP) has also ramped up its #Propaganda efforts by attempting to paint a picture that #Beijing is effectively handling the outbreak.…
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On how a partisan PPP provincial govt hijacked our national effort to fight #coronavirusinpakistan by conducting a slick media campaign based on lies,
projecting #Sindh CM as active while throwing #Balochistan govt & #Pakistan’s fed govt under the bus as incapable.

CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah is patently lying here!

Listen to what he’s saying here & then go through this thread to see how false this statement is:

“Zaireen from Iran at Taftan were to be tested for #Corona at border”

He knew it’s a lie & telling it to make himself the hero!

In order to understand how PPP Jiyalas cleverly spun this issue of return of Zaireen from Iran possibly bringing #Coronavirus with them to Pakistan, let’s look at the facts:

After 18th amendment Health is a provincial subject & strictly a responsibility of provincial govts.

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