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#Labour is fighting dirty, provoking the woke @Young_Tories @loveukhatetory What to think? About time? It’s political theatre, grandstanding on the issue of crime. But justified, because the legacy on 13 years of #ConservativeParty misrule has led to #BrexitBrokeBritain #Strikes
The Tories #brexitshambles followed by @trussliz were accompanied by underfunded public services, especially policing, the courts, jails, & probation services. Lawlessness stalks the land and this is at least partly to blame.
We have a government skimping on law&order, without compassion, barely clinging to the idea of public service, and without new ideas. #GeneralElectionNow @labourandtrade is anticipating the dirty political fights ahead, and laying the ground to win them.
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Thread to capture what we learnt about the negative impact of brexit on Britain in 2022

#BrexitReality #BrexitBrokeBritain #BrexitHasFailed Image

On the first day of Christmas brexit gave to us

A £1 trillion drop in the value of the London stock exchange…

On the second day of Christmas brexit gave to us

A £2 billion bill for the UK chemical industry to recreate what they already had as part of the EU

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in 2015 the so called, dark money funded, think tank, the Tax Payers Alliance published their far right wish list for reducing the state and minimising taxes for the wealthy, this is a thread of *just* the contents!!
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A thread. 1/ Here’s my prediction for Liz Truss’ tenure as leader of the Conservatives (I’ll not legitimize her role as PM because she wasn’t voted to be so by the country). She won’t last til the next election. The Tories are in real trouble. External world pressures and events
2/ mean they cannot get out of the shit they have created, which has been exacerbated by the Brexit debacle. They have no answer to the cost of living crisis, food and fuel poverty, and the myriad of other issues facing a growing but now significant percentage of the population
3/ It is against their politics to worry about such people. Leveling up is a catchphrase only. To actually do so would demand policies they are just not interested in enacting. If they were they would have done so sometime in the last 12 years - 12 years in which millions of us
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Dover is blaming the French for not having enough resources to check and stamp all the passports prior to boarding, which is a problem entirely caused by #Brexit, voted for by Dover. I’m done with this idiocy.

God it’s all so f***cking mad.
Wrong kind of Brexit, no doubt. Risible.
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We as a country continue to be subjected to the pantomime arising from Johnson’s refusal to do the decent thing. At a time when the energy and focus of those who lead us should be directed towards real pressing issues they are instead engaged in a perpetual attempt to save one
shameless excuse for a man. They do so in the almost certain knowledge of the fact that if the tables were turned he would not lift a finger to come to their aid. He was never fit for high office. His back story is one of treachery, betrayal and dishonesty. He is a contemptible
excuse for a human being. He has surrounded himself with a cabal of nodding dog imbeciles whose only qualification for high office is devotion to their leader. At no other time would Raab, Patel, Dorries, Shapps, Kwarteng, Zahawi, Eustace and plenty more besides be considered of
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“In these negotiations the EU was (and is) in a stronger position, because it matters far more to the UK than them

“This is power, which matters in international relations

Who knew?” #BrexitReality #BrexitShambles #Brexit

Worse economic performance
Lost trade opportunities
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Thread. People wonder why I am anti Brexit. Because it wrecked my business almost overnight. I am a U.K. based art dealer who sells to thousands of customers across the EU. 99% of my customers are EU based and before #brexit it was no issue. Like selling to a customer in Hull. 1/
But after #brexit, it fell apart. Instead of taking 4 days from U.K. to customer receiving in, say, Naples, it takes up to 4 weeks. Instead of sticking on a label and posting, I have to fill out multiple invoices and customs declarations. A parcel costing £14 inc VAT to Italy 2/
before #brexit now costs £22 with no VAT. Instead of a customer receiving it and hanging it on their wall, they receive a customs notification demanding import duty, handling fee and 20% VAT before they get it. Approx €230 extra for a €1000 item. Before #brexit they paid 3/
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When The Daily Express tweets about #BrexitShambles today, its readers go into hiding.

3 hours later, and this is the only reply:
In 2016, they dismissed our warnings as "Fear-mongering propaganda".

Brexiters know about #BrexitLies now. They're living #ProjectFear. They're afraid of being able to pay for food and heating. No wonder the only replies today are from nude models.…
#Brexit is shit.
#Brexit is doomed.

We are going to tear it to pieces, bit by bit, until it is nothing more than a lingering stain on our global reputation.…
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2017, and still completely correct. It’s time for some grown ups.
#JohnsonMustGo #BrexitHasFailed #BrexitShambles #BrexitDisaster
Always astounding that people can’t simultaneously agree with Blair on Brexit and disagree with him on Iraq at the same time.
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This shows why traitors like Matthew and Sarah Elliott vested interests in changing UK politics to far right libertarianism takes years of serious planning Read/RT #ToryScum
Brexit-Loving Koch Acolytes Are Getting Rich Off Climate Change Denial in the UK…
Elliotts took funding from Koch and Mercer to pave the way towards smaller Govt and climate denial/deregulation, remember how #COP26 went tits up? The Tories have opened the floodgates to intense fossil fuel mining in the north sea, paid by corporate free market libertarians.
Sheer number of right wing think tanks supposedly non profit are keen to hide who their funders are, it is a scandal of the highest degree that corporate money dictates Govt policy, Brexit would not have happened if legislation was in place to stop disaster capitalist wreak havoc
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Because it’s undeliverable, and always was. Especially by someone of such jingoistic mediocrity.

