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A while back I tried to get MidJourney to produce some nice Chinese Watercolour / Ink, Wall Scroll style paintings, in v3.

The original results were a bit wishy-washy as I was a noob...

@midjourney_ai #aiart #aiartcommunity #digitalart #MidJourney #Chinese #Watercolour

But the results improved greatly with some reference images for the #AIart to grab onto. However it was still missing something to make it feel like the real thing... And that Red Crowned Crane🤢 ...

But recently @midjourney_ai made it possible to do 2:3 and 3:2 aspect ratios in v4, and I decided to re-visit the concept with v4.

It started out promising with almost exactly the same prompt and reference image. This time with a little --chaos added

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@larsgoolsen @JavierBlas @bctallis @ckazok Exactly

We already had experimental prototype military & first & second generation nuclear

But "environmentalists" fought building of 2nd & 3rd Gen & stymied development of 4th Gen

We were developing clean coal & petrol tech

But "ecologists" stymied the development of those🤦‍♂️
@larsgoolsen @JavierBlas @bctallis @ckazok We even started research into tidal & wave power but again "environMentalists" blocked those

Now they're forcing us to BLOW UP coal plants & blocking the arteries of the nation through which the life-blood of the economy is trying to flow

While insisting we scrap tried & tested
@larsgoolsen @JavierBlas @bctallis @ckazok "EnvironMentalists" are destroying existing infrastructure & insisting we scrap tried & tested tech instead of letting clean versions be developed

And demanding we need lots of different untried & untested UN"sustainable" things as "the future of energy is a mix…" supposedly!🤦‍♂️
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So today was the first day I started to delve into @summitnational the bank that #nexo announced end of Sep 2022 that it had taken an undisclosed stake in and a 'game changer for the industry'. Image
Does anyone remember that song "pretty fly for a white guy"
well of summit's directors is way more fly than that guy. back in 2011 said director managed to launch his #Porshe 35 feet in the air into the second story of a house. Image
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There is a lot of talk about bringing back #solar production to #Europe and the #US. What is needed is an @Airbus type response with cross-border and industry co-operation a must otherwise all attempts will be a failure. Let me explain why?
1. It is the size of the #solar industry and the capital ($50bn) and resources needed to scale and be competitive. This year the #solar market will be around 300GW, up from 180GW last year. The #solar industry will use as much glass in the next 12 months as #Europe produces.
2. The scale of the Fab4: LONGi Solar, JA Solar, Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. and Trina Solar basically control the world market for #solar modules. By the of this year, the four of them will have production capabilities of circa 275GW with the plans to add 140GW next year.
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SitRep - 27/11 - #Bakhmut holds the line

An overview of the daily events in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Almost a week after Russia's last major rocket attack, basic services have been restored in large parts of Ukraine. But danger of new attacks is lurking...

As usual we start with Russian losses reported by the Ukrainian General staff. We also include captured and damaged equipment that were caught on tape.

Men losses are rising again. Winter is literally coming.

+600 men personnel
+4 Tanks
+8 APCs
Ukrainian missilemen and artillerymen over the past day hit 2 enemy command posts, as well as 11 areas of concentration of enemy personnel, weapons and military equipment, - General Staff
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#Protest against #Covid19 #lockdown after fire kills 10 in Xinjiang | Nov 26
- Late Friday, videos circulated widely on the Chinese internet showing throngs of residents in #Urumqi marching to a government building and chanting “end lockdowns,”…
#China is #Rothschild's Model for #NWO | Dec 9, 2019
- The #genocide experienced by the #russians in Ukraine, funded by the #oligarchs and carried out by the #Azov-#Nazi - battalions is a copy the #China’s genocide against the #Uyghurs
#Rothschildism #MSM: 154 articles in less than two days.
Title: "#China's Communist Party to celebrate 100th #birthday in show of pomp and power."
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Oil tanker "Super Eastern" carrying 10.6 million liters (9,000 metric tonnes) of diesel donated by #China 🇨🇳to #SriLankan farmers and fishermen has left 🇸🇬Singapore and is scheduled to berth at the Colombo Port 🇱🇰 tomorrow (26). Image
The oil tanker "Super Eastern" berthed at the Colombo Port this morning. Unloading of the 10.6 million liters diesel will start after sample testing. It will be handed over to 🇱🇰 Ministry of Energy and distributed to needy farmers & fishermen immediately.

Supplier: PetroChina 🇨🇳 ImageImage
On Sunday morning, #Chinese Ambassador Qi Zhenhong boarded the oil tanker "Super Eastern" and handed over the 10.6 million litres of 🇨🇳 diesel donation to #SriLankan farmers & fishermen through related 🇱🇰 ministries.

