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Confused by the media frenzy around the #GreenNewDeal?

Here’s the real tea.…

“The GND would address four systemic national crises: skyrocketing inequality, deepening structural racism, catastrophic climate change, and the takeover of American democracy by the ultra-rich and corporations.”
- HOW?

“This effort entails using American industry to produce new carbon-neutral and renewable energy infrastructure while providing workers with higher wages and benefits.”
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1. Science is prediction. A consensus without predictability isn't a scientific consensus, it's just a really bad assumption. Climate alarmists assume catastrophic warming within 12 years. Let's see how past predictions have panned out.

@AOC #GreenNewDeal #Pseudoscience
2. Failed climate prediction #1

1990 IPCC FAR: “The average increase of global mean temperature over the next century is estimated to be 0.3°C per decade (with an uncertainty range of 0.2°C – 0.5°C).”

Reality: Since 1990 the warming rate has been from 0.12 to 0.19°C per decade
3. Failed Climate prediction #2

1990 IPCC FAR: “Emissions of greenhouse gases will result in a likely increase in global mean temperature of about 1°C above the present value by 2025

Reality: From 1990 to 2017 the increase in temperatures has been 0.31 - 0.49°C
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SOCIALISM! The Green New Deal socialism monster under your bed…
SOCIALISM: “A theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.”
The words ownership and control are bolded because they are key. When the government owns and controls something, for instance, a Veterans Administration hospital, that is an element of socialism.

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The #GreenNewDeal is a hot pile of garbage IMHO. In the name of the environment, it upends our economic system and encodes a bunch of social justice twaddle that has little to with any definition of "justice" ever. Lots of chest thumping about who is responsible for this /1
monstrosity. But seriously, where did it come from? Especially this WWII mobilization crap? Well, it was NOT Best Supporting Actress Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the Justice Democrats or Bernie Sanders. Let's take a little trip, shall we? /2
Here is Michael Harrington, founder of the DSA in 1988. He is basically saying danger leads to the opportunity to implement large scale government programs. The idea that a crisis is required to push the far left's agenda is not new. /3
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@tonetalks and @BreakingBrown, I've read your points about a #BlackAgenda and to be honest, I disagree with money of the points. As an #ADOS myself, there's a lot to benefit personally and for my family. I do have issues with how you dismiss a general progressive agenda.
I'm going to go step by step so there is no confusion or emnity. First, let me start by posting the link to the black agenda In the following tweets, I'm going to go step by step through them and how they relate to a progressive agenda in general
First plank: A specific affirmative action program for #ADOS. I have no arguments there as we know affirmative action helped white women more than anyone. We do need specific help in educational and job opportunities.
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We live in an area that known as a sacrifice zone, permanently impacted by environmental racism.
Our communities suffer long lasting health affects living in these cancer cluster in the front lines of the toxic chemical exposure from the fossil fuel & big pharma industries.
Email from School Superintendent:

The City Of Deer Park is currently under a mandatory shelter in place order due to a continuing fire at an industrial site on Independence Parkway in Deer Park.
The city called the shelter in place order earlier today and expanded it this afternoon. It currently includes the entire City of Deer Park, and State Highway 225 has been closed from Beltway 8 to Independence Parkway.
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Branson looks like he’s about to demonstrate how to recycle by vomiting on a donut.
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1. If you read the alleged gunman’s Manifesto, you will quickly realize the Media is lying AGAIN.

He is NOT a conservative, Christian, or homophobe.
2. He IDENTIFIED as ethno-nationalist eco-fascist & "depending on the definition" also right wing, left wing & a socialist.
3. Eco-fascism is defined as a totalitarian government that requires individuals to sacrifice their interests for ecological concerns.