Bye then. 👋
#torybrexitdisaster #brexitshambles
Like every Brexit negotiator we’ve had, he leaves behind a trail of mess and distrust, and bewildered allies across the channel. It remains the stupidest thing a country has ever done to itself. #BrexitReality #BrexitHasFailed
At least the Tories will be able to have Lord Frost’s leaving party during a lockdown, the way they like it.
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It made my day bumping in to Peppa Pig at Downing Street World. He said because of Johnson 150,000 of his friends were killed for landfill. #BrexitShambles
She said•
Now I’m gonna get messages saying it’s a stuffed toy…
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There are many layers to the #Covid19UK human catastrophe but IMO it’s all DELIBERATE @mrjamesob

Not even @BorisJohnson is so ignorant that he can’t understand the seriousness of what is currently unfolding.

The crux is - HE WANTS IT TO HAPPEN!

@sajidjavid @JonAshworth
If you were looking for the perfect foil for the #BrexitShambles & #NHSPrivatisation in one fell swoop AND you wanted to divert attention from the cronyism & corruption being uncovered every single day….you’d create as much chaos, fear & desperation as possible….
….carefully positioning your scapegoats (the EU/drs/nurses/teachers/refugees….

You’d allow #COVIDDisinformation to run riot, including from the @UKHSA (& conveniently replace #PHE), whilst churning out a #COVIDisOver narrative through a compliant media.
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Oh dear God..

Duncan Buchanan from the Road Haulage Association:

"People aren’t sitting around waiting for visas to get stuck in the U.K. over Xmas…If you were designing a visa system to fail, you would design it something like this."
Damned ‘experts’ eh.
Anyway this is all Blair’s fault of course. 🤦🏻‍♂️
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Just a reminder of how great our EU deal is. It’s really, really, really great. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Another great compilation, ‘Cheaper Food, Clothing and Footwear’, by the Victorian undertaker. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Of course, the European Research Group’s ‘Star Chamber’ 😬🤦🏻‍♂️🤣😱 said it was a good deal so all their years of not doing any European research of any kind really paid off there. #BrexitShambles #idiocracy #ToryBrexitDisaster
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Britain is the Basil Fawlty of the world, without any of the clever lines. The EU is Sybil.
#BrexitIsntWorking #BrexitShambles #FawltyTowers
Manuel has returned to Spain, where he has a good job.
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What they promised on red tape and what they have delivered instead to the British public on red tape #BrexitReality #BorisJohnsonMustGo 1/3 ImageImage
Johnson is very clear in this article from 15th April 2016. He claims that being a member of the EU was holding British business back like a jailer with its red tape … 2/3… Image
But below is a tiny example of the massive walls erected by Tories that Brits trying to go about their business day to day are now having to negotiate. Thanks Boris Johnson, you really and truly succeeded in creating the party of Fuck Business 3/3 #GTTO
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Morrisons supermarket is the latest UK company to be bought out by US corporate raiders, taking advantage of low valuations due to Brexit....


#BrexitShambles #Brexit #Morrisons
UK is 60,000 haulage drivers short–as a direct result of drivers going home due to the pandemic & finding out conditions & pay are better in France & Germany, post Brexit.

Shortages & price rises are sure to follow.

The Brexit effect on food supplies and costs is beginning to hit - and restaurants and takeaways struggle....


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The implications of Brexit on my small business are that now I have to pay fees to customs agents to verify my imports.
There are not enough of these agents to meet demand.
I have to pay a £75 fee for my goods to take 3-4 weeks longer to arrive whilst they 'process' them.
Since Dec I've read every available piece of information & acted on it in a timely manner.
Huge amounts of time wasted on following poor/wrong information & bad government advice.
Secretive funding provided to help businesses cope ran out before most of us knew it existed!
What I want to know is why the info about funding is part of this section of the government website but isn't mentioned anywhere in the section navigation? It's almost like you only wanted certain people to know about it !!!
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The festival includes ‘grow your own’ contest as UK suffers from self imposed #BrexitDisaster to #food supply. Instead of hosting the EU 2023 European Capital of Culture, scientists, technologists, engineers, artists & mathematicians from across the UK
are working together on ten large-scale projects designed to “bring people together and showcase the UK’s creativity globally”. #BrexitShambles disguised as fun competition?
This government will never bring people together. We’re #NotMoving on till they are gone! #GTTO #FBPE
@threadreaderapp please unroll. Tx
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“Taking Back Control!”
So what was that all about?
A few tycoons and Old Etonians getting more control over the rest of us?
Hedge funders escaping higher EU taxes?
Foreign corporations given the freedom to asset-strip the UK?

Let’s take a look.

04 MAR 2019
Now the UK is flying solo, its companies have low valuations, becoming rich pickings for foreign owned vulture funds.
“For the average firm, Brexit is associated with a value loss of 16.4 per cent against a hypothetical no-Brexit scenario.”…
08 OCT 2019
UK companies are weighed down by additional red-tape which makes it difficult to compete unless they move to an EU base.…

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Happy birthday in Brexit land! 😡

I spent around 5 hours on this website yesterday trying to help an elderly relative who wanted to send a parcel with birthday presents.

And I wanted to share the joy with you all, because or highlights the #BrexitDisaster!
We have all heard about issues companies have been facing, importing & exporting has become a nightmare and many businesses had to close down.
But even private people who want to send parcels to relatives have to fill out customs declarations with custom codes for each item now.
Imagine what happens if say an old wee granny wants to send a birthday present to their grandchild.

Let's pack a parcel!

1. Find the perfect presents.
2. Wrap it all up.
3. Take it to the post office.
4. Be sent home with your parcel as you forgot the customs declaration.
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If we were skint after the Darien how come we instantly started servicing English debt (accrued by endless wars with Europeans).

There's a brexit joke in there somewhere.
For the hard of thinking:

The Darien Scheme bankrupted individual rich nobles, not the country.

That's why they were so easy to blackmail, bribe and threaten.

99% of Scots who didn't get a say were outraged. Then we were cut off from our biggest trading partner (the French) because England was at war with them.
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