Distribution will start soon under a mutually agreed modality. ImageImageImageImage
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! The matters of the #Russian President #Putin in the foreign policy space have not been working out lately. For several weeks, Putin has been asking to coordinate a phone conversation with the President of #China #XiJingping.
#Putin has been receiving exclusively negative responses. The #Chinese side sees no opportunity for meaningful dialogue and suggests asking for a phone conversation with President #XiJinping after the New Year.
The possibility of a theoretical visit of the #Chinese leader to #Russia is being considered in the fall of 2023. However, the Chinese side has set a number of conditions for the Russian colleagues under which such a prospect can be realized.
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Do Americans actually understand the implied unspoken words from Xi?

--"there've been gains and losses, experiences and lessons from the history of US and China."

Translate: you've never won a war with us in history, haven't you learnt yet?

--"We as leaders of two super powers need to steer the wheel in a stable manner."

Translate: you better make sure your promises count, since you're not totally in charge are you? Manage Crazy Nancy.

--"After the 20th, China's policy remains highly transparent, cohesive, and stable."

Translate: China is stable, but are you? Do you know where you will be in 2 years?

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Many people seeking #Asylum in the UK are #ClimateRefugees. We have now passed 8 Billion people on the planet.
Why #India overtaking #China as most populous country is more than symbolic… #AsylumIsAHumanRight #TippingPoint #population
/2 "the moment the baton is passed to #India will plant a seed of doubt, hinting at possible limits to #China’s relentless rise in the 21st century. China’s #population of 1.4 billion is expected to start shrinking soon and at an increasing rate."
/3 “The presumption was that they were going to max out in #population in 2028, but now it looks like they already have, and that’s a very big change,” said Ian Bremmer, the president and founder of Eurasia Group, a political risk research and consulting firm.
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💥A quick appetizer 🧵for my new article. #Chinese investments and #democratic #backsliding are mutually reinforcing in #Hungary. To further monopolize #political and #economic #power, the #Orbán govt continues utilising business provided by #Beijing 1/
After the 🇭🇺 MFA declared that it fully respects the “OneChinaPolicy”, the 🇨🇳 @catl_official announced the largest #industrial investment in #Hungary’s history. It stems from the strategy w/ which #Orbán committed himself to a China-friendly policy for pragmatic reasons 2/
The 🇭🇺 govt tilted the playing field w/ #clientelist #corruption. It created additional #informal sources through which #Orbán cemented #political #economic power. Economic ties with 🇨🇳 became an instrument to explore Asian markets/expand business in a #nontransparent way 3/
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THREAD: A picture is worth a thousand words. Let's look at a few of the globe's largest #ETF's & their graphs & see if we can make some sense of the current market environment.

What a year it's been for #Oil & #Energy! Only positive YTD #MSCI #Sector.


#Global #CleanEnergy #ETF relative to Global #Energy shows an interesting picture.


#EmergingMarkets #ETF seriously lagging #DevelopedMarkets ETF, mostly due to disinvestment from #China.

#SouthAfrica might be down over 1YR, but $EZA performance in USD (-15.9%) is still way ahead of both $URTH (DM -22.2%) & $EEM (EM -28.9%) over the same period.
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A very special present from #TeamOneFist: Op.Switchblade, one of our largest #DataCenter attacks yet!
We hunted down every #networking #switch we could find in #Russia and tested them for vulns. From these, we conducted a #cyber strike against 55 strategically valuable devices 1/ ImageImageImageImage
We penetrated devices both large and small; many of them were at the heart of #ISP DCs like Rostelecom or Kuban-Telecom, but many also belonged to individual businesses. All had high utilization rates, uptime, and were rich in features: these were all core infrastructure 2/ ImageImageImageImage
These included #Russian, #Chinese, and #Western boxes like #Cisco and #HP!
We swiftly demolished them, before any of the sysadmins could react or notice us. After the initial strike, we kept reattacking if they were recovered (>8 times!). No uninterrupted service for them! 3/ ImageImageImageImage
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A Picture tells a 1,000 Stories: This one show how #China dominates the production of key #cleanenergy technologies such as #solar, #wind, #batteries as well as the key #commodities that go into them.
I am thankful for the #Chinese and their great entrepreneurs for ramping up production as they have helped bring the costs of these #technologies down substantially.
#China has understood early the huge growth opportunity with these technologies and thet have also understood the strategic importance of #cleanenergy and supported their companies along their growth paths. Meanwhile, back in the #US and #Europe….well the picture says everything
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Today, we are releasing the 2022 edition of the @Lowyinstitute Pacific Aid Map, the most comprehensive database of aid and development flows to the #Pacific ever assembled. Here are our key findings 1/