Similar to @AOC. Maybe the #GreenNewDeal radicalized him?
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Scientists tell us that low-income communities and communities of color are disproportionately impacted by climate change and @NYCMayor responds by allocating $10B to protect lower Manhattan - the epicenter of wealth in NYC…
The #HuntsPointBronx industrial waterfront hosts NYC's Food Supply, a low-income POC community and a high volume of toxic substances. If an extreme weather event compromised the waterfront, the results would be catastrophic.
Despite the existence of a comprehensive community resiliency plan for Hunts Point, NYC allocated $45m to an energy pilot project for the neighborhood with no roadmap or fundraising commitment for coastal protection. The neighborhood is still vulnerable.
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So, a bunch of folks want your kids to walk out of school tomorrow. To protest for a #GreenNewDeal

They are using #ClimateStrike #FridaysForFuture #YouthStrike4Climate . This is going to be a long thread, but before your kids skip school tomorrow, you might what to tell them /1
what they are actually marching for. First and foremost they are marching for a bunch of folks whose livelihood depends on not-for-profits. I have researched some of these orgs, and there are board members clear a $500K a year. For example one board member from /2
Climate Works, a major bundler in the space whose funds flow through hundreds of local and national activist organizations, made $485,673 on the last tax filing we found. The organization's total comp was $2,828,022 for 10 board members. Not bad for selling something no one /3
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Quit focusing on the details of the #GreenNewDeal as if that is the field of battle. You are trying to present a posture of "change" while wanting to change nothing that affects your world view &/or (very limited) constituency.
There are real problems to solve.
All your facts and figures presented in this video are meaningless. Like your calculating how many bottles of water to throw on the forest fire before you'll do anything. Meanwhile, the forest burns, & your calculations are already out of date.
I wish. I wish upon a star (that shows how hopeless we are) that you, GOP, GOP Senate, All so called Political Leaders (this is not a partisan issue) would stop. Stop the shouting & the fighting to realize there is a real problem that requires real deep thinking & response.
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1. Question: Who's Behind the #GreenNewDeal?
2. Question: Who's behind the global Climate Change HOAX?
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There have been so many defining moments in the fight for a #GreenNewDeal. Today, we’re going to announce the next one. But first, we want to show you where we’ve been - so you know why we’re taking this next step together…
Our power as a movement flows from the grassroots. Last Spring, we launched Sunrise Semester, w/ 80 young ppl stepping up to put climate change on the agenda in the primaries & general elections. One of the first people we endorsed for signing the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge: @AOC
For months we knocked on thousands of doors, made thousands of phone calls to get climate champions into office, candidates who signed the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge. By November 7, we had helped elect over 500 of them to office at all levels of government-- including Congress.
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Thread. #BernieSanders #AOC <== these people you’re hearing about & from—they’re integral players in a scheme taking place—the destruction or “take over” of Democrat party-to change the status quo. We didn’t know it was happening bc we’ve been inundated w/#Russia #Resist
A new group/platform/org. called #JusticeDemocrats - “The Democrat Party TAKE OVER HAS BEGUN ” - #CenkUygur 🗣explains🗣
There’s anger w/and in the #Democrat party bc of the #DNC #HRC loss so #CenkUygur, #BernieSanders & Silicon Valley tech millionaire Saikat Chakrabarti teamed up(he’s #AOC CoS)…
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Se c’è una cosa che piace a Trump è parlare di boom economico, però la realtà è che non c’è nessun vero boom. Dal 2010, primo anno post recessione, la crescita reale dell’economia USA non è mai variata molto e mai è arrivata al 3%, realizzando solo una “ripresina”
Guardando il recupero medio del PIL dopo una recessione, dagli anni 50, la ripresa che stiamo vivendo è particolarmente lenta.
Qualche anno fa (2013) Larry Summers parlò di stagnazione secolare (ripescando un termine della Grande Depressione), e gli diedero del “gufo” ↓
Uno dei fatti più sorprendenti è verificare quanto spesso le attese di crescita economica si siano rilevate costantemente e ampiamente ottimistiche: le stime a due anni vengono riviste al ribasso dopo un anno per poi scontrarsi con una realtà spesso ancor più dura: ↓
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Hoy la portada de @el_pais viene cargada de noticias relacionadas con el cambio climático. Os cuento... 👇👇
En primer lugar @MACriado nos cuenta los resultados del informe de @iSostenibilidad sobre el aumento de las temperaturas en las ciudades españolas: +1ºC en los últimos 30 años, una auténtica barbaridad...…
España es el país de la UE más vulnerable al cambio climático y sus regiones más afectadas estarán en la zona mediterránea. Entre otras cosas porque la temperatura aumentará más que la media, como se observa en el mapa.
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🔥 Bernie Sanders is LIVE in Des Moines, Iowa 🔥 #BernieInIowa
.@BernieSanders starts off with a story about how he wasn't sure if he should run for President, and how the support of Des Moines helped him decide to run for President in 2016. By the look of today's crowd, the support is still there!
"The nature of our campaign is not belittling people, it's not opposition research, it's not about attacking people, but it's a serious discussion about the issues facing the American people" @BernieSanders #BernieInIowa #DesMoines
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1/ Some days I am still so moved by Mark Twain’s eloquent salute to what constitutes the best in each and every one of us that I must share it, yet again:…
2/ Let men label you as they may if you alone of all the nation decide one way, and that way be the right way by your convictions of the right, you have done your duty by yourself and by your country, hold up your head for you have nothing to be ashamed of…
3/ It doesn’t matter what the press says. It doesn’t matter what the politicians or the mobs say. It doesn’t matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. Republics are founded on one principle above all else:…
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Where do you put your effort as a human being in a rapidly destabilising world?

