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#Pluralistic 1/ A kraken strangling a coin-...
I'm kickstarting the #audiobook for my next novel, an anti-finance finance thriller about #SiliconValley scams called *Red Team Blues*. #Amazon's #Audible refuses to carry my audiobooks because they're #DRM free, but crowdfunding makes them possible:… 2/ Image
The Golden Rule (them what has the gold makes the rules): Dobbs, SVB, the Internet Archive, antitrust and the law's foundation in norms, not consistency.

3/ Image
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Damo Rants (@KernowDamo):

👇👇👇 ... UK

Keir Starmer's Labour bans another 12 groups!

Comment : VIEW THIS

I'm not able to say what exactly,
There's something badly wrong with @Keir_Starmer and those in #Labour accepting this

video ~12:52min


I drift here-and-there and around the media (not much MSM) World wide, even in RF and yes to an extent as I can glean, Asia & all over.
Wake-up UK...we're being visibly (and the West everywhere) allowed to see who are aiming for the totalitarian bench mark of utter State


As for me, I'm of an opinion this is across the seeming boundaries of States too.
I offer (to consider) Western elites are not alone in a glassy eyed view of historic & contemporary authoritarians, & that it's reciprocated too

It's their rage of our age
and desired
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Just as twitter crumbles, I'm beyond happy that my 1st PhD paper just got published @EconSocJournal, studying emergence of impact investing in UK.

Main argument: financial agency involves creating social conditions for the exercise of financial power 1/11…
Creating new financial assets is key to the expansion of financialized capitalism. #Assetization enables rent extraction and thus creates economic winners and losers. Losers include gov de-risking, or non financial firms. Why do they participate nevertheless? 2/11
Clearly power is key here, but for assets in their ideational stage & requiring de-risking to be enacted, it's difficult to assume ex-ante unilateral power differences.
My argument: financial actors first need to make #assetization alluring to heterogeneous audiences. 3/11
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1/ I fear @jeremycorbyn may end up politically isolated when he's finally expelled from Labour. If you think present allies in Labour will maintain their association, precedent suggests otherwise. Stringing him along until nxt GE makes sense for #Starmer...
2/ It means @jeremycorbyn might be reluctant to formally break with Labour in the hope he's reinstated, which won't happen. The result is that coordinated resistance from socialists won't build until after GE, when Starmer assumes he'll be in power anyway (hmmm)
3/ Not breaking from #Labour makes sense from a local politics perspective in Islington. To win at the nxt GE, @jeremycorbyn will need local Labour support so it could be a mistake to give the impression that he's wilfully deserted them. He'll need their loyalty.
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Let's be real @yvettecooper and @UKLabour and they're friends in the mainstream media are only doggedly attacking @SuellaBraverman because #Labour are incredibly vulnerable on the issue of immigration and migrant crossings.

That's what this is really about
@UKLabour and @Keir_Starmer have made incredible strides into the #RedWall, many thought #Starmer would struggle - mainly helped by Tory incompetence on the economy. Yet on immigration in this region, #Labour are seen as weak, especially on the crossings
All it would take is a regular campaign to equate @UKLabour to the illegal crossings, say a leaflet drop with the phrase "would you trust this woman to stop these boats" with pictures of the boats and @YvetteCooperMP,