Check it out on
Development financing in the #Pacific reached a new record in 2020. With more than US$4 billion, aid & development financing has increased by 47% from 2019, primarily driven by a surge in new concessional loans. Tourist dependent economies saw the largest relative increases 2/
There has been a dramatic reduction in new #Chinese financing to the #Pacific over the past several years and little visible specific response to the pandemic 3/
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! On Monday and Tuesday, #Russian President Vladimir #Putin asked the Foreign Ministry to organize a telephone conversation with #Chinese leader #XiJinping, but the Chinese side refused.
This is not the first time #Putin has been denied the opportunity to have a telephone conversation with #XiJinping. This time, the #Chinese side hinted that there was no important subject for conversation, and Comrade Xi did not intend to talk to anyone about trifles.
According to the results of the CPC Congress in Beijing, #XiJinping remains the leader of #China and strengthens his position. In his speech at the congress, he mentioned a "bipolar world", excluding the option of considering #Russia as an...
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(1/16) Applied Materials $AMAT, a leading provider of #semiconductor equipment, became the latest company in the #chip space to warn of weakening trends (also ~$400mm impact from #Chinese #export regulations).
(2/16) The semiconductor space has seen a ton of volatility this year, but sector fundamentals and share prices are entirely following the playbook of the last several decades. Let’s take a quick look…
(3/16) The industry continues to be deeply cyclical (despite playing into secular trends like #computing / processing power – meaning the long term trend is bumpy, but higher) with y/y growth rates rising much more than end-demand for products, as well as falling more steeply.
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According to…

* largest tourist arrivals in the #Philippines: Koreans

* largest employment permits: #Koreans (followed by Japanese)

* largest migration: #Chinese (followed by Koreans, and then #Japanese)

#Korea #Japan #China #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines
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#BREAKING: #Chinese media said 2,296 delegates to the 20th Party Congress have been elected under the leadership of #XiJinping

Xi is expected to receive a 5-year-term in October, paving the way for his ascendence to Paramount Leader of the Party for life.
Sorry, No #chinacoup
2) Xinhua News Agency: Election of deputies to the 20th National Congress was completed.

Each electoral unit across China held party congresses or party representative meetings respectively & elected 2,296 deputies to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of #China
3) The National Party Congress of the Communist Party of China is held every five years.

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will determine the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party for the next five years.
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-Just 3 days ago #China’s President #XiJinping asked #Chinese armed forces to focus on combat readiness
-Xi is Chairman of Chinese Communist Party (#CCP) Central Military Commission (CMC)
-In 2016 Xi made PLA, an army that is loyal to no one but himself
-Xi restructured 4 general depts into 15 depts
-General Staff Department, General Political Department, most powerful
-2 former CMC V chairmen controlling these dept, Guo Boxiong & Xu Caihou were expelled from party for corruption
-Chairman controls PLA through General Office
-4 members of CMC have reached official retirement age of 68
-They could step down on 16 Oct during 20th National Congress of #CCP
-Xi puts political loyalty above combat experience
-Vice-chairmen Gen Xu Qiliang & General Zhang Youxia are oldest, & be 72
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How prepared is #China to respond to a domestic emergency? What is the role of the People’s Armed Police? How in control of the internal security forces is #Xi Jinping? I address in a new @chinaquarterly article…

Short Thread 1/8
In 2018, the PAP (China’s primary internal security force) was moved fully into the military chain of command under Xi, reducing ability of local officials to mobilize PAP during emergencies. For overview, see an earlier @NDU_EDU publication…
Dilemma was that localities still need PAP capabilities to respond to national disasters and large scale unrest. Updated PAP Law contained a loophole for PAP to “report while acting” – mobilizing before full approval process has completed
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! The great transition of power in #Russia is getting closer, and the main actors are actively involved in its preparation. While Russian President Vladimir #Putin is busy comprehending the interpretations of the two main questions:
'who is to blame?' and 'what to do?', Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai #Patrushev went to #China to enlist the support of the Chinese leadership amid preparation of the transit.
#Patrushev presented to the Chinese comrades the prospects and outlines of Russia's foreign and domestic policy after his son Dmitry Patrushev became President.
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Italy approved an aid package worth some $14 billion to shield firms and families from surging energy costs;
#Europe's fertilizer production shutdowns as an outcome of high natural gas prices;

#UkraineWar Image
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