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Fan wars in #KFI : My take
1. Media mafia banned @dasadarshan for various reasons . Did anyone question how ethical journalism it is?Reasons should be debated - fairly on both sides and move on. #Media is biased and different reasons contributed to this #ban
2. #Dboss was sidelined by #Media but his loyal fans stood by him throughout and made #Kranti a success . Some biggies who are behind #ban are irked by support and promotion of kranti wanted to push their ego to dent @dasadarshan pushed to pull him down in anyway #kfifanwar
3. Taking advantage of broken friendship of @KicchaSudeep and @dasadarshan , some unknown hands pushed for online hatred between two actors fans . It grew eventually with tit for tat from #dboss fans #kfifanwars
4.@dasadarshan and @PuneethRajkumar had good relations and #dboss spoke high on late actor and showed respect in every sense ( rushing to see #DrPuneethRajkumar when he passed away, cancelling shoot of #Kranti for 2 weeks, speaking in #AppuNamana etc) #kfifanwars
5. #dboss acted in @PuneethRajkumar movie as guest without remuneration shows his high regard to #RajFamily and he remembers every time production house where he started as #lightboy
6. So there is no personal hatred between two actors and no arrogance of #Dboss against #RajFamily . So what are the possibilities ? #kfifanwars
7. Only actor who questioned #journalism style and #breakingnews is @dasadarshan . This hurt many news makers. Negative criticism was not accepted by #Karnataka media where I feel #dboss was right and media did stoop to low levels and biased #kfifanwars
8. People who hurt their ego wanted to bring #Dboss to their feet by any cost ( including #media) . So producers who did not get call sheet , media who hurt ego, middleman came together to pull @dasadarshan down #kfifanwars
9. Meanwhile #DrPuneethRajkumar demise is an opportunity to everyone to grab the fandom. With mass following the risk was high @dasadarshan and @PuneethRajkumar fans come together. This opportunity was high for other actors to grab the fandom from @PuneethRajkumar #kfifanwars
10. With great family audience - which major actor would want to let the opportunity go? Similar way some group of people did not want the opportunity to go to #Dboss as his fandom and #Appu fandom coming together would mean #massive and few producers did not want it #kfifanwars
11. Being #straightforward and #reactive it’s easy to target #dboss . #media , Indrajith , sour producers and opportunists thought to bring #easytarget to their knees and utilized these sequence of events. But this was not easy to bring #ChallengingStarDarshan #kfifanwars
12. There is political angle to the plot. With @dasadarshan supporting all party contestants - the most irked one is #Mandya loss. Couple of parties had serious damage because of presence of #dboss and this is big monetary & image loss too #kfifanwars
13. With group of people who wanted to bring #dboss down , people behind politics joined hands. The narrative leaned against #dboss more when #BCPatil ( one came out of previous govt) , #Sacchinanda (srirangapatna aspirant) were seen often. #kfifanwars
14. Raitha sanga leader #Puttanaiah son was given open support by #Dboss. Also political affiliation of a family member in #Rajfamily might have created a theme of distance. In general , why would any party support a person who might dent their winning possibility ? #kfifanwars
15. #Yash being part of #Mandya campaign and #Dboss support of actor as “nam hero” in interviews gave admiration among fans. Some of the old fans are first #Dboss fans and now #Yash fans as well after success of #KGF #kfifanwars
16. #Yash now being not so reachable and rise has irked few in industry as well initially. Rise is so big that some have given up on resistance. #kfifanwars
17. #Yash himself being fan of #dboss back in his days - both fandoms had mutual admiration. Some hits from #Yash like #Kirataka #SSF ,#MMR #MP fans supported . After #KGF fandom grew across state and this fandom was misused online by few fake accounts #kfifanwars
18. Meanwhile #Sudeep fans were irked by way #Dboss questioned #Sudeep take on #Majestic opportunity. After following all the details available details , the middle man role in taking the issue and separation is evident which fans did not understand /analyze #kfifanwars
19. It’s important to understand personalities - #Sudeep is more glamor and glitz friendly and has completely different upbringing. He wants to keep and be in the limelight, Carries style and swag offscreen #kfifanwars
20. #Dboss has completely different personality. Though his father is famous actor he had to start from roots and he wants to stay rooted away from glitz and glam offscreen . He likes cows , farm and animals and quite #straightforward #kfifanwars