She's already seen as soft touch remoaner.
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Austerity has led to excess deaths through poverty. Austerity has led to David Cameron’s Big Society Actually meaning #FoodBankBritain. And it’s not just the unemployed using food banks. Wages for hard working people is so poor, and inflation so high that teachers and nurses are
using them to feed their families too. #FoodBankTories
The #Tories have run down schools and run down the #NHS. Schools aren’t properly supported or ventilated. Staff turnover is ridiculously high. Burnout is commonplace.
The #NHS has been deliberately run down in order to justify selling it off. #Covid was deliberately mismanaged to justify selling the #NHS off. Billions of pounds were given to Track and Trace during the pandemic while Nurses and Doctors of colour were forced into frontline
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Joke as we must that the Tories could squeeze 2 more Prime Ministers into office before Christmas, we must accept that they will probably form an uneasy confederacy behind Sunak. A period of stability is now essential to them if they are to stand a snowballs chance in Hell of...
..winning another period in government at the next General Election. Given their current standing in the polls I could forgive anyone for thinking that this must be a forlorn hope on their part. They will suffer deserved annihilation and humiliation at the ballot box; we hope.
But the Conservative mindset mostly outside of government at the centre of the hive does not function on the principle of accepting honest defeat, they still think they can win!
They are determined and ruthless individuals at home in the boardroom of Global banks and businesses.
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The Western Left is struggling to emphasize with #Ukraine. The rift between the socialist parties of Western and Eastern Europe has deep historical roots. So lets take a look at British #Labour and Polish "PPS" in 1920 - how was their perception of #Russia/#Ukraine? 🧵Thread/1
In 1920 #Labour send a delegation to revolutionary Russia to take a closer look on #Lenin/s politics. They recognized the "terror" of the Bolsheviks but justified it with the circumstances (civil war). Even so, they were concerned by the complete lack of civil rights in Russia/2
They also recognized the "danger of militarism" in Russia but blamed it entirely on their own government. In their perception it was "western policy" that forced revolutionary Russia to expand. #Lenin did "great service to diplomacy" and "has shown a genuine will to peace"/3
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Se pensate che il caos politico sia all'ordine del giorno solo in Italia allora non sapete cosa sta accadendo in Inghilterra, dove la premier Liz #Truss ha appena licenziato il suo Cancelliere dello Scacchiere, l'equivalente del ministro dell'Economia, Kwasi #Kwarteng. Image
Trattasi di mossa disperata da parte del primo ministro, decisa a sacrificare il suo uomo dei conti per provare a salvare se stessa. Dopo poche settimane a Downing Street, infatti, i Tories che l'hanno issata alla guida del partito sembrano averne già piene le tasche. Image
Nei corridoi di Westiminster gira voce che 20 e + parlamentari siano pronti a chiedere le dimissioni di #Truss, favorendo l'ascesa di un ticket composto dall'ex Cancelliere dello Scacchiere, Rishi #Sunak, e dalla leader dei Comuni, Penny #Mordaunt. Image
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For some months I have attempted to resolve a worrying problem with a concerted smear campaign against me by Grassroots for Europe and The European Movement. I have had no reply in private from CEO Anna Bird, so I have decided to go public. Here is the summary 1/

The WhatsApp group where much of this smearing takes place is overseen by Anna Bird and Lord Andrew Adonis. Andrew does not like uncomfortable truths and blocks people who he disagrees with. Thus I have no route to resolution with him. 2/

#Labour #Grassroots #Europe #Brexit
The 'mob' also follow the leader, sometimes without knowledge of what actually took place. This is not without consequence. For example, I am blocked from attending the March to Rejoin, was blocked from attending a meeting with @gavinesler. 3/
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2nd post I’ve seen in 24hrs on this topic.
People who think Labour’s reference to “working PEOPLE” instead of “working class” is not deliberate- think again. Rachel Reeves said it herself, in 2015!
What about sick/disabled? What indeed? #Labour #Vulnerable #Benefits
This lady, who has spoken to @Keir_Starmer on the issue, recognises the issue. There are many people who CANNOT work due to illness or disability, yet we are disparaged along with those who CHOOSE not to work. It is grossly unfair & cruel.
I receive PIP &, as I have a small ill health pension, the severe disability premium part of ESA. I do not receive council tax benefits or help with NHS costs. Frankly, I would 💯 prefer to work; I miss not being able to work; I never chose to get sick!
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#LabourConference2022 delegate from Edinburgh Vijay Jackson quotes Keir Hardie on why the labour movement should oppose the #monarchy

#QueenElizabethII #KingCharlesIII #NotMyKing #Labour #Lab22 Image
This is what Hardie said:

"Even under a representative system of government it is possible to paralyse a nation by maintaining the fiction that a reigning family is a necessity of good government. Now, one of two things must be – either the British people are fit to govern
themselves or they are not. If they are, an hereditary ruler who in legislation has more power than the whole nation is an insult. Despotism and monarchy are compatible; democracy and monarchy are an unthinkable connection.
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THREAD: Leicester Attack on Hindus

Timeline of the Leicester Violence: The Real Story

#Leicester #HindusUnderAttack #BritishHindus
Leicester Demography

Total population: 561,365

Christian: 181,882 (32.4%)
Muslim: 104,413 (18.6%)
Hindu: 85,327 (15.2%)
Sikh: 24,700 (4,4%)
Buddhist: 2,245 (0.4%)
Jewish: 561 (0.1%)

Sources: Census 2021 and World Population Review
28th Aug: After a #INDvsPAK2022 cricket match rival fans bantered. Such banter is commonly seen amongst boisterous football fans too, it was non-religious & became serious only when an individual supporting the #Pakistan cricket team snatched and disrespected the #India flag.
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We fought and died alongside the French in WWI.

We fought and died alongside the French in WWII.

The French cut off supplies of Exocet Missiles to Argentina after they invaded the Falkland Islands. Against their interests.

France guarded our waters after the Tories scrapped our only Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

We fought and defeated Gaddafi alongside the French.

We mourned with France after Charlie Hebdo.

France mourned with us after Manchester.

France has sworn to defend us against attack by a sovereign state.

French interests are largely British interests and vice versa.

They are our neighbours and friends, whatever our differences.

Macron never deployed a chemical weapon on British soil.

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1/ Thread: Why #Starmer's "plan" isn't even close to a solution and will do nothing to tackle the root causes of problems in the energy market or inflation itself. #EnergyCrisis #EnergyPrices
2/ It's only for six months:
There's nothing to stop energy companies immediately jacking up prices once the "freeze" ends. This underlines the problem that the "free market" does not work and cannot work in a natural monopoly like energy. #EnergyCrisis #EnergyPrices
3/ A policy by the establishment, for the establishment:
The plan is simply an attempt to cover over the cracks until the controversy dies down. It's therefore primarily a means of safeguarding the status quo rather than a genuine attempt to deal with the underlying issues.
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1/ Thread on a self imposed predicament faced by the establishment, which consists of 2 main problems:
A) #Johnson
B) #littlekeir
2/ Faced with the possibility of a @jeremycorbyn led Government, the establishment turned to explicitly incompetent and corrupt but reliably populist #Johnson as the one man who could stop #Corbyn. The reasoning was probably this: However bad #Johnson would turn out...
3/ Wouldn't matter all that much because with @jeremycorbyn ousted, the system could go back to normal, with a "competent", if dull, Blairite Labour leader ready to step into the breach with a capitalist B-team should #Johnson prove too embarrassing. #littlekeir seemed perfect.
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1/The sudden support for trade unionism by the Labour right (yes, @PeoplesMomentum, that includes Rayner) tells us 3 things:
Firstly #littlekeir #Starmer has failed. His purpose was: destroy the Labour left (basically accomplished) while safeguarding the party as a vehicle for...
2/... Right wing Liberals (failed). For the second to work, the right would have to deligitimise Corbynism by providing that Blairite Labour could win elections, framing this as the only way forward.
3/ a Blarite Labour on course for election victory, need not worry about unions because they would be doing well enough out of private donors buying in influence. And this brings us to the second point: Labour is going to lose the next election & frontbenchers know it.
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1/ Astute analysis by the @NewStatesman's @harrytlambert (doesn't mean he's on our side), which identifies that the #Rwanda flight as a key play in the Tory culture war, designed to draw election battle lines. There is an obvious strategy for dealing this: take it head on. Image
2/ If many UK citizens don't like the reality that people are being smuggled to our shores, an astute left wing politician would simply draw their eyes to the root cause: western wars started to expand markets for goods, services and weaponry to be traded in the US dollar.
3/ A good portion of the 70million refugees in the world today (many of whom are internally displaced) have been forced to leave by the destruction of their nations by the Anglo Saxon Empire: Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and more. This is not a conversation the Tories want.
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1/ The truth is probably not as clear cut as the MSM media would suggest. Just one poll, and an outlier at that. But it suggests that it is entirely *possible* for #Johnson to win the next election. #Labour is not where it needs to be...
2/ By elections are strange beasts. It's important that oppositions win them to show that they are successfully eating in to the support of the Governing Party. But oppositions who win by-elections don't necessarily go on to win General elections...
3/ This is because they tend to be used as protests against the Government, as do local elections. MSM journos are picking & choosing their political precedents. It's true that the vote of confidence means that #Johnson is less likely to lead the Tories into the next election...
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1/ There's a real chance that things will get even WORSE for #Labour in the coming months. Imagine #Starmer is fined for 1 or other alleged lockdown breach but isn't challenged 4 reasons set out below. Party wld go into nxt GE as a laughing stock with lame 🦆 leader...
2/ All sensible polling analysis looks at trends. It's now been confirmed that #Starmer has led #Labour backwards in the 2022 local elections. We predicted underperformance. This was easy because of the trend of by-election losses under #Starmer.…
3/ But it gets worse for #Labour. Under #Starmer, the party has consistently performed worse than it did under Corbyn (forget polls, think real elections). According to this trend #Labour doing worse in the nxt GE than it did in 2019 is a real possibility.
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1/ Agree on the "unimaginable levels of hubris &. incompetence" point but nobody is going to call for #Starmer to go. All who you'd expect to do that are feting him for his "integrity". Lansman has even said the left shld defend his position.
2/ There've been many opportunities to depose #starmer in the last 2 yrs:
The withdrawal of whip from JC, Hartlepool defeat, etc.