Peace? Development? Women's rights? Public health?

Or building a social movement large enough to counterbalance the #fossilfuel industry?

@mayboeve @350 @Strike4Youth @sunrisemvmt

Thread /
@mayboeve @350 @Strike4Youth @sunrisemvmt We start by centering the fact that some people have more skin in the game than others. Climate action is always intertwined with inequality.

@presidencymv faces an existential crisis from climate change. Now we're talking extinction, refugees, rights, in ways we can't imagine.
@mayboeve @350 @Strike4Youth @sunrisemvmt @presidencymv @OoredooMaldives @visitmaldives @maldivescricket @350Australia @350action @billmckibben So in this context, facing the vested interest of the most powerful industry in the history of mankind, that thinks nothing of deceit, when do we stop being polite? When do we turn to confrontation?

@ExtinctionR @SkaneXr @ExtinctionR_DE @XR_Sweden @GretaThunberg @GreenRupertRead
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Please check out a new interactive table from @ColumbiaUEnergy on the compatibility of a federal carbon tax with other policies that address emissions. And here’s a short thread to explain (1/x):…
Start with these three statements:

1. The price on carbon should be far larger than zero.
2. A carbon price alone is not an ideal climate policy.
3. Some policies fit better alongside a carbon price than others.

Even on twitter, these are uncontroversial, right?
…And they naturally lead to the questions: which new policies should be added when a carbon tax is implemented, and what existing policies should be changed or eliminated?
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🚨 ALERT ALERT 🚨 it's time for a new episode of debunking myths about the #GreenNewDeal. today we're talking the recent $93T cost estimate for the GND and why it's a problem.

warning – this one might get a little feisty, but i'm gonna try to keep my nerves under control. 1/
to keep things fun, i'm gonna structure this as a game (since they're clearly playing by releasing this estimate). i'm gonna present 5 doors. behind each is an explanation for why the estimate is flawed. the grand prize is that you never have to think about this again! 2/
WELCOME TO "GUESS THE PROBLEMS WITH THAT GUESSTIMATE!" i am your lovely host, rhiana. think of me as steve harvey but with better gender politics and worse suits.

now, are you buds ready for door #1?! 3/
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1/ If you want to know why there is skepticism about the #GreenNewDeal, look at this 1989 article: U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked…
2/ "A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000."
3/ "He said governments have a 10-year window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect before it goes beyond human control."
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Sunday #GoodNews Thread 3/3/2019
This war we are in can be disheartening to say the least.
You will find good news, wins, justice and inspiration in this thread!
#GreatAwakening #MAGA #KAG #QAnon
Picture by @LuvStarsStripes
1. President Trump's Amazing @CPAC Speech!

I took 5 pages of notes during this speech trying to pull out the best parts for this thread... in the end, I decided to post the entire thing!

At least 2 Q proofs!

So inspiring @realDonaldTrump! ❤️🇺🇸🙏

2. We already have 4.5 billion for barriers and we'll have another 3.6 billion after the national emergency is declared!

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