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Lol! I think that Raab is the real scary one, but he/she? is no longer lined up to face the cameras as a Minister. And the Prime Minister is also awol, stunned by his own indecisiveness. Raab holds intemperate views about the #CivilServants of the UK conspiring against him.
#DominicRaab is very cross. Tossed out on his ear by a cabal of conspiring servants, who dared to speak up against his ungentlemanly behaviour. Or correctly, tossed out by himself in response to outrageous allegations, now confirmed as bullying, about his Ministerial misconduct.
Our UK unwritten constitution has a lot to say about the role of civil servants in relation to the executive and the legislative roles of government. In brief they are independent impartial, knowledgeable, competent, tested, & trusted to do a good job.
The UK cvil servants are in a hierarchy with the Permanent Secretary at the top. And here permanent means just that, they are not to be turfed out or tossed out of the job on the whim of an incompetent PM or another of these closeted clowns.
The Tories have played fast and loose with our constitution ever since they merged with that bunch of fruitcakes, the kippers, now ennobled by ermine and Russian gold and hopefully locked away for good.
The @Conservatives broke the law, they disrespected the late Queen, they betrayed the country for #Brexit bribes, they stuffed the @HouseofLords2 with yes men&women, they ruined our reputation of good government and stability.
There is no doubt the UK civil service needs to be reformed, but not in response to this recent chaos. The cult of the generalist, the coddling of a privileged elite from public schools, the 19thC colonial legacies, all need to be eradicated.
The reform should be root and branch, but *not* as the disgraced Raab argues. Instead, it should recognise 1. Strength in diversity in members of the service, 2. Teamwork and communality are good, 3. Teams need continuity to preserve institutional memory, but they also need …
shocks to shake them out of complacency and lax habits, 4. Innovation and institutional learning with comparators across countries help to keep abreast of new & better ways of working with #Artificial_Intelligence 5. Entrance exams should be brought in line with best practice,…
… in business and other countries, combining specialisms with knowledge of English & maths, climate change, the science of money & the theory of value, & the evidence base of science, and the philosophy of government.
@hmtreasury in particular needs reform to become more of a #MinistryOfEconomicPlanning with overarching control of fiscal & monetary policies, and access to E3 simulation models providing projections of GDP, prices, GHGs and CO2 emissions.
#NetZero demands that policies & measures throughout government should be coordinated by such a @hmtreasury , a reformed Environment Ministry, to enable the global 1.5C target to remain within easy&low-cost reach within our lifetime.

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Apr 23
Incredibly, the 2022 stress tests for the UK banks also did not include testing for substantial hikes in interest rates. The list of failures, policy mistakes, & uncovered crimes, of UK governments & their bankers, grows by the day. #TimeForAChange
Instead of this reckoning, we should be focused on #NetZero now, the #CostOfLivingCrisis and the coronation. We must move on from the rotten Tory system to survive. #GeneralElectionNow
The gutter press supporting the Tory right are on a mission to distract the people so that they overlook the destruction of the country’s infrastructure, society, and economy by the last 5 destructive if not actually corrupt Tory governments.
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Apr 23
English water ways are an international disgrace. So-called plans for improvement are announced by Tory governments, but they tend to remain plans, not actions. The pollution continues unabated.
Then at the next election, after yet another failure, the Tories promise to do better. And the whole disgraceful, #PostTruthSociety vicious circle of #PublicRelations , half truths & lies is repeated again, while the #Finacialization of the water industry goes on, unabated.
There’s money to be made by the water companies pouring their sewage into our rivers and onto our beaches. So, being greedy, they do it to add to their Directors’s bonuses & shareholders’ dividends.
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Apr 15
Thanks for useful summary of how “heterodox” economics is defined. The name is problematic, since it appears to be “non-orthodox”, yet “orthodox” economics is left undefined. Is it “mainstream”? I prefer “new” versus “old” economics, which are not defined by their age but …
.. in relation to the Keynesian revolution of the 1930s. Keynesian economics was characterised after WW2 as “new” in relation to the “old”, neoclassical, Marshallian, economics that preceded it. The counter-revolution of the Samuelson neoclassical school eventually prevailed.
However, #NeoclassicalEconomics has, essentially met its demise in the ongoing collapse of free-market capitalism (or neoliberalism), inaugurated by the #GFC, which exposed that “the banks were too big to fail”. Bankruptcy is an essential feature of capitalism.
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Apr 14
#ClimateActionNow implies that we should all act now to do what we can, bring reasonable about it. We can check what fossil fuel we could stop burning, or at least reduce burning. And reduce its use.
The best way of reducing GHG emissions is by changing personal behavior by changing our routines. Switch from a car to a e-bike, walk to the shops, review all the uses of electricity at home and switch off unnecessary uses.
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Apr 12
The problem with western central banks is their obsession with the outdated Taylor Rule. They don’t know what else to do, but by slavishly following the rule that can make serious misjudgements in the timing, speed and extent of interest rises.
Another problem for western, inflation-obsessed central banks, is that they tend to focus on one instrument of policy, when a mix is much better, including fiscal and regulatory policies, especially for #NetZero
The crucial aim for policy today is to protect the vulnerable from the #CostOfLivingCrisis , by strong fiscal stimulus focused on deprived areas, promoting the #GreenNewDeal supported by monetary policies of low interest rates for green investments.
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Apr 10
#Labour is fighting dirty, provoking the woke @Young_Tories @loveukhatetory What to think? About time? It’s political theatre, grandstanding on the issue of crime. But justified, because the legacy on 13 years of #ConservativeParty misrule has led to #BrexitBrokeBritain #Strikes
The Tories #brexitshambles followed by @trussliz were accompanied by underfunded public services, especially policing, the courts, jails, & probation services. Lawlessness stalks the land and this is at least partly to blame.
We have a government skimping on law&order, without compassion, barely clinging to the idea of public service, and without new ideas. #GeneralElectionNow @labourandtrade is anticipating the dirty political fights ahead, and laying the ground to win them.
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