The SCG has now closed ranks around him. Hard to see a legit pretext for challenge from the right, other than "he is useless"
3/ Moreover, the role of #Labour leader is now a poisoned chalice for a careerist. The party is on course for defeat at nxt GE which may be sooner rather than later. Does #Labour's next leader want to head into an electoral defeat & be branded a loser before they've got going?
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1/ A thread on why this is a stupid idea:
Starmer doesn't want to quit.

What if #Starmer is found to have broken the and fined and decides he doesn't want to stand down? That would look even worse.
2/ Fines aren't the only penalty for breaching lockdown laws, so it is feasible that #Starmer can be found to have broken the law but not fined.….
His reputation would be ruined but would he still stay on to drag Labour down at the next election.
3/ If he is fined and has to resign, #Labour will have to run a leadership contest. There could be a long contest and a new leader won't have time to establish themselves before an election.
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Fascinating time politically at the moment. As well as challenging times l agree. I have spoken to more #labour women in the last six months because @UKLabour discriminatory stance against women, i.e. Self ID of men to access women’s spaces. (1
These are elected members as well as ordinary members. I have had calls from ethnic women, bullied by ethnic men, white women bullied by gay/straight white men, ethnic men bullied by white/brown men etc (2
I am not a member of a political party. I am a floating voter. I have no dog in the fight apart from supporting the poors (my people). Yet they tell me stuff which is horrifying and not surprising. Stuff that would be illegal in other work places. (3
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1/8 I find all of this staggering, @DurhamPCC seem to have covered for #Labour and @Keir_Starmer using lack of evidence as the excuse.

There is a video of the incident FFS.

But ok, this may not have been known at the initial clearing...…
2/8 ...#KeirStarmer used the whitewash clearing of him by @DurhamPCC as a declaration of his innocence and seems to be suggesting he was cleared of wrongdoing on the facts, but this is not true, not in the slightest.

This is an egregious error by Starmer...
3/8 What @DurhamPCC said "we did not believe an offense has been 'established' in relation to the legislation and guidance in place at the time the footage was taken", so on the weight of the video alone, the alleged offense was not established, and here is where it unravels...
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