21. Difference in personalities - especially glitz/glam (@KicchaSudeep ) versus rooted to ground and straightforward personality (@dasadarshan ) don’t go together. This was taken into advantage by #media , middleman and section of group #kfifanwars
22. Some actors including #Appu #Sudeep #Ganesh #shivanna followed TV to reach family audiences but #darshan stayed away from it. Even Zee had to make efforts on social cause to get #Dboss to show. Such factors also contributed to differences underneath with fans #kfifanwars
23. I might be questioned on this tweet but to be honest I felt many wanted to grab the opportunity after #Appu demise. Be it government, some actors and film producers - it is reflected in change of approach by actors . This helped narrative some wanted to build #kfifanwars
24. History of #Kfi on some popular theory of differences added on and contributed to the discussions. #Sudeep #Darshan #Yash more inclined towards one actor also irked section of middleman #kfifanwars
25. #Appu is loved actor and reached family audience with kind of movies he chose. You can easily watch with family onscreen and being humble contributed for many family following. #DrRaj fans saw more of actor with #Appu. #kfifanwars
26. #dboss statements were taken into advantage by middleman and media. If actor says he had same car as #Appu after his struggle , I don’t see a reason to have fan war. If you understand actors - you would love them both even if you are fan of just one.
27. Same goes with #Sudeep and #Dboss. Both following their approach to reach people and both have different personalities - #Dboss did nothing wrong and same goes with #Sudeep after #majestic incident
28. #Shivanna has his following and has consistently given hits and even more he makes films without waiting time which is good for industry. Though #Raj family fans want to keep #Raj family centric , opportunities has widened up #kfifanwars
29. With wide opportunities , #kfi is equal space for making . It’s world of business and nobody wants to let go their market . New film makers and new production/distribution face lot of resistance due to market and money involved #kfifanwars
30. #dboss incident in hospet is as a result of animosity and this is not coming from #Appu or his genuine fans . This is coming from disoriented young minds backed by few people who envy popularity #dboss gets . Neither genuine #Appu fans nor #Dboss fans wanted this #kfifanwars
31. Those who wanted incident was mainly #politics , #media , #middleman , #someindustryinsiders and business involved . Having new production house like #mediahouse contributed as well . Who would invite a competitor? #kfifanwars
32. How can one trigger more hatred? Start hatred on interpretations of what was said by #dboss. Pit some group of people - fake #Appu fan against #Dboss fans. #Sudeep vs #Dboss fans , #Yash vs #Dboss etc this has lead to forest fire where each fandom starts hating #kfifanwars
33. With #Kranti release there was so much negativity by section of different fandoms who is unaware of things behind the scene which has hurt #dboss fans . Even #dboss birthday was not sparred with hatred. This was unnecessary and this shows way fandoms are mislead #kfifanwars
34. Please note that when every hero wants to do #Pan india , #dboss says I will stay in #kannada . He is more producers actor and script is more work of directors freedom - his aim is to make films and keep producers who make more films for kannada #kfifanwars
35. We need actors who could pull crowd to theaters, We need actors who can make films at regular intervals , we need actors who support kannada artists , we need actors who can lift more producers in kannada. #kfifanwars
36. We need actors who ask for kannada talents in movies , we need more films of kannada in theaters. Current situation of #kannada movies in theaters are not good. With no big movies onscreen , market is occupied by other languages . Hard reality ! #kfifanwars
37. Irrespective of fandom , try to push your hero’s to make films faster , promote your hero positively and if you don’t like other hero don’t demote - rather stay silent . Now ego of few media, industry and businessman has turned into ego of fandoms #kfifanwars
38. Trolling on one fandom means bigger trolling awaits on others turn . Loss is not for you- it’s for #Kannada. Section of fandom are like puppets who are easily manipulated - while you fight out someone gains #kfifanwars
39. Troll media who #banned #dboss . Troll people who trigger #hatred . Report accounts of any #fandom who consistently without fair reasoning troll actor, report people who spreads negativity, understand politics behind and troll those from industry who wants hatred #kfifanwars
40. #Kfifanwars are not need of hour. What we need is building tier 1 to tier 4 actors who pull crowd to theatres, who stand with #Kannada and who make movies consistently and support local talents .#kfifanwars

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